Monday, December 30, 2013

My favorite moments of this year- reflections in pictures

I did this last year and thought I would do it again, reflect 2013 with picture representing the highlight of each month. 2013 has went by REALLY REALLY fast. I can't believe how much my life has changed in the last two years. Now I am a mother of two beautiful children. I couldn't ask for anything more. Its crazy to say that it is 2014. Especially considering I will be turning 30 in 2014! Eek!! I remember 2004 like yesterday. Weird to say that was ten years ago.

Here is my reflections of 2013, enjoy!

January-Cousin Sophia is born!

February- Happy Birthday to Grant!

March-Found out I was pregnant this month!

April-Made the announcement that Grant is going to be a big brother!

May-Walk for Relay!

June- Zombie Overnight                                                                                     

July- Anna and Colin's Wedding

August- Tiffany and Mark's wedding    

September- 30 weeks pregnant!

October- My pumpkin Sweetheart

November- Introducing Holly Adele on 11/12/13

December- Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 29, 2013

The day in a life of a mommy with two

I use to think being a parent of one was really hard. But that is because it was so new to me. The whole experience, and the uncertainty of what to expect. But boy did I not realize juggling two kids is a whole new adventure in itself. It makes being a parent of one look like peanuts. I have had multiple people tell me once you have more than one its a whole new ballgame. And are they right! I use to think the newborn stage was hard, because of the constant feeding and lack of sleep involved, but toddler stage is ten times worse! And now that I have Holly to take care of as a newborn, it seems so much easier. Taking care of Grant on the other hand is hard, especially when Holly requires attention and I can't give it to Grant.

Today I had one of those parenting days where I am glad I'm going back to work. Yes I said it. Don't get me wrong I'm really sad and will miss my kids dearly when I go back to work. I'm dreading it and my leave is going by so fast. But today was one of those days where I am reassuring myself, that I would hate it if I had to be a stay at home mom. And it makes me respect stay at home moms times twenty! Being a stay at home mom is not easy, it definitely is a full time job, and you have very little time to yourself. You don't get a lunch break let alone a bathroom break. I've been blessed with Matt being able to take 6 weeks leave. He got a full two weeks off and then for 4 weeks only had to work a total of 12 hours each week. So I haven't had too many days managing two kids on my own. Matt just returned to work full time on Thursday, which means I have to juggle two kids by myself all day long. Today was a sneak peak of those adventures, and many more to come.

I thought it would be fun to have an uncensored overview of my day today. (Judge me if you like on my parenting stills, but its not easy with two) A play by play so to speak:

6:50 am- Woke up on the couch with Holly on my lap with my back and neck killing me (this has sadly been a nightly occurrence. Grant wakes up in the middle of night, and ends up in our bed, so I can't lay down and feed Holly in our bed, because he'll kick her or bump her in his sleep. He moves around so much in his sleep. So I go downstairs, sit on the couch, nurse her, and try to keep myself awake with the kindle or something else, but end up falling asleep before I even open up the kindle. And I usually wake up two-three hours later with Holly wanting to nurse again, before I go back to bed) Feed Holly

7:10 am- Matt wakes up and so does Grant, I take Holly upstairs and lay in bed to get a small capnap before I start my day.

7:30 am- Matt wakes me up so I can get Grant his milk and feed him some breakfast.

7:45 am- Matt leaves for work, Grant plays with his new Christmas toys. Matt tells me to put Grant's big wheel toy that we got him for Christmas down in the basement, since it is way to big. We didn't realize when we got it how big it was for Grant as you can see he has room to grow in it:

8:15 am Holly wakes up, I nurse her, Grant comes up to me, and I download a new toddler app for him to play with. He loves it, and gets really impatient when it doesn't work his way. I discover that he took all the stickers that Matt put on his big wheels last night. And the stickers are all over his sleeper. I'm only able to savage a few of them and I put them back on, and finally put his big wheels bike in the basement, so he can't mess with it again.

9:00 am- Give Grant breakfast and I play around with my new shiney single cup coffee maker I got for Christmas, enjoying some coffee.

9:30 am- I lay Holly on her little playmat since she is wide awake. Grant goes over and lays right next to her, and is so sweet. (As you can see in the pic below) Though while I am putting my camera back, I find Grant biting Holly's hand. Poor thing starts crying. Luckily there were no marks or sores from his bite. Reason 542 why I can't trust Grant near Holly. Sweet one minute, dangerous the next.

10:00 am- go upstairs to get ready for the day. Turn on Sesame Street. (Grant's favorite show) Grant cutely lays in our bed, with the blankets over him and laying his head on my pillow. I was going to get dress but decide its a perfect opportunity to clean up our bedrooms and dust our furniture, since things were getting so messy in there.

11:00 am- After cleaning things up and nursing Holly, decide to finally start getting ready. I get Grant and Holly dressed. Grant starts trying to crawl in Holly's pack and play, so I bring Grant to the bathroom with me so he doesn't mess with his sister (still can't trust Grant and Holly in the same room with each other without supervision. I never know what Grant will decide to do to her.)

11:15- Grant gets bored with being in the bathroom with me and runs away with my toothbrush, that I've realized needs to be replaced anyways, so I just let him run off with it. He goes downstairs, and I'm still getting ready. I don't feel like fighting with him, since I know he won't stay in the bathroom with me. If I leave him in the hallway or in his room he'll just cry. And I figured he could entertain himself with his new Christmas toys.

11:20 am- I should have know something was wrong, because it was too quiet downstairs. When I go downstairs I find Grant like this:

All the new toys he has and he decides to randomly go in the lazy susan (which is the only cabinet we can't really child lock since the way its made) and take multiple things out of it. (which thank God he didn't break some of the glass bottles getting them out). One of the things he decides to get out are the bread crumbs, which as you can see he dumps all over the place, and spreads it in the living room on the rug with his toothbrush. I just want to get going, and I don't feel like dealing with this mess, so I leave it like that and decide I'll clean it up during his nap. Because I know if he is present while I try to clean it, he'll just make a bigger mess.

11:50 am: Finally get out the door. Grant has to take his Scout with him. I make the mistake of putting Holly in the car first. After I'm done, I turn my head back at Grant to horrifically discover him at the edge of our driveway going on the road. I sprint as fast as I could, luckily there were no cars coming by. He has an obsession with wanting to go out in the road. Parenting Lesson #233- But the mobile child in the car first. Always! (I know I really should have known that by now)

Noon: I put Holly in a moby wrap. Learned from last Fast food outing, that trying to carry food, a baby in a car seat, and hold a toddler's hand is nearly impossible. Having two hands makes things easier, and oh how I'm loving babywearing the second time around! We walk into Mcdonalds, and I regret even going in there since the whole place is packed and an entire daycare is there since they decided to take all the kids on a field trip to Mcdonalds.

