Sunday, November 27, 2011

Maternity Pictures

A very popular trend that has seemed to pop up in the last 5 to 10 years is maternity pictures. I'm still unsure of why they are becoming so popular or if this is something that is just a fad. I guess it makes sense for it's popularity, women what to capture the beauty and joy of their pregnancy so they have pictures to remember what it was like to be pregnant. I've seen some really amazing maternity pictures that makes me secretly jealous of how gorgeous the mom to be is, and how small her belly bump is. But there are other maternity pictures that make me shake my head and wonder why in the hell would you want this hanging in your living room for everyone to see?

For example this picture that I found while browsing maternity pictures on Pinterest:

While I admire the artistic nature of this picture, I'm sure when the baby gets older they would really like to see a half naked picture of his or her mother, sexual in nature. This is not the kind of picture I would be having hanging up in my living room wall, let alone ever let my child to be see. This would scar them for life. And maybe they wanted this picture just for them, to keep in her husband's wallet to look at how hot his wife was when she was pregnant. But I highly doubt this is the case considering its floating around the internet for EVERYONE to see.

Here is another example of this:

Again, this picture is lovely in it's artform. But why scar your baby to be for life, so he or she can see a picture like this of their mother? I'm glad this lady can look absolutely stunning as a pregnant women. Actually I'm quite jealous, I look pretty hideous as pregnant women. But even if I did look stunning, I don't think I would take maternity pictures that looked like this. Modesty is a wonderful thing. Though I understand when you give birth, the whole modesty thing goes out the window, that is why I would refuse any video taping of the birth to take place. I don't need a kodak memory of that moment.

And then their are pictures that aren't really too risque, but just creepy, or look odd. Like this one:

Ok maybe this picture isn't that bad. But if you're pants obviously don't fit you anymore, do you have to show it off in a maternity picture? Wear maternity pants! It looks silly as your belly is popping out of your unzipped pants. It looks like she eaten too many tacos from Taco Bell.

And this one is my favorite, odd maternity picture:

This picture is silly! First off her pregnant belly grossed me out, and it looks like her pregnant belly swallowed her head. Why I appreciate the artistic angle the photographer was trying to go with this picture, we don't need to see that angle. It just looks weird. It's like woah look at that HUGE belly!.

Don't get me wrong. Maternity pictures can look very nice. I personally don't like the pictures where women lift up their shirts to show off their bellies. But whatever, it each their own. My pregnant belly looks scary, and I wouldn't want to horrify people with all the stretch marks. But maybe that is what Photoshop is for. Because every belly picture I see, they look perfect and flawless! Maternity pictures can look really cute and be tastefully done. And I think it is nice to capture that beautiful pregnant belly.

Like this one:

Considering I'll be really pregnant when it starts snowing, I would love to take a picture like this in the snow. This is such a gorgeous picture, and she is fully clothed!

And something like this is really cute for a maternity couple picture:

I'm still not sure if I'm going to get maternity pictures done. If I do, I'll probably have Matt take some with his nice fancy camera, and do some outside pictures in the snow or something. I can't really justify paying 200 plus dollars to get professional pictures done. Boy what a business maternity photography is becoming! While I know they would look amazing, Matt has some great photography skills as well. And he can take just as good pictures for free. For those who are planning on taking half naked pictures of themselves for their maternity pictures, its whatever. To each their own. Please don't let my opinion stop you. Everyone has their reasons for doing things. But just remember, and ask yourself, do I really want this picture of myself floating around the internet for everyone to see?

Friday, November 25, 2011

Pregnant acts of kindness

Now that I am in my third trimester, I am definitely starting to feel the the aches and pains of pregnancy. Now I know why pregnant women walk the way that they do. As I walk around to different places I feel like a waddling penguin. Going places like to the grocery store, now feels like an epic journey. I pretty much walk around anymore at snail's past. My feet absolutely kill me anymore. I feel like strings are tighten around my toes. And I feel like I'm carrying an extra 50 pounds. Even though at this point my baby is only like 2 and a half pounds. My back absolutely hurts all the time, whether that be when I'm sitting or walking around. Yes, I sound like a crappy old pregnant lady. But I can say I sympathize for all the mothers out there and they pain they have to endure for nine months.

