Monday, February 27, 2012

It's fun to play dress up

One thing that I have always been very meticulous about is the things I wear. I like everything to coordinate, like my shoes, scarves, jewelery, clothing, etc. I try to be trendy. I will say I have my occasional fashion disasters. Sometimes I forget that now that I'm in my late twenties, that I really need to quit shopping in the juniors section, and I'm not 16 anymore. But for the most part I love to look fashionable, and I love wearing dresses. Which is one reason why I love my job because it gives me a reason to wear dresses, and dress type clothing. And can I say that is one thing that I'm excited about it is being able to fit into my non-pregnancy clothes! I haven't seen most of them for over 6-7 months. They are all packed away in boxes in our basement. Right now I still can't fit into my pants, but my maternity pants are practically falling off me, so that is reassuring! So hopefully me and my pretty clothing will reunite once again!

Me being a planner, I will usually plan out my outfits a week in advance. Have mapped out in my head, what outfit I will wear on a certain day of the week. I also make sure I'm very careful not to repeat wearing the same outfit to work at least for 3 to 4 weeks. I have a ridiculous amount of clothing that I could do this. Though when I was pregnant, I had a limited wardrobe, so outfit repeats happened more frequently. To me this is very important, not repeating outfits. I don't know why I am so concerned by it. But it's one of those weird things I get bothered by. Like I notice when people wear the same outfit twice in one week, or twice in a two week span. It's weird that I notice this or am even bothered by it. I guess I'm so concerned that I don' wear the same outfit twice, is so people don't think I don't have very many clothes. That and I like having a variety of clothing to wear. I oddly have a photographic memory as to what clothes I have worn. For example I remember the exact outfit I wore when I went on our first date with Matt. I was wearing my midnight blue v-neck shirt (it was also v-neck in the back as well) with a pair of black shorts. The outfit I had on our wedding day before I got into my wedding dress was my light blue button up shirt with sliver stripes on it, with a pair of jean. The outfit I had on the day I went to the hospital where I ended up having Grant three days later was a purple v-neck shirt with a pair of my maternity jeans. It's strange that I even remember this. Especially considering I first started dating Matt almost six years ago. There were no pictures taken of these days. So it's not a picture that makes me remember these outfits. I guess if the day had significant meaning to me, I can remember the outfit I wore that day. So maybe this is why planning my outfits is so important to me. And this is why having a photographic memory with my clothing wearing makes it easier to not have a repeated outfits. I also make sure if I'm seeing the same person who I saw a month or two ago, that I don't wear the same outfit that I wore when when I saw them the first time. I want them to see me in a different outfit. I know I sound crazy with my outfit planning. lol. Apparently I've been like this my entire life. Ask my mom, she said I was concerned with clothing at a very early age.

Point I'm trying to make, now that I have a child of my own, I quite enjoy dressing him. Now I need to have a girl, because I would just have a ball with all the cute outfits and accessories I could dress her up in! Unfortunately I can't do too many accessories with a boy. Well I could do a hat or something. But regardless, I enjoy dressing up little Grant! And I'm so concern over how he is dressed. Like last week, a friend called and said they wanted to visit to see Grant. He had this outfit on, that looked ok, but to me it wasn't cute worthy. So ridiculous me had to change his outfit really quick, because I wanted to make sure my friend saw him in a cuter outfit. I know I'm ridiculous. When we visited Matt's parents yesterday I had to make sure he didn't have the same outfit he wore last week when Matt's parents saw him. Does it really matter if he has the same outfit on? Probably not, but I just want to show off all his cute outfits to everyone, so that means not wearing the same outfit twice when seeing the same people. Matt thinks I'm crazy, which I am. He tells me "Megan he is a baby, why does it matter what he wears?" But to me it does matter. I want my child to be fashionable. And is they look mismatched or disheveled, that is a reflection of my own fashion sense, since I'm the one dressing him. And I can't have that on my fashionable conscious.