12:45- Grant takes forever to eat, he ends up eating most of his food, but he is too busy people watching that it slows him down eating. Holly stays snuggly in the moby wrap. I take Grant to the playland area, and its packed. There is nowhere for me to even sit. I end up putting my stuff on a miniature table meant for small children and stand around there. There is a area meant for smaller children, but Grant is not too interested in that and keeps trying to get to the giant slides and tubes meant for kids 3 and up. Its hard trying to stop Grant from doing that when I have Holly on me in a wrap. Grant ends up climbing in the tubes before I can stop him. I keep telling him to get down, but he just keeps crawling further up. I have my mom panic meltdown, and start freaking out. (When I told this story to my husband, he didn't think it was that big of a deal, but to me at the time it felt like it was) Grant kept crawling up higher up in the tubes and I couldn't see him. I guess why I was so worried is because there were so many other big kids, and like 3-4 of them would crawl up on a tube at the same time. I was nervous that they were going to trampled over Grant because he is so tiny. And I was afraid he was going to get lost since some of the tubes dead-end, and he was going to be scared. So I am going into full mommy panic mode, thinking I may have evacuate the play area and send out a search and rescue for Grant, and then minutes later Grant come down the giant spiral slide happy as could be with a big smile on his face. He runs towards to the start of the tubes again, but I grab him and want to leave because all the children there is giving me anxiety, and I'm afraid he is going to get hurt.

12:55pm- I grab our stuff, and turn my head and can't find Grant. I have a quick panic attack to find him climbing up the slide, climbing over two bigger boys who are sitting at the end of the slide.

12:57pm- Grant throws himself down on the floor near the exit door because he is made that we left.

1:30pm- We go to Walmart, and Holly who has been sleeping the whole time wakes up. She is very fussy so I have to hold her. I discover that maneuvering a cart with Grant in it, and holding Holly isn't easy to do. I end up pushing the cart on the side to move it more easily, but it takes up a lot of space and doing that makes it hard not to run into people.

2:00pm- Holly is crying, I had to put Grant down for his nap since he fell asleep in the car. I hope Grant takes a long nap so I can clean up his huge mess. I go to feed Holly.

2:30pm- Grant wakes up, and I'm still nursing Holly. Grant is really crabby, and is bawling his head off. He really should have taken a longer nap! I really need to clean up the mess, so I leave Grant upstairs let him have his meltdown while I clean up the mess, Holly starts crying because I put her down. I can never win.

3:00 pm-Grant finally calms down, and  I put on a movie. I use that time to nap a mini 15 minute nap on the couch with Holly on me. Grant wake me up and gets my attention by biting me on the hand because he wants a snack.

5:00 pm-Matt comes home from work, Grant is playing with his toys, and gets mad at Matt because he keeps throwing his crayons (that are those kind that are like different shapes and are bigger). Grant chucks a crayon hitting Matt in the corner of his eye. (Ended up causing a little bruise.)

6:00 pm-We order some takeout, I'm relieved that I don't have to worry about making dinner. I eagerly volunteer to pick up the food, just to have a nice quiet drive kid free, and jamming to my music.

7:00 pm- Matt goes in the workshop to work on a present he is making for his mom. Grant keeps trying to climb on the counter where our barstool is. He ends up knocking over and breaking my snowman that had a Christmas counter on it.

7:30 pm- I give Grant a bath, while nursing Holly. I feel great with my multitasking skills.

8:15 pm- Grant is very tried since he only had a half hour nap, and when I put him to bed, he actually goes to sleep very quickly. (Which is a rarity considering it sometimes can take up to over an hour to put him to bed.)

8:15 pm- I spend the next hour cleaning up the living room since it looked like a tornado hit it, and I clean up the kitchen. Its my only time to really clean things up. Use the rest of the night to relax and finally start my blog.

Survived another day of fun!

As you can see Grant is a lot of work. And constantly nursing Holly, makes it hard to tend to Grant. I know it's probably not going to get any easier when Holly become mobile. I will say I impress myself with everything I have to deal with on a daily basis. Parenting is definitely an adventure!

Monday, December 2, 2013

Introducing Holly Adele

So a week ago (edit now almost three weeks, because I've been so busy and haven't had a chance to finish this entry) baby girl decided to come into the world. I can't believe how quickly this pregnancy has gone. It has flown by! It definitely seems to go quicker the second time around. My c-section was originally scheduled for November 15th which would have put me at exactly 39 weeks. With the way my blood pressure has been my doctor and myself wasn't sure how long I would be able to make it. With Grant I ended up getting pre-e. But this time around I successfully didn't get pre-e! Which made me happy. The blood pressure meds kept my blood pressure under control, and luckily never made my protein go up too much.

My last appointment was on Tuesday, November 12th. I went to the doctor hoping that my contractions would pick up on the NST I had. I was starting to feel miserable and was getting really bad contractions. Or at least I thought I was getting contractions. I was hoping maybe I was having a lot of contractions that the doctor would decide to do the c-section that day or before Friday. I was feeling so miserable that I felt like couldn't bare going on for another three days like that. I was getting really bad pressure and cramps since Saturday, and the pain was getting worse. Well when I went on the NST, to my disappointment I was not getting any contractions and I've only ended up having one contraction. So I figured it would be unlikely that I would have the baby that day.

I was hoping to have the baby that day mainly because it was 11/12/13. It's really cool date to say that your date of birth is on. I know a lot of people got married that day for the neat date. As soon as I found out I was pregnant with Holly, and that I was due in mid November, I was hoping maybe by chance that I could have her on 11/12/13. When the doctor scheduled my c-section on 11/15, I knew there wouldn't be much of a chance to ask to have it three days earlier since her schedule was filled up with other scheduled c-sections that day, and they had a hard time even fitting an appointment for me. So I still had a ray of hope that maybe she would arrive before Friday.

After the NST, the doctor did an ultrasound to check the fluids. To her dismay, she found that I had very low fluid, and was not finding a decent amount of fluid. She also said my placenta was aging, and it was considerable aged for only being 38 weeks and 4 days. She said my high blood pressure may have attribute to the low fluid and the aging placenta. Because of the low fluid, the doctor then asked me "How do you feel about having her today?" As miserable as I was feeling, and wanting that awesome birthday for baby girl, I was definitely not opposed to having her before Friday. The doctor said she didn't want to wait until Friday since the fluid was so low. She asked me when I last ate since with a c-section they would like you to wait at least 8 hours before having the surgery. Since I ate lunch around noon, I would have to wait until 8:00 that evening to have the c-section. With excitement I realized that I would get my 11/12/13 baby after all.

We had to get to the hospital at 5:30. My mom came to our house to watch Grant, while we went to the hospital. When we got there, it actually took awhile for us to get checked in, since they didn't have very many rooms available. Apparently everyone else decided to have their baby on 11/12/13 too. They were also running late getting things going with my c-section. The time I got in the OR it was almost 8:30.

It actually was not as scary the second time around as the first. I was freaking out and dreading having to get a c-section again. But it ended up not being as dramatic as the first time. I think knowing what to expect helped as well. This time I actually got to see Holly instead of having to wait and her getting taken away like with Grant. The doctor lifted Holly above the blue curtain so I could see her. After they got it cleaned up they ended up setting Holly on my chest for skin to skin. I was happy to get to do that this time around considering, I didn't even get to hold Grant until almost 24 hours. The only thing I didn't like is because my arms were all strapped down with IVs, I couldn't really hold her on my own, nor could I see her very well, since she was directly underneath my chin. And I was really woozy from the spinal that I had a hard time focusing and keeping my eyes opened. Also the morphene that was in the spinal apparently causes an itchy reaction. I ended up getting extra itchy this time. I did get itchy last time, but this time it was ten times worse. My face was all puffy and red from the itching, and my entire body was itchy. The Benadryl they gave me didn't help at all, and the itching was still really bad over 24 hours after the surgery. Finally they gave me something else, I forget the name of it, that ended the terrible itching.

It was kind of awkward holding Holly because the way they had her laying on me, I couldn't see her very well. It was cute because she was rooting and ended up sucking on my chest, and gave me a hickey. Eventually we were able to reposition her towards the end of the surgery so she could breastfeed. It was interesting having her on me since I was kind of out of it, and in an awkward position to hold her. But I'm really glad I had the opportunity to see her right away, since Grant was whisked away from me right away.

The naming part was actually a lot harder the second time around. We even had to talk over it for about an hour before officially coming up with a name. We had it narrowed down to three names: Claire, Miranda, and Holly. Once she was born, we pretty much had it narrowed down to Claire and Holly. After discussing it for about an hour, we decided to go with Holly. I think it is very fitting and goes with with the name Grant.

C-section recovery has been so much better the second time around! I impressed the nurses because I was getting up and taking care of myself less than 24 hours after my c-section. Last time I had to have Matt help me get in and out of bed and go up the steps. This time I could do all those things like nothing. My doctor was telling me she had to look back at her records to see if I had an vaginal delivery because I was getting around so well. I wasn't expecting recovery to go so well the second time around. I've heard it just depends, some people have just as bad as a recovery the second time around, and some have a really good recovery. I'm glad I was one who had a good recovery. The only problem though is because I've recovered so quickly, I've become a little overzealous and been doing things I've probably shouldn't have. On Friday I lifted up a bunch of heavy Christmas decorations up two flights of stairs. I've been feeling almost normal again, that lifting them didn't seem to bother me. But then yesterday I started having a bunch of bleeding and started feeling really sore (which stopped for me within a week of my c-section) which usually means you have been overdoing it when that happens. So I need to remind myself, while I may feel almost normal again I still need to take an easy and let my body recovery completely. It's hard to remind myself that. I hate feeling restricted.

Last time with Grant I only stayed in the hospital for about 48 hours. Since I was in the hospital for four days before I even had Grant, I was just tried, and wanted to get out of the hospital. I really regretted leaving the hospital that early, and should have spent another night there. So this time around I told the nurses and doctors I wasn't leaving until Saturday morning. Which meant I spent 4 nights there. I think some of them thought I was silly for staying there that long, but I'm glad I did. It gave me time to spend with Holly, and rest before going home to the craziness of having a toddler with a baby. (Which Grant's interactions with Holly have been interesting, and is a whole new blog entry in itself.)

Holly is such a sweetheart. It's wonderful having a baby girl that I can dress up, its fun! I love being a mommy of two. It's definitely a new adventure!

Here are some pictures of baby Holly, (These are through Bella Baby photography that was done at the hospital)

And here are some pictures that were taken at birth:

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Life lessons of pregnancy part two!

This is bad it's almost 2 am in the morning, and I can't fall asleep. I'm just getting so uncomfortable. Only a week to go before my scheduled c-section! The joys of pregnancy! Because I can't fall asleep, I thought I revamp my blog, it's been a while. So now it has a new look! Hope you enjoy!

So anyways what to write about as I'm suffering from pregnancy induced insomnia? I thought I would write about life lessons in pregnancy part two! 

Looking at my old blog entries, I found this: Life lessons of pregnancy

Some of it makes me laugh, some of it I find no longer true, and some it I could add to. Being pregnant the second time around is not as dramatic as the first time since you know what to expect. And it seems to go by a lot faster. I still can't believe it is already November! It feels like yesterday when I found out I was pregnant. Being pregnant the second time around I feel like such a professional at it. It's nice when you go to the doctor, and the nurse asks you "Have you done such and such test before?" And I can proudly say been there done that like a dozen times and I'm a professional at it. (I definitely can say that for NSTs and 24 hour urine tests!)

Being pregnant the second time has made me realize how whiny and how much I complained the first time around. I've realized pregnancy really isn't that bad. Though I feel more uncomfortable this time around towards the end of my pregnancy. 

So here is my original list of life lessons of pregnancy, revised:

 1) Pregnant women should not go to rock concerts, at least in a stuffy hot indoor venue. Really concerts like this are no fun when you can't drink, and you're just raging with angry pregnant lady hormones. Still agree on this one and avoided concerts like a plague this time around!

2) Just because they are getting bigger doesn't mean they look pretty. I almost was going to question myself as to what I meant here, but I got it! :p And yes this still holds true!

3)While I'm excited to be expecting, pregnancy is seriously is not good for my self esteem. I feel like it's slowly depleting as each day goes by.
I'm embracing it this time around, I actually feel like a cute little pregnant lady. O.k. maybe not little. But I don't feel so terrible this time around. I feel pretty good about myself.

4) Having a pet is good practice for motherhood. Yes, and taking care of a 20 month old is too. :)

5) Spend a day with a two month old and a two year old and get a sneak peak into motherhood. And be a mom for over a year and half, and feel confident to be able to juggle it all with two kids.

6)You can't be as fashion savvy when pregnant, you have to give up some certain stylish trends such as high heels, your regular clothes (maternity clothes are sadly just not the same) Yep...
7) Everyone watches and judges everything you do as a pregnant woman. They judge everything you eat, every move you make. And have their "opinions" of what terrible things you are doing to your unborn child. (When most of the things aren't so terrible, but everyone has their own idea of what terrible is) This still holds true, and people are still annoying about it even the second time around. The worse is getting yelled at for carrying heavy objects when I carry a 23 pound toddler around all day long.

8)Things never go as planned in a pregnancy, you can have this perfect envision of how your pregnancy and birth will go, but it probably will go completely the opposite of what you are hoping.
Though the second time around when things don't go as planned, all you can do is laugh about it.

9)The Third Trimester is definitely the worse trimester. I would revisit the first trimester 100 times more than the third trimester.  Agree!

10)People are very nice to pregnant women. The generosity that comes from all my loved ones and friends, and stranger is wonderful! I enjoy the special treatment. Yes! And will miss it!

11) Bed rest is terribly boring, and just makes pregnancy go by even slower. Though I know later I'm going to look back and miss this bed rest time, and regret not using it in a more constructive manner. I'm enjoying it this time around! Having a busy toddler, it's nice to have a break and have some me time. I have been enjoying my days by taking naps and wasting time playing candy crush and watching TV. I will say this time around not so bore! Enjoying the nothing to do!

12) Pregnancy bares many battle wounds and scars, just as weight gain, stretch marks, swollen face, hands, and feet. Yes! And it just gets worse looking the second time around.

13)Babies cost a crapload of money. I can't believe how much money I've spent on this baby already and I haven't even had him yet. Yes again, and the realization of how much a second baby costs makes me cringe. With daycare, more diapers, and other expenses, having another kid, definitely adds to the expenses.

14) Having high blood pressure during pregnancy, is given me even higher blood pressure. And it makes me hate things that are heredity. Though this time around I have had to take blood pressure medicine, which has made my blood pressure stay done. But I do hate things that are heredity considering the SAME thing is happening to me again with this pregnancy.

15) People touching my belly isn't as annoying as I thought it would be. Yep, it doesn't really bother me, I actually don't mind it!

16) My cat 20 month old son is so spoiled, he is in for a rude awakening when the baby comes. I'm not too worried about Marco, he has survived Grant coming into his life. I worry now about Grant and baby sister rocking his little world.

