Monday, October 3, 2011

Pregnancy makes you sexier, I disagree..

I have the book "Your Pregnancy week by week". I really enjoy the book, and like it ten times better then "What to expect when expecting". I feel like that book just is very watered down and candy coats everything about pregnancy. What I like about this book, is it goes in detail about how the baby is developing each week, and the changes you experience. So what is nice about the book, as I approach the latest week in my pregnancy, I read the chapter for that week. Which is weird to say that tomorrow I'll be officially 20 weeks! Which means I already at the halfway mark! Yah!! But anyways, yesterday I was reading in my book for Week 20, and came across this section in which I couldn't help but laugh. It was called, You May be Sexier than you Think And it listed 10 reasons. So for entertainment I like to share these 10 reasons, with my editorial comments, because I really would like to beg to differ. Though I like the effort this author tried to make in giving pregnant women higher self esteem, but unfortunately their 10 reasons didn't help my self esteem one bit. It made me laugh more than anything.

So her it is, with my editorial comments in bold:

1) Your skin may be smoother and softer because you use lotions and oils to prevent stretch marks

Well that's a fail for me, considering I have not been using lotions or trying to prevents stretch marks, because I know for me they are enviable, I know all the lotion in the world is not going to stop those lovely marks on my body. And my skin is not smooth, it's pretty much dry. Maybe this should be an incentive to start using lotion more ofter, so I feel smooth and sexy.

2)You may ask for massage and back rubs, which may lead to further massage and sexual intimacy.

Again but sorry to break it to you book, but what if your husband doesn't want to massage you? Asking Matt to massage my feet or back is like pulling teeth. And it only happens on extremely rare occasions, unfortunately being pregnant is not an motivator to give me massages.

3) Discovering different ways to make love is an exciting new challenge.

All I have to say about this one, is ummm. No. totally not true and definitely not an "exciting new challenge"

4) A pregnant woman has a unique chance to show off her erotic imagination. Sec during pregnancy often requires some creative thinking on both parts.

Erotic imagination? How does being pregnant make someone have more of an erotic imagination? Seriously? I think the author was starting to run out of reasons so made this bullcrap up.

5) Your pregnancy makes him walk like a man. For many men, their partner's pregnancy is often a source of pride

Even if this was true, how does this make me feel more sexier?

6) Your curves can be sexy.

Unfortunately I have not curves, and being pregnant, is just making me inflate but not get any curvier. And my swollen legs are not very sexy

7) The hormones of pregnancy may increase your sexual desire.

Again lies! I would say more like decrease, having morning sickness, stretch marks, growing somatch, and swollen feet really doesn't put me in the mood or increase my desires.

8) Your changing figure, such as enlarging breast, may turn him on

It seems to be having the opposite effect for me. And the bigger they get the uglier

9) The level of commitment you feel toward your partner may intensify your intimacy, both sexually and non-sexually.Having a child together may be the ultimate act of trust.

Out of the 10 reasons, I actually see truth the this one, so I can't really make fun of it. But again I don't know how this would make me feel sexier.

10) You're carefree because you don't have to worry about birth control

While it is true that I don't have to worry about birth control, I wouldn't say I'm carefree, I would say being pregnant makes me worry 100 times more

So those are 10 reasons why being pregnant is wonderful and just makes you feel sexy! Wasn't that a good laugh! On a different note I get to find out the gender of the baby this Thursday! I can't wait, hopefully Herman cooperates and shows his or her jewels.

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  1. This was hilarious. And I agree about #9. I was thinking, "Dude... I kinda like that one so I hope she doesn't rip on that one!" :) Funny funny stuff. And agree, none of those make me feel more sexy. At all.