Sunday, June 22, 2014

My confessions as a mother of two

Being a new parent isn't easy. Mainly because its all new. The diaper changes, the sleepless nights, the crying, the new adventure of being responsible for taking care of another human being 24-7. Adding a second child to the mix, is a whole different kind hard. I thought taking care of one was hard. But taking care of two that are two and under is definitely an crazy hard new adventure in itself. It's twice the number of diaper changes, sleepless nights, crying and chasing around. Now that Holly is becoming mobile, it's getting even harder, because now I have to stop two little ones from getting into things all the time.

Grant and Holly definitely keep me on my toes, taking care of them and working 40 plus hours a week, isn't easy. Here are my confessions (judge me if you life or sympathize with me) about juggling life as a mother of two.

1) At work I sometimes stall around and intentionally stay 10-15 minutes longer, because I am avoiding the chaos of coming home. (IE, screaming, upset children to tend to as soon as I walk in the door)

2) Cleaning has been put on the back burner and I simply don't have time to care if it is done or not.

3) There are some days where I wish I could check in a hotel and get away for a few days. And what would I do you might ask? Sleep, with peace and quiet

4) I'll admit that lately both of my kids have been getting a bath once a week. Usually twice a week, but sometimes once a week happens.

5) I have rely on the tablet or television as a babysitter at times, so I can make dinner or get ready for work.

6) Finding time to go to the bathroom anymore seems literally impossible.

7) Lately I have been bringing my makeup bag to work, and applying my makeup in the bathroom at work because it's getting harder and harder trying to get ready in the morning anymore by myself with Grant and Holly.

8) I feel like all I talk about is poop anymore. I'm constantly changing diapers, talk of bowel movements seem to be the number one topic of everyday.

9) With my first, I made sure I changed diapers by the hours, especially when Grant would wake up at night. Now with my second, my frequency of diaper changes is lower. I'll admit that usually I'll let Holly sleep with the same diaper overnight. Mainly because I don't want to wake her up too much and fight with getting her back to sleep. And plus I'm too grumpy and tired to change it in the middle of the night.

10)  If I would have know how of a handful and rambunctious Grant was going to be at the age of two, I would have considered waiting longer to have a second child (like 4-5 years apart). Don't get me wrong, I love Grant and Holly, and wouldn't change how I did things for the world. But there are instances as I run around chasing Grant with Holly in my other hand, I ask myself why did I think having two kids 21 months apart was a good idea? But on the flip side of that I know it will be easier when they get older being closer in age. It's just so hard right now since they are both a lot to take care of right now.

11) I still cater to my two year old. I give him milk in a sippy cup heated. Yes heated. It has to be at a certain temperature. (35-40 seconds usually does the trick). If it is not the right temperature, Grant freaks out. I'm too tired at this point to even fight it or stop doing it. So I cater to my two year old prince.

12) Giving up diary for Holly (she has a dairy allergy, so I have to eliminate dairy from my diet since I am nursing her) is one of the hardest sacrifices I ever had to make. I absolutely am so sad that I can't have any cheese or ice cream right now. I like throwing pity parties for myself A LOT.  Though even though it sucks for me, I know it is helping Holly from not breaking out in a rash and being super fussy. I've just been having some serious jonesing for ice cream lately :( It being the summer right now doesn't help.

13) I hope that Grant's two is truly terrible and worse than three. Everyone keeps telling me, "Oh wait until they turn three, it is worse. Two is nothing. The temper tantrums, the independence, the screaming, the torturing his poor sister. I can only take so much of two. And if Grant is seriously going to be worse at three, I think I'm going to seriously lose it. I'm secretly hoping that since Grant can communicate pretty good for his age, that three won't be bad for him, since he is living a combination of two and three in one year! At least that is what I like to think. ha ha ha...

14) Despite all the craziness, I love my cutiepies so stinking much. And everyday I am in awe of their existence. The things they start doing and learn each day amazes me. I love them so much!

So sweet, these two!