Sunday, November 6, 2011

Seriously how could you not have known you were pregnant?

I remember years ago hearing about a lady not knowing she was pregnant the entire time, and then giving birth. I was so baffled by how someone could not know they were pregnant, and thought at the time this was such a rare occurrence. But of course it was not such a rare occurrence. After all they ended up making a show out of it. Which even has baffled me even more to know that there are so many women that didn't know they were pregnant, that they could make a show out it. I'm intrigued every time I watch this show, and the more I watched the show the more I started to believe maybe they weren't stupid for not realizing they were pregnant, maybe they had valid reasons to believe they were not pregnant. For example some of the women on there took a pregnancy test and it came up negative, or were told they could never have kids, so I could almost believe how they thought they were never pregnant, especially when they thought they never could get pregnant. So it would make sense pregnancy never came across their minds. But now that I am actually pregnant I no longer pity these women or understand how they could not realize they were in fact pregnant. Because now that I am actually pregnant, it's easy to see there are pretty obvious reasons to know that your in fact pregnant, and that it isn't just having the flu, or bad ingestion.

If you haven't watched the show, you must see some of these clips from the show, like this first video: Watch a some of the clips for yourself, and prepared to be baffled You'll be surprise how many women on the show give birth on the toilet. And it makes me laugh, when they go to get off the toilet to realize they are attached to what is in the toilet. Which is so funny to me, because seriously what kind of crap did they think they took? An eight pound one? Giving birth in itself, is nothing like a bowel movement so why would they think that they just took a big dump? Other interesting ones I've seen from the show, is a lady gave birth in her pants. Yes her pants, they had to rip her pants, and she didn't know what happened when she gave birth in her pants. Another one gave birth at a rest stop bathroom, and it was a breached baby, that she ended up delivery vaginally. Another one gave birth at a bathroom to a amusement park. Another lady gave birth gave birth at home, and her husband was out of town, and she didn't bother to tell him she had a baby, until he came home a few days later, to find a sick baby and a sick her (she should have went to the hospital right away but refused because she didn't like doctors)with a baby in her hands. The husband was baffled to how and where the baby came from. I can't blame him. These stories blown my mind. My favorite ones are the women that already had one or two pregnancies before, so you would think they would know that they were in fact pregnant. Like in the video clip I have in the link above, the lady even said she was experiencing pain just like when she had her daughter, but yet she still thought she was just taking a very painful bowel movement. Seriously? What is going on with these people's thinking? I feel if I ever had a pregnancy that I went through not knowing I was pregnant, I don't think I would want to embarrass myself to millions of people on television. Because that is what these women are doing, while they honestly didn't know they were pregnant, explaining their dumb story to people, just makes them more of a fool. I would never want to admit my stupidity to others.

As more days go by in my pregnancy, the more baffled I am as to how these women didn't realize they were pregnant until that baby popped out of them. I know a lot of them will say they didn't have very many symptoms, or didn't have the same symptoms as their first pregnant, or didn't gain any weight, but even then HOW COULD YOU NOT KNOW YOU WERE PREGNANT? I feel the bigger my baby gets the more I'm reminded that I'm pregnant. I will say after the morning sickness past, and I wasn't as tired, there would be days that I felt amazing, and definitely didn't feel pregnant. But now that the baby is getting bigger taking more space up and moving around quite a bit, it's hard not to realize or know that there is a baby growing inside of me. Herman kicks and moves around quite a bit. It's like a lighten jolt every time he moves. Which makes me wonder, what did those women think when there was odd movement rumbling in their stomach over a dozen times in a day? Did they think that was just air bubble in their stomach or bad gas? Also bending over or leaning forward just isn't possible for me anymore, I can feel the heaviness in my gut, I know it's just not my intestines, it feels like a hard rock in my belly every time I lean forward, not to mention my belly no longer feels flabby, but it's also as hard as a rock. Before being pregnant, I never have felt that sensation before. So again even if you didn't know you were pregnant, wouldn't you feel different, when you bend over or lean forward? What did those women think was happening to their stomachs? Did the think their intestines turned into iron?

If you are reading this blog entry, and have in fact experienced being pregnant the entire 9 months, and not knowing it, I'm sorry, and I hope this blog entry doesn't offend you. Maybe you can enlighten me as to how you truly didn't know you were pregnant. Because now that I am in fact pregnant, I just can't understand how anyone wouldn't know they were pregnant. I feel like be pregnant is pretty obvious, even if you don't experience the weight gain, or morning sickness.But maybe I'm wrong with that because it seems like there is a large amount of women, who just don't take the hints that their body is giving them to let them know they are in fact pregnant.

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