Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Naming my child part 2

Like I've said in a previous blog entry, that naming my child would be a challenge. And now that I know Herman is a boy, the naming process has become more challenging. When I was compiling names, I had a giant list of girl names, there are so many girl names I like because there are more unique names for girls, and cuter names. My boy names column on my list of name is so far looking pretty small. And if there is a name I remotely like of course Matt hates it. And it doesn't help when you see certain children named the names you like. It's like seeing the image of them completely ruins the image of the name that I liked. For example, today I went to drop off books at the library today, and there is a random little boy about 3/4 years old who looked like a stinker and a trouble maker lingering in the doorway, just staring at me looking all cute. Though he knew he was in trouble, as his mother who was still at her car, getting her other child out of the car into the stroller. She was screaming his name, because he pretty much ran off from his mom, and was in the library when she was still at her car. All I could think instead of messing with your baby and trying to get them in the stroller, quickly grab your baby, and then quickly walk up to your other child and get him! And spank him on the behind for being bad and running off. Even after going in the library and checking out my book, the kid was still in the doorway, and she was still screaming for him. So I still don't understand what was taking her so long. But she screamed "Hayden! Hayden! Hayden!" The name just rung in my ears and suddenly sounded extremely ugly. I had that name on my list and actually kind of liked that name, but seeing the bad child not listening to his mom and the mom just screaming his name, just made his name sound like poison. So now I'll be taking Hayden off my list.

Which reminds me of another name I use to love until I started working with children and did some subbing. The name Dylan. I absolutely loved, loved, loved, that name, until every horrible brat child that I had to deal with was named Dylan. There were probably like 5 different Dylans that gave me a big headache. I don't think I've met a non-trouble making Dylan. Because these boys have ruined the Dylan name, I can't bring myself to name my child Dylan, for fear be may turn into a bratty terrible child. Not that a name will do that to someone, but it's interesting how certain names carry certain stereotypes to them and how people think of a person based off their name.

Then of course when someone mentions a certain name and asked me if I like it, I have to automatically write that name off the list, even though I may like it, because I dated a guy with that name. Which again takes more boy names off my list, a lot of boy names. Well maybe not that many. It just would be weird to name my son after an ex-boyfriend, even if I liked that name. I don't think that's a good idea, it might give people the wrong idea and think I'm madly in love with my exes still.

It's interesting in one of the name books I read, that people are more likely to use unique names for girls but stick with more traditional names for boys. And maybe this is why I am having a hard time liking any boy names, most boy names are just so popular, and all the same. The unique names just don't sound right. Which reminds me when I subbed I came across a boy named Dutch. I still remember this name because I thought it was such a weird name. I just want to call him Dutch Oven. Unique boy names just don't sound right. It seems like the popular trend right now with boy names are names that end in "den" Like Aden, Braden, Hayden, and the "on" ending like Carson, Mason, Colton, Landon. These names are all on the top 100 names of 2011. Which I want to avoid picking a name from that list, but even traditional names like Ethan, Joshua, and even Matthew are still on the top names of 2011. So my choices are limited, maybe I should give up the idea of being unique or at least picking a less popular name. Or I could be totally different and name my child Herman! Herman Sherman! Just kidding! I couldn't do that. That would be a cruel joke. So I have no idea what we are naming our baby, but regardless once I have a name, I will not be revealing it until birth. Sorry, I don't like pre-picking out names before birth. I'll have a name in mind but it may change by the time Herman is born. And I think once you see the baby maybe they look different than the original name you have picked out for him or her. So I will not tell anyone the name mainly for that reason. So for now my little baby will be Herman, but only until Herman is born, and I officially name him. If Matt and I ever come up with a name. Sigh...

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