Sunday, January 27, 2013

Parenting Picture of the week~ Big Messes

So this week Grant has really been getting into the cabinets and making a big messes. It keeps him entertained, but then of course I have a big mess to clean up afterwards. We actually put childlocks finally on the cabinets. Matt put some on the important cabinets, like the bathroom and under the sink. But now I think Matt will need to put more locks on all the other cabinets. While they aren't bad if Grant gets into them, he likes to take everything out of them, and make a big mess as you can see. He also ended up climbing in the one cabinet and playing in it. Such a silly boy, he has so much fun in the kitchen. This morning when he woke up, the first place he went to was to play in the kitchen. Apparently taking things out of the cabinet is more exciting then playing with his toys. Grant is so fun, and such a fun handfull!

Friday, January 25, 2013

The Liebster Award!

 I'm getting excited that my blog is starting to get noticed by more and more people. I had a wonderful gal nominate me for the Liebster Award, which is basically a great way for other bloggers to share other great blogs and help each other grow their blog audiences! Thank you to Elizabeth and her blog 2 Love Birds Building a Nest (love her blog background) for the Liebster Award. :)

Edit- I guess I need to add a thanks to Ali. She just posted her blog and also nominated me! Check her blog out: Chasing Moonlight and Roses. It's a great blog and read!

So what is the Liebster Award?
The Liebster Award nomination goes to those bloggers who have a following of less than 200 to promote other bloggers to comment and share - even get to know each other!  I think this is great, because it gives you the potential to gather a larger following!  If you get nominated, you cannot nominate the person who nominated you (No tagbacks!).
The point of the Liebster Award is to answer questions, tell 11 secrets about yourself, and nominate 11 other bloggers who fit the criteria.  Here it goes!

11 Things About Me
(I'll try to make these a big surprise for the people who know me quite well who read this blog)
  1. I like to write poetry.
  2. I love doing Logic Puzzles, word puzzles, and Sudoku on my spare time
  3. I have an extreme fear of Aliens. 
  4. Over 60 percent of my wardrobe is some shade of blue.
  5. I am extremely clumsy and break/spill things on a regular basis, I usually break one of my dishes (glasses, plates, etc) accidentally at LEAST once a month, if not more.
  6. I chew on pens without even realizing it half the time. It's one of my worse habits. I have a whole desk with chewed up pens. I have accidentally chewed on other people's pens without realizing it.
  7. I use to hate drinking beer, I couldn't stand the taste of it, but ever since having Grant, I absolutely love the taste of beer, and get thirsty for it. And I can't stand the taste of hard liquor anymore, when mix drinks use to be my poison.
  8. I'm a movie snob, since I use to work at Blockbuster, I've seen hundred's of movies, and I have a set a high bar to like a movie now. I don't like too many movies anymore, they all seem the same. And I'm getting sick of remakes of movies. Seriously why keep re-hashing the same movie over and over again?
  9. I terrible at cooking dinner. I have burnt many meals, and following recipes seems to fail me, mainly because I read them too quickly and miss an important step in the recipe. 
  10. I really want a tattoo, I've had an fascination with them but know Matt would never let me get one. And I could see my parents freaking out over that one.
  11. I'm obsessed with Paul Rudd, he is so hot, and adorable.

11 Questions
  1. What is your favorite color and why? Blue, because there are SO many shades that blue comes in, and I love absolutely every single shade of it. Can't say the same for the other colors. 
  2. So, you have a blog. Why? I love to write, I find blogging a great way to express myself, and a great way to share my experience, musings and frustrations on life and motherhood.
  3. What is your goal for this year? Not really sure I all honesty. Trying not to break any bones.
  4. What is the best song to describe your mood today? Bored by Deftones
  5. Who are the 3 most important people in your life and why? Matthew- my Husband, Grant, and oh gosh, I don't know if I can pick just one other person, if I do that, then it would look like I have favoritism. Can I just lump my parents into one person? lol And why are they important? Well I think that is obvious :)
  6. How did you meet your significant other? On
  7. If there was a $100 bill laying on the ground, would you take it? I would try to find the owner of it if it was at a place where I can do that. I have found a 20 dollar bill once and turned it in.
  8. Compare yourself to your 15 year old self.  What would you tell him/her? It will get so much better in 10 years. Trust me.
  9. What is your worst vice? Too many things. Butter salty popcorn.
  10. Take your age and double it.  Where do you see yourself at that age? Gosh, I sound so old if I double my age! I would be semi-close to retiring. I would see myself being happy, watching my kids grow up, and enjoying my time with Matt because hopefully they will be out of the house by then.
  11. What is the best life advice you can give your followers? Everyone is going to have their opinions about your marriage/relationship, how to raise your child, or live your life. Take it with a grain of salt, and do what YOU feel is best.  Go with your gut.
11 Questions for You
1) What is your favorite quote?
2) What are 5 things your can't live without?
3) Least favorite chore?
4) What is your favorite blog entry, you ever posted? Post it here:
5) What is the one song you could play over and over again, and not get sick of?
6) What is your next vacation spot?
7) If you had to live on one food for the rest of your life, what would that one food be?
8) What year was the best year of your life? Why?
9) Favorite blog of all time? That is not one that you nominated
10) Biggest pet peeve?
11) What thing do you splurge on yourself?