Most of the clothes I got at my shower were bigger size like 0 to 3 months. I think most people thought I was having a bigger baby. Even I thought I was having a bigger baby. I only had like a few newborn outfits. Because everyone told me, he won't fit into them very long, and will outgrow them. Well I wasn't excepting that I would have a very tiny 5 pound baby. Most of the newborn clothing Grant has, he is drowning in. The outfit we brought him home in, Grant's pant were practically falling off him, and it looked like you could fit two of him in there. When I came home from the hospital, I had a crying fit, and called my mother in upset, because I had nothing for my child to wear. Everything was huge on him. Again the things to cry about! I blame the hormones! My wonderful mother went to Babies-R-us, and purchased about 100 dollars worth of outfits. Carters brand seems to be the brand that fits Grant the best. His outfit still are a little big on him, so the time he does fit into his 3 month outfits, it probably will be very warm. Oh well. So to avoid spending more money on Grant's outfits, I try to make the best of what I have. I bought white long sleeve onsies so he can wear his short sleeve onsies over it. This creates more outfits this way.

Here's an outfit I put together for Grant to wear today:

And here is a picture of Grant in one of my favorite outfits he has that Grandma Sherman gave him:

I just love dressing Grant and take pride in it. I want to make sure I have a fashionable child. This is why when I see this I cringe:

Matt does that to his socks so they stay on better. But I think it makes Grant look nerdy. Again I get the "Megan, he's a baby, who cares." response from Matt. But I care, I don't want my son to be wearing his socks all nerdy. Oh well I guess I get over it considering they do stay up better that way.

I know eventually when Grant gets older he will not want his mother dressing him, so in the meanwhile I got to enjoy having the privilege to dress my son. I must say I love it!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Everyday as a mom is a new adventure

So I've been a mom for a week now! And boy have I learned some lessons and some interesting things already. And since I'm a new mom I figure it was only fitting to change my blog title, considering I'm no longer a hormonal crazy pregnant woman. lol. So now my blog title is "Life lessons of a New Mommy."

Some interesting things I've learned so far as a new mommy:

1) Modesty goes out the window. My boobs have been shown off to to the world, for the sake of trying to feed my child.

Since I've had Grant, I feel like I've showed off my boobs to doctors, nurses, family members and friends. I tend to be a very modest person (or at least I try to be, I've been known for some accidental flashings)I like to keep things covered, and not wear revealing clothing, and show off my boobies to the world. But as soon as Grant has been born, that doesn't seem to matter anymore. I don't really care if I show off my boobs to everyone, because now I need to feed my child. My boobs are food for the baby. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not going to expose them out in the open when breast feeding in public, I'll cover with a blanket, but when it comes to family members and friends visiting, some boobies may be exposed. Oh well.

2) Changing diapers is an everyday adventure, you never know what is going to happen next.

So far in Grant's week of life he has given me a roller coaster of excitement, especially in the diaper department. Matt and I have learned that you must cover up the boy parts immediately with a diaper. One day Matt didn't cover up Grant, and he shot pee like three feet above his head, on the wall! And then one day, I was changing his diaper, didn't cover, and he got pee all over his back by his head, and there was a big puddle by him as well. Last night thank God I put a diaper underneath him, because before I could even close his diaper, he pooped all over his fresh diaper. I'm glad I put a diaper underneath him or that would have been a big mess. And he goes through diapers like crazy. Yesterday I changed his diaper 3 times in a half hour, as soon as I put on a new diaper, and his clothes back on I hear this explosion. Diaper changing is never a dull moment. That is for sure.

3)With boys, you always need to make sure you put the little boy part facing down in the diaper, and shouldn't be pointing up.

The first day Grant was born the nurse told us this. Well I keep forgetting to make sure it's pointed down. One day his pee shot upward and got all over his clothes. And then the same thing happened again, and he leaked all over his pack and play. I had to scrub it down with soap and took a blow dryer to dry it. I really need to remember to check this every time I change his diaper!

4) Priorities change, and there's a lack of time to do anything
A key example of this, is I started this blog entry last Friday, and I finally have had a chance to finish this blog entry a week later. I'm rarely on Facebook anymore. Which is probably a good thing because I spend WAY to much time on there. My time is now a rotation of changing Grant's diaper, feeding him, cuddling him, putting him down for bed, napping when he naps, and starting the process all over again. I cherish the small moments when I have time to myself to do things.

5) I'm starting to master the art of doing everything with one hand.
Toting around a baby in one hand has made me become very skilled in using one hand. Such as typing with one hand, fixing a bottle with one hang, writing with my right hand instead of my left.

