Sunday, May 26, 2013

The worrying never stops

I thought with this being the second time around I wouldn't be such a worry wart, and freak out about everything during my pregnancy. Boy was I wrong! Just because this is my second pregnancy, doesn't mean I have worried less. When I was pregnant with Grant, I'm not going to lie, I was a bit neurotic with the worrying. Pretty much every pain I had I freaked out and thought maybe I was having a contraction. I had a fear of peeing in the toilet, and would check just make sure there wasn't any blood. I panicked with lack of movement, too much movement, and other random pains.

With this pregnancy, I told myself, I'm not going to worry. This is the second time I've been through this. I know what to expect. Ha, was I kidding myself. Just like with the first pregnancy, I couldn't wait to get the first ultrasound. The unknown, of not knowing if the baby is ok makes me freak out! It was such a relief to get that first ultrasound, and hear the baby's heartbeat. And then the doctor told me I wasn't far along as I thought I was, and that she saw this weird placental lake thing that could be a potential hemorrhage. It didn't help ease my mind at first when she kept staring at that but not confirming right away that there was a baby. I started to go in sheer panic mode as there was silence as she was looking around my uterus. Turns out there is a baby and he or she is doing just fine. The placental lake thing ended up going away after the second ultrasound, and the doctor wasn't too concerned about it unless I had some bleeding. (Which I didn't) As for the baby not being as far a long as I thought, here it turns out I probably just ovulated later. The doctor said as long as the baby's heartbeat is strong, I have nothing to worry about. I was such a relief to get an ultrasound!

After my second ultrasound, (which was two weeks after my first just to check on the placental lake thing) I had to wait another 4 weeks before my next doctor's appointment. Again the waiting for the next appointment to be able to hear the heartbeat was TORTURE. Even though I went through the same worrying with Grant, I still couldn't tell myself not to worry with this pregnancy. A week and a half after my appointment, I started getting some really bad stomach pains/cramps. I couldn't figure if it was round ligament pains, or cramps related to miscarrying, or actual stomach pains. The pain wouldn't go away and lasted for four days. During the weekend I told myself if this weird pain doesn't go away then I was going to call the doctor on Monday. And then on Monday, it finally hit me, that the pain wasn't round ligament pains, or cramps that I should be concerned about. But it was intestinal spasms that I got really bad three years ago, when I ended up getting diagnosed with IBS. It finally donned on me that the pain was the exact same. So it was a relief to realize that everything is perfectly find with my baby, and I just was having some stomach issues. As to the IBS, I discovered my trigger, dairy products. Which is devastating that I can't eat ice cream. It causes to much pain :( Apparently with IBS either it goes away or gets worse with pregnancy. With Grant, I was fine. With this baby, not so much. So after this whole big ordeal, I couldn't wait for my never appointment just to make sure baby bean is fine after all that crazy intestinal pains and cramps. Of course the baby was fine when they checked for the heartbeat this past Wednesday. It was nice to confirm that everything is just fine!

My other worry, which I need to try not to worry about because it won't help with my blood pressure, is worrying about getting high blood pressure, this pregnancy. So far my blood pressure has been stellar! I hope it stays that way. I get nervous every time they check my blood pressure. I don't want to get pre-e again this time! The doctor said it's pretty much unlikely for it to happen twice, but they still have to be cautious of it happening again.

I'm a freak of nature when it comes to worrying. But I'm glad to know that this baby bean is doing just fine despite my ridiculous amounts of worrying. I'm sure the worrying won't stop. Now that Grant is born, I still worry. The worrying didn't stop with him. And I'm sure it will be that way too with this baby. :)

P.S,- Sorry I have not been writing in my blog recently. I've been so busy!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Parenting Picture of the Week- Happy Mother's Day!

This is a couple of days belated, but I had a wonder Mother's Day this past Sunday. This Mother's day was officially my second Mother's Day. It's crazy to know that just three years ago on Mother's Day, I wasn't even pregnant with Grant yet. And now here I am now celebrating my second Mother's day with my 15 month old, and with a little baby bean on the way.

This mother's day, I had two simple request. To be able to sleep in, and not to make dinner. I ended up getting both of those things. Matt took care of Grant since he woke up at 6:00 am, and I got to sleep in until 8:30. It's sad that 8:30 is considered "sleeping in". I miss the days when I slept in until noon. I even got a lovely card, that Grant signed with his little scribbles. I am very thankful to be a mommy and to have Grant in my life. He is such a cute little guy!

