Monday, September 26, 2011

Irrational fears of a pregnant woman

Since I've been pregnant, I've developed some crazy irrational fears. Fears that would most likely never come true, but I think being pregnant just makes me 100 times more of a worry wart than I already am. Maybe my mama bear instincts are just kicking in and making me super over protective of my little baby bean growing to the point that I've imagine every worst case scenario. Regardless I've realized how ridiculous my irrational fears have been lately. Prepare to get a good laugh or just shake your head and worry about my silly irrational fears that most normal pregnant women probably do not think about.

My first irrational fear which actually most pregnant women do worry about is having a miscarriage. I've pretty much developed this fear as soon as I found out I was pregnant; being so afraid that I would somehow lose the baby. Even though I'm in my 2nd trimester and in the safe zone of miscarriage less likely to happen, I still freak out that something will happen to my baby. Here is the part that you're going to shake your head at me, every time I go to the bathroom I have to check the toilet just to make sure my baby didn't fall into the toilet. Yes, I know that is the most ridiculous thing you probably ever heard. But for some reason I'm so scared something like this will happen, maybe it's because I've watched way to many episodes of "I didn't know I was pregnant" where women have given birth in the toilet, thinking they just had to take a big poop and to their horror discover that they can't get off the toilet because they are connected to what is in the toilet, i.e. a baby! The concept still just baffles me to how you do not know you're ever pregnant in first place. I feel like the signs are so obvious, when you're pregnant let alone giving birth. I mean how could you not know you are giving birth in the toilet? I guess I'm not afraid I'll give birth while on the toilet, but somehow I'll miscarry and I'll find the baby in the toilet. It's a terrible thought, that I hope never happens, but yet I freak out about this constantly, and always checking the toilet just to make sure. You can tell me that I'm ridiculous which I am. Which reminds me of last week, when I went to the bathroom, looked in the toilet, and gasp in horror seeing this weird white blob, thinking it came out of me, to only realize it was nothing but cat hair. Yes, cat hair. When Matt finds Marco's cat hair laying around instead of throwing it away he thinks the better solution is to put it in the toilet and not flush it afterward. It nearly gave me a heart-attack, I'm not sure what I thought it was at first, but somehow I associated it seeing it meant something is wrong with my baby. Again ridiculous. I was so relieved when I realized it was cat hair. I know my baby is not going to fall right out of me, but I guess my worst fear is that I'm going to go into early labor and have an abrupt placenta or whatever that is called, where the placenta erupts or something and labor happens prematurely. Like I said most pregnant women probably do have an fear of having a miscarriage but they probably do not have a fear of finding their baby in the toilet. Sigh. I seriously don't know where I think this crap up, again I've been watching way too much "I didn't know I was pregnant" or something. And you would be surprise how many women on that show had their baby while on the toilet. sigh..

My next irrational fear is something I've developed recently in the last month, and I worry as the weather gets worse that my fear is going to get worse. And that is driving. Yes, recently I've been getting anxiety with driving. Usually it's only when I change lanes on the highway, and driving in general on the highway. I don't know why, I guess I'm so scared that when changing lanes, I'll get hit by a car that I didn't see because they were in my blind spot. I pretty much break my neck as it is already, just to make sure there are no cars in my blind spot, but I still cringe every-time I change lanes, thinking I'm going to get hit by a car. Again, not normal! I was never like this before. I really think it is because I'm pregnant, I'm just so scared of getting in a car accident, that I don't want anything to happen to my baby. And I know having anxiety like this is not good when driving, and it doesn't help that I spend a majority of my time driving around to random places for my job. I guess that is why I am so scared of this winter, I already hate driving in snow and ice as it is. I got in a wreck in January of this year because of black ice, so now that I'm pregnant, the thought of driving in the snow really scares me quite a bit. Matt says I should just drive his jeep since it has four wheel drive, which maybe I will, it may make me feel more safe. I have a feeling though once I have the baby the fear of driving won't go away, because the baby will be in my car while driving and then I'll be still scared of getting in a wreck in fear of harming my baby. So I don't really think this fear is going to go away, though I just need to take a chill pill and be a better driver. For those who know me, my driving skills are not the best.