17) I've never eaten so many blocks of cheese pancakes in my entire life. I go through a block of cheese eat pancakes three-four times in a week. Who knew being pregnant would make me like cheese pancakes so much.

18) They don't make maternity shirts big enough to cover a ninth month belly. Half of all my shirts don't fit anymore, and they are maternity shirts! Nothing like looking like a hick with my belly hanging out. (Thank God for the belly band!) Still have this problem! And I think its worse this time around.

19)Being pregnant is a constant battle of non-stop worrying. And unfortunately I know this is only the beginning. I'll pretty much be worrying about my child for the rest of my life. Even with this being my second child, I still worry like crazy.

20)Being pregnant is a good excuse to take tons of naps! :) Hell yes!

21) When being pregnant, be prepared for people to ask you the same 5 questions over and over again. With the added question, is this your first or second? How old is your first?

Here are my added life lessons this time around:

22) Pregnancy makes it hard to breathe, and I always sound like I'm out of breath. (This time around baby girl likes to squish my lungs)

23) Be prepared to pee your pants a little when you sneeze or laugh.

24) It's really funny and sad all at the same time to watch your toddler replicate vomit sounds and pretend to throw up in a trash can, because he has seen his mommy do it for 9 months.

25) It's so much easier preparing for a baby the second time around.

26) It's VERY uncomfortable to try to sleep when you are 9 months pregnant.

27) It's cute watching Grant kiss my growing belly.

28) Just because it happens the first pregnancy DOES mean there still is a chance it could happen again. IE. Pre-e and high blood pressure.

29) I find it weird to hear myself say that I'm actually going to miss being pregnant.

30) Not everyone's body is designed for pregnancy. I feel like mine is not. Pregnancies seem to give my body grief.

And that is my list, my friends. I guess I'm going to try to go to bed AGAIN. Wish me luck. Good night :)

Sunday, November 3, 2013

37 weeks and ready to have this baby!

I'm to the point where I am sick of being pregnant. I don't remember feeling this way as much when I was pregnant with Grant, but this time around I just feel like pregnant grumpy lady! At this point my doctor has tentatively scheduled my c-section on November 15th which is in about two weeks away. If my blood pressure starts spiking up or if I am spilling protein, it may be sooner. It's really bad for me to actually say, I'm wishing for the sooner part. (But I will say I keep telling myself that I'm really almost 39 weeks if you go by my original due date so I don't feel as bad wishing this.)I've been getting really bad contractions or cramping. It's probably not contractions since they don't feel consistent. Maybe false labor? Well regardless of what it is its making me miserable and uncomfortable and I'm ready to have this baby!

In light of my miserable pregnant self, I thought I would do this fun thing again. I was looking back at my old blog entries, and came across this: 35 weeks Today! 

This was an entry I wrote when I was 35 weeks pregnant with Grant. It has a fun little update on pregnancy that I thought I would do this time around again so you can compare. And I will tell you already I'm going to sound more bitter and complaining a lot this time around. lol.

Comparison of me at 37 weeks when I was pregnant with Grant and with me pregnant with baby girl now.

So here is my pregnancy update this time around:

How far along? 37 weeks and 2 days

Total weight gain/loss: Better this time around! Only have gained 30 pounds.

Maternity clothes? Hahah most of my maternity shirts barely fit me right now. My belly is getting so big, even maternity shirts barely covers it! Thank God for the belly band, and giving the appearance of having around shirt underneath to cover that large gap. lol

Stretch marks? I've just have random small red lines in the places where my old stretch marks use to be when I was pregnant with Grant. It's like they re-surfaced. But they aren't as near as bad as last time, and there are not any new ones, so that's good!

Sleep: Has been terrible in the last week. I haven't been able to go to sleep until 2:00 every night. Last night I was so uncomfortable that I ended up sleeping on the couch, and for some reason that was more comfortable than my bed. I didn't feel like this last time, but this time around baby girl doesn't want me to sleep!

Best moment this week: Dodging a bullet on Halloween when I found out I passed my protein test, and the doctor didn't have to deliver my baby on Halloween! Woo Hoo! I really didn't want to have her on Halloween.

Have you told family and friends: Hahaha if they don't know by know, then obviously they are oblivious to their surroundings!

Miss Anything?Drinking Beer. Which I never thought I would say considering I never use to like beer until I had Grant.

Movement: I thought Grant moved a lot when I was pregnant with him, but baby girl moves around WAY more than Grant did. She is an active little Girl!

Food cravings:pancakes and cookies

Anything making you queasy or sick: throwing away leftovers out, and cleaning Grant's nasty food mess left on his tray from dinner.

Have you started to show yet: Hahah.. again yes. And I started to show a lot earlier this time around.

Gender: Girl

Size of baby: Like a watermelon. I have an ultrasound tomorrow, so I'll see how much she weighs. Two weeks ago she was 5pd and 9 oz. So we'll see!

Labor Signs: I think I may be having contractions, that or Braxton Hicks. But pretty much the last two days I've been having bad cramping and just really uncomfortable, and I feel more pressure and think she is dropping.

Belly Button in or out? Still an innie. But I have a weird umbilical hernia, that makes me look like I'm an outtie, and it pokes through my clothing and people keep commenting that my belly button has popped, when in actuality its my gross umbilical hernia.

Wedding rings on or off? Ring off, I had to take if off around 20 weeks because it was causing my finger to blister, even though it still fit my finger pretty good.

Happy or Moody most of the time:I'm going to admit, I haven't been pleasant to be around lately. I'm hormonal and ready to have this baby!

Looking forward to:To baby girl coming and seeing how Grant interacts with her. :)

Monday, October 28, 2013

Coming to terms with having to have another c-section

With Grant, I had to have an unplanned c-section. I was really hoping I would avoid having a c-section. I had it off my radar, and didn't even think there was a chance that I would even have to get one. I convinced myself since the baby was not breached that there was no other reason to even have a c-section. Being a first time mom, and not knowing what to expect, you sometimes think everything with childbirth, will go exactly as planned. But unfortunately this is not the case. I had high blood pressure, and was diagnosed with pre-e, had to get induced, but never progressed, and ended up having a c-section. When I first was told that I had to have a c-section, I didn't have much time to process that it was actually going to happen to me. Which is probably a good thing, because I think it would have just freaked me out if I got to think about for a longer period of time. Of course my first reaction was to call my mother and have her drive an hour from home to the hospital. I'm so glad she was there, since she had three c-sections herself, I felt like she would be a good person to be present, and help melt away my fears so to speak.

Looking back the c-section wasn't as terrible as I thought it was going to be. It was just very surreal. I know I've said this before in past blog entries,  but I seriously felt like a puppet on strings being tugged and pulled everything which way and direction. I think the worse part was Grant being taken away, and me not know what was wrong with him as they rushed him away to figure out why he was having issues breathing as they switched me back up. Also the feeling of complete numbness during the procedure, and afterwards was so weird. I didn't like not having any control or feeling in my body. And I was so cold afterwards. The nurse had to put 3 layers of warm blankets just to keep me warm.

