Friday, December 30, 2011

Pregnancy Must-Haves

Throughout my pregnancy I've discovered some essential must-haves that make being pregnant less treacherous. Since I'm extremely pregnant during the winter, I must say I love some of the winter things they have for pregnant women.

So here are my pregnancy must haves: (Ignore the terrible photography)

1) The Bellaband- As you can see in the picture, the bellaband I'm wearing no longer even looks white anymore. I wear it all the time. It's nice to wear when I have a shirt that is too short or to hold up my maternity pants that like following down. And they work nice like in the picture, for my pair of pregnancy jeans that are actually getting to tight, so I unbuttoned them, but you would never know, because the bellaband holds them up nicely. I must say the bellaband was the best 16 bucks I've ever spent.

2) Palmer's coca butter: The day I've discovered a stretch mark from my pregnancy was the day I ran down to Target to buy some cocca butter. I'm still not 100 percent sure if it is actually working, but my stretch marks don't look as red, so hopefully this stuff will make them fade away quickly. I like to think its helping. So I swear by it. Though it's hard to remember to put it on two times a day

3) The Boppy Comfort Pillow: I must say this has made sleeping on my side more bearable. I was at first using a regular pillow, but it just wasn't working. This pillow was about 40 bucks, but definitely worth the money. I like using it when laying on the couch to watch tv, or sometimes as a belly prop when sitting.

4)A comfortable pair of shoes- Aldo Boots
When my feet started to swell up and hurt I knew my regular pair of shoes and heels weren't going to cut it anymore. So when I discovered these boots I instantly fell in love. They are so comfortable. I have enough give for my growing feet, and it makes walking more tolerable. These boots are pretty much the only shoes I've been wearing. And they are great for the winter. They were 45 bucks, more than what I usually spend on a pair of shoes, but definitely worth the money!

5) A maternity winter pea coat: I actually am borrowing this from my sister in law.
Because I really didn't feel like shelling out more money for another coat when I just got a new coat last year. And my coat was still big enough that I could zip it until a couple of weeks ago. So my nice sister in law is letting me borrow this wonder maternity coat from Target. I love target maternity clothes! This coat is warm and trendy, and fits very nicely!

6)Comfortable Maternity Shirts with the elastic on the sides- Or whatever its called. Another reason why I love the Liz brand of maternity clothes at Target. I have two other tops like this and I love them! They show off the baby belly and they are so comfortable!

7) A nice pair of jeans- Another thing I purchased at target and I must say this is my favorite pair of maternity jeans. As you can see they go up to my ribs, so the fit nicely, and they are so comfortable. I wish every pair of jeans were this comfortable.

8)A fleece robe- I actually just got this for Christmas from
my mom because I didn't have a nice robe, and I know its good to have one when at the hospital. And boy do I love my new robe. It's so comfortable, I'm actually wearing my robe right now as I type.

9)A comfortable pair of pjs- These are actually not maternity pjs but I just got a bigger size at Kohls, they are from Vera Wang that brand called Simply Vera. My pjs I had before weren't covering it, so I got this pair. I absolutely love them and they are so comfortable! But the only problem is sometimes I get to hot in the middle of the night, and end up changing my shirt. Because I'm just so hot naturally. lol

So those are my 9 favorite Must-Haves, that definitely makes pregnancy more tolerable!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

2011 Reflections!

As the year is nearly over, (which I still can't believe how quickly this year has gone by!)and my pregnancy is coming closer and closer to an end (I only have about 7 more weeks left!) I want to take a moment to reflect the joys and anguishes of pregnancy. I know I complain a lot about being pregnant, but really it is not as terrible as I make it out to be sometimes. I just like to pity myself at time.

First off this year has been wonderful! I feel like the first half of the year was a blur and it really began when I found out I was pregnant. Not that from January to June was terrible, it just wasn't that exciting. I think I was so anxious about trying to get pregnant during those months, that it all started to blend together. So I was so surprised when I found out I was pregnant. I couldn't believe it! The moment itself was so surreal. And it still is to me. I still can't get over the fact that my baby was as small as a tiny jelly bean well actually even smaller then that at one point, and now he's like 4 pounds and about 17 inches long. It just blows my mind how big he is already, and how he moves around in my belly. I still can't get over it. And it's really going to be surreal when he is born. I still can't believe this year has gone by so fast and my pregnancy. My baby will be here before I know it! And I don't feel completely prepare yet. I feel like I've been slacking in some scepters like finding a pediatrician and get the baby's room together. Though mentally I'm ready to be a mom, so that is good, and we pretty much have everything else ready.

So other great things of 2011:
*My youngest brother Derrick graduated from High School, I can't believe my little brother graduated, he is growing up!
*My niece Leah was born in June, which is my brother's second kid.
*Found out my Sister in Law (Matt's sister) is also expecting and they are having a boy. So my baby and her baby can be little fun cousin friends!
*Derrick went to the Navy and went to basic training. We didn't get to see him for Thanksgiving or Christmas, but I'm so proud of him. He graduates from basic training next week, and then he is off to South Carolina for two years.

That pretty much sums up the great joys of 2011. If I forgotten something please forgive me. I blame pregnancy brain.

So to end my pregnancy reflections for 2011, here are my top 5 reasons why I love being pregnant:

1) People are nicer and more helpful, when you're pregnant.
2) No zits! I know this doesn't happen to all pregnant women, but as soon as I became pregnant, it seems like my zits have mysteriously vanished. So I won't complained.
3) No heartburn! Again this usually doesn't happen to pregnant women. But lucky me who use to get heartburn all the time before I was pregnant, has not had heartburn at all! I don't know why, but again I won't complain.
4) I love the connection I have with my baby. It's going to be weird when he is born. I know I have a different connection with him outside the womb. I guess what I'm trying to say is it is going to be weird when he is no longer in my womb. The sensation of him moving around will be gone, but it's even better because he's there to cuddle and love. But I must say I've become quite attached to him. I love watching my entire stomach rumble when he moves. I have this new fascination with just lifting up my shirt, and watching a little bump move around in my belly. It's so cool to watch!
5) Being pregnant is a nice excuse to be lazy sometimes or get out of certain tasks. Not that I'm lazy, but it is nice to get out of doing certain things, because I'm pregnant. I'm going to be really sad when the special treatment ceases once I have the baby.

Here are 5 things I do not like about being pregnant:(which some of these reasons may make me sound vain, but oh well)
1) Weight Gain. I know weight gain is part of being pregnant. But I'm getting sad because my weight gain seems like way more then most women gain. I really think a lot of it is water weight and from my swelling. Because I really don't see how I've gained about 45 pounds already. So I'm hoping it will be easy to lose most of it after pregnancy. I get sick when I hear people only gain about 15 pounds from being pregnant. This girl I worked with who just had a baby about a month ago, only gained like a total of 10 pounds during her entire pregnancy. She didn't really show until the last few weeks of her pregnancy. Jealousy.
2) The Stretch Marks-Ok I know these things are the scars of pregnancy,that all mothers should wear proudly, but I hate stretch marks! I know they will fade away, but right now it seriously looks like a bear clawed my stomach, the way the stretch marks are. And I know it doesn't really mater. As my mom has told me, "Who is going to see your belly?" Which is no one other than Matt. Because it's not like I wear a bikini or flaunt my belly around in public. But still the stretch marks suck.
3) The constant worrying- I know this will not go away when I have my baby. But the constant worrying of my pregnancy never stops. I though maybe it would, but it only gets worse. Last week, I was convinced my water broke and was freaking out. Matt pointed out to me that I didn't pay much attention at the labor class we attended, and that I was overreacting. Which I was. My water did not break, and everything was perfectly fine. I thought after the first trimester, once I got out of chances of miscarriages happening that I would worry less. But no, now my worries are that I may have the baby too early. So every weird pain I have, I start to freak out a little thinking I may be having a contraction. It doesn't help that this is my first pregnancy, and I have no idea what to expect. I hope this worrying dwindles when I'm pregnant with my second child. Maybe then when I actually know what to expect since I've done it once already, that I'll be less of a worry wart. Well probably not. Who am I kidding? I'm so melodramatic.
4) Everything hurts. My bones are achy. It hurts to put on my pants. It hurts to bend over. It hurts to move.
5) Everything is swollen. My fingers are huge and I have club feet. My mom gave me a bracelet for Christmas, and sadly it was too tight for my pregnant wrist. I really miss my wedding ring too.

Pregnancy isn't terrible. Overall I've had a pretty good pregnancy, and I'm so excited to be a mom. 2011 brought me wonderful things, and I hope 2012 will be even better!

