Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Life lessons of pregnancy part two!

This is bad it's almost 2 am in the morning, and I can't fall asleep. I'm just getting so uncomfortable. Only a week to go before my scheduled c-section! The joys of pregnancy! Because I can't fall asleep, I thought I revamp my blog, it's been a while. So now it has a new look! Hope you enjoy!

So anyways what to write about as I'm suffering from pregnancy induced insomnia? I thought I would write about life lessons in pregnancy part two! 

Looking at my old blog entries, I found this: Life lessons of pregnancy

Some of it makes me laugh, some of it I find no longer true, and some it I could add to. Being pregnant the second time around is not as dramatic as the first time since you know what to expect. And it seems to go by a lot faster. I still can't believe it is already November! It feels like yesterday when I found out I was pregnant. Being pregnant the second time around I feel like such a professional at it. It's nice when you go to the doctor, and the nurse asks you "Have you done such and such test before?" And I can proudly say been there done that like a dozen times and I'm a professional at it. (I definitely can say that for NSTs and 24 hour urine tests!)

Being pregnant the second time has made me realize how whiny and how much I complained the first time around. I've realized pregnancy really isn't that bad. Though I feel more uncomfortable this time around towards the end of my pregnancy. 

So here is my original list of life lessons of pregnancy, revised:

 1) Pregnant women should not go to rock concerts, at least in a stuffy hot indoor venue. Really concerts like this are no fun when you can't drink, and you're just raging with angry pregnant lady hormones. Still agree on this one and avoided concerts like a plague this time around!

2) Just because they are getting bigger doesn't mean they look pretty. I almost was going to question myself as to what I meant here, but I got it! :p And yes this still holds true!

3)While I'm excited to be expecting, pregnancy is seriously is not good for my self esteem. I feel like it's slowly depleting as each day goes by.
I'm embracing it this time around, I actually feel like a cute little pregnant lady. O.k. maybe not little. But I don't feel so terrible this time around. I feel pretty good about myself.

4) Having a pet is good practice for motherhood. Yes, and taking care of a 20 month old is too. :)

5) Spend a day with a two month old and a two year old and get a sneak peak into motherhood. And be a mom for over a year and half, and feel confident to be able to juggle it all with two kids.

6)You can't be as fashion savvy when pregnant, you have to give up some certain stylish trends such as high heels, your regular clothes (maternity clothes are sadly just not the same) Yep...
7) Everyone watches and judges everything you do as a pregnant woman. They judge everything you eat, every move you make. And have their "opinions" of what terrible things you are doing to your unborn child. (When most of the things aren't so terrible, but everyone has their own idea of what terrible is) This still holds true, and people are still annoying about it even the second time around. The worse is getting yelled at for carrying heavy objects when I carry a 23 pound toddler around all day long.

8)Things never go as planned in a pregnancy, you can have this perfect envision of how your pregnancy and birth will go, but it probably will go completely the opposite of what you are hoping.
Though the second time around when things don't go as planned, all you can do is laugh about it.

9)The Third Trimester is definitely the worse trimester. I would revisit the first trimester 100 times more than the third trimester.  Agree!

10)People are very nice to pregnant women. The generosity that comes from all my loved ones and friends, and stranger is wonderful! I enjoy the special treatment. Yes! And will miss it!

11) Bed rest is terribly boring, and just makes pregnancy go by even slower. Though I know later I'm going to look back and miss this bed rest time, and regret not using it in a more constructive manner. I'm enjoying it this time around! Having a busy toddler, it's nice to have a break and have some me time. I have been enjoying my days by taking naps and wasting time playing candy crush and watching TV. I will say this time around not so bore! Enjoying the nothing to do!

12) Pregnancy bares many battle wounds and scars, just as weight gain, stretch marks, swollen face, hands, and feet. Yes! And it just gets worse looking the second time around.

13)Babies cost a crapload of money. I can't believe how much money I've spent on this baby already and I haven't even had him yet. Yes again, and the realization of how much a second baby costs makes me cringe. With daycare, more diapers, and other expenses, having another kid, definitely adds to the expenses.

14) Having high blood pressure during pregnancy, is given me even higher blood pressure. And it makes me hate things that are heredity. Though this time around I have had to take blood pressure medicine, which has made my blood pressure stay done. But I do hate things that are heredity considering the SAME thing is happening to me again with this pregnancy.

15) People touching my belly isn't as annoying as I thought it would be. Yep, it doesn't really bother me, I actually don't mind it!

16) My cat 20 month old son is so spoiled, he is in for a rude awakening when the baby comes. I'm not too worried about Marco, he has survived Grant coming into his life. I worry now about Grant and baby sister rocking his little world.

17) I've never eaten so many blocks of cheese pancakes in my entire life. I go through a block of cheese eat pancakes three-four times in a week. Who knew being pregnant would make me like cheese pancakes so much.

18) They don't make maternity shirts big enough to cover a ninth month belly. Half of all my shirts don't fit anymore, and they are maternity shirts! Nothing like looking like a hick with my belly hanging out. (Thank God for the belly band!) Still have this problem! And I think its worse this time around.

