Monday, October 10, 2011

Herman is a boy!

This past Thursday was a really exciting day, we got to find out the sex of our baby. Beforehand I had to drink 32 oz of water, and drinking that much water early in the morning was hard to do, by the time we were about ready to leave I felt like I had to go pee so bad.

It was really exciting to see the ultrasound, the first thing the ultrasound tech asked was, "What do you guys what to have a boy or a girl?" Without hesitation we both said boy. As soon as she started the ultrasound, she said "I think you guys got your wish, it looks like it's a boy." Hearing that felt so surreal, I've been wanting to have a boy so bad that I didn't know how to react knowing my wish came true. Though regardless I would have been happy if it was a girl.

The ultrasound tech was oddly enthusiastic about her job, she compared being an ultrasound tech to being a photographer. She said, "This isn't like Alens Mills where you can get them to pose, the baby pretty much does whatever he wants." Also the entire time she was going on about how cute he was and how cute babies are in the womb. I'm not really sure how cute babies are in the womb, considering they are still developing, and ultrasounds make them look slightly creepy. But I'm glad that she enjoys her job.

As Matt was actively participating and asking the tech questions, I was getting mad because I didn't have a very good view as he did. He could see the screen striaght ahead, but I saw it more on an angle which made the screen look funny, and really couldn't make very much. Matt would be like "Is that the foot? Is that the hand?" I was just getting mad because I couldn't see anything, I kept trying to move my head to get a better view but that didn't work out very well. So I decided instead just to focus more on the ultrasound tech's face. I figured she looked generally happy and content, that it's a good sign. I know the tech's can't say too much if they suspect something is horribly wrong with the baby, they are there more to just take the images, and have the doctor look at it, but I figured if she did suspect something bad she would have a look of horror or shock on her face. Which I didn't see so that is a good sign.

I will say I was slightly alarmed how creepy the baby looked, I saw more skull then a head shape, but the tech said that was normal because the babies at this point are more boney and don't develop more fat until the third trimester. And the ultrasound tech said that babies at this stage look more like alien babies, which is something you shouldn't say to someone who is petrified of aliens, but she didn't know that.
Here's a picture of Herman, a front view of his face, which pretty much looks like his skull:

After taking a trillion pictures she finally confirmed that Herman is in fact a boy. It was great to get a sure confirmation. Here's a pic of Herman and his boy parts:

Towards the end, Herman decided he didn't want to cooperate, which was frustrating me because I felt like my bladder was going to explode, (at this point the tech already spent 45 minutes doing the ultrasound) and her pressing on my bladder with the ultrasound wand didn't help. She had to take detail pictures of Herman's heart, but he kept moving around that she couldn't get a picture of him. She finally got to the point where she had to get another tech to help her. Ten minutes later Herman finally decided to cooperate.

I was just relieved that I could finally go to the bathroom. As we left oddly the first thing I thought of was oh my gosh he's a boy, how do I potty train a boy? While I know I have a couple of years to worry about this, for some reason this was the first thing that came to mind when it actually registered that I am in fact having a boy.

Here are some other pictures of Herman:
Another picture, where I'm not going to lie but Herman's skull head creeps me out:

Here's a fun one of Herman trying to suck his thumb:

And my favorite of Herman holding up two fingers and giving the peace sign:

It was exciting to announce it to everyone that we were having a baby, for my dad I called him at work, he works at a building company, so I called up and told him that my husband and I were looking for a new home since we are expecting a son. His reply was, "Is it for Herman?" I was really hoping he would fall for it, but he knew right away it was me. hehe. Then I called my mom and told her the news, she was on vacation in Boston. She was really excited since I'm giving them their first grandson. My brother has two girls. Then I spent the afternoon making cupcakes with blue cream filling in them. It took forever it make them, and then we stopped by Matt's parent's house for dinner, and gave them the cupcakes, it was fun to watch them bite into them to discover the sex of the baby. They were so happy. We then came over to Matt's sister's house and did the same thing. Then the next day I surprised my co-workers. It was fun doing the cupcake thing!

Now my next challenge is finding a name for Herman, while I've grown fond of calling my baby Herman, I don't think he'll appreciate that being his name for life. Herman Sherman would be a name that the poor kid would get made fun of for the rest of his life. So I can't do that to him. I had tons of girl names I like, but I don't like too many boy names, and talking about names with Matt is like pulling teeth, so we'll see what Herman's real name will end up being. :)

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