Sunday, February 22, 2015

The silly things my three year old says

It is literally impossible to get a picture of a moving three year old

I can't believe Grant is already three years old. He turned three two weeks ago. It is amazing how much he has grown in the last 6 months. Well not really length and weight. He only gained 2 inches and four pounds from two to three. But with his language development and mental development, had skyrocketed in the last few months. He is so smart for his age and he says the funniest things. I really love this age and the funny personality that is coming out of him. He definitely has a mind of his own. He makes me laugh on a daily basis.

I thought I dedicate this entry to the silly things Grant says. Here are some things he has said recently that makes me chuckle and wonder what goes on in that little head of his.

"Are you happy Mommy? Are you happy Daddy?" Grant likes to ask us this question, every five minutes. I guess he wants to check our mental health and make sure we are happy on a regular basis.

"I have a bumblebee stuck in butt"- He says this sometimes when he is trying to go poop. Oh man.. lol.

"I have a poop tail" Oh potty time. This is what Grant told Matt today while he was going poop.

"I want a mohawk!" He told this to the barber on Friday when he got his haircut.

Me: "I need coffee in my life."
Grant: "I need chocolate milk in my life"

"Happy Valentines Day Mommy!" This was a really sweet thing Grant told me on Valentines Day and then everyday after that for a whole week. :)

Nurse at the doctor's office "How old are you Grant?"
Grant who is holding five fingers up, "Three."
Me: "Grant is still learning how many fingers to hold up."
Grant: "No, its too hard to put down my thumb."
(A good reason why he can't hold up three fingers, I just thought he didn't know the difference between three and five yet. )

Grant: "I want to pee standing up!"
Me: "Ok, Grant."
As Grant is peeing: "It's a rocket ship"

"Get out Holly, I need my privacy".

Grant: "There is a spooky robot and a spooky Mommy under my bed."
Me: "Do you mean a spooky mummy?"
Grant: "No, a spooky you."

Me: "Ok Grant, we can play hide and go seek, I will count to ten. Go hide somewhere."
Grant: "I go hide in my bed."
Me: "Grant it makes it easy to find you if you tell me where you are.
This is the same exact hiding place he hides EVERYtime we play hide and go seek. I even tried to count in his bed so he wouldn't hide there, and he go upset and went right next to me to hide in his bed. lol

"I eat Cheerios to grow big."

Everyday when Matt picks up Grant from the sitters he goes down her steps and says, " I am a bunny, hop, hop, hop."

When you ask Grant what his name is, his reply, "Three!"

Just now I had to help Grant go potty and he peed, he says, "I peed out a bumble bee." Him and his bumble bees.

Grant makes me laugh! He is a good entertainment :)

Love this silly guy!