Earlier this week we had a baking day at work, to make yummy things for our volunteers. I spent five hours working on baking. And by the end of it, I felt like my body was going to collapse. Normally baking that long wouldn't bother me as much, but I was so physically exhausted, that as soon as I got home, I went to bed and laid around like a blob. My nice husband made dinner. I pretty much feel the same way right now, after spending the entire day putting Christmas decorations up. It was extremely painful just to get myself up the stairs. I will definitely say I'm glad I have a desk job now, and not a job where I'm on my feet all the time. I think my feet would just melt off if I had to stand on my feet all the time.

Now that I'm starting to look more pregnant, I feel like I get royal treatment from strangers. That or pity the pregnant woman treatment. Unfortunately I avoided Black Friday today. I felt like maybe I shouldn't venture out since I'm seven months pregnant, and shopping is becoming a painful quest for me. But I went to Meijers yesterday morning in attempts to get 99 cent pizza, and I went to Krogers today. And I couldn't help but notice people walk past me as if there is a ten feet force field around me, and if they get anywhere close to me they feel the need to apologize as if I'm in their way. I'm not sure if they think being too close to a pregnant woman is going to make the pregnant woman spontaneously combust. But it's very interesting how I've been observing the way the general public encounters pregnant women. Maybe they are afraid to get too close to me because they will catch being pregnant. Hahah..

Tonight was an example of how nice general strangers are, and how pathetic pregnant Megans are. Matt had to go to Menards to get something, so I went along to also get some Christmas stuff. He got his stuff, while I was in the Christmas section getting my stuff. As I found more and more things I wanted to get, I found myself with a giant handful of crap. So once I was done getting everything I needed I started aimlessly walking around trying to find Matt. Well this nice lady with an empty basket, sees pregnant old me, struggling to keep everything in my hands. And she says "Want my basket? I don't need it" And she so nicely gave up her basket, to help overzealous me. I tell her I didn't realize how much I was planning on getting, and thanked her for giving up her basket. It was really nice that she did that. But I'm willing to bet if I wasn't pregnant, she wouldn't have gave me basket in the first place.

Also today I got my 3 hour glucose test. Yes, I sadly did fail my one hour test. I was right. Hopefully I didn't fail my 3 hour, but I will not know until Monday probably. Well anyways there is this creepy lab guy there, both times. That I think was seriously trying to hit on a married pregnant woman but whatever. Last week when I got my one hour glucose test, he asked me where I worked and then said, "Where does your husband work? I remember looking at your chart and it saying something, but now I forget. And then he proceeds to tell me about his four year old daughter, and how he would like her to join Girl Scouts, because she doesn't have any friends. Everyone in the neighborhood are boys. And he says he takes her to the park, hoping their will be other girls there. Creepy, and Creepy for spying on my chart and making that part of the conversation. Well today, he was working there again. And helped me get the wi-fi working. And then he left to go to the gas station to get those prepackaged honey buns. Well he comes back with an extra ones, which he gives to me. Maybe he was trying to be nice. But seriously give a hungry pregnant woman something she can't even eat for another 2 hours, (because couldn't eat until the test was completely done) And giving her something sweet, when she could in fact have gestational diabetes. And third, why would you go buy things for your patients? Weird. While I appreciate the nice gesture, I gave the honey bun to Matt, because I really don't like those Hostess prepackaged ones. Oh well. It's just so weird how being pregnant brings out some nice helpful characteristics in people. Maybe that is not weird. But it's just interesting to see how differently pregnant women are treated verses non-pregnant women.

I really do appreciate people's niceness. Though it's going to be sad when I'm not pregnant anymore, and just a regular person. I'm starting to get use to this special treatment. :)

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Delivering a baby is like going through a McDonnald's drive through

I don't if you ever heard or have seen the documentary "The Business of Being Born", but if you haven't I suggest watching it. The only disturbing part is they do show Ricki Lake give birth in the bath tub. Something I really want to see. Not. It's available of Netflix's instant play to watch it.Here's the link to the website, you can watch a trailer to see what it's about:

The Business of being born

Recently Ricki Lake, who helped produced "Business of Being Born" just released the documentary "More about the Business of Being Born". I'm interested to see it. The first one I watched about a year ago, pre-pregnancy, and it definitely opened my eyes to how the whole birth process in itself works, and how most hospitals really don't give women the true birthing experience. To a hospital it's all about getting women in and out of the hospital quickly as possible, and doing unnecessary interventions to them like inducing (which isn't always necessary) just to quickly get them in and out. It's quite disheartening to see women treated this way. Before the documentary, I would have never thought of hospitals as the bad guy. Though, I never realized how much the birth experience is hindered by hospitals. For example, in the documentary, that women laying down while birth is the worst way to give birth. The woman's hips aren't designed to give birth while laying down, that with gravity, they really should be standing up while giving birth. Gravity is going to help push the baby out.