It was a dramatic experience, but of course its kind of a blur now, and most of the bad parts are forgotten. I seriously believe the saying that people say "you forget about all the pain and misery during labor and pregnancy once the baby is born". Even though I forget most of the terribleness that I experience with Grant, I still was hoping to avoid a c-section with this second pregnancy. My doctor told me that a V-BAC (Vaginal birth after a c-section) was still possible. Even though the hospital that she delivers at would not do V-BACs because of the high risk, she would refer me to a high risk doctor for a second opinion. And if I could do a V-BAC, I would just deliver at a local hospital that is about a half hour away from where I live.

So for the first 6 months of my pregnancy, I remained hopeful that a V-BAC was possible. I told myself, everything was in my favor. Well I was wrong. When I went to the high risk doctor that did my ultrasound, that was actually checking for a soft-marker for Down-Syndrome that was spotted on her heart, the doctor decided to drop a bomb on me. A bomb I wasn't even asking for. He asks me if I was planning for a V-BAC. I tell him yes, and he says it probably not a possibility. He shows the ultrasound of my uterus, and says that the scarring of my c-section is very thin, and the chances of rupture is very high. I was crushed by this news. But convinced myself there still was a possibility of having a V-BAC, and that his opinion didn't matter since he wasn't my regular doctor. I consulted with other women from local facebook group about it, and they tell me to fight it and get a second opinion and how the thin uterus and chances of rupture is a scare tactic. I feel inspired that I still have a fighting chance. But then when I go to my doctor to ask her about it and see if I could get a second opinion, she tells me that basically the doctor that recommended a c-section based of my ultrasound, is a very well known doctor in the community, and if he says it, most other doctors won't go against what he says. She said she could refer me to another doctor, but the two choices were over two- three hours away. And even then those doctors may say the same thing.

I felt defeated going home from the doctor that day. Maybe I could have fought it more. Maybe I could have just went to another doctor, and acted like I never got that recommendation about my uterus being too thin. But I just felt powerless at the moment, and felt that it was a battle that I wasn't going to win, no matter how hard I try. I'm not lie, I'm really sad for the fact that I'll never get to experience a vaginal birth. I know that sounds weird, and it really doesn't matter how the baby is born. But in a way I feel like having a vaginal birth is having like wearing the big badge of courage, to say you went through hours and hours of labor and pain, and tearing to give birth to a baby. Not that getting cut open is not wearing a big badge of courage. That takes courage as well. Though I feel like there is still negative connotations with c-sections still by society. Like "Oh, you had a c-section, that is the easy way out." Or " You don't know what it's like to experience REAL childbirth". It really shouldn't matter especially considering c-section rate has increased big time recently. 32 percent all deliveries are done by c-section. But it's just sad that c-sections seem to be done by doctors more times than medically necessary. And I'm yet again apart of that statistic.

Maybe it's for the best that I am going to have to another c-section, considering now my blood pressure is acting up and I'm creepy towards pre-e again. And since that is happening, I think even if I would have tried for a VBAC, it would have ended up as a c-section. Nothing like history repeating. Even though I know what to expect this time around, the thought of a c-section freaks me out. I really don't want to go through it again. I know it won't be that terrible, but I just think just the knowing of how a c-section works, makes me dread the idea of having to do it again. But once baby comes, all that won't matter and hopefully will be a distant faded memory like it was with Grant.

Pregnancy and Childbirth is definitely not easy. I wish I was one of those people that pops out babies like nothing and have a really easy labor. Unfortunately that was not in the cards for me. But the end result is wonderful, and makes the "how" part irrelevant. Having an adorable toddler and a sweet baby, makes those c-sections seem like nothing. . .

Friday, October 11, 2013

The evolution of pregnancy Cravings

It's interesting how this pregnancy I have had an array of different pregnancy cravings. I feel like I've gone through phases of cravings where I have liked a different food for each trimester. I guess I was that way when I was pregnant with Grant. The big thing I craved towards the end of my pregnancy  was cheese and crackers. It was ridiculous that I ate literally a block of cheese within a couple of days.

With this pregnancy I've haven't been obsessed with cheese. But a different barrage of food that doesn't really make sense. I guess after craving it so much I got sick of it and progressed to something else.

Here is the list of foods that I have craved, from the beginning until now:
  • Broccoli cheddar soup from Panera (couldn't get enough of that for the first month of pregnancy)
  • Mexican food- Fajitas and Hot head Burrito- I would eat it to the point of 2-3 times week, now not as much but I'm still like the occassional Mexican dish :)
  • Mcdonalds Bacon Egg McMuffin Sandwiches with hashbrowns (I had a two month obsession of that in the second trimester)
  •  Coke Cola- Plain Coke, which is weird for me considering I don't even like plain coke
  • Skyline chilli  
  •  Pancakes (which I like pancakes but not that often. I've been making them 2-3 times a week.)
  •  Boston Stoker's Highland Grogg Latte (which I think this craving was short lived considering I got sick the other day from drinking it, and not really feeling like ever drinking it again)                        
And my latest new obsession- is chocolate chip cookie bars

I've been developing a hankering for  a cookie bar, so last week in the store I bought all kinds of baking chips- white chocolate, peanut butter and chocolate chips.

I tried to make to make this microwave cookie in a mug one night, because I really wanted cookie BADLY but didn't feel like spending all this time to make it. So I found this recipe:

 Mircowave cookie:

But it sadly turned out disastrous because I didn't have an egg yolk separator and ended up using a whole egg and made it cakey like and not like a cookie.

So this past Monday, I made this yummy cookie pie:

It's delicious! I didn't use M&Ms but I did use chocolate chips, white chocolate chips and peanut butter chips. It's pretty much all gone already and I made it on Monday. It really helped fulfill my pregnancy craving! Pregnant or not I suggest making this yummy cookie pie. I'm probably going to make another one, maybe with M&Ms this time or another yummy add-in.

Pregnancy cravings are so fun! Being pregnant gives me a great excuse to keep eating the same food over and over again.

It's funny my pregnancy cravings started with cheddar soup and now I ended up craving cookies! The evolution of pregnancy cravings is so strange and funny.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Pregnancy Woes

Pregnancy has not been nice to my body yet again. I thought everything was going pretty good despite the lactose intolerance, the random nut allergy, horrible pelvic pain, and terrible aversion to chocolate. But then the bad word came up that I was hoping would not come up this time around. HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE. I really thought I was avoiding it this time around. My blood pressure has been pretty good the entire pregnancy. With Grant I had some random bad ones even early on in my pregnancy. But this time my blood pressure readings have been splendid. Until about three weeks ago, when it was not so good. Of course one bad reading the doctor told me the drill has begun, the 24 hour urine, twice a week non-stress tests. And the terrible fear that I will be put on bed rest again.

I was really hoping that preeclampsia would not be on my radar this time around. Maybe it won't happen.One can wish! With Grant, I was officially diagnosed with pre-e at 38 weeks. The high blood pressure started around the same time at 30 weeks. Unfortunately bad genes are on my side, high blood pressure and pre-e runs on the dad's side of my family.

The doctor has already mentioned bed rest, but I told her I have too much to do at work to be put on bed rest. She said if my blood pressure gets worse, I may have to be put on bedrest. With Grant I got put on limited work and bedrest at about 34 weeks. I'm approaching 34 weeks this Friday, so far my blood pressure has been in the 130s-140s/70-80. Sometimes it creeps up to 150/90 every now and then. I ended up buying a blood pressure monitor to check my BP twice a day. It's definitely been worth the money.

