Sunday, May 31, 2015

Interview with a three year old

 In one one of the online mom groups that I am in, someone posted questions to ask your toddler. You had to write down their answers exactly what they said. There were some funny answers. I thought I would do this with Grant, and his answers made me laugh. He thought it was a game. He liked it so much he asked if I had another game after I was finished with asking the questions.

My favorite is he thinks I am only one years old. But somehow I got older when I he was born. According to him I was two. Also the thing that I am good at is people. Not sure what that means. Maybe he thinks I am a good people person.

Enjoy these funny words from a three year old as much I did.

Kids say the darnest things. :)

Grant likes answering questions but doesn't like his picture getting taken.

1) What is your name?

2) How old are you?

3) What are you favorite things? 
"Chocolate Milk, Kindle, my hot wheels and playing in the pool"

4) What do you like to do?
"Play in the pool"

5) What is your favorite color?

6) What is your sister's name?
"Hollybob. She is my baby"

7)How old is Hollybob?

8) Do you love your sister?

9) When does Holly make you mad?
"Her take my hotwheels. I not like it."

10) What color of hair do you have?

11) What is your favorite tv show?

12) What is your favorite toys? 
"My Mcdonald's toys, they are my favorite."

13) Where do you want to go to vacation at?
"Great wolf lodge"

14) What do you want to be when you grow up?
"Ho, ho"

15) What is your favorite food?

16) What is something mom always says to you?
“Are you happy?"

17) What makes mom happy?
“I love you"

18) What makes mom sad?

19) What was mom like as a child?
“Like Hollybob" 

 20)How old is mom?

 21)How tall is mom?
"This big" (He reaches really high with his arms)

 22)What is mom’s favorite thing to do?
"Watch TV"

23) If mom becomes famous what will it be for?

24) What is mom really good at?

25) What is mom not really good at?
“Messing with my hot wheels" 

26)What does mom do for a job?
"Going to work in your car"

 27) What is mom's favorite food?

28)What makes you proud of your mom?

29)  If mom was a character who would she be?
“Cake Boss" 

 30)What do you and mom do together?

 31) How are you and mom the same?
“You are high like Daddy" 

32)How are you and mom different?
“You are high"

 33)What does mom like most about dad?
“You love him"

 34)Where is moms favorite place to go?
“To go get cookies"

35)  How old was mom when you were born?

Friday, May 22, 2015

My mini me

It has been way too long since I have updated with a new blog entry! I never have anytime to update this blog anymore. Things have been so crazy as usual! My children keep me on my toes. I wish I had more time in a day. But anyways, this entry is dedicated to my mini me, Grant.

Grant has my looks down, the perfect eye roll

And the mischievous grin

 As older as Grant gets, the more and more her reminds me of me. Not only does he look like me, but boy does he act like me. Now that he can articulate himself more and communicate better, I have more moments, where I think to myself, "oh my God, I would say something like that." It's a good moment of self awareness when you see yourself in a form of a three year old. It makes you realize how ridiculous you may be about certain things in life. For example, about a month ago, we asked Grant to try a food from his lunch. He refused. He decided he didn't like it. We said "Grant you need to try at least one bit." He threw a big fit about it. Finally he decided to have a bit, but when he did, you would have thought he was dying. He freaked out, and spit it out and said, "Ewie, Ewie, Ewie." At that moment of how ridiculous he was acting, it was a sad moment of realization, that oh man, I have acted that way as a grown adult over food before. (Which is really sad that I am admitting this, but I hate trying new food. I get it in my head that I don't want to try it and sometimes act a little ridiculous about it if Matt wants me to try something new.) It's never good to see yourself in a true light in a form of a three year old. It's a good awakening of self awareness. That's for sure.

Grant is so sassy with his words. When he says something, I think to myself, that is something I would say. He does this funny thing where he goes, "Ugh.. Holly took my toy," or "Ugh.. I want my chocolate milk."..."Ugh!!" At first, I thought where did he pick that up from? Then one day I got mad about something and found myself saying, "Ugh!" just like how Grant does it. I realized, oh man, Grant picked that up from me, and I do say, "Ugh" quite a bit. It is amazing how kids pick things up that you say.

It's nice, funny and scary at times to have a mini me. Grant makes me smile everyday. The things he says and does, reminds me of myself. It's so funny to see a version of yourself in a form of a three year old and watch them grow.

Me with my brother Nick, when I was about three years old.

Look at that face of mine, Grant has such a Megan face. :)

Always sassy