Monday, December 26, 2011

Tis the pregnant season

Pregnancy is giving me a big headache literally. I've had a terrible headache all day long that has not gone away. Which I think is accounted for the lovely high blood pressure I been having. Thanks a lot heredity. Apparently high blood pressure runs in the family. Because of my wonderful high blood pressure, I get to have non-stress test done twice a week until delivery. The doctor checked me for preeclampsia, and luckily my levels are good, and not showing preeclampsia, which is good. So when I heard this news, I thought maybe I would get out of having to take the non-stress tests. So I called the doctor to find out, that unfortunately I still need to get the non-stress tests done because my blood pressure is so high. And if I would have showed up having high levels for preeclampsia, then he said he would have sent me to labor and delivery and they would have possibly induced me to have the baby. When I heard that it scared the crap out of me and made me realize how serious this high pressure business really is.

The doctor told me to help with the blood pressure, I need to eat healthier. Of course it being the Christmas season, is the worse possible time to be asked to eat healthy. So this past week has been really hard as large amount of fudge, cookies, cheesecakes, and other fattening foods have been surrounding me, mocking me. I will say I've been fairly good with not eating bad foods. For me usually around the holidays I have no self control and can't stop eating everything in site. But knowing that this is all in the good health of little baby, I've actually found it easy not to overindulge. And having Matt patrol my eating habits has also helped as well.

Sadly, I was more anxious and excited for today then I was for Christmas. Mainly because today was the first day of my non-stress test. And I was just so nervous how the outcome of the non-stress test would turn out. I was so glad when today finally came! And depressed when I went on the scale. I think swelling is getting worse, because I really don't understand how I've gained as much as I have. After-all my fingers officially look like sausages, I have club feet. My ankles look bigger than when I broke my ankle. (A boy when I did that my ankle was three times the size of my ankle normally) And my legs like blown up balloons. So when I went on the scale today, I about died, as it said 199 pounds. So I've pretty much gained 45 pounds give or take, at this point with still 8 weeks to go. :( But anyways the non-stress test went really well. Blood pressure was still really high, but the heart-rate of the baby is looking good. I was so relieved. I was so nervous that they were going to send me to the hospital. So I'm glad that the baby is doing well, and I could enjoy the rest of my day. Though I'm not out of the clear yet, I have to basically keep doing these tests twice a week until delivery. The doctor said at this point since my blood pressure is high that I'll have to be delivered at 39 weeks.

Now next week I'm nervous for my ultrasound. They want to make sure the baby is where he needs to be growth wise, and that the high blood pressure is not effecting his growth. So I hope everything turns out really good. I know worrying doesn't help the blood pressure. So I'm glad I'm off from work this week. And I'm just trying to take an easy and relax.

I never realize how pregnancy could be so scary and troublesome. I always said I wanted to have like 4 or 5 kids. But that won't happen because Matt doesn't want that many. But even if he did want that many, I would definitely rethink that, because if I had to go through this fun adventure another 4 times, I don't think my body could handle that.

Overall my pregnancy has been generally good. It's just been kind of tough the last few weeks, and there's still about 8 well maybe 7 weeks to go. Hopefully my little baby will stay in there the entire 7 weeks. I don't want him to come out too early.

Friday, December 16, 2011

3rd Trimester Blues

I really can't complain too much of my first and second trimester of pregnancy. While the puking my guts out wasn't a pleasant part of my first trimester, I'm beginning to feel the pain and anguish of third trimester. This is making me hate the third trimester more than the other two. I know most pregnant women complain about how the third trimester is uncomfortable, and especially towards the end, but boy am I feeling it already and I still have about 9 and half weeks left give or take.

It doesn't help that I'm 7 and a half months pregnant during the holidays. I've decided next time I get pregnant, I don't want to be in the third trimester during the holidays. Not that I have control over this, but the chaos of the holiday season is just making me stressed out and adding extra pain to my entire body. Which is probably why I am so bitter about Christmas this year. I'm freaking out because there is so much to do and it doesn't help that we haven't remotely started the baby room yet. It also doesn't help that I seem to take on so much during the holiday season. Today at work was our holiday party. And I took on my normal duties of party planning and decorating. But my pregnant body reminded me today, that normal can't happen when pregnant, it's just too much. I stayed up last night till two o'clock in the morning working on a work of art that I do every year at work. Then this morning I was running around back and forth to the other side of the building at work decorating. Usually I enjoy doing this, and have fun. But the entire day I was just bitter because I wanted to just sit down and relax, but knew I couldn't because there was so much to do. And I know I need to know my boundaries and when to stop. But my problem is when you're a high energy level person like me, I don't know how to stop. I'm so use to always doing something and being busy, that not doing something s never in my mindset. And being a control freak that I am, I can't bring myself to stop, because I want to be part of the perfection. So by the end of the day, every step I took made me ache in pain. And I could feel every ache and pain. I just wanted to collapse. I did way to much. I guess my problem is I forget that I can't do the same amount of things that I did when I wasn't pregnant. The energy level and strength just isn't there.

I'm just getting bitter about being pregnant. I have sausage like fingers. My fake size 9 wedding ring is almost snug on me. This morning I went to put on some bangle bracelets, and I about cried because I couldn't even get my big hand through it. My feet look like malformed club feet, with sausage toes. The stretch marks are ridiculous. It looks like a bear clawed my belly. Sleeping is starting to become uncomfortable, and I know it's just going to get worse. I'll lay on my side, and the baby starts kicking, and then I flip over to the other side and he kicks me.

I know I sound like a bitter person that can't stop complaining, I know its just going to get worse. It will be worth it in the end. But boy do I know why women say they are so miserable in the third trimester. Wosh..

Friday, December 9, 2011

Stupid Brain

I have written a month ago or so about my pregnancy brain. Well it's getting worse. It subsided for awhile, but now my level of stupidness is kicking into full gear again. Maybe its just the surge of hormones causing a deficit with my brain. But it's really starting to make me worry about my brain.

Last week I went to take my contacts out and instead of getting the contact solution, I got the mouthwash. I started to open the lid, and then caught myself as I was ready to pour mouthwash into my contacts. That would have been painful and have burned my eyes. Thank God I stopped myself from doing that. The stupid part about it is the mouth wash and contact solution are in completely two different places. They are not remotely near each other.

Last week I was making copies, well the copies I was making was one piece of paper but could be cut in half to make two half sheets. My dumb brain cut the piece of paper in half before making the copy, so then I had to put it through the scanning part of the copier instead of the copy feeder part. I was utterly confused when it printed out a blank page. Here it turns out I had the sheets faced up, so when it scanned, it just scanned the blank part. Dumb twice..

I told my mother in law that I wanted serving dishes for Christmas, because I broke one awhile ago, and only had two left. Well the other night, when grabbing one of our serving dishes to put the dinner in, the dish completely slips out of my hands, and I break it in a million pieces. Good job me! Now I really need serving plates for Christmas because I only have one left. And I think the one left has a chip in it.

Tonight when I went in the fridge I couldn't figured out why there was a sandwich bag of carrots in there. I asked Matt if he didn't eat the carrots I packed for his lunch. He tells me that I never packed him carrots in his lunch this week. But I remember opening a bag of carrots yesterday. Well it turns out I got the carrots out, put them in a ziplock bag, but never bothered to give them to Matt and put them in his lunch box. I guess I put them back in the fridge. Oops.

A really stupid thing I did tonight, and thank the lord that my stupidity didn't ruin my cellphone. I went to my mom and dad's tonight. When I was there I realized I didn't have my phone in my purse. So I go to the car to see if I left it in there. It wasn't in there. So I get out of the car, and to my horror, low and behold there my phone was underneath my car, soaking wet, missing the battery cover. I have no idea how it fell out, because I swear I thought I put in my purse. Luckily it didn't fall further away from my car, because my car was on the road and other cars could have ran over it. And I'm sure Matt would have been livid if I ruined my semi-new cellophone. Well it was so dark that I could the battery cover. So I went back in the house to search for a flashlight. Well I set my cellphone on kitchen towel, to dry out a little. I never did find a flashlight, so I went back outside, looked again, and luckily it was also underneath my car. So I got back in the house to look for my cellphone, and I can find it anywhere. I swore up and down that I had it on the towel to dry out, but it was no longer to be found. So I started walking around, freaking out, unable to find it. Mom calls me cell phone, and low and behold, it is on the kitchen towel, its just underneath the kitchen towel. Dumb. I'm so scatterbrained any more.

Also another dumb thing is when I was writing out the addresses to our Christmas cards, I was writing one for Matt's aunt and uncle. Whose name is Mark and Mary. Well I went through all the cards just to check to make sure I didn't miss anyone. And I see a card that I wrote that says, "Mark and Marea". Dumb. Marea is my mom's name. I had to scratch it out and put Mary.

I know I have said this before but I'm really starting to worry about my brain and my sanity. I really hope I don't end up like the pregnant lady on the news who got arrested for forgetting to pay for a sandwich she ate while grocery shopping. Luckily I only have 10 weeks give or take left of stupid brain! Hopefully I will survive my stupid brain. Hopefully...

