Sunday, March 24, 2013

Parenting Picture of the Week- Baby in a box

This week we got a shipment of freeze dried food, to make some freeze dried meals. See this cool video about how to make freeze dried food meals in a jar.  And we got quite a bit of boxes from our orders. Which meant a fun box field day for Grant. Grant had so much fun with the boxes. In the picture below, Grant moved that box to the corner, and then walked into it. Such a silly boy. He also enjoyed putting random objects in a box as well. A box is a great entertainment for a baby. Grant enjoyed them for a couple of days until we decided to finally put them away since our house was being overtaken by boxes.

Hmmm I'm standing inside a box, I wonder what else I can do in a box.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Fun Friday- M83

I've been lacking inspiration on my blog lately. Haven't really thought of any exciting things to write about. But for fun Friday, I'll keep it simple, and share another one of my music loves I've discovered recently. The band M83, their song is called "Midnight City". I love the song because it has an 80's new wave sound to it. And I love the 80s.

Here's the song, enjoy!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Parenting Picture of the Week

On Friday when I was getting ready for work, I curled my hair (which I usually don't do) and when I look down at Grant, this is what I found. He took 600 Q-tips out of the box. What a mess! But it did keep Grant entertained while I did my hair. Grant just loves to explore.

I found the one I was looking for out of the 600 Q-tips

And for an added St. Patrick's day bonus, her is Grant rocking out his Leprechaun shirt:

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Soaking up the world with a brain sponge

Grant is at such a fun age right now, I am amazed at all the things he can do already at 13 months. He surprises me everyday with the things that he can do. I never realized how much he watches the things Matt and I do, because I'll find him doing things like pointing the remote at the tv or putting my cell phone at his ear. Babies are so smart! It amazes me how much the learn in such a small amount of time.

Here are the things that Grant has been doing lately:

  • He knows where his ears are when you ask him. I actually didn't know he knew this until Aunt Amy was showing us that he could do it. You ask him "Where are your ears?" and he'll tug on them. It's so cute!                                                                                                                            
  • He knows how to use a pen, and that you can use it on paper. Anytime he gets a hold of a pen know he'll start doodling. The other day when he was with Matt, Grant had a whole piece of paper filled with baby doodles. It looked so cute! I ended up taking it to work and hanging it up on my desk. I know I am ridiculous but I felt so proud of Grant's little drawing! I think it was pretty impressive for a one year old. I think he may be a right hander! I know it's too early to tell at this point, but he'll draw with his right hand, and if he picks up the pen with his left hand, he'll change it back to his right.
  • He knows that a cell phone is used to talk in. Today, Grant got a hold of my cell phone, and he put it by his ears, and started babbling in it. I didn't realize how much I use my cell phone that he knows what it's used for.
  • He knows that a tissue is used to blow your nose. Because Grant has had a runny nose for the last month now, we have been wiping his nose off quite often. Today he was cracking me up because a pulled out tissues that were in the diaper bag, and he started blowing his own nose in it. Such a smart boy!
  • He knows how to comb his hair. When he gets a hold of the comb, he starts combing his hair with it.
  • He can put  his megablocks together and make a mini tower
  • He can say "Hi Dad" Now I just wish he could say Mama anything
  • He loves to point at everything, and I'll tell him what it is, and then he'll point at something else. 
Grant is such a smart little buddy! I love teaching him new things and seeing him soak up the world around him. Learning is so much fun!

Look at me, I love to draw!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Parenting Pictures of the Week: Grant's first haircut

On Saturday, Grant got his first official haircut at the barber. Grant was such a good little boy! I'm surprised by how still he was during the entire haircut. Towards the end of the haircut he got a little squirmy, but considering for a 13 month old, he did wonderfully! The barber was great! He ended up not charging us for Grant' haircut since it was the first one. And gave us a cute First Haircut certificate that he signed and dated. He also made sure he got a great lock of hair, to put in Grant's baby book. Now that Grant got his haircut, it looks lighter and a little more reddish.

Now Grant looks so cute with his new haircut! He needed a haircut, he looks like such a toddler now with his haircut :)

I'm ready for my haircut!

It's a monkey in the mirror

such a good little boy

Are we done yet?

This face cracks me up, he's had it at this point

So handsome! And so ready for the haircut to be over!

Friday, March 8, 2013

Fun Friday: New albums coming out soon!

So I am REALLY excited that two of my favorite bands are finally coming out with new albums this year! Phoenix and MGMT. Both bands have AMAZING debut albums. I pretty much like every song on their album. Ok scratch that, I just realized that Phoenix has multiple albums, but the album I know them for is  Wolfgang Amadeus. Now I need to check out their other albums! But regardless it has been nearly 4 years since Phoenix has released an new album, so I am really excited to hear that they are coming out with a new one Bankrupt! on April 22nd.

MGMT is coming out with a new album in June. They actually had one that came out in 2010, but it was a flop. I hope their new album will be fun like their debut album: Oracular Spectacular which I'm totally in love with. If you haven't heard of MGMT, here are some of my favorite songs from them. And I must say their music videos are very interesting.

This is the first song that I discovered from them, it's a great song to dance and sing along to:

Another good one: Electric Feel:

My last favorite- Time to Pretend:

As for Phoenix, they come out with a new cd in April, they have released their new single already, I'm not 100 percent sure if I like it, since it sounds similar to their other songs, its called "Entertainment"

One of my favorite songs to blast in the car- 1901:

One of my other faves from Phoenix- Rome

So those are one of my two favorite music loves. I'm so excited to see they are coming out with new stuff. Can't wait!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

My mommy confessions

Sometimes I feel like some mothers act as if motherhood is something that is perfect; (on the surface that is) when truly they are miserable, sleep deprived, and frustrated. When people ask the million dollar loaded question "How's Motherhood?", it is very easy to just smile and nod and say "It's going just fine." When in all reality, you're struggling to keep it together, and falling apart by the seams. I mean who wants to actually admit that motherhood is terrible? If we as mothers show any signs of weakness then we are view as being unfit to be a mother, or someone who hates their child. But the truth is mothers are human too, and are allowed to feel frustrated with their child, they are allowed to feel like they want to take a break from it every now and then. Motherhood is no walk in the park. So I would like to share with you my "mommy" confessions. To share how I truly feel about motherhood. Don't get me wrong, motherhood is not terrible, but at times it can really test your patience and sanity. It's important not to keep it all inside and act as if nothing is wrong. So  I like to share with you the things I am going through as a mother right now: my frustrations, the things that just generally pissed me off, and the things that make maybe other mothers can relate too. (And if they can't, maybe I really am a terrible mother, that hates my child and I'm alone with my thinking.Ok..Maybe not. lol)

So here are my mommy confessions:

1) I find breastfeeding annoying at times and wish that men had the power to breastfeed too.
I have a love/hate relationship with breastfeeding. I don't want to stop breastfeeding anytime soon, it's convenient and I know Grant is getting the best nourishment, but there are times when I get tired of breastfeeding. Especially when Grant wakes up in the middle of the night, and I'm so tired, and the only thing that will comfort him is my boob. So this is the jail get out of free card for my husband. He doesn't have to wake up in the middle of the night to take care of Grant. He doesn't have a boob. You might say, "Megan, why can't he just make up a bottle of formula or used pumped milk?" I tried that a couple of times, it doesn't work, he cries, and wants his mommy. If men also had the power to nurse babies, then maybe I could have a break, we could take turns in the middle of the night. I could get some sleep finally! I know that sounds twisted, men breastfeeding too, but hell, I really think it would make a nursing mother's life so much easier.

2) Now I truly understand why parents accidentally leave their children in the car.
Let me rephrase that... I myself have never left Grant in the car, or forgot about him in the car. But I have seen my mind go in crazy mom overdrive, that there have been times when I have dropped Grant off to the sitters, but then I question myself and ask "Did I drop Grant off? He's not in the car still is he?" Needless to say, he never is still in the car, and he's at the sitters, and I literally just left the sitters five minutes ago, but yet I question myself. Why? Because when you get into hyper mom overdrive, so many things are happening at once, that I have to remind myself what I did in the last half hour. I don't think I would ever leave Grant in the car without ever knowing it, but I still check (I know ridiculous.) But I have more of an understanding of why some parents accidentally leave their small children in the car. Usually when it happens, it's because they went out of their routine. Before being a mother, I couldn't fathom or remotely understand how anyone could "accidentally" leave their child in the car. But being a mother has given me more empathy and understanding for why it happens. I could only imagine how the parent would feel if it happened to them, I'm sure they wouldn't live a day without blaming themselves and feeling terrible about it. It's tragic when those things happen, but I will say I completely see how and why it happens. That is why it's important to always double check in the carseat, just to make sure.

3) I want to go away on a vacation away from Grant for a couple of days.
 Don't get me wrong, I love Grant, but sometimes it would be nice to take a little mommy break for a couple of days. Maybe I feel this way because Grant has been extremely attached to me lately, and it's driving me nuts. And Grant is STILL not sleeping through the night, so it would be nice to sleep a night without a crying baby. It's been exhausting lately.

4) I'm getting REALLY mad that people keep mistaking Grant for a girl.
 This has been happening WAY too much lately. Strangers have repeatedly mistaken Grant for a girl when he is clearly wearing boy clothing, with monsters, trains, and trucks. I'm not sure why it is so hard to tell that he is a boy. But I feel like a good rule of thumb that I use is if you are not sure if a baby is a boy or girl, to say "How old?" That way you aren't specifying if a baby is a boy or girl. Usually the parent will say  "She is a month old" And bam you know what gender the baby is without sounding stupid or making a parent mad because you said their baby was the wrong gender.

I am not a girl! Quit saying that!

5)Childproof locks on everything, frustrates me, not only are they childproof but they are Meganproof.
 Now that I have all the cabinets with childproof locks to keep Grant out of them, I have a hard time opening them. I know they are to keep children out of things, but boy are they a hassle to get into cabinets. And I also have struggled with trying to over childproof caps on pill bottles. Boy are they the worse!

6) Holding a newborn baby I can honestly say does not make me want to have another baby.
 There have been two new babies born recently, my niece and then Matt's cousin had a baby. So we got to visit the cute babies recently, and hold them. At both places, I got the question "Does holding a baby make you want to have another?" And I can honestly say no it doesn't make my uterus scream "I need another baby!". Don't get me wrong, I want another baby whenever the time comes, but Grant is such a handful now I'll be fine if it's a little while before I have another. Babies are a lot of work! Or should I say toddlers are a lot of work.

Those are my mommy confessions for now. I'm sure I'll come with more later. Being a mommy isn't easy!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Parenting Picture of the Week: Grumpy Pants

This picture of the week pretty much sums up Grant. Grumpy pants. He has been extremely clingy and extremely grumpy with week. I think he may be cutting more teeth or something. But regardless this  child has been driving me nuts.  He hasn't been sleeping well, and just really clingy. I keep telling myself this too shall pass. Though Grant's grumpy face is very stinking cute. I love his little face!

Friday, March 1, 2013

Fun Fridays- Atlas Genius

So as you can see I'm starting to have some themed days on my blog. Now on Sunday we have Parenting Picture of the Week, Thursdays are Future Letters to my Son, and Fridays are now Fun Fridays.

The Fun Fridays Feature, will be a spotlight on my latest music discovery. I love finding new music, and unknown bands. So Fun Fridays is a way to take a break of talking about mommy stuff all the time and share my outlet, which is music love!

So my latest music love find, is a song I discovered on the radio. First off I'm not much of a radio listener. Mainly because I get sick of the radio playing the same rotation of music. I usually just listen to my mixed cds I made of my favorite songs. But I haven't had a chance to make new music cds, and I'm starting to get SICK of playing the same songs over and over again. So I decided to venture out to radio listening, and came across this station: New Rock 103.9 X . What I love about this station is they play some random indie songs, with a mix of my favorite rock hits from the 90s, like Nirvana, Weezer, Pearl Jam. I really like this station! I came across this song from a band called Atlas Genius.

Trojans by Atlas Genius:

I must say I love the lead singer's voice and I love this song. It is so catchy!

Then with my youtube music digging I discovered this amazing cover  by Atlas Genius of the band XX's song "Islands" (Which is a great band you must check out, this is the orignal: XX- Islands. 
This song is a nice acoustic version of it:

Another song I found from Atlas Genius that I have also fell in love with is a song called Symptoms:

And on a different note the lead singer is really hot :)

Enjoy these fun songs!