Thursday, July 30, 2015

My little sassafras

Sometimes Holly likes to crack a smile

So serious and likes to eat dirt


First off my blog writing is being really scarce this year! Sorry never have very much time to write. Now that Holly is also mobile, her and Grant have become a big handful! I realized that recently in my blog entries that I haven't talked much about Holly. So she is overdue for her own entry! She is simply adorable and definitely keeps me on my toes.

She has so much attitude already and I think I am in BIG trouble when she is two and three. I already feel like she has been in her terrible twos in the last four months. It doesn't help that she takes a lot of notes from the way Grant acts.

So her are some fun things going on with little Holly!

Nicknames: Hollybob, Bob, and Bobble. These are all the names she has seemed to aquire at the daycare. lol. She was called Hollybob by our last care provider because she would always bob her head around. Now the nickname has stuck and has kind of evolved.

Favorite Food: First off, Holly LOVES to eat. She always wants to eat. She seems to like quite a bit. She really loves bake potato. Chicken nuggets are her favorite too.

Favorite thing to do: She love taking babywipes and cleaning my house with them. I'm actually impressed how good she can clean my coffee table. She will go, "Wipes, Wipes" when she wants to clean something

Her favorite thing that she is attached to and must have with her at all times: Her blanket! If she doesn't have her blanket, she will have a meltdown. She is so attached to her blanket. I never thought I would have a kid so attached to her blanket. The thing is so gross and dirty. And trying to clean it is nearly impossible since she never wants to give it up.

Favorite animal: Cats and dogs! She love them both so much. She loves to pet random people's dogs. And she loves our cat Marco so much. She is always concerned when he is trying to get downstairs to the basement if the door is closed. She will go to me, and say, "Kitty out, Kitty out" to get my attention that the cat needs to go downstairs. She loves cats and dogs so much!

Other facts about Holly:

  •  She loves being outside! Driving the cozy coup is her favorite
  •  She is fiercely independent already and wants to do everything on her own.
  • She is very serious and rarely cracks a smile on camera.
  • She is very friendly, and says hi to everyone she sees in public.
  •  She loves to make "food" in her play kitchen and then tell us to "Eat" 
  •  She is very sassy, and will say "Noooooo!" when she really doesn't want something or doesn't want to do a certain thing.
Holly is simply adorable and makes me smile everyday.  :)