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Shower Love

This past Sunday was my first baby shower. Yes I am having two showers total. This shower I had was for my family in Cincinnati, so it was my family from my mom and dad's side, friends, and co-workers. My next shower will be in mid-January and that will have Matt's side of the family there. Since most of his family lives like 2 hours from my family, we decided it would make the most sense to have two showers. I love baby showers. I know there are some people that don't like showers or being the center of attention, or get really nervous opening presents in front of a bunch of people. But me, I'm the complete opposite, I pretty much like being the center of attention, and like getting presents. Ok, that makes me sound like a terrible person. But I'm really not a terrible person, I just like parties, especially when they are for me. :)

So I really enjoyed my shower on Sunday. It was nice to have family and friends there and share my excitement of my first baby's arrival. My awesome Aunt Amy, who also made my wedding cake made my shower cake, and it turned out AMAZING. And what made it even better, is it had a train on it. Here's the picture of the cake:

We played some fun games, I love shower games. We did the toilet paper game where they measured how many pieces of toilet paper it would take to wrap around my belly. And surprisingly it only took 12. I feel like I'm getting big anymore. And a lot people guessed really high numbers like 18 pieces. Yesterday was a depressing day because a pair of my maternity pants no longer fits me anymore. And my co-worker told me, "Megan, why don't you just unbutton your pants?" Unfortunately I could not unbutton my pants because maternity pants don't have buttons to unbutton them. So I was pretty much miserable the entire day with my tight maternity pants. The stretchy part was just getting sad. And today I was bragging how I can still zip up my coat, but then when I later went outside, I discovered I could still zip up my coat, but couldn't breathe. So zipping up my coat is no longer an option. But I refuse to buy a new coat, when I only have two months of pregnancy left. So it's just going to have to work for the rest of my pregnancy.

Anyways, as I have gotten off tangent. My two year old niece Anika, was adorable. She thought the party was for her. And she was soaking up all the attention. She was dancing and being so silly. She later goes behind by her toys where no one could see her to pee her pants. (She's potty trained) Apparently there was just too much excitement to go to use the potty. Well late after everyone left, I see her with her pants pulled down, and then noticed she peed her pants again. And I asked her what she was doing, and than the next thing I know she is pooping on the carpet. I couldn't help but laugh, and my brother tells me, "Oh, just wait your turn Megan, you think this is funny now until it happens to you." I can't blame Anika, she just was having just a good time, she didn't want to miss all the fun. Even though everyone left at that point. So her solution was to poop on the floor, so she didn't have to miss anything. She is so funny. And was happy to have some cake, which she quickly devoured. She has a new obsession with cake. About a month ago, mom had cupcakes that she made for Halloween, but didn't get time to ice them, so she had them sitting on a desk in the study. The next thing we know Anika comes in the living room with the entire cupcake container, wanting to eat a cupcake. Now every time she comes to Grandma's house she asks for cake, and gets really upset that she doesn't have any. We can't even say the C word. It's a bad word, so we have to spell out the word cake. Because any mention of cake would create a meltdown.

My shower was wonderful and I got tons of adorable outfits for Herman, and great items that babies need. Though I'm starting to regret that I refer to by baby as Herman. Now this is not going to be his real name, but because I've started a trend, everyone calls him Herman. On over half of my presents, it said "To Megan and baby Herman." My Grandma was even calling my baby Herman, and I didn't even know she knew that I was referring to my baby as Herman. Now I'm starting to feel bad for my baby, because this name is starting to stick with people. I wonder what he'll think of his mother when he knows she use to call him Herman before he was born. Hopefully he won't be too upset by it. It just became a joke, that started to stick. As long as people don't start calling him Herman after he is born, then we'll be good.

So my shower when really well. I feel like there is still a lot I need to learn about babies. I felt kind of clueless getting certain items, and unsure why I need them or how I'm suppose to use them. My mom was joking around saying she'll probably get a lot of calls from me asking how to take care of my baby. Which wouldn't surprise me. I feel like I have a lot of learn about babies.

And a great way to end my blog entry by showing up all the presents I got and started opening. Thanks everyone who came. :)

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Maternity Pictures

A very popular trend that has seemed to pop up in the last 5 to 10 years is maternity pictures. I'm still unsure of why they are becoming so popular or if this is something that is just a fad. I guess it makes sense for it's popularity, women what to capture the beauty and joy of their pregnancy so they have pictures to remember what it was like to be pregnant. I've seen some really amazing maternity pictures that makes me secretly jealous of how gorgeous the mom to be is, and how small her belly bump is. But there are other maternity pictures that make me shake my head and wonder why in the hell would you want this hanging in your living room for everyone to see?

For example this picture that I found while browsing maternity pictures on Pinterest:

While I admire the artistic nature of this picture, I'm sure when the baby gets older they would really like to see a half naked picture of his or her mother, sexual in nature. This is not the kind of picture I would be having hanging up in my living room wall, let alone ever let my child to be see. This would scar them for life. And maybe they wanted this picture just for them, to keep in her husband's wallet to look at how hot his wife was when she was pregnant. But I highly doubt this is the case considering its floating around the internet for EVERYONE to see.

Here is another example of this:

Again, this picture is lovely in it's artform. But why scar your baby to be for life, so he or she can see a picture like this of their mother? I'm glad this lady can look absolutely stunning as a pregnant women. Actually I'm quite jealous, I look pretty hideous as pregnant women. But even if I did look stunning, I don't think I would take maternity pictures that looked like this. Modesty is a wonderful thing. Though I understand when you give birth, the whole modesty thing goes out the window, that is why I would refuse any video taping of the birth to take place. I don't need a kodak memory of that moment.

And then their are pictures that aren't really too risque, but just creepy, or look odd. Like this one:

Ok maybe this picture isn't that bad. But if you're pants obviously don't fit you anymore, do you have to show it off in a maternity picture? Wear maternity pants! It looks silly as your belly is popping out of your unzipped pants. It looks like she eaten too many tacos from Taco Bell.

And this one is my favorite, odd maternity picture:

This picture is silly! First off her pregnant belly grossed me out, and it looks like her pregnant belly swallowed her head. Why I appreciate the artistic angle the photographer was trying to go with this picture, we don't need to see that angle. It just looks weird. It's like woah look at that HUGE belly!.

Don't get me wrong. Maternity pictures can look very nice. I personally don't like the pictures where women lift up their shirts to show off their bellies. But whatever, it each their own. My pregnant belly looks scary, and I wouldn't want to horrify people with all the stretch marks. But maybe that is what Photoshop is for. Because every belly picture I see, they look perfect and flawless! Maternity pictures can look really cute and be tastefully done. And I think it is nice to capture that beautiful pregnant belly.

Like this one:

Considering I'll be really pregnant when it starts snowing, I would love to take a picture like this in the snow. This is such a gorgeous picture, and she is fully clothed!

And something like this is really cute for a maternity couple picture:

I'm still not sure if I'm going to get maternity pictures done. If I do, I'll probably have Matt take some with his nice fancy camera, and do some outside pictures in the snow or something. I can't really justify paying 200 plus dollars to get professional pictures done. Boy what a business maternity photography is becoming! While I know they would look amazing, Matt has some great photography skills as well. And he can take just as good pictures for free. For those who are planning on taking half naked pictures of themselves for their maternity pictures, its whatever. To each their own. Please don't let my opinion stop you. Everyone has their reasons for doing things. But just remember, and ask yourself, do I really want this picture of myself floating around the internet for everyone to see?

Friday, November 25, 2011

Pregnant acts of kindness

Now that I am in my third trimester, I am definitely starting to feel the the aches and pains of pregnancy. Now I know why pregnant women walk the way that they do. As I walk around to different places I feel like a waddling penguin. Going places like to the grocery store, now feels like an epic journey. I pretty much walk around anymore at snail's past. My feet absolutely kill me anymore. I feel like strings are tighten around my toes. And I feel like I'm carrying an extra 50 pounds. Even though at this point my baby is only like 2 and a half pounds. My back absolutely hurts all the time, whether that be when I'm sitting or walking around. Yes, I sound like a crappy old pregnant lady. But I can say I sympathize for all the mothers out there and they pain they have to endure for nine months.

Earlier this week we had a baking day at work, to make yummy things for our volunteers. I spent five hours working on baking. And by the end of it, I felt like my body was going to collapse. Normally baking that long wouldn't bother me as much, but I was so physically exhausted, that as soon as I got home, I went to bed and laid around like a blob. My nice husband made dinner. I pretty much feel the same way right now, after spending the entire day putting Christmas decorations up. It was extremely painful just to get myself up the stairs. I will definitely say I'm glad I have a desk job now, and not a job where I'm on my feet all the time. I think my feet would just melt off if I had to stand on my feet all the time.