6) You can have ideals and certain things you wanted to do as a parent, but once you actually have your child, those things can go out of window. For example I was hoping to exclusively breast feed. I scoffed at the idea of formula, and told myself I would never have to use that. Well unfortunately due to some events (long story) I had to give Grant formula as a supplement, luckily I got to stop doing this. But I was hoping I wouldn't have to use formula. At this point I still may have to use formula. I hope this is not the case, but having a child is unpredictable, you may have certain expectations of how things may go as a parent. But life has other plans.

7) I thought it was bad when I was pregnant with all the worrying, but the worrying only gets worse, pretty much like times 100.
All I do now is worry. Every little cough or grunt makes me jump, and I have to check to make sure Grant it ok. Some nights its hard to go to sleep, because I'm listening to his every sound. I pretty much worry about everything I do with him. I know this worrying will not go away, it pretty much will stick with me for the rest of my life.

8) I didn't realize how many diapers babies really do go through.
Holy Crap, babies go through diapers so quickly! We got a pack of 36 diapers, and used then in like 5 days time. I just ended up buying 3 packs of 72 diapers on I hope they last for awhile. This makes me wish we could use cloth diapers. But Matt is against them. :( I've tried to persuade him as to why they are better to use. But my persuasion has not work.

9) Being a parent is very unpredictable, you never know what you're going to expect.
Such as last week, we had to go to the hospital for two days, because Grant had jaundice. I had enough of the hospital after being there for six days. I wasn't expecting to be back there 3 days later. I wasn't expecting Grant to have jaundice, and didn't realize how common it is to happen to babies. And then there was drama with Grant losing weight. It is normal for babies to lose weight in the first week, but the doctor's were concerned he wasn't getting enough, as to why I had to give him formula. And we have to go to a specialist this Monday, since Grant does in fact only have one kidney. I never realized how many fun adventures I would have with the doctor.

10) Breastfeeding is very time consuming.
Don't get me wrong I love breastfeeding and I know it provides wonderful things for my baby. But boy did I not realize how long a breastfeeding session could be! Sometimes I'm sitting there for 45 minutes or more. It's especially rough in the middle of the night, and I'm fighting to stay awake.

So those are my life lessons of being a mommy so far! Actually I know I have more, but that is all I can think of right now. And I have so many ideas for blog entries! Now if only can find the time to write them. It only took a week to write this one!

And lets end this blog entry with an adorable picture of Grant!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Life can change all in a week's time

This last week has been a life changer. Last Monday I had my doctor's appointment. I've been having them twice a week because of my high blood pressure. I left my house thinking I would come back home an hour later, but no I don't come back until this past Saturday, with a beautiful baby boy. Who would have know how much life can change within a week. I know in previous blog entries I've talked about how I had this idea of how I wanted my labor to go and as things began to shift with my high blood pressure, I knew my ideal birth experience would pretty much not happen, but I wanted to have hope that it still would happen. Well everything I wanted ended up being the complete opposite of how it actually turned out. But end result still gave me a wonderful beautiful sweet baby boy. So really it didn't matter that I didn't have a natural birth and that my birth plan was pretty much useless.

My fun adventure started when I left for my doctor's appointment on Monday. I actually had a bad feeling that I would be going straight to the hospital, considering my blood pressure was creeping up the last few days. So when I went to the doctor, my blood pressure was at 170/107. So the doctor told me to just go striaght to labor and delivery, so them to observe my blood pressure and assess what they want to do next. So they put me on the fetal monitor and make the decision to admit me and I have to spend the night at the hospital to be under observation. I also had to do the 24 hour urine collection (for the 3rd time) to check my protein levels. So I spend the night on Monday, and the next day my results come back as having 1200 mg of protein, if it is over 300 it is considered pre-eclampsia. So I officially had pre-eclampsia. The doctor made the decision to induce me. They first put me on Cervidil to soften my cervix. I was put on that for 12 hours. It didn't really do anything, and didn't dilate anything. Then on Wednesday morning they put me on Pitcin. They also put me on magnesium sulfate, which helps reduce the risk of seizure and stroke, but the problem with magnesium sulfate is it is also used to stop contractions, so it really works against pitcin. At 3:00 my water broke, and I started having really painful contractions. At this point I told the nurse I wanted an epidural, when originally I didn't want to have any drugs. But the combination of being stationary, and having pictin, and lack of sleep, made my contractions hurt so bad. I made the decision that I wanted to have an epidural, but I had to be at 4 cm in order to get one. Which I sadly at that point was only dilated at 2 cm. So I got Nebane, which is something they use early on in the labor. It only works good the first time. And I must say it definitely took the edge off, and gave me a chance to rest. But boy did I feel like I was on a drug trip or something. That stuff made me feel so out of it. I felt like kept repeating things, like someone would talk to me, and then I felt like I dreamed the same thing happening again. Matt said I kept repeating the same things, which makes sense considering I felt like I was repeating moments. It was very strange.