I enjoyed the documentary quite a bit, and now that I'm actually pregnant, and going through the process, I can't help to think that I am too not getting the full experience, and feel sometimes that I am just going through a drive through leaving the doctor's office more confused then when I came in. I know I shouldn't have high expectations; but I like to feel like I should have a sense of what the hell is going on in the pregnancy process, rather than feeling like a piece of meat tossed around from appointment to another.

Today I had my doctor's appointment, and of course just like the other appointments I have had so far in the duration of my pregnancy, they are very short, and have same exact routine every time. I get weighed, and cry inside how much I've gained since last visit, then I pee in a cup, then they check my blood pressure, the nurse ask the same exact question every time, "Had any spotting, cramping, or anything other problems? Is the baby moving ok?" Then the doctor comes in ask me how everything is going, checks for the babies heartbeat and then measures my uterus. And that is the end of appointment. I guess I shouldn't get mad, or expect the earth to shake when going to my appointment, but I guess I would like a sense of feeling more like a human rather then a science experiment. Nothing against my doctor, she is perfectly fine, I guess I'm expecting to be more educated by the doctor in the entire process. And I know if I don't ask questions how is the doctor suppose to answer them? But the problem is when so many things are running through my head at once, like is the baby ok? How am I remember all the questions I have for the doctor? Like today, I peed in the cup expecting it would be fine. And I didn't even know why I peed in a cup until today. I knew they were checking for something, but I had no idea what. And the doctor tells me I have protein in my urine. Instead of me asking questions, like "What does that even mean to have protein in my urine?". My mind was running a million miles a minute thinking, this is terrible, what could have caused that? What am I going to do? And of course the doctor acts like this is no big deal. And maybe it isn't but then again shouldn't I be concerned?

This is what I've learned in the whole process, if everything is ok then there is no need to say anything else, you're just off on your merry way, scheduling the next month's appointment. Sadly the appointments last a total of 5 to 10 minutes, if that. It just makes me wonder why it is this way when going to the doctor. Because really it isn't only this way with prenatal appointments, but also with any doctor's appointment. If I'm sick, the doctor just asks me like three questions and then writes out an absurd amount of unnecessary prescriptions. Maybe I shouldn't say all doctors are like that, but it feels like any doctor I've came across is like that. Maybe it's just that way because they see quite a bit of patients in a day, and its no longer becomes a personal connection to get down to the root of the patient's problem. But rather just quickly getting them out of the doctor's office so they can see the next patient. It's very disheartening because I have no idea what to expect in the birthing process, and I would just like a reassurance that everything is ok.

I will say this process is making me consider a midwife next time. From what I've heard midwives are more caring and understanding about the process. And are advocates of what the women wants for her baby. I don't know we'll see. Though I will say I'm still really wanting to do a water birth. Unfortunately the hospital where I will be giving birth does not have these capabilities. So depending on how this birth goes, I may look into doing a water birth for the next baby, I just would have to go to a different hospital and find a different doctor.

Just another example of frustration about the doctor, I go to my appointment, thinking that I would be getting my glucose test done in the doctor's office, and the the nurse practitioner looks at my chart and says "Oh it looks like you should be getting your glucose test done soon." Yes lady you told me that this appointment would be the appointment I would be getting it done. Good thing I knew to ask the front desk the last appointment if I needed to fast or not before the test. So she gives me paper orders, and of course these orders we not ready, I had to wait another five minutes to get them written up. Then I had to go downstairs to the lab to get my glucose test done. I go in the office, and there are probably 10 other people waiting in the waiting room, waiting to get their blood drawn for something. Because basically the lab is to run tests for anyone who goes to any doctor associated with Upper Valley Medical. So I sign in, there are only two people running the lab, so it takes forever. I waited for 50 minutes. And then when the guy finally called my name, he looks at my paper to see the test I'm getting done and says, "Oh, you just need to drink the glucose drink. I wish you would have told us that as soon as you got here, we could have gave you that as soon as you got here, because you'll have to wait another hour. I feel bad you already waited here 50 minutes." Well how was I suppose to know I could just walk up there and say "I need a glucose test give it to me now!" When there were 10 other people in front of me. I thought it was common courtesy to wait your turn. Also, when I went to sign in, there was no one up front to even ask that. I was so mad, I was expecting the entire thing to last an hour. The drink itself wasn't too bad, of course I felt weird for the rest of the day. But now I'm really nervous because (let me say this blog entry was started on Thursday, and now today is Saturday)when I got home late last night there was a message left on my recorder from the doctor's office saying to call them back. Of course I can't call until Monday, so now the suspense is killing me. Because just like all the other experiences I've had with my current doctor and other doctors in the past. If the test results are perfectly fine, I never get a call, just the next appointment they are like "You're results came out clear, everything is fine." So I have a bad feeling this is a call that is going to tell me that I failed the glucose test, and probably will have to take the 3 hour one now. Boo. We'll see. But oddly I for the first time I'm looking forward Monday coming just so I can find out!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