Now that I'm starting to look more pregnant, I feel like I get royal treatment from strangers. That or pity the pregnant woman treatment. Unfortunately I avoided Black Friday today. I felt like maybe I shouldn't venture out since I'm seven months pregnant, and shopping is becoming a painful quest for me. But I went to Meijers yesterday morning in attempts to get 99 cent pizza, and I went to Krogers today. And I couldn't help but notice people walk past me as if there is a ten feet force field around me, and if they get anywhere close to me they feel the need to apologize as if I'm in their way. I'm not sure if they think being too close to a pregnant woman is going to make the pregnant woman spontaneously combust. But it's very interesting how I've been observing the way the general public encounters pregnant women. Maybe they are afraid to get too close to me because they will catch being pregnant. Hahah..

Tonight was an example of how nice general strangers are, and how pathetic pregnant Megans are. Matt had to go to Menards to get something, so I went along to also get some Christmas stuff. He got his stuff, while I was in the Christmas section getting my stuff. As I found more and more things I wanted to get, I found myself with a giant handful of crap. So once I was done getting everything I needed I started aimlessly walking around trying to find Matt. Well this nice lady with an empty basket, sees pregnant old me, struggling to keep everything in my hands. And she says "Want my basket? I don't need it" And she so nicely gave up her basket, to help overzealous me. I tell her I didn't realize how much I was planning on getting, and thanked her for giving up her basket. It was really nice that she did that. But I'm willing to bet if I wasn't pregnant, she wouldn't have gave me basket in the first place.

Also today I got my 3 hour glucose test. Yes, I sadly did fail my one hour test. I was right. Hopefully I didn't fail my 3 hour, but I will not know until Monday probably. Well anyways there is this creepy lab guy there, both times. That I think was seriously trying to hit on a married pregnant woman but whatever. Last week when I got my one hour glucose test, he asked me where I worked and then said, "Where does your husband work? I remember looking at your chart and it saying something, but now I forget. And then he proceeds to tell me about his four year old daughter, and how he would like her to join Girl Scouts, because she doesn't have any friends. Everyone in the neighborhood are boys. And he says he takes her to the park, hoping their will be other girls there. Creepy, and Creepy for spying on my chart and making that part of the conversation. Well today, he was working there again. And helped me get the wi-fi working. And then he left to go to the gas station to get those prepackaged honey buns. Well he comes back with an extra ones, which he gives to me. Maybe he was trying to be nice. But seriously give a hungry pregnant woman something she can't even eat for another 2 hours, (because couldn't eat until the test was completely done) And giving her something sweet, when she could in fact have gestational diabetes. And third, why would you go buy things for your patients? Weird. While I appreciate the nice gesture, I gave the honey bun to Matt, because I really don't like those Hostess prepackaged ones. Oh well. It's just so weird how being pregnant brings out some nice helpful characteristics in people. Maybe that is not weird. But it's just interesting to see how differently pregnant women are treated verses non-pregnant women.

I really do appreciate people's niceness. Though it's going to be sad when I'm not pregnant anymore, and just a regular person. I'm starting to get use to this special treatment. :)

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Delivering a baby is like going through a McDonnald's drive through

I don't if you ever heard or have seen the documentary "The Business of Being Born", but if you haven't I suggest watching it. The only disturbing part is they do show Ricki Lake give birth in the bath tub. Something I really want to see. Not. It's available of Netflix's instant play to watch it.Here's the link to the website, you can watch a trailer to see what it's about:

The Business of being born

Recently Ricki Lake, who helped produced "Business of Being Born" just released the documentary "More about the Business of Being Born". I'm interested to see it. The first one I watched about a year ago, pre-pregnancy, and it definitely opened my eyes to how the whole birth process in itself works, and how most hospitals really don't give women the true birthing experience. To a hospital it's all about getting women in and out of the hospital quickly as possible, and doing unnecessary interventions to them like inducing (which isn't always necessary) just to quickly get them in and out. It's quite disheartening to see women treated this way. Before the documentary, I would have never thought of hospitals as the bad guy. Though, I never realized how much the birth experience is hindered by hospitals. For example, in the documentary, that women laying down while birth is the worst way to give birth. The woman's hips aren't designed to give birth while laying down, that with gravity, they really should be standing up while giving birth. Gravity is going to help push the baby out.

I enjoyed the documentary quite a bit, and now that I'm actually pregnant, and going through the process, I can't help to think that I am too not getting the full experience, and feel sometimes that I am just going through a drive through leaving the doctor's office more confused then when I came in. I know I shouldn't have high expectations; but I like to feel like I should have a sense of what the hell is going on in the pregnancy process, rather than feeling like a piece of meat tossed around from appointment to another.

Today I had my doctor's appointment, and of course just like the other appointments I have had so far in the duration of my pregnancy, they are very short, and have same exact routine every time. I get weighed, and cry inside how much I've gained since last visit, then I pee in a cup, then they check my blood pressure, the nurse ask the same exact question every time, "Had any spotting, cramping, or anything other problems? Is the baby moving ok?" Then the doctor comes in ask me how everything is going, checks for the babies heartbeat and then measures my uterus. And that is the end of appointment. I guess I shouldn't get mad, or expect the earth to shake when going to my appointment, but I guess I would like a sense of feeling more like a human rather then a science experiment. Nothing against my doctor, she is perfectly fine, I guess I'm expecting to be more educated by the doctor in the entire process. And I know if I don't ask questions how is the doctor suppose to answer them? But the problem is when so many things are running through my head at once, like is the baby ok? How am I remember all the questions I have for the doctor? Like today, I peed in the cup expecting it would be fine. And I didn't even know why I peed in a cup until today. I knew they were checking for something, but I had no idea what. And the doctor tells me I have protein in my urine. Instead of me asking questions, like "What does that even mean to have protein in my urine?". My mind was running a million miles a minute thinking, this is terrible, what could have caused that? What am I going to do? And of course the doctor acts like this is no big deal. And maybe it isn't but then again shouldn't I be concerned?

This is what I've learned in the whole process, if everything is ok then there is no need to say anything else, you're just off on your merry way, scheduling the next month's appointment. Sadly the appointments last a total of 5 to 10 minutes, if that. It just makes me wonder why it is this way when going to the doctor. Because really it isn't only this way with prenatal appointments, but also with any doctor's appointment. If I'm sick, the doctor just asks me like three questions and then writes out an absurd amount of unnecessary prescriptions. Maybe I shouldn't say all doctors are like that, but it feels like any doctor I've came across is like that. Maybe it's just that way because they see quite a bit of patients in a day, and its no longer becomes a personal connection to get down to the root of the patient's problem. But rather just quickly getting them out of the doctor's office so they can see the next patient. It's very disheartening because I have no idea what to expect in the birthing process, and I would just like a reassurance that everything is ok.

I will say this process is making me consider a midwife next time. From what I've heard midwives are more caring and understanding about the process. And are advocates of what the women wants for her baby. I don't know we'll see. Though I will say I'm still really wanting to do a water birth. Unfortunately the hospital where I will be giving birth does not have these capabilities. So depending on how this birth goes, I may look into doing a water birth for the next baby, I just would have to go to a different hospital and find a different doctor.

Just another example of frustration about the doctor, I go to my appointment, thinking that I would be getting my glucose test done in the doctor's office, and the the nurse practitioner looks at my chart and says "Oh it looks like you should be getting your glucose test done soon." Yes lady you told me that this appointment would be the appointment I would be getting it done. Good thing I knew to ask the front desk the last appointment if I needed to fast or not before the test. So she gives me paper orders, and of course these orders we not ready, I had to wait another five minutes to get them written up. Then I had to go downstairs to the lab to get my glucose test done. I go in the office, and there are probably 10 other people waiting in the waiting room, waiting to get their blood drawn for something. Because basically the lab is to run tests for anyone who goes to any doctor associated with Upper Valley Medical. So I sign in, there are only two people running the lab, so it takes forever. I waited for 50 minutes. And then when the guy finally called my name, he looks at my paper to see the test I'm getting done and says, "Oh, you just need to drink the glucose drink. I wish you would have told us that as soon as you got here, we could have gave you that as soon as you got here, because you'll have to wait another hour. I feel bad you already waited here 50 minutes." Well how was I suppose to know I could just walk up there and say "I need a glucose test give it to me now!" When there were 10 other people in front of me. I thought it was common courtesy to wait your turn. Also, when I went to sign in, there was no one up front to even ask that. I was so mad, I was expecting the entire thing to last an hour. The drink itself wasn't too bad, of course I felt weird for the rest of the day. But now I'm really nervous because (let me say this blog entry was started on Thursday, and now today is Saturday)when I got home late last night there was a message left on my recorder from the doctor's office saying to call them back. Of course I can't call until Monday, so now the suspense is killing me. Because just like all the other experiences I've had with my current doctor and other doctors in the past. If the test results are perfectly fine, I never get a call, just the next appointment they are like "You're results came out clear, everything is fine." So I have a bad feeling this is a call that is going to tell me that I failed the glucose test, and probably will have to take the 3 hour one now. Boo. We'll see. But oddly I for the first time I'm looking forward Monday coming just so I can find out!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

The protruding belly

As my belly is getting bigger I'm beginning to realize how hard it is to do everyday tasks. Now I'm at the point where I can't even see my feet anymore. All I see if the lovely view of my belly. I know it's just going to get worse, and even bigger as I progress in my pregnancy. It's harder to bend over, and I'm forced to bend over with my knees and not my back. I know that is the way you should bend over when picking up things, because it's terrible on your back, but it's always been a force of habit to not use my knees. But as my belly gets bigger, it's no longer an option. If I bend over with my back and not my knees, I feel like my baby is squeezing the crap out of my gut. Not only that it's getting harder to reach other parts of my body, as shaving my legs is becoming a new adventure. It's so weird to realize that having a big belly really puts a limit on my abilities to do everyday tasks.

