Friday, December 30, 2011

Pregnancy Must-Haves

Throughout my pregnancy I've discovered some essential must-haves that make being pregnant less treacherous. Since I'm extremely pregnant during the winter, I must say I love some of the winter things they have for pregnant women.

So here are my pregnancy must haves: (Ignore the terrible photography)

1) The Bellaband- As you can see in the picture, the bellaband I'm wearing no longer even looks white anymore. I wear it all the time. It's nice to wear when I have a shirt that is too short or to hold up my maternity pants that like following down. And they work nice like in the picture, for my pair of pregnancy jeans that are actually getting to tight, so I unbuttoned them, but you would never know, because the bellaband holds them up nicely. I must say the bellaband was the best 16 bucks I've ever spent.

2) Palmer's coca butter: The day I've discovered a stretch mark from my pregnancy was the day I ran down to Target to buy some cocca butter. I'm still not 100 percent sure if it is actually working, but my stretch marks don't look as red, so hopefully this stuff will make them fade away quickly. I like to think its helping. So I swear by it. Though it's hard to remember to put it on two times a day

3) The Boppy Comfort Pillow: I must say this has made sleeping on my side more bearable. I was at first using a regular pillow, but it just wasn't working. This pillow was about 40 bucks, but definitely worth the money. I like using it when laying on the couch to watch tv, or sometimes as a belly prop when sitting.

4)A comfortable pair of shoes- Aldo Boots
When my feet started to swell up and hurt I knew my regular pair of shoes and heels weren't going to cut it anymore. So when I discovered these boots I instantly fell in love. They are so comfortable. I have enough give for my growing feet, and it makes walking more tolerable. These boots are pretty much the only shoes I've been wearing. And they are great for the winter. They were 45 bucks, more than what I usually spend on a pair of shoes, but definitely worth the money!

5) A maternity winter pea coat: I actually am borrowing this from my sister in law.
Because I really didn't feel like shelling out more money for another coat when I just got a new coat last year. And my coat was still big enough that I could zip it until a couple of weeks ago. So my nice sister in law is letting me borrow this wonder maternity coat from Target. I love target maternity clothes! This coat is warm and trendy, and fits very nicely!

6)Comfortable Maternity Shirts with the elastic on the sides- Or whatever its called. Another reason why I love the Liz brand of maternity clothes at Target. I have two other tops like this and I love them! They show off the baby belly and they are so comfortable!

7) A nice pair of jeans- Another thing I purchased at target and I must say this is my favorite pair of maternity jeans. As you can see they go up to my ribs, so the fit nicely, and they are so comfortable. I wish every pair of jeans were this comfortable.

8)A fleece robe- I actually just got this for Christmas from
my mom because I didn't have a nice robe, and I know its good to have one when at the hospital. And boy do I love my new robe. It's so comfortable, I'm actually wearing my robe right now as I type.

9)A comfortable pair of pjs- These are actually not maternity pjs but I just got a bigger size at Kohls, they are from Vera Wang that brand called Simply Vera. My pjs I had before weren't covering it, so I got this pair. I absolutely love them and they are so comfortable! But the only problem is sometimes I get to hot in the middle of the night, and end up changing my shirt. Because I'm just so hot naturally. lol

So those are my 9 favorite Must-Haves, that definitely makes pregnancy more tolerable!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

2011 Reflections!

As the year is nearly over, (which I still can't believe how quickly this year has gone by!)and my pregnancy is coming closer and closer to an end (I only have about 7 more weeks left!) I want to take a moment to reflect the joys and anguishes of pregnancy. I know I complain a lot about being pregnant, but really it is not as terrible as I make it out to be sometimes. I just like to pity myself at time.

First off this year has been wonderful! I feel like the first half of the year was a blur and it really began when I found out I was pregnant. Not that from January to June was terrible, it just wasn't that exciting. I think I was so anxious about trying to get pregnant during those months, that it all started to blend together. So I was so surprised when I found out I was pregnant. I couldn't believe it! The moment itself was so surreal. And it still is to me. I still can't get over the fact that my baby was as small as a tiny jelly bean well actually even smaller then that at one point, and now he's like 4 pounds and about 17 inches long. It just blows my mind how big he is already, and how he moves around in my belly. I still can't get over it. And it's really going to be surreal when he is born. I still can't believe this year has gone by so fast and my pregnancy. My baby will be here before I know it! And I don't feel completely prepare yet. I feel like I've been slacking in some scepters like finding a pediatrician and get the baby's room together. Though mentally I'm ready to be a mom, so that is good, and we pretty much have everything else ready.