The protruding belly

As my belly is getting bigger I'm beginning to realize how hard it is to do everyday tasks. Now I'm at the point where I can't even see my feet anymore. All I see if the lovely view of my belly. I know it's just going to get worse, and even bigger as I progress in my pregnancy. It's harder to bend over, and I'm forced to bend over with my knees and not my back. I know that is the way you should bend over when picking up things, because it's terrible on your back, but it's always been a force of habit to not use my knees. But as my belly gets bigger, it's no longer an option. If I bend over with my back and not my knees, I feel like my baby is squeezing the crap out of my gut. Not only that it's getting harder to reach other parts of my body, as shaving my legs is becoming a new adventure. It's so weird to realize that having a big belly really puts a limit on my abilities to do everyday tasks.

Not only is my growing belly hindering my ability to do everyday task, but my belly is becoming a dirt catcher. I'm glad I have a limited wardrobe, and not wearing all of my clothes, because I'm ruining all of my maternity clothes. Sadly I'll wear a maternity shirt for the first time and somehow ruin it. Two of my shirts, I somehow got a bleach stain on my belly area, literally in the same exact spot, because I was being bad and cleaning with a multipurpose spray that has bleach in it, and because my belly is so huge, it somehow came in contact with the cleaner leaving a nice pinkish discoloration on my shirts. Maybe this would teach me to wear an old shirt when cleaning but the problem is I don't have an old shirt that fits me. The only shirts that fit me right now are new shirts I had to buy. And my belly is starting to catch all kinds of random pieces of dirt. Several of my shirts I noticed have grease stains on them or random food stains. I guess when cooking my belly interferes. Every time I cook I find flour, grease, and everything else all over my belly. And when I'm eating I can hit my big mouth, so I just make a big mess all over myself. And my belly has become a collector of cat fur, lint, and crumbs. It's really sad that I can't keep my nice new shirts actually NEW. They already look like a disaster.

Not only that my belly likes to run into things. Yesterday I was cleaning the microwave that is over our stove, and as I was cleaning it, I noticed the stove top was on. My big belly pressed up against the knob and turned on the stove. I didn't do this once but twice while trying to clean the microwave. Good thing I was paying attention to what I was doing. I'm also running into people more as well. I guess I don't realize how much space I take up when walking past people.

As my belly is getting bigger very quickly, lovely stretch marks have decided to pop up in the last few days. And it's so weird how three more have appeared since yesterday. Not that stretch marks are the end of the world, I just was really hoping I wouldn't get them, that maybe my skin was thick enough that it just wouldn't happen. One could wish I guess. And the saddest part, is I can't even see the stretch marks on my stomach because my stomach is so big, I have to look in the mirror to see them. The only reason I even knew they were there in the first place was because Matt pointed them out.

It's really fun to have a big belly I guess, I can't wait when I get to the point where I can put pop cans on it, or a glass of water on my belly. It will be funny making my belly a table where I can set various items on it. It will just be weird when my baby is born and that huge belly will be gone, I won't know what to do with myself! On a happy note I'm quickly approaching the third trimester already! I'm still confused as to when exactly the third trimester is, because some books say 26 weeks and some say 28, so I'm 26 weeks this Tuesday, so I guess we can say I'm in the third trimester. Yah! I really don't know where the time has gone. Only 14 weeks left until baby Herman is born!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Seriously how could you not have known you were pregnant?