Not only is my growing belly hindering my ability to do everyday task, but my belly is becoming a dirt catcher. I'm glad I have a limited wardrobe, and not wearing all of my clothes, because I'm ruining all of my maternity clothes. Sadly I'll wear a maternity shirt for the first time and somehow ruin it. Two of my shirts, I somehow got a bleach stain on my belly area, literally in the same exact spot, because I was being bad and cleaning with a multipurpose spray that has bleach in it, and because my belly is so huge, it somehow came in contact with the cleaner leaving a nice pinkish discoloration on my shirts. Maybe this would teach me to wear an old shirt when cleaning but the problem is I don't have an old shirt that fits me. The only shirts that fit me right now are new shirts I had to buy. And my belly is starting to catch all kinds of random pieces of dirt. Several of my shirts I noticed have grease stains on them or random food stains. I guess when cooking my belly interferes. Every time I cook I find flour, grease, and everything else all over my belly. And when I'm eating I can hit my big mouth, so I just make a big mess all over myself. And my belly has become a collector of cat fur, lint, and crumbs. It's really sad that I can't keep my nice new shirts actually NEW. They already look like a disaster.

Not only that my belly likes to run into things. Yesterday I was cleaning the microwave that is over our stove, and as I was cleaning it, I noticed the stove top was on. My big belly pressed up against the knob and turned on the stove. I didn't do this once but twice while trying to clean the microwave. Good thing I was paying attention to what I was doing. I'm also running into people more as well. I guess I don't realize how much space I take up when walking past people.

As my belly is getting bigger very quickly, lovely stretch marks have decided to pop up in the last few days. And it's so weird how three more have appeared since yesterday. Not that stretch marks are the end of the world, I just was really hoping I wouldn't get them, that maybe my skin was thick enough that it just wouldn't happen. One could wish I guess. And the saddest part, is I can't even see the stretch marks on my stomach because my stomach is so big, I have to look in the mirror to see them. The only reason I even knew they were there in the first place was because Matt pointed them out.

It's really fun to have a big belly I guess, I can't wait when I get to the point where I can put pop cans on it, or a glass of water on my belly. It will be funny making my belly a table where I can set various items on it. It will just be weird when my baby is born and that huge belly will be gone, I won't know what to do with myself! On a happy note I'm quickly approaching the third trimester already! I'm still confused as to when exactly the third trimester is, because some books say 26 weeks and some say 28, so I'm 26 weeks this Tuesday, so I guess we can say I'm in the third trimester. Yah! I really don't know where the time has gone. Only 14 weeks left until baby Herman is born!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Seriously how could you not have known you were pregnant?

I remember years ago hearing about a lady not knowing she was pregnant the entire time, and then giving birth. I was so baffled by how someone could not know they were pregnant, and thought at the time this was such a rare occurrence. But of course it was not such a rare occurrence. After all they ended up making a show out of it. Which even has baffled me even more to know that there are so many women that didn't know they were pregnant, that they could make a show out it. I'm intrigued every time I watch this show, and the more I watched the show the more I started to believe maybe they weren't stupid for not realizing they were pregnant, maybe they had valid reasons to believe they were not pregnant. For example some of the women on there took a pregnancy test and it came up negative, or were told they could never have kids, so I could almost believe how they thought they were never pregnant, especially when they thought they never could get pregnant. So it would make sense pregnancy never came across their minds. But now that I am actually pregnant I no longer pity these women or understand how they could not realize they were in fact pregnant. Because now that I am actually pregnant, it's easy to see there are pretty obvious reasons to know that your in fact pregnant, and that it isn't just having the flu, or bad ingestion.

If you haven't watched the show, you must see some of these clips from the show, like this first video: Watch a some of the clips for yourself, and prepared to be baffled You'll be surprise how many women on the show give birth on the toilet. And it makes me laugh, when they go to get off the toilet to realize they are attached to what is in the toilet. Which is so funny to me, because seriously what kind of crap did they think they took? An eight pound one? Giving birth in itself, is nothing like a bowel movement so why would they think that they just took a big dump? Other interesting ones I've seen from the show, is a lady gave birth in her pants. Yes her pants, they had to rip her pants, and she didn't know what happened when she gave birth in her pants. Another one gave birth at a rest stop bathroom, and it was a breached baby, that she ended up delivery vaginally. Another one gave birth at a bathroom to a amusement park. Another lady gave birth gave birth at home, and her husband was out of town, and she didn't bother to tell him she had a baby, until he came home a few days later, to find a sick baby and a sick her (she should have went to the hospital right away but refused because she didn't like doctors)with a baby in her hands. The husband was baffled to how and where the baby came from. I can't blame him. These stories blown my mind. My favorite ones are the women that already had one or two pregnancies before, so you would think they would know that they were in fact pregnant. Like in the video clip I have in the link above, the lady even said she was experiencing pain just like when she had her daughter, but yet she still thought she was just taking a very painful bowel movement. Seriously? What is going on with these people's thinking? I feel if I ever had a pregnancy that I went through not knowing I was pregnant, I don't think I would want to embarrass myself to millions of people on television. Because that is what these women are doing, while they honestly didn't know they were pregnant, explaining their dumb story to people, just makes them more of a fool. I would never want to admit my stupidity to others.

As more days go by in my pregnancy, the more baffled I am as to how these women didn't realize they were pregnant until that baby popped out of them. I know a lot of them will say they didn't have very many symptoms, or didn't have the same symptoms as their first pregnant, or didn't gain any weight, but even then HOW COULD YOU NOT KNOW YOU WERE PREGNANT? I feel the bigger my baby gets the more I'm reminded that I'm pregnant. I will say after the morning sickness past, and I wasn't as tired, there would be days that I felt amazing, and definitely didn't feel pregnant. But now that the baby is getting bigger taking more space up and moving around quite a bit, it's hard not to realize or know that there is a baby growing inside of me. Herman kicks and moves around quite a bit. It's like a lighten jolt every time he moves. Which makes me wonder, what did those women think when there was odd movement rumbling in their stomach over a dozen times in a day? Did they think that was just air bubble in their stomach or bad gas? Also bending over or leaning forward just isn't possible for me anymore, I can feel the heaviness in my gut, I know it's just not my intestines, it feels like a hard rock in my belly every time I lean forward, not to mention my belly no longer feels flabby, but it's also as hard as a rock. Before being pregnant, I never have felt that sensation before. So again even if you didn't know you were pregnant, wouldn't you feel different, when you bend over or lean forward? What did those women think was happening to their stomachs? Did the think their intestines turned into iron?

If you are reading this blog entry, and have in fact experienced being pregnant the entire 9 months, and not knowing it, I'm sorry, and I hope this blog entry doesn't offend you. Maybe you can enlighten me as to how you truly didn't know you were pregnant. Because now that I am in fact pregnant, I just can't understand how anyone wouldn't know they were pregnant. I feel like be pregnant is pretty obvious, even if you don't experience the weight gain, or morning sickness.But maybe I'm wrong with that because it seems like there is a large amount of women, who just don't take the hints that their body is giving them to let them know they are in fact pregnant.

Friday, November 4, 2011

2nd trimester joys

As I'm approaching the end of the 2nd trimester,(only three more weeks left!) I must say I definitely like the 2nd trimester better. And as time progress, I feel like I more more of a connection with my little baby boy growing in my belly. For example I've discovered Herman (yes still calling him Herman, but that is just his before birth name. lol. Don't worry it will not be his real name, though I've grown accustomed to calling him Herman) is not a morning person like his mom. Maybe this will change, but I rarely feel movement from him until 10:00 or 11:00 in the morning, which is usually the time I'm fully awake. He's really sleepy like me. He seems to be a night person like me, he's the most active from nine o'clock to midnight. He's usually dancing in my uterus, at midnight. Another thing that makes me feel more bonded with my baby, is when I'm driving and I'm listening to one of my favorite songs on my mixed CDs I've made, and without fail Herman will start kicking. Either he hates my music or he has grown accustom to liking my favorite songs, giving me "I like this song" kicks. I'm hoping once he's born maybe if I play some of my favorite songs he'll be soothed by the sound of them when fussy and upset. We'll see. And another bonding moment I've had with Herman is sometimes when I noticed he hasn't moved for awhile, of course I become neurotic and get worried as to why he hasn't moved for awhile. But it never seems to fail when I tap my belly, and say "How's it going little buddy?" he'll move around within a few minutes, as a nice reminder that he is in fact still ok. So it's nice that he'll likes to help clam my worries. I must say I'm growing quite fond of my baby, which makes me even more ecstatic when he is actually born and enters this world.