So other great things of 2011:
*My youngest brother Derrick graduated from High School, I can't believe my little brother graduated, he is growing up!
*My niece Leah was born in June, which is my brother's second kid.
*Found out my Sister in Law (Matt's sister) is also expecting and they are having a boy. So my baby and her baby can be little fun cousin friends!
*Derrick went to the Navy and went to basic training. We didn't get to see him for Thanksgiving or Christmas, but I'm so proud of him. He graduates from basic training next week, and then he is off to South Carolina for two years.

That pretty much sums up the great joys of 2011. If I forgotten something please forgive me. I blame pregnancy brain.

So to end my pregnancy reflections for 2011, here are my top 5 reasons why I love being pregnant:

1) People are nicer and more helpful, when you're pregnant.
2) No zits! I know this doesn't happen to all pregnant women, but as soon as I became pregnant, it seems like my zits have mysteriously vanished. So I won't complained.
3) No heartburn! Again this usually doesn't happen to pregnant women. But lucky me who use to get heartburn all the time before I was pregnant, has not had heartburn at all! I don't know why, but again I won't complain.
4) I love the connection I have with my baby. It's going to be weird when he is born. I know I have a different connection with him outside the womb. I guess what I'm trying to say is it is going to be weird when he is no longer in my womb. The sensation of him moving around will be gone, but it's even better because he's there to cuddle and love. But I must say I've become quite attached to him. I love watching my entire stomach rumble when he moves. I have this new fascination with just lifting up my shirt, and watching a little bump move around in my belly. It's so cool to watch!
5) Being pregnant is a nice excuse to be lazy sometimes or get out of certain tasks. Not that I'm lazy, but it is nice to get out of doing certain things, because I'm pregnant. I'm going to be really sad when the special treatment ceases once I have the baby.

Here are 5 things I do not like about being pregnant:(which some of these reasons may make me sound vain, but oh well)
1) Weight Gain. I know weight gain is part of being pregnant. But I'm getting sad because my weight gain seems like way more then most women gain. I really think a lot of it is water weight and from my swelling. Because I really don't see how I've gained about 45 pounds already. So I'm hoping it will be easy to lose most of it after pregnancy. I get sick when I hear people only gain about 15 pounds from being pregnant. This girl I worked with who just had a baby about a month ago, only gained like a total of 10 pounds during her entire pregnancy. She didn't really show until the last few weeks of her pregnancy. Jealousy.
2) The Stretch Marks-Ok I know these things are the scars of pregnancy,that all mothers should wear proudly, but I hate stretch marks! I know they will fade away, but right now it seriously looks like a bear clawed my stomach, the way the stretch marks are. And I know it doesn't really mater. As my mom has told me, "Who is going to see your belly?" Which is no one other than Matt. Because it's not like I wear a bikini or flaunt my belly around in public. But still the stretch marks suck.
3) The constant worrying- I know this will not go away when I have my baby. But the constant worrying of my pregnancy never stops. I though maybe it would, but it only gets worse. Last week, I was convinced my water broke and was freaking out. Matt pointed out to me that I didn't pay much attention at the labor class we attended, and that I was overreacting. Which I was. My water did not break, and everything was perfectly fine. I thought after the first trimester, once I got out of chances of miscarriages happening that I would worry less. But no, now my worries are that I may have the baby too early. So every weird pain I have, I start to freak out a little thinking I may be having a contraction. It doesn't help that this is my first pregnancy, and I have no idea what to expect. I hope this worrying dwindles when I'm pregnant with my second child. Maybe then when I actually know what to expect since I've done it once already, that I'll be less of a worry wart. Well probably not. Who am I kidding? I'm so melodramatic.
4) Everything hurts. My bones are achy. It hurts to put on my pants. It hurts to bend over. It hurts to move.
5) Everything is swollen. My fingers are huge and I have club feet. My mom gave me a bracelet for Christmas, and sadly it was too tight for my pregnant wrist. I really miss my wedding ring too.

Pregnancy isn't terrible. Overall I've had a pretty good pregnancy, and I'm so excited to be a mom. 2011 brought me wonderful things, and I hope 2012 will be even better!

Monday, December 26, 2011

Tis the pregnant season

Pregnancy is giving me a big headache literally. I've had a terrible headache all day long that has not gone away. Which I think is accounted for the lovely high blood pressure I been having. Thanks a lot heredity. Apparently high blood pressure runs in the family. Because of my wonderful high blood pressure, I get to have non-stress test done twice a week until delivery. The doctor checked me for preeclampsia, and luckily my levels are good, and not showing preeclampsia, which is good. So when I heard this news, I thought maybe I would get out of having to take the non-stress tests. So I called the doctor to find out, that unfortunately I still need to get the non-stress tests done because my blood pressure is so high. And if I would have showed up having high levels for preeclampsia, then he said he would have sent me to labor and delivery and they would have possibly induced me to have the baby. When I heard that it scared the crap out of me and made me realize how serious this high pressure business really is.

The doctor told me to help with the blood pressure, I need to eat healthier. Of course it being the Christmas season, is the worse possible time to be asked to eat healthy. So this past week has been really hard as large amount of fudge, cookies, cheesecakes, and other fattening foods have been surrounding me, mocking me. I will say I've been fairly good with not eating bad foods. For me usually around the holidays I have no self control and can't stop eating everything in site. But knowing that this is all in the good health of little baby, I've actually found it easy not to overindulge. And having Matt patrol my eating habits has also helped as well.

Sadly, I was more anxious and excited for today then I was for Christmas. Mainly because today was the first day of my non-stress test. And I was just so nervous how the outcome of the non-stress test would turn out. I was so glad when today finally came! And depressed when I went on the scale. I think swelling is getting worse, because I really don't understand how I've gained as much as I have. After-all my fingers officially look like sausages, I have club feet. My ankles look bigger than when I broke my ankle. (A boy when I did that my ankle was three times the size of my ankle normally) And my legs like blown up balloons. So when I went on the scale today, I about died, as it said 199 pounds. So I've pretty much gained 45 pounds give or take, at this point with still 8 weeks to go. :( But anyways the non-stress test went really well. Blood pressure was still really high, but the heart-rate of the baby is looking good. I was so relieved. I was so nervous that they were going to send me to the hospital. So I'm glad that the baby is doing well, and I could enjoy the rest of my day. Though I'm not out of the clear yet, I have to basically keep doing these tests twice a week until delivery. The doctor said at this point since my blood pressure is high that I'll have to be delivered at 39 weeks.

Now next week I'm nervous for my ultrasound. They want to make sure the baby is where he needs to be growth wise, and that the high blood pressure is not effecting his growth. So I hope everything turns out really good. I know worrying doesn't help the blood pressure. So I'm glad I'm off from work this week. And I'm just trying to take an easy and relax.

I never realize how pregnancy could be so scary and troublesome. I always said I wanted to have like 4 or 5 kids. But that won't happen because Matt doesn't want that many. But even if he did want that many, I would definitely rethink that, because if I had to go through this fun adventure another 4 times, I don't think my body could handle that.

Overall my pregnancy has been generally good. It's just been kind of tough the last few weeks, and there's still about 8 well maybe 7 weeks to go. Hopefully my little baby will stay in there the entire 7 weeks. I don't want him to come out too early.

Friday, December 16, 2011

3rd Trimester Blues

I really can't complain too much of my first and second trimester of pregnancy. While the puking my guts out wasn't a pleasant part of my first trimester, I'm beginning to feel the pain and anguish of third trimester. This is making me hate the third trimester more than the other two. I know most pregnant women complain about how the third trimester is uncomfortable, and especially towards the end, but boy am I feeling it already and I still have about 9 and half weeks left give or take.

It doesn't help that I'm 7 and a half months pregnant during the holidays. I've decided next time I get pregnant, I don't want to be in the third trimester during the holidays. Not that I have control over this, but the chaos of the holiday season is just making me stressed out and adding extra pain to my entire body. Which is probably why I am so bitter about Christmas this year. I'm freaking out because there is so much to do and it doesn't help that we haven't remotely started the baby room yet. It also doesn't help that I seem to take on so much during the holiday season. Today at work was our holiday party. And I took on my normal duties of party planning and decorating. But my pregnant body reminded me today, that normal can't happen when pregnant, it's just too much. I stayed up last night till two o'clock in the morning working on a work of art that I do every year at work. Then this morning I was running around back and forth to the other side of the building at work decorating. Usually I enjoy doing this, and have fun. But the entire day I was just bitter because I wanted to just sit down and relax, but knew I couldn't because there was so much to do. And I know I need to know my boundaries and when to stop. But my problem is when you're a high energy level person like me, I don't know how to stop. I'm so use to always doing something and being busy, that not doing something s never in my mindset. And being a control freak that I am, I can't bring myself to stop, because I want to be part of the perfection. So by the end of the day, every step I took made me ache in pain. And I could feel every ache and pain. I just wanted to collapse. I did way to much. I guess my problem is I forget that I can't do the same amount of things that I did when I wasn't pregnant. The energy level and strength just isn't there.

