Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Shower Love

This past Sunday was my first baby shower. Yes I am having two showers total. This shower I had was for my family in Cincinnati, so it was my family from my mom and dad's side, friends, and co-workers. My next shower will be in mid-January and that will have Matt's side of the family there. Since most of his family lives like 2 hours from my family, we decided it would make the most sense to have two showers. I love baby showers. I know there are some people that don't like showers or being the center of attention, or get really nervous opening presents in front of a bunch of people. But me, I'm the complete opposite, I pretty much like being the center of attention, and like getting presents. Ok, that makes me sound like a terrible person. But I'm really not a terrible person, I just like parties, especially when they are for me. :)

So I really enjoyed my shower on Sunday. It was nice to have family and friends there and share my excitement of my first baby's arrival. My awesome Aunt Amy, who also made my wedding cake made my shower cake, and it turned out AMAZING. And what made it even better, is it had a train on it. Here's the picture of the cake:

We played some fun games, I love shower games. We did the toilet paper game where they measured how many pieces of toilet paper it would take to wrap around my belly. And surprisingly it only took 12. I feel like I'm getting big anymore. And a lot people guessed really high numbers like 18 pieces. Yesterday was a depressing day because a pair of my maternity pants no longer fits me anymore. And my co-worker told me, "Megan, why don't you just unbutton your pants?" Unfortunately I could not unbutton my pants because maternity pants don't have buttons to unbutton them. So I was pretty much miserable the entire day with my tight maternity pants. The stretchy part was just getting sad. And today I was bragging how I can still zip up my coat, but then when I later went outside, I discovered I could still zip up my coat, but couldn't breathe. So zipping up my coat is no longer an option. But I refuse to buy a new coat, when I only have two months of pregnancy left. So it's just going to have to work for the rest of my pregnancy.

Anyways, as I have gotten off tangent. My two year old niece Anika, was adorable. She thought the party was for her. And she was soaking up all the attention. She was dancing and being so silly. She later goes behind by her toys where no one could see her to pee her pants. (She's potty trained) Apparently there was just too much excitement to go to use the potty. Well late after everyone left, I see her with her pants pulled down, and then noticed she peed her pants again. And I asked her what she was doing, and than the next thing I know she is pooping on the carpet. I couldn't help but laugh, and my brother tells me, "Oh, just wait your turn Megan, you think this is funny now until it happens to you." I can't blame Anika, she just was having just a good time, she didn't want to miss all the fun. Even though everyone left at that point. So her solution was to poop on the floor, so she didn't have to miss anything. She is so funny. And was happy to have some cake, which she quickly devoured. She has a new obsession with cake. About a month ago, mom had cupcakes that she made for Halloween, but didn't get time to ice them, so she had them sitting on a desk in the study. The next thing we know Anika comes in the living room with the entire cupcake container, wanting to eat a cupcake. Now every time she comes to Grandma's house she asks for cake, and gets really upset that she doesn't have any. We can't even say the C word. It's a bad word, so we have to spell out the word cake. Because any mention of cake would create a meltdown.

My shower was wonderful and I got tons of adorable outfits for Herman, and great items that babies need. Though I'm starting to regret that I refer to by baby as Herman. Now this is not going to be his real name, but because I've started a trend, everyone calls him Herman. On over half of my presents, it said "To Megan and baby Herman." My Grandma was even calling my baby Herman, and I didn't even know she knew that I was referring to my baby as Herman. Now I'm starting to feel bad for my baby, because this name is starting to stick with people. I wonder what he'll think of his mother when he knows she use to call him Herman before he was born. Hopefully he won't be too upset by it. It just became a joke, that started to stick. As long as people don't start calling him Herman after he is born, then we'll be good.

So my shower when really well. I feel like there is still a lot I need to learn about babies. I felt kind of clueless getting certain items, and unsure why I need them or how I'm suppose to use them. My mom was joking around saying she'll probably get a lot of calls from me asking how to take care of my baby. Which wouldn't surprise me. I feel like I have a lot of learn about babies.

And a great way to end my blog entry by showing up all the presents I got and started opening. Thanks everyone who came. :)

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