Other loves of the second trimester, is morning sickness I think has finally quit making it's appearance. At least I hope it has. It decided to come back around week 16, but now it went away again, and I haven't gotten sick in the last month, which is good. Knock on wood. And maybe I shouldn't speak too soon, but oddly I have not had any heartburn since being pregnant. Which is weird because I would get heartburn all the time pre-pregnancy. So I will not complain about that. And my allergies have been pretty good as well. Which is also weird because I have terrible allergies pre-pregnancy, and without fail my eyes, nose and everything else would be tearing up, red, itchy, etc. Usually it would be bad to the point where I would have to take Zyrtec. But it's been pretty good since I've been pregnant which is odd. I guess I will say my sinuses started acting up a little last week, but its mainly just a runny nose and luckily it didn't get as bad as it usually does. I did speak to soon with that, because literally the day before, I was bragging about how my sinuses have not been bothering me. But it's normal for this time of the year for my sinuses to be bad, so I'm just glad they are not as bad as they usually are. Though one thing that is very weird, considering I don't think in my entire life, unless this happened when I was a kid, that my nose has bled. Tonight it started bleeding, which I didn't even know what to do considering I've never had a nose bleed, ever. I'm not sure if this was caused as a result of being pregnant. But I must say it was weird.
I also like my zit free face. Usually my face looks like the face of an awkward zitty 13 year old, but now my face is fairly clear. It's really nice having a clear completion, finally!

So far the not so nice joys of the second trimester would be swollen feet. At this point I can pretty much only wear two pairs of shoes. I've became best friends with a new pair of boots I bought a few weeks ago because they are comfy, and a size bigger than what I usually wear so they fit very well. My left foot looks two times bigger than my right foot, because that's the stupid foot I broke twice already now, so I guess it decided that pregnancy isn't a nice thing to happen to it. So my left foot looks like a freak of nature, and I swear that I'm getting spider veins on my left foot. I don't know if that is even possible but my foot is looking pretty sad looking. Another not so nice joy of pregnancy is my wedding ring not fitting. It decided to quit fitting at 16 weeks. And I decided last week to try it on again to see if maybe the swelling has gone down. But no such luck, I couldn't even move the ring a past my first finger joint, or whatever you want to call it. So now I've been sporting a fake ring, which is sad because I'm really starting to miss my real ring. :( Other than that the only annoying thing is I'm realizing how annoying it is to bend over anymore, and I feel like I'm getting bigger that it's becoming harder to reach things. But I guess I won't complain for these things are a small price to pay for a bundle of joy.

I just can't believe that I'm already 24 weeks, well almost 25 weeks! How time has flown. And I'll be in the third trimester soon. Wosh!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

The adventures of baby registery

This weekend was a fun one, on Saturday we got our baby registry set up.One thing I've learned about going to have a baby, is just like the wedding scene, it's a big industry and everyone wants your money and to buy THEIR products. I seem to get sample packs of random crap every time I do something that is baby related. Like on my first doctor's appointment the nurse gave me a bag full of baby formula, diapers, coupons, magazines, etc. And as I got to other places, the stockpile keeps piling up. Also I've somehow accumulated a lot of free magazine subscriptions. (Not that I'm complaining) A month ago I week to the Motherhood store, and purchased some items, and sure enough I got a loot full of stuff. And then when we went to set up our registry at Babies-r-us and Target, both places gave me a welcome bag of baby items. While I enjoy all these goody bags, it's sadly a ploy to get me to buy a certain company's product. But whatever I don't mind reeking the benefits of it. I just never realized until recently the similarities of wedding planning and baby planning. While both things are completely different, though both life changing, the treatment from places is the same, they treat you like gold because they want your money! And both industries are big money making industries. As we created our registry I started to realize how much money babies really do cost. Which made me glad and grateful that I'll be getting gifts for the baby, because boy do they need a lot of things!

So Saturday was a fun adventure, with Matt and my mom, as we went over aisle after aisle scanning all these things. It was exhausting. And very overwhelming. There are so many types of every baby item in different sizes, quality, colors, etc. I found myself many times just confused to decide which one was the right one to pick. I think at towards the end I became scan happy and started scanning all kinds of random stuff. Good thing they give you the compatibility to go home online and make changes. It was nice to go home and sit down a relax, and thoroughly look through all my choices, and eliminate the impulsive scan zaps that I made. And then of course the big decision was to make was should all the baby items match? And should they be all boy items? What if my second baby is a girl? Would she want to be in blue items? So there were a lot of fun decisions to make. And I'm glad I had my mom with us, she was like my coach guiding me to make sure I picked out the right stuff. Like I learned that I need more 5 oz bottles, because babies don't eat them much at first. And that you should stick with the same brand of nipples, so the baby doesn't get confused having all these different types of nipples. They apparently get accustomed to one type. And that Nuk bottles are very like the breast. I would have not of know any of these things. So it was good to have some kind of direction. Because the more baby products I that my mom told me I needed the more I realized that I don't know very much about babies. I feel like I know more about kids 3 and up. Give me a three year old and we can have fun and play games . But give me an infant, and I'm not sure what to do. Ok, maybe I'm undermining myself, I do know what to do with an infant, but I feel like there are still many things I don't know about infants and babies. So I know it will be a learning process. And seeing all the products I need to buy for the baby became terrifying. Knowing that all those things I will be using just for one little baby.

It was fun though seeing on my registry, baby arriving on 2/21/2012. (The Target registry was crazy and it said "Megan Sherman is expected to arrive on 2/21/2012," so apparently I'm being reborn. lol) It reminded me of when we did our wedding registry, and the date on it said 2/21/2009. So it was like a weird sense of deja-vu seeing the same date on there. While I enjoyed the registry experience as it took a total of 3 and a half hours for both place, I'm very glad I only have to do a baby registry once.

On an ending note when editing my registry, there was a countdown to my due date, which is 114 days. Wow I didn't realize I only have 114 days left. That is shy of three months! Baby will be here before I know it. :)

Thursday, October 27, 2011

The great debate of working verses staying at home

Though times have changed and we have gotten out of the 1950's mindset that women can only be housewives, and cater to their husbands and stay at home to take care of the kiddies; there is still judgment made when women make the decision to of whether to be a working mom or a stay at home mom. I've struggled with this concept for quite some time, even before I became pregnant. It's one of the hardest decision for a mother to make. And the more I talk about it with other people and see the look on their faces when I tell them I'm probably going to continue working and have my baby in daycare, the more I'm starting to realize it's one of those damned if you do, damned if you don't kind of situations. If I told people I was going to be a stay at home mom, I probably still would get judged, and be seen as a lazy person who isn't help providing for the family financially. Or that being a stay at home mom is a cakewalk and that they have the life doing nothing and taking care of a baby.(Not that I think this of stay at home moms, but sadly people think this way of women who make the decisions to be a stay at home mom)As for the working mom the judgments that some people have is that they are selfish wanting to pursue their careers, and don't want to spend time with their child.

So regardless of what decision I make there will be some kind of scrutiny from someone, and some kind of judgmental look made. I like to hope one day this mentality will go away, and women can freely raise their children the way they see fit without being put another a microscope of judgment.But I won't hold my breath on it, because I'm sure many of things I do as a mother in the future will be judged by others. Because everyone has their own idea of what is the "right" way to take care of a child and if that "right" way isn't their way, then you're doing it the wrong way.

At least I know my decision is the best for me, and while it will be very hard to juggle work, motherhood and being a wife, I know it's possible, for many women have done it.

Monday, October 17, 2011

A funny email about pregnancy

A co-worker emailed this to me today, and I must say I got my good Monday laugh, enjoy :)

PREGNANCY Q & A & more
Q: Should I have a baby after 35?
A: No, 35 children is enough

Q : I'm two months pregnant now. When will my baby move?
A: With any luck, right after he finishes college.

Q : What is the most reliable method to determine a baby's sex?
A: Childbirth..

Q: My wife is five months pregnant and so moody that sometimes she's borderline irrational.
A: So what's your question?

Q ? : My childbirth instructor says it's not pain I'll feel during labor, but pressure. Is she right?
A: Yes, in the same way that a tornado might be called an air current.

Q: When is the best time to get an epidural?
A: Right after you find out you're pregnant.

Q ? : Is there any reason I have to be in the delivery room while my wife is in labor?
A: Not unless the word "alimony" means anything to you.

Q: Is there anything I should avoid while recovering from childbirth?
A: Yes, pregnancy.

Q: Do I have to have a baby shower?
A: Not if you change the baby's diaper very quickly.

Q: Our baby was born last week. When will my wife begin to feel and act normal again?
A: When the kids are in college.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Naming my child part 2

Like I've said in a previous blog entry, that naming my child would be a challenge. And now that I know Herman is a boy, the naming process has become more challenging. When I was compiling names, I had a giant list of girl names, there are so many girl names I like because there are more unique names for girls, and cuter names. My boy names column on my list of name is so far looking pretty small. And if there is a name I remotely like of course Matt hates it. And it doesn't help when you see certain children named the names you like. It's like seeing the image of them completely ruins the image of the name that I liked. For example, today I went to drop off books at the library today, and there is a random little boy about 3/4 years old who looked like a stinker and a trouble maker lingering in the doorway, just staring at me looking all cute. Though he knew he was in trouble, as his mother who was still at her car, getting her other child out of the car into the stroller. She was screaming his name, because he pretty much ran off from his mom, and was in the library when she was still at her car. All I could think instead of messing with your baby and trying to get them in the stroller, quickly grab your baby, and then quickly walk up to your other child and get him! And spank him on the behind for being bad and running off. Even after going in the library and checking out my book, the kid was still in the doorway, and she was still screaming for him. So I still don't understand what was taking her so long. But she screamed "Hayden! Hayden! Hayden!" The name just rung in my ears and suddenly sounded extremely ugly. I had that name on my list and actually kind of liked that name, but seeing the bad child not listening to his mom and the mom just screaming his name, just made his name sound like poison. So now I'll be taking Hayden off my list.

Which reminds me of another name I use to love until I started working with children and did some subbing. The name Dylan. I absolutely loved, loved, loved, that name, until every horrible brat child that I had to deal with was named Dylan. There were probably like 5 different Dylans that gave me a big headache. I don't think I've met a non-trouble making Dylan. Because these boys have ruined the Dylan name, I can't bring myself to name my child Dylan, for fear be may turn into a bratty terrible child. Not that a name will do that to someone, but it's interesting how certain names carry certain stereotypes to them and how people think of a person based off their name.

Then of course when someone mentions a certain name and asked me if I like it, I have to automatically write that name off the list, even though I may like it, because I dated a guy with that name. Which again takes more boy names off my list, a lot of boy names. Well maybe not that many. It just would be weird to name my son after an ex-boyfriend, even if I liked that name. I don't think that's a good idea, it might give people the wrong idea and think I'm madly in love with my exes still.

It's interesting in one of the name books I read, that people are more likely to use unique names for girls but stick with more traditional names for boys. And maybe this is why I am having a hard time liking any boy names, most boy names are just so popular, and all the same. The unique names just don't sound right. Which reminds me when I subbed I came across a boy named Dutch. I still remember this name because I thought it was such a weird name. I just want to call him Dutch Oven. Unique boy names just don't sound right. It seems like the popular trend right now with boy names are names that end in "den" Like Aden, Braden, Hayden, and the "on" ending like Carson, Mason, Colton, Landon. These names are all on the top 100 names of 2011. Which I want to avoid picking a name from that list, but even traditional names like Ethan, Joshua, and even Matthew are still on the top names of 2011. So my choices are limited, maybe I should give up the idea of being unique or at least picking a less popular name. Or I could be totally different and name my child Herman! Herman Sherman! Just kidding! I couldn't do that. That would be a cruel joke. So I have no idea what we are naming our baby, but regardless once I have a name, I will not be revealing it until birth. Sorry, I don't like pre-picking out names before birth. I'll have a name in mind but it may change by the time Herman is born. And I think once you see the baby maybe they look different than the original name you have picked out for him or her. So I will not tell anyone the name mainly for that reason. So for now my little baby will be Herman, but only until Herman is born, and I officially name him. If Matt and I ever come up with a name. Sigh...

Monday, October 10, 2011

Herman is a boy!

This past Thursday was a really exciting day, we got to find out the sex of our baby. Beforehand I had to drink 32 oz of water, and drinking that much water early in the morning was hard to do, by the time we were about ready to leave I felt like I had to go pee so bad.

It was really exciting to see the ultrasound, the first thing the ultrasound tech asked was, "What do you guys what to have a boy or a girl?" Without hesitation we both said boy. As soon as she started the ultrasound, she said "I think you guys got your wish, it looks like it's a boy." Hearing that felt so surreal, I've been wanting to have a boy so bad that I didn't know how to react knowing my wish came true. Though regardless I would have been happy if it was a girl.

The ultrasound tech was oddly enthusiastic about her job, she compared being an ultrasound tech to being a photographer. She said, "This isn't like Alens Mills where you can get them to pose, the baby pretty much does whatever he wants." Also the entire time she was going on about how cute he was and how cute babies are in the womb. I'm not really sure how cute babies are in the womb, considering they are still developing, and ultrasounds make them look slightly creepy. But I'm glad that she enjoys her job.

As Matt was actively participating and asking the tech questions, I was getting mad because I didn't have a very good view as he did. He could see the screen striaght ahead, but I saw it more on an angle which made the screen look funny, and really couldn't make very much. Matt would be like "Is that the foot? Is that the hand?" I was just getting mad because I couldn't see anything, I kept trying to move my head to get a better view but that didn't work out very well. So I decided instead just to focus more on the ultrasound tech's face. I figured she looked generally happy and content, that it's a good sign. I know the tech's can't say too much if they suspect something is horribly wrong with the baby, they are there more to just take the images, and have the doctor look at it, but I figured if she did suspect something bad she would have a look of horror or shock on her face. Which I didn't see so that is a good sign.

I will say I was slightly alarmed how creepy the baby looked, I saw more skull then a head shape, but the tech said that was normal because the babies at this point are more boney and don't develop more fat until the third trimester. And the ultrasound tech said that babies at this stage look more like alien babies, which is something you shouldn't say to someone who is petrified of aliens, but she didn't know that.
Here's a picture of Herman, a front view of his face, which pretty much looks like his skull:

After taking a trillion pictures she finally confirmed that Herman is in fact a boy. It was great to get a sure confirmation. Here's a pic of Herman and his boy parts:

Towards the end, Herman decided he didn't want to cooperate, which was frustrating me because I felt like my bladder was going to explode, (at this point the tech already spent 45 minutes doing the ultrasound) and her pressing on my bladder with the ultrasound wand didn't help. She had to take detail pictures of Herman's heart, but he kept moving around that she couldn't get a picture of him. She finally got to the point where she had to get another tech to help her. Ten minutes later Herman finally decided to cooperate.

I was just relieved that I could finally go to the bathroom. As we left oddly the first thing I thought of was oh my gosh he's a boy, how do I potty train a boy? While I know I have a couple of years to worry about this, for some reason this was the first thing that came to mind when it actually registered that I am in fact having a boy.

Here are some other pictures of Herman:
Another picture, where I'm not going to lie but Herman's skull head creeps me out:

Here's a fun one of Herman trying to suck his thumb:

And my favorite of Herman holding up two fingers and giving the peace sign:

It was exciting to announce it to everyone that we were having a baby, for my dad I called him at work, he works at a building company, so I called up and told him that my husband and I were looking for a new home since we are expecting a son. His reply was, "Is it for Herman?" I was really hoping he would fall for it, but he knew right away it was me. hehe. Then I called my mom and told her the news, she was on vacation in Boston. She was really excited since I'm giving them their first grandson. My brother has two girls. Then I spent the afternoon making cupcakes with blue cream filling in them. It took forever it make them, and then we stopped by Matt's parent's house for dinner, and gave them the cupcakes, it was fun to watch them bite into them to discover the sex of the baby. They were so happy. We then came over to Matt's sister's house and did the same thing. Then the next day I surprised my co-workers. It was fun doing the cupcake thing!

Now my next challenge is finding a name for Herman, while I've grown fond of calling my baby Herman, I don't think he'll appreciate that being his name for life. Herman Sherman would be a name that the poor kid would get made fun of for the rest of his life. So I can't do that to him. I had tons of girl names I like, but I don't like too many boy names, and talking about names with Matt is like pulling teeth, so we'll see what Herman's real name will end up being. :)

Monday, October 3, 2011

Pregnancy makes you sexier, I disagree..

I have the book "Your Pregnancy week by week". I really enjoy the book, and like it ten times better then "What to expect when expecting". I feel like that book just is very watered down and candy coats everything about pregnancy. What I like about this book, is it goes in detail about how the baby is developing each week, and the changes you experience. So what is nice about the book, as I approach the latest week in my pregnancy, I read the chapter for that week. Which is weird to say that tomorrow I'll be officially 20 weeks! Which means I already at the halfway mark! Yah!! But anyways, yesterday I was reading in my book for Week 20, and came across this section in which I couldn't help but laugh. It was called, You May be Sexier than you Think And it listed 10 reasons. So for entertainment I like to share these 10 reasons, with my editorial comments, because I really would like to beg to differ. Though I like the effort this author tried to make in giving pregnant women higher self esteem, but unfortunately their 10 reasons didn't help my self esteem one bit. It made me laugh more than anything.