I remember years ago hearing about a lady not knowing she was pregnant the entire time, and then giving birth. I was so baffled by how someone could not know they were pregnant, and thought at the time this was such a rare occurrence. But of course it was not such a rare occurrence. After all they ended up making a show out of it. Which even has baffled me even more to know that there are so many women that didn't know they were pregnant, that they could make a show out it. I'm intrigued every time I watch this show, and the more I watched the show the more I started to believe maybe they weren't stupid for not realizing they were pregnant, maybe they had valid reasons to believe they were not pregnant. For example some of the women on there took a pregnancy test and it came up negative, or were told they could never have kids, so I could almost believe how they thought they were never pregnant, especially when they thought they never could get pregnant. So it would make sense pregnancy never came across their minds. But now that I am actually pregnant I no longer pity these women or understand how they could not realize they were in fact pregnant. Because now that I am actually pregnant, it's easy to see there are pretty obvious reasons to know that your in fact pregnant, and that it isn't just having the flu, or bad ingestion.

If you haven't watched the show, you must see some of these clips from the show, like this first video: Watch a some of the clips for yourself, and prepared to be baffled You'll be surprise how many women on the show give birth on the toilet. And it makes me laugh, when they go to get off the toilet to realize they are attached to what is in the toilet. Which is so funny to me, because seriously what kind of crap did they think they took? An eight pound one? Giving birth in itself, is nothing like a bowel movement so why would they think that they just took a big dump? Other interesting ones I've seen from the show, is a lady gave birth in her pants. Yes her pants, they had to rip her pants, and she didn't know what happened when she gave birth in her pants. Another one gave birth at a rest stop bathroom, and it was a breached baby, that she ended up delivery vaginally. Another one gave birth at a bathroom to a amusement park. Another lady gave birth gave birth at home, and her husband was out of town, and she didn't bother to tell him she had a baby, until he came home a few days later, to find a sick baby and a sick her (she should have went to the hospital right away but refused because she didn't like doctors)with a baby in her hands. The husband was baffled to how and where the baby came from. I can't blame him. These stories blown my mind. My favorite ones are the women that already had one or two pregnancies before, so you would think they would know that they were in fact pregnant. Like in the video clip I have in the link above, the lady even said she was experiencing pain just like when she had her daughter, but yet she still thought she was just taking a very painful bowel movement. Seriously? What is going on with these people's thinking? I feel if I ever had a pregnancy that I went through not knowing I was pregnant, I don't think I would want to embarrass myself to millions of people on television. Because that is what these women are doing, while they honestly didn't know they were pregnant, explaining their dumb story to people, just makes them more of a fool. I would never want to admit my stupidity to others.

As more days go by in my pregnancy, the more baffled I am as to how these women didn't realize they were pregnant until that baby popped out of them. I know a lot of them will say they didn't have very many symptoms, or didn't have the same symptoms as their first pregnant, or didn't gain any weight, but even then HOW COULD YOU NOT KNOW YOU WERE PREGNANT? I feel the bigger my baby gets the more I'm reminded that I'm pregnant. I will say after the morning sickness past, and I wasn't as tired, there would be days that I felt amazing, and definitely didn't feel pregnant. But now that the baby is getting bigger taking more space up and moving around quite a bit, it's hard not to realize or know that there is a baby growing inside of me. Herman kicks and moves around quite a bit. It's like a lighten jolt every time he moves. Which makes me wonder, what did those women think when there was odd movement rumbling in their stomach over a dozen times in a day? Did they think that was just air bubble in their stomach or bad gas? Also bending over or leaning forward just isn't possible for me anymore, I can feel the heaviness in my gut, I know it's just not my intestines, it feels like a hard rock in my belly every time I lean forward, not to mention my belly no longer feels flabby, but it's also as hard as a rock. Before being pregnant, I never have felt that sensation before. So again even if you didn't know you were pregnant, wouldn't you feel different, when you bend over or lean forward? What did those women think was happening to their stomachs? Did the think their intestines turned into iron?

If you are reading this blog entry, and have in fact experienced being pregnant the entire 9 months, and not knowing it, I'm sorry, and I hope this blog entry doesn't offend you. Maybe you can enlighten me as to how you truly didn't know you were pregnant. Because now that I am in fact pregnant, I just can't understand how anyone wouldn't know they were pregnant. I feel like be pregnant is pretty obvious, even if you don't experience the weight gain, or morning sickness.But maybe I'm wrong with that because it seems like there is a large amount of women, who just don't take the hints that their body is giving them to let them know they are in fact pregnant.