If nothing else at least I know to expect a c-section this time around. Which I'm not happy about, but it is what it is at this point. Basically due to my uterus being very thin from scarring, the doctor won't even consider me as a candidate to have a VBAC  for fear of rupture. I'm dreading the c-section, that will be another fun post to talk about. But if nothing else, I know I do not have to go through a dramatic induction because of pre-e. I'm just hoping baby girl can bake longer and that my high BP doesn't turn into pre-e soon. I'm almost 34 weeks, so hopefully she can bake at least another 4. We'll see. At this point I'm glad that we are only having two kids, because I'm beginning to think my body wasn't designed for pregnancy. I wish I could have easy peasy non-stressful pregnancies. But oh well, its worth it in the end. When I see how cute and adorable Grant is the bad memories of my pregnancy experience with him instantly wash away. I know after I have baby girl, all this will be a faded memory too. The end result makes it all worth it. :)

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Getting ready for Baby

I haven't written in here awhile. Things have been crazy. I can't believe I'm already 30 weeks. This pregnancy has flown by. I feel like the second pregnancy goes by faster then the first, since I already have a kid to case around.Grant has been keeping me on my toes. I've barely had time to think about getting ready for this baby. It's funny because the other day Matt asked me if I was feeling like nesting yet. Which made me laugh that he even asked me that. But honesty I haven't really had an feeling of nesting because I've been trying to prepare Grant before the baby comes, that I haven't really had time to "nest". Though we pretty much have everything for this baby, and I don't really have too much to get ready. I've been more concern about getting Grant "unbabytize". (yes I just made up a word) I really don't want to want two babies on my hand, so I am trying to get Grant out of doing the "baby" things that he does. One thing I've been working on in the last week, is transitioning him in a twin size bed. I wanted to make sure he is out of the baby bed before the baby comes, so Grant isn't like "Hey why is that baby sleeping in my bed?". I must say getting him to use his big boy bed wasn't easy. I was beginning to think it was going to be a lost cause.  He wouldn't stay in his bed and just get in and out of it. He thought his bed was for playing.Finally I realized I had to do a different tactic, and just let Grant try to sleep on his own. So I let him play with his cars in his bed, I shut the door leaving it open a little bit, and went downstairs. I realized that me being in the room trying to get him to stay in his bed, wasn't working. Now we are on night 4 of Grant sleeping in his big boy bed, and its been great. It's funny because Grant has to line his cars up against the wall of where his bed is, as if they are parking. I find his cars like this every night now when he falls asleep. I'm so happy that he is finally sleeping in his new bed!

Grant is such a big boy sleeping in his new bed!
The next thing on the list to "unbabytize" Grant is something that I'm not proud to admit Grant is still doing at 19 months. But I still need to break him from his bottle. He drinks milk and uses a sippy cup all day. But before bedtime, and even in the middle of the night, he still drinks a bottle of formula. I was breastfeeding Grant, about about 3 1/2 months ago, he no longer wanted to breastfed. I really think its because of me being pregnant, and him not liking the breastmilk. He still needed the comfort so I was bad a replaced breastfeeding with giving him a night bottle. I'm still figuring out how to transition him out of using a bottle, and I know I really need to do this before the baby comes. So that is next on my list. Other than that Grant will be ready for baby girl. (Well as ready as he can be) I'm  know he has no idea that he has a baby sister coming into his world. He does notice that my belly is getting bigger and he likes to touch my belly. Hopefully the new baby won't crush his little world too much.

The next thing on the list is convincing Matt why we need a double stroller. He thinks its apparently practical to push Grant in an umbrella and the baby in another stroller. I'm not sure how he thinks that will work if I'm by myself, but ok. I'm hoping once the baby comes he'll realize the practicality of a double stroller.

And the last thing we really need to still figure out is a baby name. Hopefully we figure one out soon. I'm getting to the point that I'm hoping maybe once the baby is born, inspiration will come to us of what to name her. We'll see. Who knew naming babies could be so hard.

Only 8-9 weeks to go. I have some pregnancy joys to write about in another blog entry. Let's say my stupid high blood pressure is back this time around. Boo.

I can't believe how fast this pregnancy is going. Before I know it I'll be a mother of two! :)

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Can't believe my little buddy is 18 months!

This is a little belated, (as we are creeping closer to Grant being 19 months old) but I can't believe he is already a year and a half old! It seems in the last couple of weeks he has really been doing so many more things, and acting more independent. I love the little personality coming out him. Its scary and exciting that when Grant is 21 months old (which is about in two months! ekk!) he will have a little little sister!

Look at me such a little man!

Here are things that Grant is doing at 18 months:

  • He know all his body parts if you ask him, and can say "eyes" while he points to them.
  •  He knows how to throw things away. (The right things) When he eats his fruit snacks, he throws away the wrapper, I don't even have to ask him.
  •  He knows how to put his dirty cups and spoons in the sink. (This one I didn't teach him, he must have figured it out on his own, and I must say I'm impressed!) I love how he likes to clean up behind himself!
  •  If you ask him or if he sees a picture of a monkey, dinosaur, bear, or dog, he'll make the sound that goes with it. I love hearing his little "ROAR!"
  • He says "eww" when he gets dirt in his diaper, (which happens a lot, he is such a boy) or when I am changing his diaper. 
  •  He loves tractors, dump trucks, and other big machinery. He likes to take a ride with Matt in the skidloader. Matt will put earmuffs on him, and the seat belt over him, while he sits on his lap. Grant loves it and he feels like such a big boy! Yesterday, the neighbor was working on tapping onto the sewer and water, and Grant just stood by the door watching all the heavy machinery move dirt. 

  •  He loves playing with his megablocks, and making big towers with them. He is really particular about making sure they line up perfectly. 
  • His favorite food right now seems to be mainly fruit. He has been going through a picky stage but loves eating blueberries, grapes, and watermelon.  
  • His new favorite dvd is Curious Buddies. Because he knows how to take it out of the DVD player and put it back in, it's all scratched up and stops about 8 minutes into in.  He will hand me the dvd case, and get all excited when we watch it.
  •  Grant has a new obsession with climbing on things. His favorite thing to do is climb on the bar-stool  (and now knock the bar-stool over) and get things off the counter. Like the markers and pens that I have in the pen-holder. He also likes to get candy from the candy dish. Yesterday, I had to hide the candy dish in the cabinet, because he kept getting skittles. That kid has a sweet tooth. He is so much my child!
  •  I ended up buying him a toy broom and dust pan, because he loves trying to sweep with a broom that is three times the size of him. He really impressed me when I had some dirt in a dustpan, and I walked about to get something, and I found him dumping the dirt from the dustpan into the trashcan! He is such a smart little buddy.

Grant is such a funny little guy. He has so much fun everyday in his little life. He impresses me at least once a day with the things that he picks up. I love my little buddy and I can't believe he is already a year and a half old! Before I know it,he'll be two!

    Monday, August 12, 2013

    Innovative baby products redux

    I've been browsing around at my previous blog entries, and I've been laughing at some of the things I've said on there. Like the blog entries about my pregnancy with Grant, I seemed to complain a lot and I was really whiny about pregnancy. Now going through pregnancy the second time around, I realize that pregnancy is not as dramatic as I made it out to be in my previous entries. But in my defense I was experiencing it for the first time and to me it was dramatic.

