Monday, October 20, 2014

What's happening with the Shermans

I just realized it has been way too long since I have blogged! I seriously do not know where this year has gone. I cannot believe it is already October! And I can't believe my baby girl will be a year old next month! I have blinked my eye and this year is almost over! How does that even happen? So what is been going on with us recently?

Here are some random snapshots of our lives:

  •  Holly is starting to take a few steps, and standing up for longer periods of time without holding on to anything
  • Potty Training has finally taken on full force! Grant was good going potty when he is at the in home daycare provider but it was a fight to get him to go when he got at home. Last week the sitter made a potty book, where she put stickers for each time Grant went potty. He took this book home, and it helped him want to get more stickers at home! He has not worn a diaper in the last two weeks. He wants to wear his pull ups. And now he is getting to the point where he is wearing the same pull up all day long. He still pees in them on occasion. But we have made HUGE progress in the last two weeks. The potty book is brilliant and is working for Grant. 
  • I got a promotion at work and now I manage a staff! It has been crazy at work lately with this new role, but I don't have to work nights now which means more time with the kiddo 
  • Grant is going to be a T-Rex for Halloween, and Holly is going to be a mermaid! Grant loves his costume and wants to wear it ALL the time. He cries when I have to take it off. 
  • Grant is going to be a ring bearer in my brother's wedding. My brother gets married next month. We just got Grant's suit. Grant cried when I took his suit off. He was so excited to wear it! Now lets hope Grant will walk down the aisle and cooperate.  He will get to walk with his two cousins Anika and Leah (who will be the flowergirls) so maybe that will help!
  •  November is going to be a crazy month! Weddings! Traveling to South Carolina for my brother's wedding, then a big party I am planning for my brother, and Holly's FIRST birthday! Eek!! November is going to me BUSY!
  • Grant is obsessed with Christmas already. He has been watching TONS of christmas videos and I got him a santa pj set yesterday. He was so excited to wear it that we had to put it on him as soon as he got home. Christmas is going to be so much fun with Grant this year! I can't wait!!
Grant loves Christmas!!

  •  Poor little buddies both have an ear infection. Holly has a double ear infection and Grant has an ear infection in one ear. I think Holly might be allergic to amoxillion. :( She has been on it for a week now, and has a bad rash on her chest :( Poor Holly!
 Other than that, it has been pretty much the same old same old! I can't believe it is Fall already! How the year has flown by. I can't wait for Halloween and seeing Grant's excitement for it. :)