My last irrational fear is beyond ridiculous. I'm 27 years old, and sadly embarrassed to even admit this fear. I have a horrible fear of aliens. I'm not really sure why, it's not like I've even seen an alien or have been abducted by aliens, but the thought of them seriously scares the life out of me. This is why I refuse to watch movies with aliens in them. When I saw the movie "The Signs" I was so scared when I went to bed, that I was shaking and it took me 4 hours before I went to sleep. Well now that I'm pregnant and I have to get up in the middle of the night, at least 2 to 3 times, I've become quite scared of walking in the dark and going to the bathroom. Again, 27 year old's should not be afraid of the dark, this is something a 5 year olds should be afraid of, but not a 27 year old! I'm afraid of the dark for the silliest reason, yes, I'm afraid aliens are going to come out of the darkness and get me. Again I know this is probably the silliest thing you've ever hear of, most people are not afraid of the dark or afraid of aliens for that mater. And it's not like aliens are going to come and get me, but yet I tip toe in the dark, hoping the darkness doesn't skew my perceptions as I'm in a half-asleep daze. Oddly I didn't have a fear that aliens were going to come at me in the middle of the night before I was pregnant, but somehow now that I'm pregnant, I've developed this silly fear, maybe because I have to walk around in the dark more, I don't know. I guess I could turn on the lights, but I don't want to wake up Matt.

OK, now I feel slightly ridiculous that I've shared my irrational fears, but I promise I do not need to seek professional help, it's just being pregnant has somehow made me super duper over protective, and all I want is a healthy baby boy or girl. So I don't want anything to happen to my baby, so I've developed these ridiculous fears that I hope and pray never come true. At least the getting abducted by aliens is the one less likely to happen out of the three.

Don't worry these irrational fears haven't eaten me alive, most of the time, I just brush it aside, and laugh quietly to myself, thinking why am I even worried about this? The chances of it happening are highly unlikely. If nothing else I think it's good to be mentally prepared of the worst case scenario. I mean who knows maybe aliens will come and invade my house tomorrow. lol.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Being pregnant means you're a delicate flower

Lately I've realize that being pregnant is somehow an handicap. Apparently being with child means I am a delicate flower that may crumble in pieces if your touch me. It's so weird how I am treated now that I'm pregnant. Being pregnant, I'm somehow missing out on all these fun things too. Now don't get me wrong, I know it's worth it all in the end, but while little baby bean is baking in the oven, I've somehow feel like being pregnant somehow makes me the outcast child that always gets left out of everything. OK maybe not necessarily left out of everything but definitely can't do the fun things because I'm pregnant, I almost feel the same way when I broke my leg twice. It made me appreciate my two legs, and being able to walk because having a broken leg I couldn't do anything. While I do have two working legs which is nice I still feel I can't do very much because I'm pregnant and apparently helpless.