Here's the parenting picture of the week, Grant and his mommy:

I love my mommy!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The second time around

I know some moms when they have their second child, they may say, "Well this time around, I'm going to do this and that. I'm not going to do what I did with my first child". I've been thinking about this a lot. Being the oldest child, I always call myself the experiment child, which makes my mother extremely mad. I always thought my brothers somehow got the better parenting and that they realize oh, this didn't work with you, so we need to make sure we don't do that with them. But in all actuality, I really don't think I was the "experiment" child as I called it. Really what I've come to realize, is that every kid is different, and every kid is going to get parented differently. So sorry, mom for insulting your parenting skills and calling myself an experiment child. I really was not. It appeared that way to me, but now that I am a parent myself, I realize that parenting is a learning curve. One size doesn't fit all, even when you have multiple children. So when I found out I was pregnant with number two, in all honesty, I can't think of a single thing that I will say I won't do this time with baby number two. Not that I was the perfect parent with Grant, but I've realized what may have worked with Grant may not work at all with this baby. What didn't work with Grant may work with this baby. So for me to say, with this baby I won't do x, x, and x, would really be a mute point. I've learned with Grant that you can't have certain expectations as a parent. I remember having this giant list of things that I claimed I never would do when I had kids. But here I am as a parent, finding myself doing everything I said I wasn't going to do. Because the thing is saying something and actually experiencing it are completely two different things. Just like this second pregnancy, it's completely different than the first.

For this pregnancy so far the second time around is definitely different! With Grant my food aversions was salad, and Chinese food. I was obsessed with cheese, milkshakes, and fries. (Everything unhealthy minus the cheese I guess) With this pregnancy I hate anything with chocolate in it, it makes me feel sick afterwards. Which saddens me because I love chocolate :( Another aversion I'm having is with beef and pork. The beef aversion is passing, but as for the pork aversion, I still have no desire to eat pork. As for cravings I've been obsessed with Mexican food, rice bowls from Hot Head Burrito and Chipolte, have been my loves. I've been eating there once or twice a week now, it's ridiculous. I'm also obsessed with egg, cheese, and bacon biscuit from McDonalds. It's so delicious to me right now! Cravings are so weird to me, especially how they are completely different with each pregnancy.

One great this with this pregnancy, is I haven't gain any weight so far. Which is surprising considering I think I already gained 10 pounds at this point in my pregnancy with Grant. Hopefully my weight gain will be minimal since I gained 55 pounds with Grant. My pants fit me still, but I've been wearing maternity pants already, mainly because they are so comfortable, and I want an excuse to wear them. My shirts have been tighter already though. I've been showing really early this time around!

Morning sickness hasn't been too terrible. I think it's been about the same level as what it was with Grant. I felt like the morning sickness started really early with this pregnancy though! My morning sickness is starting to subside now, that I'm starting to feel more hungry now. Hopefully I won't start gaining weight!

I'm excited to be expecting again and experience pregnancy the second time around. Who knows what this pregnancy will bring this time, and who knows how this baby will be. Hopefully this baby will like sleep better unlike Grant, who hates sleep. :)

Monday, May 6, 2013

Parenting pictures of the week

I've been a slacker lately with the parenting pictures of the week! This is what happens when becoming obsessed with Candy Crush on Facebook. (Such an addicting game) So here is the parenting picture of the week for the week of April 28th:

I'm a helper!

Grant helped daddy put together the swing-set we got from my co-worker. Her daughters were getting older and not using it anymore, so she was nice enough to give it to us. Grant grabbed a screwdriver and knew that it went it the little hole to unscrew. He is just a smart little guy! He really thought he was being a big helper.

For the week of May 5th here is the picture:

Now that we got a the swing-set together, Grant has been having so much fun on it all week! He loves going down the slide and trying to go up on it. Grant loves his new swing-set!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Special Annoucement!

I've been super busy lately! But I've also have had a serious case of writers block. Mainly because the day that I found out that I was pregnant, all I could think of is writing about that. I just wanted to scream the blogging world "I'm pregnant!". But couldn't because we wanted to wait until our families knew, and people at work, and whatnot. But now I can finally scream in the blogging world that yes we're pregnant with baby number two! Now I have so many fun things to blog about.

Here is the announcement I created when I made an official Facebook announcement. And can I just say it's literately impossible to take a picture of a little 14 month old who wants to be outside and not stay still. As you can see in the one picture, the only way to get Grant to stay still was for him to attempt eating chalk.

I am really excited to be expecting again. Grant and this baby will be 21 months apart. We're hoping for a girl this time! I'll be happy if we have another boy though. I'm sure Grant would love having a little brother to pick on. :)

There will be more blog entries to come, now that my inspiration is back, and I don't have to keep this a secret anymore!

Here are some Grant pictures outtakes that didn't make the final cut for the announcement: