Sunday, October 30, 2011

The adventures of baby registery

This weekend was a fun one, on Saturday we got our baby registry set up.One thing I've learned about going to have a baby, is just like the wedding scene, it's a big industry and everyone wants your money and to buy THEIR products. I seem to get sample packs of random crap every time I do something that is baby related. Like on my first doctor's appointment the nurse gave me a bag full of baby formula, diapers, coupons, magazines, etc. And as I got to other places, the stockpile keeps piling up. Also I've somehow accumulated a lot of free magazine subscriptions. (Not that I'm complaining) A month ago I week to the Motherhood store, and purchased some items, and sure enough I got a loot full of stuff. And then when we went to set up our registry at Babies-r-us and Target, both places gave me a welcome bag of baby items. While I enjoy all these goody bags, it's sadly a ploy to get me to buy a certain company's product. But whatever I don't mind reeking the benefits of it. I just never realized until recently the similarities of wedding planning and baby planning. While both things are completely different, though both life changing, the treatment from places is the same, they treat you like gold because they want your money! And both industries are big money making industries. As we created our registry I started to realize how much money babies really do cost. Which made me glad and grateful that I'll be getting gifts for the baby, because boy do they need a lot of things!

So Saturday was a fun adventure, with Matt and my mom, as we went over aisle after aisle scanning all these things. It was exhausting. And very overwhelming. There are so many types of every baby item in different sizes, quality, colors, etc. I found myself many times just confused to decide which one was the right one to pick. I think at towards the end I became scan happy and started scanning all kinds of random stuff. Good thing they give you the compatibility to go home online and make changes. It was nice to go home and sit down a relax, and thoroughly look through all my choices, and eliminate the impulsive scan zaps that I made. And then of course the big decision was to make was should all the baby items match? And should they be all boy items? What if my second baby is a girl? Would she want to be in blue items? So there were a lot of fun decisions to make. And I'm glad I had my mom with us, she was like my coach guiding me to make sure I picked out the right stuff. Like I learned that I need more 5 oz bottles, because babies don't eat them much at first. And that you should stick with the same brand of nipples, so the baby doesn't get confused having all these different types of nipples. They apparently get accustomed to one type. And that Nuk bottles are very like the breast. I would have not of know any of these things. So it was good to have some kind of direction. Because the more baby products I that my mom told me I needed the more I realized that I don't know very much about babies. I feel like I know more about kids 3 and up. Give me a three year old and we can have fun and play games . But give me an infant, and I'm not sure what to do. Ok, maybe I'm undermining myself, I do know what to do with an infant, but I feel like there are still many things I don't know about infants and babies. So I know it will be a learning process. And seeing all the products I need to buy for the baby became terrifying. Knowing that all those things I will be using just for one little baby.

It was fun though seeing on my registry, baby arriving on 2/21/2012. (The Target registry was crazy and it said "Megan Sherman is expected to arrive on 2/21/2012," so apparently I'm being reborn. lol) It reminded me of when we did our wedding registry, and the date on it said 2/21/2009. So it was like a weird sense of deja-vu seeing the same date on there. While I enjoyed the registry experience as it took a total of 3 and a half hours for both place, I'm very glad I only have to do a baby registry once.

On an ending note when editing my registry, there was a countdown to my due date, which is 114 days. Wow I didn't realize I only have 114 days left. That is shy of three months! Baby will be here before I know it. :)

Thursday, October 27, 2011

The great debate of working verses staying at home

Though times have changed and we have gotten out of the 1950's mindset that women can only be housewives, and cater to their husbands and stay at home to take care of the kiddies; there is still judgment made when women make the decision to of whether to be a working mom or a stay at home mom. I've struggled with this concept for quite some time, even before I became pregnant. It's one of the hardest decision for a mother to make. And the more I talk about it with other people and see the look on their faces when I tell them I'm probably going to continue working and have my baby in daycare, the more I'm starting to realize it's one of those damned if you do, damned if you don't kind of situations. If I told people I was going to be a stay at home mom, I probably still would get judged, and be seen as a lazy person who isn't help providing for the family financially. Or that being a stay at home mom is a cakewalk and that they have the life doing nothing and taking care of a baby.(Not that I think this of stay at home moms, but sadly people think this way of women who make the decisions to be a stay at home mom)As for the working mom the judgments that some people have is that they are selfish wanting to pursue their careers, and don't want to spend time with their child.

So regardless of what decision I make there will be some kind of scrutiny from someone, and some kind of judgmental look made. I like to hope one day this mentality will go away, and women can freely raise their children the way they see fit without being put another a microscope of judgment.But I won't hold my breath on it, because I'm sure many of things I do as a mother in the future will be judged by others. Because everyone has their own idea of what is the "right" way to take care of a child and if that "right" way isn't their way, then you're doing it the wrong way.

At least I know my decision is the best for me, and while it will be very hard to juggle work, motherhood and being a wife, I know it's possible, for many women have done it.

Monday, October 17, 2011

A funny email about pregnancy

A co-worker emailed this to me today, and I must say I got my good Monday laugh, enjoy :)

PREGNANCY Q & A & more
Q: Should I have a baby after 35?
A: No, 35 children is enough

Q : I'm two months pregnant now. When will my baby move?
A: With any luck, right after he finishes college.

Q : What is the most reliable method to determine a baby's sex?
A: Childbirth..

Q: My wife is five months pregnant and so moody that sometimes she's borderline irrational.
A: So what's your question?

Q ? : My childbirth instructor says it's not pain I'll feel during labor, but pressure. Is she right?
A: Yes, in the same way that a tornado might be called an air current.

Q: When is the best time to get an epidural?
A: Right after you find out you're pregnant.

Q ? : Is there any reason I have to be in the delivery room while my wife is in labor?
A: Not unless the word "alimony" means anything to you.

Q: Is there anything I should avoid while recovering from childbirth?
A: Yes, pregnancy.

Q: Do I have to have a baby shower?
A: Not if you change the baby's diaper very quickly.

Q: Our baby was born last week. When will my wife begin to feel and act normal again?
A: When the kids are in college.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Naming my child part 2

Like I've said in a previous blog entry, that naming my child would be a challenge. And now that I know Herman is a boy, the naming process has become more challenging. When I was compiling names, I had a giant list of girl names, there are so many girl names I like because there are more unique names for girls, and cuter names. My boy names column on my list of name is so far looking pretty small. And if there is a name I remotely like of course Matt hates it. And it doesn't help when you see certain children named the names you like. It's like seeing the image of them completely ruins the image of the name that I liked. For example, today I went to drop off books at the library today, and there is a random little boy about 3/4 years old who looked like a stinker and a trouble maker lingering in the doorway, just staring at me looking all cute. Though he knew he was in trouble, as his mother who was still at her car, getting her other child out of the car into the stroller. She was screaming his name, because he pretty much ran off from his mom, and was in the library when she was still at her car. All I could think instead of messing with your baby and trying to get them in the stroller, quickly grab your baby, and then quickly walk up to your other child and get him! And spank him on the behind for being bad and running off. Even after going in the library and checking out my book, the kid was still in the doorway, and she was still screaming for him. So I still don't understand what was taking her so long. But she screamed "Hayden! Hayden! Hayden!" The name just rung in my ears and suddenly sounded extremely ugly. I had that name on my list and actually kind of liked that name, but seeing the bad child not listening to his mom and the mom just screaming his name, just made his name sound like poison. So now I'll be taking Hayden off my list.

Which reminds me of another name I use to love until I started working with children and did some subbing. The name Dylan. I absolutely loved, loved, loved, that name, until every horrible brat child that I had to deal with was named Dylan. There were probably like 5 different Dylans that gave me a big headache. I don't think I've met a non-trouble making Dylan. Because these boys have ruined the Dylan name, I can't bring myself to name my child Dylan, for fear be may turn into a bratty terrible child. Not that a name will do that to someone, but it's interesting how certain names carry certain stereotypes to them and how people think of a person based off their name.

Then of course when someone mentions a certain name and asked me if I like it, I have to automatically write that name off the list, even though I may like it, because I dated a guy with that name. Which again takes more boy names off my list, a lot of boy names. Well maybe not that many. It just would be weird to name my son after an ex-boyfriend, even if I liked that name. I don't think that's a good idea, it might give people the wrong idea and think I'm madly in love with my exes still.

It's interesting in one of the name books I read, that people are more likely to use unique names for girls but stick with more traditional names for boys. And maybe this is why I am having a hard time liking any boy names, most boy names are just so popular, and all the same. The unique names just don't sound right. Which reminds me when I subbed I came across a boy named Dutch. I still remember this name because I thought it was such a weird name. I just want to call him Dutch Oven. Unique boy names just don't sound right. It seems like the popular trend right now with boy names are names that end in "den" Like Aden, Braden, Hayden, and the "on" ending like Carson, Mason, Colton, Landon. These names are all on the top 100 names of 2011. Which I want to avoid picking a name from that list, but even traditional names like Ethan, Joshua, and even Matthew are still on the top names of 2011. So my choices are limited, maybe I should give up the idea of being unique or at least picking a less popular name. Or I could be totally different and name my child Herman! Herman Sherman! Just kidding! I couldn't do that. That would be a cruel joke. So I have no idea what we are naming our baby, but regardless once I have a name, I will not be revealing it until birth. Sorry, I don't like pre-picking out names before birth. I'll have a name in mind but it may change by the time Herman is born. And I think once you see the baby maybe they look different than the original name you have picked out for him or her. So I will not tell anyone the name mainly for that reason. So for now my little baby will be Herman, but only until Herman is born, and I officially name him. If Matt and I ever come up with a name. Sigh...

Monday, October 10, 2011

Herman is a boy!

This past Thursday was a really exciting day, we got to find out the sex of our baby. Beforehand I had to drink 32 oz of water, and drinking that much water early in the morning was hard to do, by the time we were about ready to leave I felt like I had to go pee so bad.

It was really exciting to see the ultrasound, the first thing the ultrasound tech asked was, "What do you guys what to have a boy or a girl?" Without hesitation we both said boy. As soon as she started the ultrasound, she said "I think you guys got your wish, it looks like it's a boy." Hearing that felt so surreal, I've been wanting to have a boy so bad that I didn't know how to react knowing my wish came true. Though regardless I would have been happy if it was a girl.

The ultrasound tech was oddly enthusiastic about her job, she compared being an ultrasound tech to being a photographer. She said, "This isn't like Alens Mills where you can get them to pose, the baby pretty much does whatever he wants." Also the entire time she was going on about how cute he was and how cute babies are in the womb. I'm not really sure how cute babies are in the womb, considering they are still developing, and ultrasounds make them look slightly creepy. But I'm glad that she enjoys her job.

As Matt was actively participating and asking the tech questions, I was getting mad because I didn't have a very good view as he did. He could see the screen striaght ahead, but I saw it more on an angle which made the screen look funny, and really couldn't make very much. Matt would be like "Is that the foot? Is that the hand?" I was just getting mad because I couldn't see anything, I kept trying to move my head to get a better view but that didn't work out very well. So I decided instead just to focus more on the ultrasound tech's face. I figured she looked generally happy and content, that it's a good sign. I know the tech's can't say too much if they suspect something is horribly wrong with the baby, they are there more to just take the images, and have the doctor look at it, but I figured if she did suspect something bad she would have a look of horror or shock on her face. Which I didn't see so that is a good sign.

I will say I was slightly alarmed how creepy the baby looked, I saw more skull then a head shape, but the tech said that was normal because the babies at this point are more boney and don't develop more fat until the third trimester. And the ultrasound tech said that babies at this stage look more like alien babies, which is something you shouldn't say to someone who is petrified of aliens, but she didn't know that.
Here's a picture of Herman, a front view of his face, which pretty much looks like his skull:

After taking a trillion pictures she finally confirmed that Herman is in fact a boy. It was great to get a sure confirmation. Here's a pic of Herman and his boy parts:

Towards the end, Herman decided he didn't want to cooperate, which was frustrating me because I felt like my bladder was going to explode, (at this point the tech already spent 45 minutes doing the ultrasound) and her pressing on my bladder with the ultrasound wand didn't help. She had to take detail pictures of Herman's heart, but he kept moving around that she couldn't get a picture of him. She finally got to the point where she had to get another tech to help her. Ten minutes later Herman finally decided to cooperate.

I was just relieved that I could finally go to the bathroom. As we left oddly the first thing I thought of was oh my gosh he's a boy, how do I potty train a boy? While I know I have a couple of years to worry about this, for some reason this was the first thing that came to mind when it actually registered that I am in fact having a boy.