Friday, November 4, 2011

2nd trimester joys

As I'm approaching the end of the 2nd trimester,(only three more weeks left!) I must say I definitely like the 2nd trimester better. And as time progress, I feel like I more more of a connection with my little baby boy growing in my belly. For example I've discovered Herman (yes still calling him Herman, but that is just his before birth name. lol. Don't worry it will not be his real name, though I've grown accustomed to calling him Herman) is not a morning person like his mom. Maybe this will change, but I rarely feel movement from him until 10:00 or 11:00 in the morning, which is usually the time I'm fully awake. He's really sleepy like me. He seems to be a night person like me, he's the most active from nine o'clock to midnight. He's usually dancing in my uterus, at midnight. Another thing that makes me feel more bonded with my baby, is when I'm driving and I'm listening to one of my favorite songs on my mixed CDs I've made, and without fail Herman will start kicking. Either he hates my music or he has grown accustom to liking my favorite songs, giving me "I like this song" kicks. I'm hoping once he's born maybe if I play some of my favorite songs he'll be soothed by the sound of them when fussy and upset. We'll see. And another bonding moment I've had with Herman is sometimes when I noticed he hasn't moved for awhile, of course I become neurotic and get worried as to why he hasn't moved for awhile. But it never seems to fail when I tap my belly, and say "How's it going little buddy?" he'll move around within a few minutes, as a nice reminder that he is in fact still ok. So it's nice that he'll likes to help clam my worries. I must say I'm growing quite fond of my baby, which makes me even more ecstatic when he is actually born and enters this world.

Other loves of the second trimester, is morning sickness I think has finally quit making it's appearance. At least I hope it has. It decided to come back around week 16, but now it went away again, and I haven't gotten sick in the last month, which is good. Knock on wood. And maybe I shouldn't speak too soon, but oddly I have not had any heartburn since being pregnant. Which is weird because I would get heartburn all the time pre-pregnancy. So I will not complain about that. And my allergies have been pretty good as well. Which is also weird because I have terrible allergies pre-pregnancy, and without fail my eyes, nose and everything else would be tearing up, red, itchy, etc. Usually it would be bad to the point where I would have to take Zyrtec. But it's been pretty good since I've been pregnant which is odd. I guess I will say my sinuses started acting up a little last week, but its mainly just a runny nose and luckily it didn't get as bad as it usually does. I did speak to soon with that, because literally the day before, I was bragging about how my sinuses have not been bothering me. But it's normal for this time of the year for my sinuses to be bad, so I'm just glad they are not as bad as they usually are. Though one thing that is very weird, considering I don't think in my entire life, unless this happened when I was a kid, that my nose has bled. Tonight it started bleeding, which I didn't even know what to do considering I've never had a nose bleed, ever. I'm not sure if this was caused as a result of being pregnant. But I must say it was weird.
I also like my zit free face. Usually my face looks like the face of an awkward zitty 13 year old, but now my face is fairly clear. It's really nice having a clear completion, finally!

So far the not so nice joys of the second trimester would be swollen feet. At this point I can pretty much only wear two pairs of shoes. I've became best friends with a new pair of boots I bought a few weeks ago because they are comfy, and a size bigger than what I usually wear so they fit very well. My left foot looks two times bigger than my right foot, because that's the stupid foot I broke twice already now, so I guess it decided that pregnancy isn't a nice thing to happen to it. So my left foot looks like a freak of nature, and I swear that I'm getting spider veins on my left foot. I don't know if that is even possible but my foot is looking pretty sad looking. Another not so nice joy of pregnancy is my wedding ring not fitting. It decided to quit fitting at 16 weeks. And I decided last week to try it on again to see if maybe the swelling has gone down. But no such luck, I couldn't even move the ring a past my first finger joint, or whatever you want to call it. So now I've been sporting a fake ring, which is sad because I'm really starting to miss my real ring. :( Other than that the only annoying thing is I'm realizing how annoying it is to bend over anymore, and I feel like I'm getting bigger that it's becoming harder to reach things. But I guess I won't complain for these things are a small price to pay for a bundle of joy.

I just can't believe that I'm already 24 weeks, well almost 25 weeks! How time has flown. And I'll be in the third trimester soon. Wosh!