For example lifting heavy things or anything remotely heavy. It's suddenly as if now that I'm pregnant carrying something 10 pounds or more makes people shriek and freak out. While I'm sure carrying something 10 pounds will not hurt me, after-all look at moms who are expecting their 2nd or 3rd child, and they are carrying around their 20 plus pound small child and they still have a healthy pregnancy and baby. While I'm like whatever you can carry that heavy thing because apparently I'm helpless, it just makes me laugh inside. Which reminds me of the other day when I had a volunteer at work who sent an email about how I was helping out with this event. In the email to the other volunteers it said, "Don't let Megan lift anything up that is heavy, she is pregnant." I had to laugh when I saw that in the email, first off I didn't think there would be anything heavy to lift at the event and I'm sure I would be perfectly fine lifting something up. It made me feel bad because when the event I watched 10 year old little girls move big stacks of chairs and my volunteer lift up chairs, and I felt bad watching them doing it, especially the younger girls considering the stacks were taller then they were. But I feared even offering to help because I didn't want to get scolded at for lifting something up because I'm pregnant. Which also reminds me of my mom (sorry mom to mention you in this post, I know you love and care about me) about a month ago, I had a giant maybe 20 pound tile cutter in my trunk that Matt used from my dad. I met my mom at the mall, so I brought it with me, and my mom who has back issues, ended up lifting it to her trunk, which I felt really bad about, but she refused that I lifted it. She said she didn't want to be responsible for sentimentally miscarrying her future grandchild. While I know my mom did this out of love, I still felt bad that she was harming her own back when I'm sure I could have done it myself, it really wasn't that heavy. I guess maybe I should just realize that people are only treating me like a fragile delicate flower because they care about me and my baby, which I am glad they do care, but I guess I don't like the feeling of be inadequate and helpless. I'm just not use to the one who needs helps when I like to be the one who helps others.

Not only am I a helpless delicate flower, but apparently doing fun things is out of the cards for me as well. Which I guess I need to just grow up and realize that this is part of being a mother, from now on having a social life will be a rarity. The other night my co-workers had a good bye party for my co-worker Claire. I made pumpkin spice cupcakes, for it, and then found out literally an hour beforehand that I had to help out my volunteers last minute. Which was fine, they really wanted me to come after-wards, but being a grumpy pregnant lady I just was tried, had a big headache (because I hit my head on the counter at work a few hours earlier) and just didn't feel like fraternizing and having fun, when normal non-pregnant Megan would have been there in a heartbeat. Which also reminds me of my brother Derrick wanting me to go to Cincy tonight to see this band, it's a local band, but I really like their sound and wouldn't mind seeing them. Which is funny me saying this as you know how I was complaining about my terrible experience at the concert I went to in my very first blog post. But this was a more chill band where I knew moshing would be less likely, it's not really the music to mosh to. I really wanted to go, but my voice of reason husband, told me there was no need for me to go for multiple reasons, which he was right about i.e loud noise to hurt the baby, especially now that I'm further along, standing up for awhile and I complained how miserable I was at the other concert. So I sadly declined, even though I really wanted to go. Also a few weeks ago we had special events for the United Way campaign, we had blindfolded musical chairs thing we could participate in. I signed up, slightly thinking maybe it wouldn't be a good idea for a pregnant woman to play musical chairs, but thought it sounded like so much fun and I really wanted to do it! Well my caring co-worker came up to me and told me she was concerned (which she had every right to) about me playing, in fear of being blindfolded and someone knocking me over. So I had to be a cheerleader instead, though I still had fun cheering on my co-worker Annie. I was her coach, and she did amazing, though I would have loved to have been playing!

Again while I know I can't do these things, and it's all in the good health of little Herman, it still stinks feeling like I live in a bubble. Which actually I should be living in a bubble as much as I've been hurting myself lately. (pregnant stupid brain) I mean after-all I can't drink, go sky-driving, ride a motorcycle, go roller-skating, probably not bike riding anymore, water-skiing, go in hot tubs, etc. But not like I've ever gone sky-driving, or regular ride on motorcycles, water-ski, or roller skate. But it's nice to know that I could do those things, but I guess knowing I can't do those things right now makes me sad, like the kid that never gets invited to birthday parties, left out of all the fun. Which makes me wonder, once I'm a mom will I even want to do any of those things? (well maybe still ride bikes) But probably not because taking care of my child and staying in one piece to take care of my child will be more important.So I guess it doesn't really matter if I can do these things or not. Because motherhood is full of sacrifices, even before birth, but it's definitely worth it. . .

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Feeling more pregnant by the minute.

The last couple weeks I've started to notice how things are changing, and how my body is starting to feel like I've been hit by a train, all the time. Sadly almost two weeks ago my wedding ring was so tight, I had to pry it off, and waited a few days in hope that I could wear it again, but no such luck. So now I've tucked my wedding ring away in our fireproof safe box, and I've bought a 16 dollar ring from Kohl's that looks like an engagement ring. I was sporting the naked finger look for a few days, but I just didn't feel right. I don't want people to think I'm pregnant out of wedlock. (I know I'm ridiculous, but I also know how judgmental people can be) So now I a fake ring that is a size 9, and actually a little big on me, but I figured I have some growing room for my fat finger just case it decided to swell up even more. It's sad that I've already had to tuck my wedding ring away because I'm swelling up like a balloon. Though my mom told me the other day that I my fat didn't look puffy, fat or swollen due to pregnancy, so that is reassuring to hear. I'm glad my fingers are the only body part that has decided to swell up, though that's a slight lie. My left foot keeps swelling up. Which I go more into that sob story later.

Yesterday, I've sadly realize how being pregnant makes me more grumpy and hate things that I use to like. For example, yesterday at work I had to do this thing called a girl talk, which is basically walking from classroom to classroom talking to the girls while the boys cover their ears, getting the girls excited about wanting to join our organization. Well, in the past I quite enjoyed doing these. Well yesterday was the complete opposite, I seriously felt like I was in a never ending work hell. My first mistake was thinking I could talk to 58 classrooms in 2 and a half hours, yes 58. This school is huge! It's only K-3, but it has so many classrooms. I started out very excited and enthusiastic to get girls excited about joining. By classroom 20, my throat was killing me, my feet absolutely hurt, my body felt like falling apart, and I just overly felt like I wanted this to end. I seriously felt like I was in a hell repeating the same words over a over again. It made me wish I had a tape recorder with my speech pre-recorded and I would have to do is press play and stand there holding the recorder. After doing 30 classes in a row, I decided to quit because I was so angry, tired, grumpy and everything else, and was just ready to eat lunch. So I'm finishing this up on Monday, the other 18 classes, (ugh) and then I get to do it all over again at another school! Yeah! And during my fun adventure, I had a second grader who I think was special needs, grope my boob, twice, once in the class and once when I walking in the hallway. That was his way of saying "Hi girl scout lady". Lovely. Matt told me I should have hit the kid, but unfortunately Matt does not realize doing those kind of things are not allowed in schools, let alone I'm a visitor and on the clock, so if I were to hit a child, I probably would be out of a job. That or a law suit against me. So after my fun adventure and sounding like a broken record I was so happy for it be over with and go get some lunch. For some reason I was in a bad mood for the rest of the day and just couldn't wait to go home.

I've discovered recently how my legs feel like wimp noodles, and standing and walking around seems like such a painful process. I think that's why I was so bitter yesterday was all the walking around in the giant school. Well, today is also sad, because I did some shopping, and I was hating the entire experience. Which is odd for me to say because I love shopping! I had a terrible headache, my feet hurt, I felt like I was dragging lead, I really didn't even want to be shopping, but I had to get something for my 2 year old niece's birthday party. I couldn't wait to get just find something for her because I just wanted to go home. Though it sadly took me forever to find something because she has a five year old sister and has so many toys already. Which I've decided when baby Herman is born, I am not buying him or her any toys. I figured they will accumulate on their own from Grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends, etc. So why add to the klutter? I'll just let them get all the toys for my baby.

It's just sad that I even hate shopping now that I'm pregnant. And my left foot is driving me nuts! I broken my left leg twice in the last 8 years. And in the last few weeks, it's been swelling up to the point of cutting the circulation off my foot when I wear my one pair of mary janes, and the bone that I broke likes to randomly throb. My other foot is just fine, but my left ankle looks twice the size of my other ankle. I don't know if I'm not getting enough circulation in it or what. Who knows but it's making me bitter.

