Saturday, April 26, 2014

Busy mommy

I feel like a bad blogger this month. I have not written any entries for April! I have been so busy. It has been so hard lately working full time (and plus some) juggling two little ones, and being a wife.

I have many GREAT topics I want to blog about, which I hope to soon, which more likely means in the next couple of months at this rate.

So just some random themes and snapshots of my life lately:

  • Terrible two is sucking the life out of me. 
  • Two year old's are SO freaking emotional. The other day Grant cried because there was a piece of dirt on his finger, and he was upset by it. Yes a piece of dirt. Everything is just so upsetting.
  • I feel like I have been sleepwalking lately and I'm just SOOOOO tired. Coffee is the only thing keeping me awake lately. Working and two kiddos has really taken a tole on me recently. Maybe it's my age, since after all I just turned 30. hahahaha..
  • I feel like I should run in a marathon. A two year old can run pretty fast, and I feel like I spend a lot of time chasing him around. One of his favorite things to do is run away from me when he knows he is doing something he isn't suppose to be doing.
  • Holly is so stinking cute, and getting cuter by the second, I mean just look at this face:

  • Holly has been MISERABLE with teething, I wish her little tooth would pop through. She seems more miserable with teething than Grant did. Poor thing :(
  •  Holly seems to be doing everything developmental wise two months faster than Grant did it. Which makes me sad because I feel like my little girl is growing too fast on me! She is trying to crawl already, I wish she would slow down.
  • Potty training is so frustrating, especially considering we aren't trying to press the matter, but Grant is trying to potty train himself or more like play around with the idea of using the potty more or less. He has an obsession with taking his diaper off after he poops, and he'll say "I poop, I poop Mommy. And I have to carefully pick him up so he doesn't make a mess. I almost wish he just wouldn't be interested in potty training right now. His timing is still really off with the whole potty training thing. Its hit or miss if he will use it. But he is going potty everyday after he takes his nap and he wakes up with a dry diaper, so that is hopeful!
  • I keep hoping and praying that when Holly turns two, she'll be a piece of cake, and such a good toddler! One can hope. She is such a good baby! Grant was so high maintenance, which probably says a lot about him now. He is still really high maintenance.
  • I can't believe April is almost over and little Holly will be six months already. It's really true when they say that the older you get the faster time goes. I still wonder where this year has gone already. I mean, how is it almost 5 months into the year already?
  •  To end my random post, I thought I end with pictures taken by Grant. He is such an artist I must say. lol
I'm ready to take on the World!

 Here are some pictures taken by Grant: