Friday, December 30, 2011

Pregnancy Must-Haves

Throughout my pregnancy I've discovered some essential must-haves that make being pregnant less treacherous. Since I'm extremely pregnant during the winter, I must say I love some of the winter things they have for pregnant women.

So here are my pregnancy must haves: (Ignore the terrible photography)

1) The Bellaband- As you can see in the picture, the bellaband I'm wearing no longer even looks white anymore. I wear it all the time. It's nice to wear when I have a shirt that is too short or to hold up my maternity pants that like following down. And they work nice like in the picture, for my pair of pregnancy jeans that are actually getting to tight, so I unbuttoned them, but you would never know, because the bellaband holds them up nicely. I must say the bellaband was the best 16 bucks I've ever spent.

2) Palmer's coca butter: The day I've discovered a stretch mark from my pregnancy was the day I ran down to Target to buy some cocca butter. I'm still not 100 percent sure if it is actually working, but my stretch marks don't look as red, so hopefully this stuff will make them fade away quickly. I like to think its helping. So I swear by it. Though it's hard to remember to put it on two times a day

3) The Boppy Comfort Pillow: I must say this has made sleeping on my side more bearable. I was at first using a regular pillow, but it just wasn't working. This pillow was about 40 bucks, but definitely worth the money. I like using it when laying on the couch to watch tv, or sometimes as a belly prop when sitting.

4)A comfortable pair of shoes- Aldo Boots
When my feet started to swell up and hurt I knew my regular pair of shoes and heels weren't going to cut it anymore. So when I discovered these boots I instantly fell in love. They are so comfortable. I have enough give for my growing feet, and it makes walking more tolerable. These boots are pretty much the only shoes I've been wearing. And they are great for the winter. They were 45 bucks, more than what I usually spend on a pair of shoes, but definitely worth the money!

5) A maternity winter pea coat: I actually am borrowing this from my sister in law.
Because I really didn't feel like shelling out more money for another coat when I just got a new coat last year. And my coat was still big enough that I could zip it until a couple of weeks ago. So my nice sister in law is letting me borrow this wonder maternity coat from Target. I love target maternity clothes! This coat is warm and trendy, and fits very nicely!

6)Comfortable Maternity Shirts with the elastic on the sides- Or whatever its called. Another reason why I love the Liz brand of maternity clothes at Target. I have two other tops like this and I love them! They show off the baby belly and they are so comfortable!

7) A nice pair of jeans- Another thing I purchased at target and I must say this is my favorite pair of maternity jeans. As you can see they go up to my ribs, so the fit nicely, and they are so comfortable. I wish every pair of jeans were this comfortable.

8)A fleece robe- I actually just got this for Christmas from
my mom because I didn't have a nice robe, and I know its good to have one when at the hospital. And boy do I love my new robe. It's so comfortable, I'm actually wearing my robe right now as I type.

9)A comfortable pair of pjs- These are actually not maternity pjs but I just got a bigger size at Kohls, they are from Vera Wang that brand called Simply Vera. My pjs I had before weren't covering it, so I got this pair. I absolutely love them and they are so comfortable! But the only problem is sometimes I get to hot in the middle of the night, and end up changing my shirt. Because I'm just so hot naturally. lol

So those are my 9 favorite Must-Haves, that definitely makes pregnancy more tolerable!

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