But on an exciting note today I purchase a bella band, which is a band thing you can wear to wear pants that no long fit, hold up maternity pants that are still too big, and hold up pants when my belly will get too big and start pushing my pants down. I must say I'm in love with the bella band. Tonight I put on a pair of skinny jeans that no longer fit me, and I must say wearing them for a few minutes boosted up my self esteem up to a 20.

Look at me! Don't I look amazing and skinny? Minus the belly bump. The white underneath my shirt looks like a shirt but really it is the bella band! Though I probably won't wear these pants because it's weird having the zipper kind of dig in my belly, because it is open and it just feels weird pressing against me. But wearing them made me feel good for a few minutes. I'm using the bella band to keep my pants up. I have a few pairs of maternity pants that are still a little big and like to slide down, so the bella band keeps them up for me.

On a completely different note I can't wait to find out the sex of the baby! I'll get my officially appointment for the ultrasound set this Thursday. So I'm hoping in the next two weeks I get to find out if Herman is a he or she!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Walking disaster at its greatest

For those who know me, I've always been a horrible klutz, running into things, breaking things, burning things, etc. But I think because I'm pregnant, I've somehow been on an all-time high with the destruction. In the last past week, I've broken and burned so many things. Maybe I shouldn't blame this on being pregnant, but maybe its the increase of hormones is just causing an influx of klutziness.

Last Monday I was carrying 5 hard cider bottles out of the cooler (and don't worry I was not drinking any of them, sadly) I had too many in my hand, and I dropped one, spilling sticky hard cider all over the place.

Last Tuesday when making pies, I burned my arm, I guess when I was taking the pie out of the over, I hit my arm on the inside of the hot oven, and left a lovely burn mark on my arm.

Last Wednesday, when putting the dirty dished away, I had two our of dinner serving dishes in my hand at the same time, clung them together, and broken one.

Last Friday, in the middle of the night when going to the bathroom, and then I went back to bed, because it was dark and I was half asleep, I walked right into the bedpost, ramming my thigh in it, leaving a lovely giant bruise on it.

Last Saturday, when mopping the kitchen floor, I had the mop in the bucket, I moved the bucket, and the mop became top-heavy, and fell over knocking the entire contents of water all over the floor. So I start cleaning up the big mess, and this story even gets better. I hear dripping sounds of water in the basement, so I go downstairs to realize that the water leaked through the kitchen floor into the basement! Lovely. So I had two watery messes to clean up, and thank God the water didn't leak a few inches closer to all over Matt's electrical wires and electronic equipment.

Yesterday, I was making lunch at work, I had a hot frozen meal that I took out of the microwave, I opened the vent up to stir it, and don't ask me how, but somehow I manage to fling half of the contents of my frozen meal on to the floor, and on my hand, and the scorching hot gravy left a wonderful burn spot on my hand.

And today, literally just an half hour ago, I had Matt's glass he got from prom one year, he had coins in it. I took the glass with me to work, to put the coins in a penny competition we are having at work, and tonight I took the empty glass back out of my car. A smart person would have put all the coins in a bag and not even bring the glass along, but unfortunately I do not think smart like that. So when I went to grab the glass, I also grabbed my pie plate I had in the car, I put the pie plate on top of the glass, because I had too much in my hand, and of course I break Matt's prom glass. Good job me! Matt's not too happy with me right now, with my streak of destruction, which I can't blame him. :(

Maybe I shouldn't blame the increase of hormones, but maybe the increase of pregnancy brain, making me more flighty and just not thinking in the best way, and hence doing way more stupider things. Sigh. I'm getting worry about this destruction streak I've been having in the last week. I really hope it goes away, for the sake of my baby and my husband's sanity.

Knock on wood, I really really REALLY hope I don't break anything else this week or hurt myself in any way. I don't think I can go on for another 23 weeks of breaking things and ruining things..

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Special Blog Entry-Remembering 9/11

I can't believe it's already been ten years since the 9/11 attacks have happened. I remember being in computer class my senior year of high school, and an announcement from the principal came on the intercom, and our computer teacher turned on the tv. Watching it on TV was so surreal, I didn't know what to think. Being a naive 17 year old I didn't even know what the twin towers were. It just seemed like the news being released became worst, it started out as a plane crashing into the tower, then the tower collapsing. As the new coverage continued throughout the day the causalities and destruction grew worst. My heart goes out of all the lives lost that day, I also think it's important not to forget about the thousands up thousands of people who've died in war in Iraq, fighting for our country, and those who've fought the other wars.

I found something I had to write in my fourth period Creative Writing class. Every day we had to write in our journals. Ironically I kept two of the entries I wrote, (one on September 11th, and September 12th 2001.) I'm really glad that I kept these, and it's interesting to read what was going on in the Megan mind of a 17 year old. So for this blog I'm going to share my two entries I wrote. It's a nice glimpse of history through my 17 year old eyes. Good thing I have spell check now, because the spelling in my journal entry is absolutely terrible. (And please don't judge my 17 year old writing, it's not the best, grammar wise but at least this entry is in it's raw form of emotion)

Tuesday 9-11-01:
Today is a crazy and devastating day. And unfortunately the craziness is not over yet. Today is a day that is going to go on in the history books. Maybe a movie will be made over it. Unexpectedly,message on the intercom, it was the principal. She said that planes intentionally all crashed in the World Trade building. I at first thought it was just some crazy person that took over the plane and crashed in into the building. But once my teacher turned on the TV, I saw how bad it really was. Right now there is chaos in New York. Buildings on fire, smoke covering the sky. People in the building jumped out of the building because there was no where to go, they were trapped in smoke. Innocent people walking down the street as debris and clumps of the building fly to the ground. Thousands of people have died,thousands more are severely hurt with 2nd and 3rd degree burns. They say that a terrorist hijacked 4 planes. No one knows who did this and how they even got away with it. Another plane hit the Pentagon in Washington, there still is a plane somewhere, no one knows where that plane is planning to hit next. It is a war out there. Every life is being touched by this accident. War and violence is here. I hope this is the end of all the violence, but then again it could just be the beginning of terrible events yet to come. All the airlines in the United States are closed, all flights have been canceled. This is a day, a part of history that I will never forget. So many lives have gone today.

Wednesday 9-12-01
I am tired of hearing about the terrorist attacks. Even though it just happened yesterday, it feels like it has happened month ago. Because it has been on TV all day long. There were no commercial, no tv shows, just about every channel had the news broadcast on. Even my favorite radio station z 97.3 had a speech of some political guy talking. It seemed like I couldn't escape all this chaos. What happened yesterday was awful, and I feel the pain of the victims and the victim's families. It made me mad when I saw on TV other countries that hate us, celebrating that this horrible thing has happened in our country. They were all happy. Whop could they be celebrating when something so terrible like this has happened. It's really disturbing to see people act like that. What if that happened to their country? Thousands of people died and countries are celebrating that something bad has happened to our country. It makes me mad. It's amazing that all of this could effect everywhere in the United States, even my own life. Everything was closed yesterday. I didn't have to go to court! Which was good because all this happening put me in a depressed mood that day. My mom filled up on gas last night, she said it was crazy. Everyone thinks the gas prices are rising to $4.00! I don't know. But all this craziness is making everyone else crazy.

Reading the 2nd entry makes me laugh for a few reasons, that I thought it was the end of the world that I couldn't watch my favorite TV shows and listen to my favorite radio station because of all the coverage. The troubles of a seventeen year old. lol. I also laughed at the part when I was shocked that gas could be as high as $4.00, when now this year, that's how much we are paying for gas. And a side comment about me not going to court. Don't worry I'm not a criminal, I had to go to court that day for wrecking my car five days after getting my license. It's interesting reading these entries ten years later.