Here are some other pictures of Herman:
Another picture, where I'm not going to lie but Herman's skull head creeps me out:

Here's a fun one of Herman trying to suck his thumb:

And my favorite of Herman holding up two fingers and giving the peace sign:

It was exciting to announce it to everyone that we were having a baby, for my dad I called him at work, he works at a building company, so I called up and told him that my husband and I were looking for a new home since we are expecting a son. His reply was, "Is it for Herman?" I was really hoping he would fall for it, but he knew right away it was me. hehe. Then I called my mom and told her the news, she was on vacation in Boston. She was really excited since I'm giving them their first grandson. My brother has two girls. Then I spent the afternoon making cupcakes with blue cream filling in them. It took forever it make them, and then we stopped by Matt's parent's house for dinner, and gave them the cupcakes, it was fun to watch them bite into them to discover the sex of the baby. They were so happy. We then came over to Matt's sister's house and did the same thing. Then the next day I surprised my co-workers. It was fun doing the cupcake thing!

Now my next challenge is finding a name for Herman, while I've grown fond of calling my baby Herman, I don't think he'll appreciate that being his name for life. Herman Sherman would be a name that the poor kid would get made fun of for the rest of his life. So I can't do that to him. I had tons of girl names I like, but I don't like too many boy names, and talking about names with Matt is like pulling teeth, so we'll see what Herman's real name will end up being. :)

Monday, October 3, 2011

Pregnancy makes you sexier, I disagree..

I have the book "Your Pregnancy week by week". I really enjoy the book, and like it ten times better then "What to expect when expecting". I feel like that book just is very watered down and candy coats everything about pregnancy. What I like about this book, is it goes in detail about how the baby is developing each week, and the changes you experience. So what is nice about the book, as I approach the latest week in my pregnancy, I read the chapter for that week. Which is weird to say that tomorrow I'll be officially 20 weeks! Which means I already at the halfway mark! Yah!! But anyways, yesterday I was reading in my book for Week 20, and came across this section in which I couldn't help but laugh. It was called, You May be Sexier than you Think And it listed 10 reasons. So for entertainment I like to share these 10 reasons, with my editorial comments, because I really would like to beg to differ. Though I like the effort this author tried to make in giving pregnant women higher self esteem, but unfortunately their 10 reasons didn't help my self esteem one bit. It made me laugh more than anything.

So her it is, with my editorial comments in bold:

1) Your skin may be smoother and softer because you use lotions and oils to prevent stretch marks

Well that's a fail for me, considering I have not been using lotions or trying to prevents stretch marks, because I know for me they are enviable, I know all the lotion in the world is not going to stop those lovely marks on my body. And my skin is not smooth, it's pretty much dry. Maybe this should be an incentive to start using lotion more ofter, so I feel smooth and sexy.

2)You may ask for massage and back rubs, which may lead to further massage and sexual intimacy.

Again but sorry to break it to you book, but what if your husband doesn't want to massage you? Asking Matt to massage my feet or back is like pulling teeth. And it only happens on extremely rare occasions, unfortunately being pregnant is not an motivator to give me massages.

3) Discovering different ways to make love is an exciting new challenge.

All I have to say about this one, is ummm. No. totally not true and definitely not an "exciting new challenge"

4) A pregnant woman has a unique chance to show off her erotic imagination. Sec during pregnancy often requires some creative thinking on both parts.

Erotic imagination? How does being pregnant make someone have more of an erotic imagination? Seriously? I think the author was starting to run out of reasons so made this bullcrap up.

5) Your pregnancy makes him walk like a man. For many men, their partner's pregnancy is often a source of pride

Even if this was true, how does this make me feel more sexier?

6) Your curves can be sexy.

Unfortunately I have not curves, and being pregnant, is just making me inflate but not get any curvier. And my swollen legs are not very sexy

7) The hormones of pregnancy may increase your sexual desire.

Again lies! I would say more like decrease, having morning sickness, stretch marks, growing somatch, and swollen feet really doesn't put me in the mood or increase my desires.

8) Your changing figure, such as enlarging breast, may turn him on

It seems to be having the opposite effect for me. And the bigger they get the uglier

9) The level of commitment you feel toward your partner may intensify your intimacy, both sexually and non-sexually.Having a child together may be the ultimate act of trust.

Out of the 10 reasons, I actually see truth the this one, so I can't really make fun of it. But again I don't know how this would make me feel sexier.

10) You're carefree because you don't have to worry about birth control

While it is true that I don't have to worry about birth control, I wouldn't say I'm carefree, I would say being pregnant makes me worry 100 times more

So those are 10 reasons why being pregnant is wonderful and just makes you feel sexy! Wasn't that a good laugh! On a different note I get to find out the gender of the baby this Thursday! I can't wait, hopefully Herman cooperates and shows his or her jewels.