Sunday, November 27, 2011

Maternity Pictures

A very popular trend that has seemed to pop up in the last 5 to 10 years is maternity pictures. I'm still unsure of why they are becoming so popular or if this is something that is just a fad. I guess it makes sense for it's popularity, women what to capture the beauty and joy of their pregnancy so they have pictures to remember what it was like to be pregnant. I've seen some really amazing maternity pictures that makes me secretly jealous of how gorgeous the mom to be is, and how small her belly bump is. But there are other maternity pictures that make me shake my head and wonder why in the hell would you want this hanging in your living room for everyone to see?

For example this picture that I found while browsing maternity pictures on Pinterest:

While I admire the artistic nature of this picture, I'm sure when the baby gets older they would really like to see a half naked picture of his or her mother, sexual in nature. This is not the kind of picture I would be having hanging up in my living room wall, let alone ever let my child to be see. This would scar them for life. And maybe they wanted this picture just for them, to keep in her husband's wallet to look at how hot his wife was when she was pregnant. But I highly doubt this is the case considering its floating around the internet for EVERYONE to see.

Here is another example of this:

Again, this picture is lovely in it's artform. But why scar your baby to be for life, so he or she can see a picture like this of their mother? I'm glad this lady can look absolutely stunning as a pregnant women. Actually I'm quite jealous, I look pretty hideous as pregnant women. But even if I did look stunning, I don't think I would take maternity pictures that looked like this. Modesty is a wonderful thing. Though I understand when you give birth, the whole modesty thing goes out the window, that is why I would refuse any video taping of the birth to take place. I don't need a kodak memory of that moment.

And then their are pictures that aren't really too risque, but just creepy, or look odd. Like this one:

Ok maybe this picture isn't that bad. But if you're pants obviously don't fit you anymore, do you have to show it off in a maternity picture? Wear maternity pants! It looks silly as your belly is popping out of your unzipped pants. It looks like she eaten too many tacos from Taco Bell.

And this one is my favorite, odd maternity picture:

This picture is silly! First off her pregnant belly grossed me out, and it looks like her pregnant belly swallowed her head. Why I appreciate the artistic angle the photographer was trying to go with this picture, we don't need to see that angle. It just looks weird. It's like woah look at that HUGE belly!.

Don't get me wrong. Maternity pictures can look very nice. I personally don't like the pictures where women lift up their shirts to show off their bellies. But whatever, it each their own. My pregnant belly looks scary, and I wouldn't want to horrify people with all the stretch marks. But maybe that is what Photoshop is for. Because every belly picture I see, they look perfect and flawless! Maternity pictures can look really cute and be tastefully done. And I think it is nice to capture that beautiful pregnant belly.

Like this one:

Considering I'll be really pregnant when it starts snowing, I would love to take a picture like this in the snow. This is such a gorgeous picture, and she is fully clothed!

And something like this is really cute for a maternity couple picture:

I'm still not sure if I'm going to get maternity pictures done. If I do, I'll probably have Matt take some with his nice fancy camera, and do some outside pictures in the snow or something. I can't really justify paying 200 plus dollars to get professional pictures done. Boy what a business maternity photography is becoming! While I know they would look amazing, Matt has some great photography skills as well. And he can take just as good pictures for free. For those who are planning on taking half naked pictures of themselves for their maternity pictures, its whatever. To each their own. Please don't let my opinion stop you. Everyone has their reasons for doing things. But just remember, and ask yourself, do I really want this picture of myself floating around the internet for everyone to see?


  1. I've been looking through them on Pinterest too and some of them are just...well...interesting lol. I wonder how people think the poses and "story" they are portraying are normal...but like you each his own. I've also debated doing mat. pics but I'll have to wait to see how much I still love my body as it gets bigger

  2. I'm not sold on the maternity pictures thing either! There are some good ones out there...but I don't think it's something I would do. I'll maybe take a couple, say, for a shower invite or something like Chris's cousin did and maybe some for the baby book. But I wouldn't go out and have a photo session for it.