    Now having 18 months of parenting under my belt and on my second pregnancy, I feel so much wiser than I was two years ago on parenting. Don't get me wrong, I'm not going to claim that I'm a parenting expert especially since I'm still a new parent. But I feel wiser and more comfortable as a parent than I did before I had Grant.

    Going through my blog entries, I feel there is a blog entry, that is in need of serious editing. At the time for those who read it you (and were the experienced parents) you probably found yourself biting your tongue by my ignorance, as I claimed that you should not waste you money on certain baby products. But now looking back I laugh at it because I've used half of the products mentioned or wish I would have used them. So I find it sill now that I was claiming that those products were dumb considering when I wrote the blog entry I was only like two months pregnant, so obviously my view on parenting was still extremely new.

    Here is the blog entry I'm talking about: Latest gadgets for your baby

    So here is my revised opinion on this blog entry-
    The Belly Buds- Ok I still agree that these are weird, and probably a waste of money. The baby hears so much anyway in the womb that do they really need belly buds to hear sound? If someone can convince me otherwise that this is an awesome product than maybe I'll change my mind. But if you want your baby to hear sounds, play some music, talk to your belly. You don't need special belly buds to do that.

    The Moby Wrap- I laugh that I even put this as something that is a waste of money. The moby wrap is great! I will say it was a misconception of mine that this was an odd product. It just looked odd to me when I was no a mother and had a baby of my own. But once I had a baby, I realized the regular baby carriers just don't do the trick. It's nice carrying the baby around in a comfortable cloth wrap. Once I had Grant, I realize how practical a moby wrap is. I actually ended up having my friend make me a wrap (because I'm too cheap to spend the money on the actual Moby Wrap), I can't wait to use it on my newborn. When I got the wrap for Grant he was around 6 months old. I think the wrap is going to come in handy especially while trying to hold the baby and chase Grant around. I cringed that I even dissed the Moby Wrap. Sorry. But in my defense, my ignorance got the best of me.

    The Booby Trapper- Ok the name of this particular product is still weird. But in general nursing covers are wonderful! I realize how hard it is to try to nurse in public with a blanket, that I ended up buying a nursing cover. It's nice to have a cover strapped around my neck while trying to maneuver everything to breastfeed. It's especially helpful when you baby starts moving around a lot. A blanket doesn't help. But a nursing cover is great!

    The bouncy shirt thing or whatever the name is- Still looks weird. It doesn't look safe, nor would I ever put my baby in there. I like the regular jumpers that you can hang in the doorway, but this one looks like the baby could get his or her head stuck funny in the contraption.

    The Nose Frida- While it looks weird, and the concept still kind of grosses me out, I almost want one of these. After having so many problems with trying to get boogers and snot out of Grant's nose when he was younger, I realized that a product like this would have been helpful. The regular nose suction thing, just doesn't cut it. It would never get out the snot completely, which I've heard the nose frida does a great job getting it out. So I will say I wish I had this product. And sorry I dissed it.

    Here are some products I will stand by that I think are strange and/unsafe. Hopefully I will not write a blog a year later about how I was wrong about these products. But then again who knows.

    Head snuggler- I've seen variations of this product and this makes me cringe with how unsafe this looks. The idea is good. I get the idea of wanting something to keep a baby or toddlers head up while in the carseat. I always feel bad when Grant's little head falls forward while sleeping in the car. But this product looks so unsafe! What is going to stop a baby from suffocating or getting strangled in the strap or snuggler? This freaks me out that these things are actually sold. One website I found with a similar product they had these sold out!

     While this product is innovative and I'm all about multitasking while using the bathroom, do we need really immerse small children with technology in everything they do? I really hope I don't find myself saying in a couple of years that I wish I had this product. But then again who knows. I just hate the idea that a small toddler needs to play on an ipad in order to use the bathroom.

     Poor babies! While this is an interesting concept, I feel like it would be more of an hassle to get them on the bathroom stall door. Not to mention what is the hooks gave out and the fell? I rather take my chances with holding Grant on my lap while trying to use the restroom. It's hard to do, but one handed bathroom usage can be mastered.  I rather do that than hang my baby like a shirt on a coathanger.

    So there are my fun baby products for now. I'm tired and need to go to bed. Hope you enjoy my edits and my new ones!

    Sunday, August 11, 2013

    Naming Woes Version 2.0

    When I was pregnant with Grant, we had a really hard time coming up with his name. You can read about it in my previous posts:  Naming my child and  Naming my child part 2. Matt of course wouldn't even discuss baby names until we knew the gender of Grant. And the same thing this time around. I had a lot of boy names I liked but of course I had so many girl names that it ran off the page. So when I found out I was having a boy, I thought this is going to be so hard! Surprisingly we came up with Grant's name very quickly after finding out he was a boy. It's especially funny that when anytime it's mentioned who came up with the name Grant, Matt will say it was him that came up with the name. When in fact it really was me. Though, He did come up with Grant's middle name, which is Taylor. But if that is what it took to get Matt to like Grant's name is think that he came up with it, than fine. Hahaha... The truth is one day I read a list of names to Matt, Grant was on that list. He didn't respond to any of the names. And acted as if my list has a bunch of reject names on it. Then a couple days later, at dinner all the sudden Matt said he really liked the name Grant. I ended up looking at my list to realize it was on it. The power of suggestion. He likes to claim to this day it was him that came up with Grant's name but really I was the one that planted the idea in his head.

    I really think we did a great job coming up with Grant's name. Though it's slightly annoying when people say "Did you intentionally name your child after civil war generals with it being Grant Taylor Sherman".  And when people say "Maybe he'll be a civil war reactor with that name". Despite those annoying comments, I love how strong sounding Grant's name. I think we did a good job naming him, which is why it puts naming this baby on a higher standard. I feel like we need to make sure this baby's name is just as good as Grant's name. Which is why it makes naming thing this time around is becoming so stressful.

    When I found out we were having a girl, I thought "Well naming a kid this time around will be so much easier." Boy was I wrong. I have so many girl names that I like, (way more than boys) that I thought we would be able to able to come up with something within a week. The thing is it's easier for me to come up with names I like, but getting Matt to like them is a different story. Which now at this point trying to find a name that he likes, is making me hate every name I look at. Mainly because I start over-analyzing every name. One thing I'm starting to realize is it's actually A LOT harder to name a girl than it is a boy. And maybe it's harder naming the second child because you want to make sure it sounds good with the first kid's name.

    So here are my reasons why I find naming a girl and a second child is harder:

    1) There are so many more unique girl names than boy names. But the problem is most of these unique girl names sound off the wall, crazy. And it seems everyone wants to name their girl an unique name, so unique names are no longer unique. It's funny because I was reading an article once that people are more likely to name their boy a traditional name verses an unique name. Though they are more apt to name their girl a more unique name.I want to name her an unique name, but at the same time I don't want her to have an off the way wall name that will affect her adulthood.

    2) It seems that girl names have more stereotypes to them than boy names do. When I've been going through names, or even suggesting some to friends, I get some negative stereotypes to them. For example some names sound like a stripper, some names sound like the girl may be trailer trash. Some names sound like the girl will be a rich snob. Don't get me wrong, just because a girl is names a certain name doesn't mean she will be doomed to those stereotypes. But everyone seems to have certain girl names that they stereotype. The more I got the thinking there really isn't any boy names where people have certain stereotypes about them. It's sad that as a society we seem to hold female names to a high standard. Which puts more pressure on me making sure I pick the right name. I don't want to set her up for failure or stereotypes before she is born.

