Sunday, October 21, 2012

Crafting with Baby

Yesterday we went on a train ride in Lebanon to a pumpkin patch. Grant had a lot of fun on the train-ride, especially since his cousins were there.

When we were are the farm, we got to pick out a little pumpkin for each of us, since that was part of paying for our train ride. We ended up picking out a baby pumpkin for Grant, a medium size for me, and a bigger one for Matt.

So today I decided that since I had these adorable family size pumpkins, to make a little pumpkin family out of them. Those who know me I love making things, and I love being crafty. Since having Grant, I've rarely done anything crafty. I just don't have time. So tonight, I thought I venture with trying to decorate pumpkins. I guess I could have waited to do this when Grant was asleep but the problem is, Grant takes small naps, and usually I'm napping with him, and the time he goes to bed, I'm ready to go to bed. So I decided to attempt crafting while having a very mobile baby. Boy was that an adventure. I got out my bag of feathers, ribbons, buttons, glue gun sticks to make my pumpkin family. Within seconds, Grant started getting into it. I thought I had the feather bag sealed. Boy, was I wrong, I turned my head for a split second while I was gluing a broken stem off the pumpkin, and the next thing I knew, there were feathers everywhere.

I didn't make that mess. I'm innocent

Grant also got a hold of my bags of buttons and then spilled some out. He was trying to eat them.  That is when I gave him to daddy in the other room, so Matt could deal with him. But 5 minutes later Grant crawled back to the other room, with my feathery mess. I was luckily able to get my project done. But this was something that would usually take me 15 minutes to make, ended up taking me over a half hour to make. It's definitely not easy crafting with a baby!

Here is the finish project! Matt said I should have gave Grant red hair, which if you look closely I put a red feather underneath the blonde feather. Since it's still in question what color Grant's hair will be. It looks really red in the sunlight, but indoors it looks really blonde. So maybe it will be a strawberry blondish. Not sure. My favorite pumpkin is Matt. And I really like my hair on my pumpkin:

So there is my fun little crafty project. And I didn't even need Pinterest to inspire me. I came up with the design myself. Now if only I had time to do other projects, like work on Grant's scrapbook! I love making fun things, but never have the time to do it. Now I've learned that a bag of feathers are not only exciting to cats, but babies too. :)

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Hard learned parenting lessons

So while I was wasting time on Pinterest the other day, I came across this blog entry-
 50 Hard learned Parenting lessons

I must say most of these made me laugh, because they are so true and such an honest insight of parenting. While most of these things don't apply to my parent experience yet with Grant, just in general working with general pretty much half my life, I can totally relate. Kids are fun, unpredictable, and parenting is no easy task. I've learned that in the small amount of time I've been a parent. Everyday is a learning experience. I never realized how much parenting would change my life. And how much wiser it has made me. I thought I would be the perfect parent, but reality check, there really is no such thing as the perfect parent. Everyone makes mistakes as parent, you learn from them, and do what is best for YOUR child. So in my 8th months of being a mommy, here are my hard parenting lessons I like to add to this, that are more relevant to having a baby currently:

1) Every daily normal task you do, add an extra 15-20 minutes to it. (At least)

2) Never say never... You may say you'll never do something you've seen other parents do that you didn't like, and then come later, you find yourself doing it.

3) Babies are cute when you can hand them back to their moms when they get fussy, but when you are the mom, there's no one to hand the baby back to. They are still cute, but baby is pretty much attached to his or her mommy at all times .

4) Not all infants sleep all day, not all babies take naps, and not all babies sleep for over 12 hours straight.

5) Wiping off bodily fluids becomes second nature.

6) Babies grow at different rates, it's not a contest or competition if they can walk, crawl, sit, stand, before another baby that is older than he or she.

7) Every random sounds starts to manifest into a baby's cry

8) Don't get baby toys that sing annoying songs, you'll find yourself singing it out-loud ALL the time.

9) Giving baby medicine, is painful and tedious.

10) Mommies make every thing better. Sometimes daddies just don't do the trick.

11) A little dirt and germs won't hurt a baby

12) Babies are pretty durable and resilient.

13) Patience really is a virtue, and a must have as a parent.

14) It never goes as plan, go with the flow.

15) Enjoy every second of it, time flies. And babies grow pretty fast.

I would say my mommy is a good mommy and I'm pretty cute!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Grant verses Kitty

In my blog that I wrote in May, Now that there is a baby, pets are second fiddles I talk about how my furchild Marco is no longer the one who gets all the attention now that I have a baby. And I mention my fear of what it would be like when Grant starts being mobile with having a cat. Well the time has come, Grant started crawling this past week. But even before he was crawling, and when he started to figure out how to roll around all over the place, Grant discovered kitty. Poor Marco now gets his tail yanked on, his fur pulled out, and the top of his head messed with.

Right now I would say Marco and Grant is at the same intelligence level. Soon Grant will pass Marco up. Though one think Marco knows that Grant does not, is he understands what no mean and when he is doing something he is not suppose to be doing. Like going on the table and trying to drink tea, as soon as I discover my bad cat on the table, he instantly gets off and knows he has been caught. Now that Grant started crawling he has a fascination with crawling over to our end table and trying to grab my ceramic pumpkin. As soon as I move him away from it, he starts crawling back to it. We say "No, No Grant," but he just laughs at me.

Now that Grant is a crawling, he does things like kitty. When I make dinner, sometimes Marco likes reaching for my leg, and trying to get my attention. Grant does the same thing. I made dinner tonight, and there goes Grant crawling to my legs and reaching out for them. It's funny, I feel like I have two people to have to worry about getting into trouble. Kitty and Grant.  Grant and Marco are also interested in each others toys. I am constantly taking away Grant's toys away from Marco. Apparently Marco finds Grant's toys more fascinating. He loves playing with Grant's shapes with his shape's box. Marco also likes to hid Grant's toy's. I keep finding a collection of Grant's toys in the basement and behind the TV.

It's my toy, not yours!
Marco likes hiding Grant's toys

Grant has loves pulling Marco's tale and his fur. Luckily Marco doesn't mind much. He just lets Grant do it. I think deep down inside Marco enjoys Grant torturing him. Sometimes it seems like Marco intentionally gets near Grant just so Grant will annoy him.

I like to annoy kitty!

Grant and Marco are fun friends. They definitely keep me on my toes. It will be interesting when Grant is bigger than Marco, and when he starts walking. Right now it's funny because they are about the same size, same level crawling around, and same intelligence level. How I love my cute little buddy and my furry little guy!