And the nomination goes to:
The top 11 blogs I have chosen, I'll try to chose ones that haven't been already nominated by someone else!

1)Confessions of a Cashew   Annie- I know the author personally, and I absolutely love her blog. It's honest, raw, and I love her cynicism.
2) AG's Adventures in the Peach Corps Grace-Another person I absolutely adore and know personally. She hasn't updated her blog for awhile, but understandable considering she is currently in the Peace Corps, and in Morocco! I love her writing. So elegant.
3)Every Little Beautiful Pieces-Ashley-Love her blog, and pictures of her cute family! She is a great writer
4)A Fraction of the Whole Jamie- Her little baby is so cute, and love reading the updates on her little guy!
5) Allyson & Co Allyson- She just started this blog recently. But even though it is a newer blog, she definitely could get some recognition. I love her blog so far, she's great at blogging!
6) Life of The Lasseter's Nikki- Love her background of the blog, and of course the content. Another one I love seeing updates of.
7) 1+1=4 Megan- Love her blog and all the cute pictures she post of her family!
8) Letters to Wyatt Jessica- I love that she writes weekly letters to her adorable son! He is so stinking cute, I just want to squish him.
9)A Whole Lotta Somethin' Amanda- I love all the recipes she makes. Her food looks so yummy, I want to pull it off the computer scream and eat it. lol
Jenna- This is my husband's cousin. She actually hasn't updated her blog in a long time, but I love it, and I think you should continuing blogging if you can find the time. Cough.. Cough.. You're blog is so fun! It has a little bit of everything in it. I know you're busy with school but you should update your blog. I want more fun! :)
11) love like you've never been hurt Britt- I love her blog, and her journey in motherhood, and her little girl is so cute.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Parenting picture of the week~Childproofing

This week's theme is all about being creative, as Grant has learned to get into everything. This week he has become more curious about opening cabinets.We don't have childproof locks on our cabinets. Mainly because I was trying to see if they actually make ones where you have to drill holes in the cabinets. But no luck, so I am going to have Matt install the ones we have now tomorrow, since Grant likes to get into the cabinet filled with chemicals and other cleaning things. So my temporary childproof fix was using a spatula. It actually worked. Grant spent a long time trying to pry it off, but he had no success. I know it looks pretty tacky to have a random spatula hanging on the door handles of the cabinet door. But hey, it works. I've learned you got to be innovative sometimes to keep baby away from things he should not be messing with. Grant is such a curious little guy!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Post baby weight struggles

So I will admit I had this whole delusion that I would lose all the baby weight  and then some from my pregnancy. Pretty much everyone has told me how I would lose pounds like crazy from breastfeeding. That the pounds would drop like magic. And that you can eat anything that you want and lose weight. Well that was completely wrong. I know it is true for maybe for some women. But for me not the case. I will admit that I am slightly (ok, maybe more then slightly) envious of the women who look amazing within 6 months after having a baby. A very popular blog that I follow, which I will remain nameless, makes me extremely envious. (And for those who follow this blog, you may know who I am talking about) I love the blog,it is about a new mother, who also had a baby around the same time as I did. She is stick thin and gorgeous. When she was pregnant, she looked amazing. Her body pretty much looked the same. She didn't inflate like a giant balloon like I did. She just looked like she had a cute little basketball underneath her shirt. She recently posted a blog entry about how she got back her post-baby body back to her pre-baby body. It was sickening, when she posted a picture of a picture of her per-pregnancy abs and her post baby abs exactly a year later (4 months after she had the baby). Ok it wasn't sickening. It's wonderful that she got her body back and actually looked better then even before she had a baby. But sickening to me for the fact that it's almost been a year since I've had Grant and I still feel like a blimp. And don't look remotely the same as I did pre-baby. And of course the blogger contributing losing most of her weight quickly to breastfeeding, eating healthy, and intense exercise. And all I can think, is how in the hell do you find time with a baby, to work out? Between working, and taking care of Grant, I RARELY have the time to work out. Which is maybe part of the problem. I also contribute people who look amazing after giving birth, to good genes. Which I decided I do not have good genes. After-all, I had to get per-elcampsia, which is contributed to my bad genes.

I will admit my eating habits have not been the best. Which is maybe why I have not dropped the weight as quickly as I would have likes to. I'm getting better about it. I've been drinking way more water, and cutting pop and other sugary drinks. That has seemed to help shrink my belly. But I just don't understand why I have nearly breastfed for a year, and have not dropped the pounds like flies. I'm hoping I'll be like the women that I keep hearing about who don't lose the pounds until AFTER they quit breastfeeding. Apparently some women store fat and don't lose weight when breastfeeding. And then when they stop breastfeeding, the weight starts dropping. At this point I hope a pray this is the case. I have become very deflated about my post baby belly. When I was pregnant I gained 55 pounds. Which was ridiculous. I was watching Jessica Simpson on Jay Leno, last night. She is pregnant with baby number two. She was talking about how with the first pregnancy she pretty thought she could eat anything and was a human garbage disposal. Which is one of the reasons why she gained over 50 pounds. She worked hard to lose the baby weight, but then she got pregnant again. Listening to her interview, Matt chimed in and said I thought the same thing, that I could eat as much as I wanted just because I was pregnant. I denied that this was true, but the more I thought about it, I was in denial. It was true. I pretty much ate everything under the sun. I ate a lot of ice cream during my pregnancy, and french fries. Which would account why I have gained so much during pregnancy. And maybe that is why it's been so hard to lose it. I so far have lost 40 pounds since having Grant. But I still need to lose 15 pounds to get back to prepregnancy weight. It's so depressing because I've been stuck at the same weigh since I've was 4 months postpartum. It's like the weight will not dropped anymore.

Luckily my pants fit me again, but my belly is like cellulite,flabby cottage cheese.I hate wearing any of my shirts. I just over analyze them anymore, because I feel like my boob are huge, and they show my belly budge.  I now have quite a bit of muffin top spillage pouring out of my pants. It's really depressing. Shirts that were big on me, and pretty much droopy looking before I got pregnant, now look like a tight belly shirt. It's hideous. I've had to buy a lot of new shirts because of this. I'm not liking my post-pregnancy body. Which is probably why I am having such a hard time accepting, that I may never get my pre-baby body back.

It's funny how these things work, because I remember even before having Grant, how I felt fat, like my belly was flabby, or that I looked like a whale. But now looking at pictures, I realized I wasn't THAT bad, and I would die to look that way again.

The other day I came across this picture from 2006, and didn't even realize I was that skinny. If only I could look like that again!

It's funny because even though this was 7 years ago, I really haven't changed pants size. And I'm only about 15 pounds more then I was in this picture. It's amazing how much weight can shift around. This is what I looked like about a couple months before I found out I was pregnant. Unfortunately I can't fit into this dress anymore with my post baby body. Mainly because of my huge boobs. I would love to get back to this look:

I guess I shouldn't be a too tough critic on myself, because I don't look terrible. As long as you don't have to ever see me in a bikini. Which I never really wore one pre-baby anyways. Here is a picture of what I took of myself today. It's not terrible, I will say I look pretty awesome in my green skinny jeans. But I still have work to do in my tummy region.

Recently I have been going to yoga classes, and I will say I am loving yoga. I didn't realize how much yoga can work the body. I've been really feeling more alert doing yoga. Also my back hasn't been hurting as much doing yoga. I'm hoping yoga will help tone me more. So I am hoping to continue with the yoga.

Bottom line, it may not be easy to look good after having a baby. Maybe I'll never get back to the way I looked pre-baby. And I need to accept that and love the skin I'm currently in. I guess it isn't that terrible :)

Sunday, January 13, 2013

This weeks: Parenting picture

This week's picture pretty much sums up what Grant has been doing all week. That is carrying his shoe around. He is such a silly baby! Normal children carry around stuff animals or blanket where ever they go. Not Grant, he likes to carry one of his shoes around. He'll crawl around, dragging his shoe. When you pick him up, he'll still have his shoe in his hand. It's like his shoe is his security blanket. Actually right now as I type this blog entry, Grant is coming up to me with his shoe in his hand, dragging it by it's shoelace. Grant is so silly, and I love his silly little personality that is coming out. It is never a dull day with Grant!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

My Parenting picture of the week!

Happy 2013 everyone!

Hi my friends! I can't believe it is a new year, and it's already 2013! I feel like worrying about Y2k was yesterday. How the last 13 years of my life have flown by. As you can see for the new year, I have given my blog a new look. I thought I got for a fun and fresh look. Also I've decided that once a week on Sundays, I will have an entry called: My Parenting picture of the week. Which is a picture that basically sums up the kind of week I have had as a parent of a fun silly little boy. Thought I add some excitement each week to my blog!

So for my first P.P.O.W. (Parenting picture of the week, if you haven't figured out my abbreviations by now). Is this picture:

I am such a messy boy!

This picture pretty much sums up my week as a parent. Messy. . . Big messes were made when I was trying to take the Christmas tree down. Big messes were made obviously from eating spaghetti. Grant had to take a bath after this picture. Grant had some extra poop explosion diapers this week, which caused for frequent changes of outfits. Everyday this past week, a mess of some kind was made. The joys of parenting. Cleaning up messes are so fun! Not! But they do make great pictures!

Tune into next week's P.P.O.W. Who knows what kind of picture Grant will inspire me to take this week. :)