So her it is, with my editorial comments in bold:

1) Your skin may be smoother and softer because you use lotions and oils to prevent stretch marks

Well that's a fail for me, considering I have not been using lotions or trying to prevents stretch marks, because I know for me they are enviable, I know all the lotion in the world is not going to stop those lovely marks on my body. And my skin is not smooth, it's pretty much dry. Maybe this should be an incentive to start using lotion more ofter, so I feel smooth and sexy.

2)You may ask for massage and back rubs, which may lead to further massage and sexual intimacy.

Again but sorry to break it to you book, but what if your husband doesn't want to massage you? Asking Matt to massage my feet or back is like pulling teeth. And it only happens on extremely rare occasions, unfortunately being pregnant is not an motivator to give me massages.

3) Discovering different ways to make love is an exciting new challenge.

All I have to say about this one, is ummm. No. totally not true and definitely not an "exciting new challenge"

4) A pregnant woman has a unique chance to show off her erotic imagination. Sec during pregnancy often requires some creative thinking on both parts.

Erotic imagination? How does being pregnant make someone have more of an erotic imagination? Seriously? I think the author was starting to run out of reasons so made this bullcrap up.

5) Your pregnancy makes him walk like a man. For many men, their partner's pregnancy is often a source of pride

Even if this was true, how does this make me feel more sexier?

6) Your curves can be sexy.

Unfortunately I have not curves, and being pregnant, is just making me inflate but not get any curvier. And my swollen legs are not very sexy

7) The hormones of pregnancy may increase your sexual desire.

Again lies! I would say more like decrease, having morning sickness, stretch marks, growing somatch, and swollen feet really doesn't put me in the mood or increase my desires.

8) Your changing figure, such as enlarging breast, may turn him on

It seems to be having the opposite effect for me. And the bigger they get the uglier

9) The level of commitment you feel toward your partner may intensify your intimacy, both sexually and non-sexually.Having a child together may be the ultimate act of trust.

Out of the 10 reasons, I actually see truth the this one, so I can't really make fun of it. But again I don't know how this would make me feel sexier.

10) You're carefree because you don't have to worry about birth control

While it is true that I don't have to worry about birth control, I wouldn't say I'm carefree, I would say being pregnant makes me worry 100 times more

So those are 10 reasons why being pregnant is wonderful and just makes you feel sexy! Wasn't that a good laugh! On a different note I get to find out the gender of the baby this Thursday! I can't wait, hopefully Herman cooperates and shows his or her jewels.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Irrational fears of a pregnant woman

Since I've been pregnant, I've developed some crazy irrational fears. Fears that would most likely never come true, but I think being pregnant just makes me 100 times more of a worry wart than I already am. Maybe my mama bear instincts are just kicking in and making me super over protective of my little baby bean growing to the point that I've imagine every worst case scenario. Regardless I've realized how ridiculous my irrational fears have been lately. Prepare to get a good laugh or just shake your head and worry about my silly irrational fears that most normal pregnant women probably do not think about.

My first irrational fear which actually most pregnant women do worry about is having a miscarriage. I've pretty much developed this fear as soon as I found out I was pregnant; being so afraid that I would somehow lose the baby. Even though I'm in my 2nd trimester and in the safe zone of miscarriage less likely to happen, I still freak out that something will happen to my baby. Here is the part that you're going to shake your head at me, every time I go to the bathroom I have to check the toilet just to make sure my baby didn't fall into the toilet. Yes, I know that is the most ridiculous thing you probably ever heard. But for some reason I'm so scared something like this will happen, maybe it's because I've watched way to many episodes of "I didn't know I was pregnant" where women have given birth in the toilet, thinking they just had to take a big poop and to their horror discover that they can't get off the toilet because they are connected to what is in the toilet, i.e. a baby! The concept still just baffles me to how you do not know you're ever pregnant in first place. I feel like the signs are so obvious, when you're pregnant let alone giving birth. I mean how could you not know you are giving birth in the toilet? I guess I'm not afraid I'll give birth while on the toilet, but somehow I'll miscarry and I'll find the baby in the toilet. It's a terrible thought, that I hope never happens, but yet I freak out about this constantly, and always checking the toilet just to make sure. You can tell me that I'm ridiculous which I am. Which reminds me of last week, when I went to the bathroom, looked in the toilet, and gasp in horror seeing this weird white blob, thinking it came out of me, to only realize it was nothing but cat hair. Yes, cat hair. When Matt finds Marco's cat hair laying around instead of throwing it away he thinks the better solution is to put it in the toilet and not flush it afterward. It nearly gave me a heart-attack, I'm not sure what I thought it was at first, but somehow I associated it seeing it meant something is wrong with my baby. Again ridiculous. I was so relieved when I realized it was cat hair. I know my baby is not going to fall right out of me, but I guess my worst fear is that I'm going to go into early labor and have an abrupt placenta or whatever that is called, where the placenta erupts or something and labor happens prematurely. Like I said most pregnant women probably do have an fear of having a miscarriage but they probably do not have a fear of finding their baby in the toilet. Sigh. I seriously don't know where I think this crap up, again I've been watching way too much "I didn't know I was pregnant" or something. And you would be surprise how many women on that show had their baby while on the toilet. sigh..

My next irrational fear is something I've developed recently in the last month, and I worry as the weather gets worse that my fear is going to get worse. And that is driving. Yes, recently I've been getting anxiety with driving. Usually it's only when I change lanes on the highway, and driving in general on the highway. I don't know why, I guess I'm so scared that when changing lanes, I'll get hit by a car that I didn't see because they were in my blind spot. I pretty much break my neck as it is already, just to make sure there are no cars in my blind spot, but I still cringe every-time I change lanes, thinking I'm going to get hit by a car. Again, not normal! I was never like this before. I really think it is because I'm pregnant, I'm just so scared of getting in a car accident, that I don't want anything to happen to my baby. And I know having anxiety like this is not good when driving, and it doesn't help that I spend a majority of my time driving around to random places for my job. I guess that is why I am so scared of this winter, I already hate driving in snow and ice as it is. I got in a wreck in January of this year because of black ice, so now that I'm pregnant, the thought of driving in the snow really scares me quite a bit. Matt says I should just drive his jeep since it has four wheel drive, which maybe I will, it may make me feel more safe. I have a feeling though once I have the baby the fear of driving won't go away, because the baby will be in my car while driving and then I'll be still scared of getting in a wreck in fear of harming my baby. So I don't really think this fear is going to go away, though I just need to take a chill pill and be a better driver. For those who know me, my driving skills are not the best.

My last irrational fear is beyond ridiculous. I'm 27 years old, and sadly embarrassed to even admit this fear. I have a horrible fear of aliens. I'm not really sure why, it's not like I've even seen an alien or have been abducted by aliens, but the thought of them seriously scares the life out of me. This is why I refuse to watch movies with aliens in them. When I saw the movie "The Signs" I was so scared when I went to bed, that I was shaking and it took me 4 hours before I went to sleep. Well now that I'm pregnant and I have to get up in the middle of the night, at least 2 to 3 times, I've become quite scared of walking in the dark and going to the bathroom. Again, 27 year old's should not be afraid of the dark, this is something a 5 year olds should be afraid of, but not a 27 year old! I'm afraid of the dark for the silliest reason, yes, I'm afraid aliens are going to come out of the darkness and get me. Again I know this is probably the silliest thing you've ever hear of, most people are not afraid of the dark or afraid of aliens for that mater. And it's not like aliens are going to come and get me, but yet I tip toe in the dark, hoping the darkness doesn't skew my perceptions as I'm in a half-asleep daze. Oddly I didn't have a fear that aliens were going to come at me in the middle of the night before I was pregnant, but somehow now that I'm pregnant, I've developed this silly fear, maybe because I have to walk around in the dark more, I don't know. I guess I could turn on the lights, but I don't want to wake up Matt.

OK, now I feel slightly ridiculous that I've shared my irrational fears, but I promise I do not need to seek professional help, it's just being pregnant has somehow made me super duper over protective, and all I want is a healthy baby boy or girl. So I don't want anything to happen to my baby, so I've developed these ridiculous fears that I hope and pray never come true. At least the getting abducted by aliens is the one less likely to happen out of the three.

Don't worry these irrational fears haven't eaten me alive, most of the time, I just brush it aside, and laugh quietly to myself, thinking why am I even worried about this? The chances of it happening are highly unlikely. If nothing else I think it's good to be mentally prepared of the worst case scenario. I mean who knows maybe aliens will come and invade my house tomorrow. lol.