    3) Because of my job and working with only girls, I've encountered so many different girl names. Some of the experiences I've had with these girls and in my past teaching experience, has tainted my view of certain names. Some girls have ruined a name that I use to like for me.

    4) There are so many girl names that I like that are on the top 100 names. I want to name our girl a name where she doesn't have 2-3 girls in her class with the same name. I may not be able to avoid that completely but I want to try to have a name that is semi different than the trending names.

    5) Making sure a name flows good with three names is way harder than making sure it flows with just two names.It's important that the kids' names sound good with the parents' name. Right now I love the way Matthew, Megan and Grant flow together. Now I have to continue that nice flow and make sure the fourth name goes great with Matthew, Megan, and Grant.

    I'm hoping we can come up with something soon. We still have some time, but I just want to have our name figured out. It doesn't help that Matt is dead set on a name, that I am just not fond of. Hopefully we can agree on something! Naming a child is a lot of stress. Hopefully we can find the perfect name that meets my ridiculous standards.

    Regardless of what we come up with, we are keeping the name a secret until the baby is born. Hopefully I can keep my big mouth shut. :)

    Friday, August 2, 2013

    It's a girl!

    I am a bad blogger, and have not written in here at all in the month of July! Sorry! July seemed to fly by so quickly! I got a new phone and we went on vacation, that I kept pushing my blog back. Bad me. But on July 12th, we found out the gender of our second baby.

    I'm happy to announce that we are having a girl! I am so excited! I seriously was convinced that I was having a boy. When we first got there and the tech was doing the ultrasound baby girl was being shy and crossing her legs. But finally she decided to reveal that she is a girl! I was so excited.I had tears of joy!

    She was breech when they did the ultrasound (at 22 weeks) but I think and hope that maybe today she decided to flip the correct way. She has always kicked in my lower stomach. She did that this morning, but suddenly this evening I feel movement above my belly button. I'm hoping she flipped. That or she is just punching me in the stomach right now. lol.  I'm really hoping for a VBAC this time around, so I'm hoping she'll stay the correct position until birth. I get an ultrasound on August 15th, so I find out for sure if she is in fact no longer breech.

    I'm still confused as to when my actual due date is. Based by my last period it would be November 13th. But the doctor measured her at behind when she was 8 weeks, and pushed my due date to November 22nd. At this ultrasound the tech said she was measuring at the Nov 13th due date. But when I saw my doctor last week, she was saying they were going to keep the Nov 22nd date. So who knows, at this point I guess the baby will come when she wants to come.

    I'm excited to have a little girl. I've been already been going crazy buying stuff. It's so fun buying girl clothes! I can't wait to dress her up in cute girl clothes and bows. Now that we know we are having a girl, the next hard part is coming up with a name. Right now we have NO idea what we are going to name her. We have some time. I thought it was hard naming Grant. But this time it seems harder to come up with a girl name. That will be another fun blog entry coming soon about figuring out a name.

    Here are some ultrasound pics of baby girl!(Sorry they are crooked, they were all wrinkly and it was hard to scan them)

    You can see her little face!

    Hopefully I'll be a better blogger and start writing in here more often. I do have a lot of things to blog about!

    Saturday, June 29, 2013

    Nothing but Pains

    I'm not even half way through my pregnancy (ok well one more week until I am halfway through my pregnancy) and I feel like this pregnancy has already put me through quite a bit of pain and agony. I'm pretty much going to whine about of all this (not that it will make it feel any better) , so if you don't want to hear me whine and hear me feel sorry for myself, then you may want to skip reading this blog entry. I'm starting to think that maybe my body was not designed for pregnancy. At one point in my life  (before I even met Matt) I wanted to have 4-5 kids but I will actually say I will be happy with just two. I don't think I could put up with another 2-3 pregnancies of hell. Ok, when I was pregnant with Grant, it actually wasn't terrible. Most of the dramatics happened in the third trimester with the whole pre-e thing. It actually wasn't a bad pregnancy. But I'm only 19 weeks, and I feel like this baby has already giving me a run for their money. I really hope this is not a foreshadowing of how this baby will be when he or she is born.

    So what kind of pains have I had so far you might ask? Well it first started with having aversions to chocolate. Which is the saddest thing to me ever. Right now Matt has a BIG (and I mean big) bag of peanut M&Ms that he got from Sam's Club.  Usually if something like that was in the house, it probably would have been gone within a couple of days. But with this pregnancy, I have not even eaten a single M&M nor do I have a desire to. Not only can't I eat chocolate, but I also got a dairy intolerance. Eating ice cream is no longer a thing I can do unless I want to double in pain and be on the toilet for the entire night. This week, I was overzealous and thought maybe I got over this whole dairy thing. To try out and see, I ate ice cream on Monday. I felt great, I ended up not having any issue. So I ate ice cream on Tuesday. Again I felt great. So I ate ice cream again on Wednesday, and then that's when it hit me like a tidal wave, the terrible IBS. Needless to say, I should have no eaten ice cream THREE days in a row. But I foolishly thought maybe I would be ok if I did. WRONG.

    The other thing I got is their weird umbilical hernia. After I had Grant, I started getting this weird thing sticking outside around my belly button area. Now that I am pregnant, and I've gotten pregnant, it's gotten worse. When I wear shirts, it almost looks like my belly button has popped out and you can see it through my shirt. But it is not my belly button. It's my weird umbilical hernia. Which the doctor told me I have to watch out and make sure bowel doesn't get stuck where the hernia is. If it does, I'll experience extreme pain, and would have to get an emergency surgery. Hope it doesn't lead to that. I will say it does hurt sometimes, and I'll get a random shooting pain in that area. The doctor said after I have this baby, I would have to get a general surrey to fix it. FUN! Not..

    Lastly, my new pain started last week. I started getting this really bad pelvic pain, where it would stop me in my tracks from walking. It literally feels like someone is taking my pelvic bone and trying to fold it in half. I've been walking funny, holding my belly, and turning my legs outward, just so it doesn't hurt so much. Ended up going to the doctor yesterday, to find out its common with your second pregnancy to experience lower back, and pelvic pain. So now I have to see a chiropractor, go to psychical therapy and get a pregnancy belt. Hopefully doing those things will make the pain subside. But it could get worse as I progress in my pregnancy. Yay! Not.. I did get a pregnancy belt today, and I must say I've already noticed a difference! I barely felt any pain with walking. With this whole thing I just didn't realize I could experience pain like this already so early in the pregnancy. The lower back pain and everything feels like it did towards the end of my pregnancy, but worse.

    I'm making pregnancy sound terrible. And maybe my complaints seem petty compared to what other pregnant women have experienced. I just can't believe I still have 21 weeks of pregnancy left, and I feel like I'm 30 weeks already. My body is so sore. Most of this is probably just because it's my second pregnancy. But it's making me miserable already. And the summer heat doesn't help any.

    On a the flip side, this baby loves to move! He seems way more active than Grant was around this time of the pregnancy. (Again referring to the baby as a boy, as if I already know, when I do not) And Grant moved quite a bit. This baby loves to move so much during the day.

    I know I should just count my blessings, it could be worse. Hopefully this pregnancy won't add to the terribleness for the remaining 21 weeks.