I'm just getting bitter about being pregnant. I have sausage like fingers. My fake size 9 wedding ring is almost snug on me. This morning I went to put on some bangle bracelets, and I about cried because I couldn't even get my big hand through it. My feet look like malformed club feet, with sausage toes. The stretch marks are ridiculous. It looks like a bear clawed my belly. Sleeping is starting to become uncomfortable, and I know it's just going to get worse. I'll lay on my side, and the baby starts kicking, and then I flip over to the other side and he kicks me.

I know I sound like a bitter person that can't stop complaining, I know its just going to get worse. It will be worth it in the end. But boy do I know why women say they are so miserable in the third trimester. Wosh..

Friday, December 9, 2011

Stupid Brain

I have written a month ago or so about my pregnancy brain. Well it's getting worse. It subsided for awhile, but now my level of stupidness is kicking into full gear again. Maybe its just the surge of hormones causing a deficit with my brain. But it's really starting to make me worry about my brain.

Last week I went to take my contacts out and instead of getting the contact solution, I got the mouthwash. I started to open the lid, and then caught myself as I was ready to pour mouthwash into my contacts. That would have been painful and have burned my eyes. Thank God I stopped myself from doing that. The stupid part about it is the mouth wash and contact solution are in completely two different places. They are not remotely near each other.

Last week I was making copies, well the copies I was making was one piece of paper but could be cut in half to make two half sheets. My dumb brain cut the piece of paper in half before making the copy, so then I had to put it through the scanning part of the copier instead of the copy feeder part. I was utterly confused when it printed out a blank page. Here it turns out I had the sheets faced up, so when it scanned, it just scanned the blank part. Dumb twice..

I told my mother in law that I wanted serving dishes for Christmas, because I broke one awhile ago, and only had two left. Well the other night, when grabbing one of our serving dishes to put the dinner in, the dish completely slips out of my hands, and I break it in a million pieces. Good job me! Now I really need serving plates for Christmas because I only have one left. And I think the one left has a chip in it.

Tonight when I went in the fridge I couldn't figured out why there was a sandwich bag of carrots in there. I asked Matt if he didn't eat the carrots I packed for his lunch. He tells me that I never packed him carrots in his lunch this week. But I remember opening a bag of carrots yesterday. Well it turns out I got the carrots out, put them in a ziplock bag, but never bothered to give them to Matt and put them in his lunch box. I guess I put them back in the fridge. Oops.

A really stupid thing I did tonight, and thank the lord that my stupidity didn't ruin my cellphone. I went to my mom and dad's tonight. When I was there I realized I didn't have my phone in my purse. So I go to the car to see if I left it in there. It wasn't in there. So I get out of the car, and to my horror, low and behold there my phone was underneath my car, soaking wet, missing the battery cover. I have no idea how it fell out, because I swear I thought I put in my purse. Luckily it didn't fall further away from my car, because my car was on the road and other cars could have ran over it. And I'm sure Matt would have been livid if I ruined my semi-new cellophone. Well it was so dark that I could the battery cover. So I went back in the house to search for a flashlight. Well I set my cellphone on kitchen towel, to dry out a little. I never did find a flashlight, so I went back outside, looked again, and luckily it was also underneath my car. So I got back in the house to look for my cellphone, and I can find it anywhere. I swore up and down that I had it on the towel to dry out, but it was no longer to be found. So I started walking around, freaking out, unable to find it. Mom calls me cell phone, and low and behold, it is on the kitchen towel, its just underneath the kitchen towel. Dumb. I'm so scatterbrained any more.

Also another dumb thing is when I was writing out the addresses to our Christmas cards, I was writing one for Matt's aunt and uncle. Whose name is Mark and Mary. Well I went through all the cards just to check to make sure I didn't miss anyone. And I see a card that I wrote that says, "Mark and Marea". Dumb. Marea is my mom's name. I had to scratch it out and put Mary.

I know I have said this before but I'm really starting to worry about my brain and my sanity. I really hope I don't end up like the pregnant lady on the news who got arrested for forgetting to pay for a sandwich she ate while grocery shopping. Luckily I only have 10 weeks give or take left of stupid brain! Hopefully I will survive my stupid brain. Hopefully...

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Shower Love

This past Sunday was my first baby shower. Yes I am having two showers total. This shower I had was for my family in Cincinnati, so it was my family from my mom and dad's side, friends, and co-workers. My next shower will be in mid-January and that will have Matt's side of the family there. Since most of his family lives like 2 hours from my family, we decided it would make the most sense to have two showers. I love baby showers. I know there are some people that don't like showers or being the center of attention, or get really nervous opening presents in front of a bunch of people. But me, I'm the complete opposite, I pretty much like being the center of attention, and like getting presents. Ok, that makes me sound like a terrible person. But I'm really not a terrible person, I just like parties, especially when they are for me. :)

So I really enjoyed my shower on Sunday. It was nice to have family and friends there and share my excitement of my first baby's arrival. My awesome Aunt Amy, who also made my wedding cake made my shower cake, and it turned out AMAZING. And what made it even better, is it had a train on it. Here's the picture of the cake:

We played some fun games, I love shower games. We did the toilet paper game where they measured how many pieces of toilet paper it would take to wrap around my belly. And surprisingly it only took 12. I feel like I'm getting big anymore. And a lot people guessed really high numbers like 18 pieces. Yesterday was a depressing day because a pair of my maternity pants no longer fits me anymore. And my co-worker told me, "Megan, why don't you just unbutton your pants?" Unfortunately I could not unbutton my pants because maternity pants don't have buttons to unbutton them. So I was pretty much miserable the entire day with my tight maternity pants. The stretchy part was just getting sad. And today I was bragging how I can still zip up my coat, but then when I later went outside, I discovered I could still zip up my coat, but couldn't breathe. So zipping up my coat is no longer an option. But I refuse to buy a new coat, when I only have two months of pregnancy left. So it's just going to have to work for the rest of my pregnancy.

Anyways, as I have gotten off tangent. My two year old niece Anika, was adorable. She thought the party was for her. And she was soaking up all the attention. She was dancing and being so silly. She later goes behind by her toys where no one could see her to pee her pants. (She's potty trained) Apparently there was just too much excitement to go to use the potty. Well late after everyone left, I see her with her pants pulled down, and then noticed she peed her pants again. And I asked her what she was doing, and than the next thing I know she is pooping on the carpet. I couldn't help but laugh, and my brother tells me, "Oh, just wait your turn Megan, you think this is funny now until it happens to you." I can't blame Anika, she just was having just a good time, she didn't want to miss all the fun. Even though everyone left at that point. So her solution was to poop on the floor, so she didn't have to miss anything. She is so funny. And was happy to have some cake, which she quickly devoured. She has a new obsession with cake. About a month ago, mom had cupcakes that she made for Halloween, but didn't get time to ice them, so she had them sitting on a desk in the study. The next thing we know Anika comes in the living room with the entire cupcake container, wanting to eat a cupcake. Now every time she comes to Grandma's house she asks for cake, and gets really upset that she doesn't have any. We can't even say the C word. It's a bad word, so we have to spell out the word cake. Because any mention of cake would create a meltdown.

My shower was wonderful and I got tons of adorable outfits for Herman, and great items that babies need. Though I'm starting to regret that I refer to by baby as Herman. Now this is not going to be his real name, but because I've started a trend, everyone calls him Herman. On over half of my presents, it said "To Megan and baby Herman." My Grandma was even calling my baby Herman, and I didn't even know she knew that I was referring to my baby as Herman. Now I'm starting to feel bad for my baby, because this name is starting to stick with people. I wonder what he'll think of his mother when he knows she use to call him Herman before he was born. Hopefully he won't be too upset by it. It just became a joke, that started to stick. As long as people don't start calling him Herman after he is born, then we'll be good.

So my shower when really well. I feel like there is still a lot I need to learn about babies. I felt kind of clueless getting certain items, and unsure why I need them or how I'm suppose to use them. My mom was joking around saying she'll probably get a lot of calls from me asking how to take care of my baby. Which wouldn't surprise me. I feel like I have a lot of learn about babies.

And a great way to end my blog entry by showing up all the presents I got and started opening. Thanks everyone who came. :)