Friday, December 9, 2011

Stupid Brain

I have written a month ago or so about my pregnancy brain. Well it's getting worse. It subsided for awhile, but now my level of stupidness is kicking into full gear again. Maybe its just the surge of hormones causing a deficit with my brain. But it's really starting to make me worry about my brain.

Last week I went to take my contacts out and instead of getting the contact solution, I got the mouthwash. I started to open the lid, and then caught myself as I was ready to pour mouthwash into my contacts. That would have been painful and have burned my eyes. Thank God I stopped myself from doing that. The stupid part about it is the mouth wash and contact solution are in completely two different places. They are not remotely near each other.

Last week I was making copies, well the copies I was making was one piece of paper but could be cut in half to make two half sheets. My dumb brain cut the piece of paper in half before making the copy, so then I had to put it through the scanning part of the copier instead of the copy feeder part. I was utterly confused when it printed out a blank page. Here it turns out I had the sheets faced up, so when it scanned, it just scanned the blank part. Dumb twice..

I told my mother in law that I wanted serving dishes for Christmas, because I broke one awhile ago, and only had two left. Well the other night, when grabbing one of our serving dishes to put the dinner in, the dish completely slips out of my hands, and I break it in a million pieces. Good job me! Now I really need serving plates for Christmas because I only have one left. And I think the one left has a chip in it.

Tonight when I went in the fridge I couldn't figured out why there was a sandwich bag of carrots in there. I asked Matt if he didn't eat the carrots I packed for his lunch. He tells me that I never packed him carrots in his lunch this week. But I remember opening a bag of carrots yesterday. Well it turns out I got the carrots out, put them in a ziplock bag, but never bothered to give them to Matt and put them in his lunch box. I guess I put them back in the fridge. Oops.

A really stupid thing I did tonight, and thank the lord that my stupidity didn't ruin my cellphone. I went to my mom and dad's tonight. When I was there I realized I didn't have my phone in my purse. So I go to the car to see if I left it in there. It wasn't in there. So I get out of the car, and to my horror, low and behold there my phone was underneath my car, soaking wet, missing the battery cover. I have no idea how it fell out, because I swear I thought I put in my purse. Luckily it didn't fall further away from my car, because my car was on the road and other cars could have ran over it. And I'm sure Matt would have been livid if I ruined my semi-new cellophone. Well it was so dark that I could the battery cover. So I went back in the house to search for a flashlight. Well I set my cellphone on kitchen towel, to dry out a little. I never did find a flashlight, so I went back outside, looked again, and luckily it was also underneath my car. So I got back in the house to look for my cellphone, and I can find it anywhere. I swore up and down that I had it on the towel to dry out, but it was no longer to be found. So I started walking around, freaking out, unable to find it. Mom calls me cell phone, and low and behold, it is on the kitchen towel, its just underneath the kitchen towel. Dumb. I'm so scatterbrained any more.

Also another dumb thing is when I was writing out the addresses to our Christmas cards, I was writing one for Matt's aunt and uncle. Whose name is Mark and Mary. Well I went through all the cards just to check to make sure I didn't miss anyone. And I see a card that I wrote that says, "Mark and Marea". Dumb. Marea is my mom's name. I had to scratch it out and put Mary.

I know I have said this before but I'm really starting to worry about my brain and my sanity. I really hope I don't end up like the pregnant lady on the news who got arrested for forgetting to pay for a sandwich she ate while grocery shopping. Luckily I only have 10 weeks give or take left of stupid brain! Hopefully I will survive my stupid brain. Hopefully...

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