Monday, January 13, 2014

Things I appreciate the second time around

Now being a momma of two, there are things I have a new appreciation for. And there are things I still love using the second time around! Here is my list of my favorite things I can't do without as a mommy of two

1) Babywearing: I didn't baby wear as much with Grant, mainly because it was just easier to hold him. But now being a mommy of two, babywearing is pretty much essential to get things done.Chasing an almost two year old around while trying to care for a baby, I need all the hands that I can get.

My two favorite babywearing items: My wrap and Ring Sling.

My awesome friend Sam made a wrap for me. She even put a built in pocket to put my cell phone in it. I love the material and its so me. What is nice about the wrap, is is is so snuggly, and baby can be really close and cuddly.

Hi Mommy I like this wrap.

The other babywearing item I have that I just got recently is a ring sling. I'm in love with the ring sling, because it is quick and easy to put the baby in it. Unlike the wrap which can be daunting at times, the ring sling is very simple to use. I got my ring sling through a ring sling group at a local church who makes free ring slings and teaches people how to use them. I got mine last week, and I'm in love!

Rocking out the ring sling!

2) Zipper Sleepers- Ok this one seems like a given, but to me who is vain with baby fashion (yes I know I'm ridiculous) I would only use sleepers during the night, and put an outfit on baby during the day. Now that I have a second child, I have finally realize how ridiculous this idea was, and getting baby dressed is an victory in itself. So who cares what she is wearing. Quick and easy is what its all about! This is why I love love sleepers with zippers. And wish they made more sleepers with zippers, and less with the snaps, because the snaps take FOREVER. And its like a puzzle. For me at least. The other thing I love about sleepers, is I don't have to worry about socks falling off, which for Holly that seems to happen quite a bit. She has such tiny ankles, that her little socks fall off all the time.

I like sleepers! And looking myself in the mirror.

4) Bunn single cup coffee maker: Got one of these for Christmas and I must say I'm in love! With lack of sleep and being on the go, caffeine is a must have! Instant caffeine is even better. What I love about this is I can have instant tea or coffee. And I can use K-cups if I want. Its so fast and instantly delicious! Now that I have one of these I don't know how I got by without one.


5)Discover N' Grow, kick and play piano gym: I loved this with Grant and I still love it with Holly. Even though Holly is still little she loves to lay on the mat, and kick and look around at the hanging toys. It's a great way to entertain baby while trying to get stuff done.We definitely have gotten our money's worth out of this toy!

Grant loved this when he was a little guy!

And Holly likes it too!

6) Earth Mama Baby Angel Oil: The hospital got me hooked on this one! With Grant I've discovered that Baby oil is pretty much pointless to use and unsafe. I used coconut oil instead which I love! But then at the hospital they gave me a free sample of earth mama baby angel oil. And I'm in love! It hydrates nicely, and not overly oily.

7) Kindle Fire: Another momma must have is the Kindle Fire! Another thing I got for Christmas, and I'm in love with it! With long breastfeeding sessions, its nice to have something smaller and handheld as a means of entertainment, verses my big bulky laptop. Not to mention it makes cooking easier to have recipes right their on the Kindle and cooking something up. Plus it has great apps to entertain toddlers! A win win for all.

Love love love my kindle!

Grant loves the Kindle too!

8) Graco Ready2Grow Stand and Ride Double Stroller: With two kids under two, a double stroller is a MUST. I ended up getting the Graco Ready2Grow stroller because I can put my Graco infant seat in there, plus I can adjust the stroller  to different settings for when my little ones get bigger. I took my first adventure with my double stroller to Kohls, and made the experience a lot easier! This will come in handy for many other outtings.

9) Carter's five piece diaper bag set: When I was pregnant with Holly, I realized that a regular size diaper bag wasn't going to cut it. Even though Grant is getting bigger, I still bring a lot of things with me in a diaper bag, like his plate, snack, sipper cup, clothes, etc. So adding another one makes for less space in the diaper bag. So I upgraded! I love this bag, it has plenty of space for packing with two. And whats nice is it has a smaller bag with it. So when I'm going on an outting with just Holly, I only pack my nursing cover, some diapers, and a pair of clothes in the smaller bag it works out great!



10) Fisher Price Infant to Toddler Comfort Rocker: I loved this with Grant, and still love it! We put Holly in this all the time. And she loves kicking her feet in it and making herself rock. This thing has yet again been a lifesaver and has helped Holly sleep when she gets all congested.

Grant loved this when he was little!

And Holly does too!

Those are my 10 favorite things right now as a mommy with two under two! These items definitely make life a bit easier.