Anyways, I'm heart goes out to all that we lost on 9/11/2001.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Artful Baby Room Inspiration

Something amazing I just created last night, with the inspiration of my new found love of And if you haven't checked out this website yet, you need to, it's filled with fun ideas!
Check it out:

Anyways I found this on Pinterest:

I fell in love with how clever and fun this way, and felt inspired to make my own creation. So I bought a canvas board, glued some crayons I had and took my blow dryer and blew away, and watched the pretty colors melt away all over the canvas. I must say I enjoyed it quite a bit, so much I feel like making 10 more of them! I'm thinking of putting this picture in the baby's room. And maybe go with a fun school like theme or something. I'm not sure yet.

Here is my re-creation of this crayon art, I'm partially biased and I think mine is better:

Something I'm in love with, that I think would go with the weird theme I'm envisioning in my head is this, I don't know where I can find these but I'm in love:

Also this would be cute to add to my theme:

I don't really know where this could be going, for all I know I only have my crayon picture hang up but have a completely different theme. But it is fun think about how to plan out the baby's room, and it's fun to make the melted crayon art, so if you want one made, come see me, for a small fee I'll make one, it's so much fun!

Monday, September 5, 2011

The cycles of small talk..

As I go through another life changing event in my life, I've noticed the common small talk questions that have occurred throughout my life.

When I was in college, anytime I saw someone at family occasions or saw someone I haven't seen for awhile. The same common question I would get is, "How's school going for you? What is your major again?"

Then when I started dating Matt, and people realized he was going to stick around for awhile, I got the common question pretty much from everyone for the next year and half, "When are you guys going to get married?"

Once we got engaged, the questions all focused around preparation of our wedding, I would get the same questions asked to me over and over again:
"When are you getting married?"
"What are your wedding colors?"
"What's going to be you're first dance song?"
"Are you excited to get married?"

And then of course once we actually got married, these two questions came up quite frequently:
"How's married life?"
"When are you going to have kids?"

Which the question "How's married life?" always made me laugh. It's makes me wonder what kind of response people are really looking for when they ask that question. Seriously do they want me to say? "Married life is dreadful, I want a divorce."

And of course the good ole question when are you going to have kids started to annoy the hell out of me after six months of being married. It seems that people think as soon as you get married you should start popping out babies right and left. What ever happened to enjoying married life for awhile before having little kiddies to take care of? Which makes me laugh because literally every time I saw my dad he would ask me that question. At one point he told me "Adoption is always an option if you can't have kids." Which was so silly he even said that because we only were trying for a baby for a couple of months at that point. But according to him since we've been married for two years, it just seemed like forever that we haven't had kids yet.

Now that I'm pregnant I've discovered the next cycle of small talk. This is no way directed to anyone who have ask this question to me already. So I hope you're not offended, it's more like an observation I made this weekend, and it become my inspiration for this blog entry. But anyways, yesterday at a family gathering, I was paraded by the same question over and over again. I almost felt like a broken record.
"When are you due?"
"Are you guys finding out the sex of the baby?"
"When do you get to find out the sex of the baby?"
"How are you feeling right now? Has your morning sickness gone away yet?"
"What do you want a boy or a girl?"
"Do you have any names picked out yet?"

Don't get me wrong, I don't mind answering these questions, it's just funny that these questions seem to be the standard set of questions to ask a pregnant lady. Which I've been guilty of myself asking the same questions to other expected mothers.

I guess it's just funny how human nature is to ask such general questions like these because you really have nothing else exciting to say to that person, or because that is the center of what is going on in their life, that it only seems appropriate to talk about to them.

Regardless I look forward to the other pregnancy small talk questions I'll probably be asked like

"Are you going to continue working after you have the baby?"

"Are you doing to give birth without drugs?"

"What's the baby's room look like?"

I guess I should just get use to the question asking now, because I'm sure once the baby's born, for the next 18 years of their life the questions will no longer be about myself but all about him or her. . .