19)Being pregnant is a constant battle of non-stop worrying. And unfortunately I know this is only the beginning. I'll pretty much be worrying about my child for the rest of my life. Even with this being my second child, I still worry like crazy.

20)Being pregnant is a good excuse to take tons of naps! :) Hell yes!

21) When being pregnant, be prepared for people to ask you the same 5 questions over and over again. With the added question, is this your first or second? How old is your first?

Here are my added life lessons this time around:

22) Pregnancy makes it hard to breathe, and I always sound like I'm out of breath. (This time around baby girl likes to squish my lungs)

23) Be prepared to pee your pants a little when you sneeze or laugh.

24) It's really funny and sad all at the same time to watch your toddler replicate vomit sounds and pretend to throw up in a trash can, because he has seen his mommy do it for 9 months.

25) It's so much easier preparing for a baby the second time around.

26) It's VERY uncomfortable to try to sleep when you are 9 months pregnant.

27) It's cute watching Grant kiss my growing belly.

28) Just because it happens the first pregnancy DOES mean there still is a chance it could happen again. IE. Pre-e and high blood pressure.

29) I find it weird to hear myself say that I'm actually going to miss being pregnant.

30) Not everyone's body is designed for pregnancy. I feel like mine is not. Pregnancies seem to give my body grief.

And that is my list, my friends. I guess I'm going to try to go to bed AGAIN. Wish me luck. Good night :)

Sunday, November 3, 2013

37 weeks and ready to have this baby!

I'm to the point where I am sick of being pregnant. I don't remember feeling this way as much when I was pregnant with Grant, but this time around I just feel like pregnant grumpy lady! At this point my doctor has tentatively scheduled my c-section on November 15th which is in about two weeks away. If my blood pressure starts spiking up or if I am spilling protein, it may be sooner. It's really bad for me to actually say, I'm wishing for the sooner part. (But I will say I keep telling myself that I'm really almost 39 weeks if you go by my original due date so I don't feel as bad wishing this.)I've been getting really bad contractions or cramping. It's probably not contractions since they don't feel consistent. Maybe false labor? Well regardless of what it is its making me miserable and uncomfortable and I'm ready to have this baby!

In light of my miserable pregnant self, I thought I would do this fun thing again. I was looking back at my old blog entries, and came across this: 35 weeks Today! 

This was an entry I wrote when I was 35 weeks pregnant with Grant. It has a fun little update on pregnancy that I thought I would do this time around again so you can compare. And I will tell you already I'm going to sound more bitter and complaining a lot this time around. lol.

Comparison of me at 37 weeks when I was pregnant with Grant and with me pregnant with baby girl now.

So here is my pregnancy update this time around:

How far along? 37 weeks and 2 days

Total weight gain/loss: Better this time around! Only have gained 30 pounds.

Maternity clothes? Hahah most of my maternity shirts barely fit me right now. My belly is getting so big, even maternity shirts barely covers it! Thank God for the belly band, and giving the appearance of having around shirt underneath to cover that large gap. lol

Stretch marks? I've just have random small red lines in the places where my old stretch marks use to be when I was pregnant with Grant. It's like they re-surfaced. But they aren't as near as bad as last time, and there are not any new ones, so that's good!

Sleep: Has been terrible in the last week. I haven't been able to go to sleep until 2:00 every night. Last night I was so uncomfortable that I ended up sleeping on the couch, and for some reason that was more comfortable than my bed. I didn't feel like this last time, but this time around baby girl doesn't want me to sleep!

Best moment this week: Dodging a bullet on Halloween when I found out I passed my protein test, and the doctor didn't have to deliver my baby on Halloween! Woo Hoo! I really didn't want to have her on Halloween.

Have you told family and friends: Hahaha if they don't know by know, then obviously they are oblivious to their surroundings!

Miss Anything?Drinking Beer. Which I never thought I would say considering I never use to like beer until I had Grant.

Movement: I thought Grant moved a lot when I was pregnant with him, but baby girl moves around WAY more than Grant did. She is an active little Girl!

Food cravings:pancakes and cookies

Anything making you queasy or sick: throwing away leftovers out, and cleaning Grant's nasty food mess left on his tray from dinner.

Have you started to show yet: Hahah.. again yes. And I started to show a lot earlier this time around.

Gender: Girl

Size of baby: Like a watermelon. I have an ultrasound tomorrow, so I'll see how much she weighs. Two weeks ago she was 5pd and 9 oz. So we'll see!

Labor Signs: I think I may be having contractions, that or Braxton Hicks. But pretty much the last two days I've been having bad cramping and just really uncomfortable, and I feel more pressure and think she is dropping.

Belly Button in or out? Still an innie. But I have a weird umbilical hernia, that makes me look like I'm an outtie, and it pokes through my clothing and people keep commenting that my belly button has popped, when in actuality its my gross umbilical hernia.

Wedding rings on or off? Ring off, I had to take if off around 20 weeks because it was causing my finger to blister, even though it still fit my finger pretty good.

Happy or Moody most of the time:I'm going to admit, I haven't been pleasant to be around lately. I'm hormonal and ready to have this baby!

Looking forward to:To baby girl coming and seeing how Grant interacts with her. :)