So anyways I was put on picticin for 12 hours, but they stopped it, to give me a break, and being on it longer than 12 hours striaght makes it less effective. So Then comes Thursday, they put me back on Picticin for awhile and made the decision that is I didn't process very far in my labor, that they would have to do a c-section. Well I ended up only dilating another centimeter, so a total of 3 cm. And my blood pressure kept spiking up, and every-time I had a contraction, the baby's heart rate went crazy! Around 10:00 am the doctor made the decision that I would in fact have to have a c-section. It made me sad that I had to endeavor two days of labor to only dilate 3cm and then have to do a c-section. I wish I would have just had the c-section in the first place. But I know they were trying hard to give me a natural vaginally delivery. But unfortunately this just wasn't in the cards for me. Again something that went completely unplanned. I didn't think I would have to get a c-section. And now this completely changes plans for when I have the next kid.

Around 12:30 I get started on my c-section. It was so weird when they gave me the epidural. Everything was completely numb from my chest and below. Which now that I know what an epidural actually feels like, I don't think I would ever want an epidural if I was giving birth vaginally. Because you can't feel anything. I didn't even know when my feet were moving, I felt like a wimp noodle. I just don't see that being a pleasant experience trying to push a baby out if I can't even feel it or know if he or she is coming out. But that is my two cents for the day. Not judging women who get epidurals, because I was going to cave in and get one. But knowing how they actually are, I don't think I would get one. But unfortunately I was forced to get one considering they had to cut me open. It was so strange when they cut me open. I didn't feel a thing, but I felt like a puppet on strings, being tugged on. It was especially weird when they took the uterus out because I suddenly felt pressure around my upper chest area.

At 1:16, my baby was officially welcomed into the world. His name is Grant Taylor Sherman (Herman no more!). He weighed 5 pounds and 13 oz, and is 20 1/4 inches long. It was nerve racking because I noticed his little cry didn't sound very strong, and I even asked them if that was normal, and they didn't really say anything. We got to see him for about 20 seconds is that, and then they took him away. When I got out of the surgery, I find out he was having problems breathing. He was breathing faster than his heart-rate. Apparently this is a side effect of me being on magnesium sulfate. They ended up putting him the special care nursery and had to put him on some oxygen. Luckily he improved over the next few hours and they didn't have to give him a feeding tube. But I was unable to breastfeed him right away.

It was rough getting back to my room to find out that I couldn't even see him. Matt and my mom was able to see him but I couldn't until my epidural wore off, and I was able to move my legs. Finally around 8:00 I was able to get in a wheelchair, and they were able to take me to see little Grant. I was so sad that I couldn't hold him. I ended up not being able to have Grant in my room and hold him until about 8:00 in the morning the next day. I must say it was the longer night. I think I only got like a few hours of sleep if that. I was so sad that I couldn't see Grant that I just couldn't go to sleep.

It was wonderful when I could finally have my little guy in my arms. Despite all the trouble of labor, it all melted away when I got to hold Grant. My plans for birth didn't happen, I wasn't expecting to be in the hospital for 6 days, or have a c-section. But that is how life rolls. Things can't always go according to plan, but even when they don't still results can happen. Like a beautiful baby boy. :)

Here is a picture of Grant:

There are many other entries to come of all the things I want to share. Motherhood has definitely been an adventure already, and I've only been a mother for five days. And boy do I love it!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Life Lessons of Pregnancy

First off, if you haven't notice, my blog has gotten a new makeover! I thought it was time to change it's look. So now it's pretty!

When I first started this blog I created a tab called "Life lessons of pregnancy so far". Every time I did certain blog entries, I would add life lessons to this tab. Well I realized I haven't updated this tab in forever! So I thought since I'm approaching the end of my pregnancy, I add on to this list, because there are so definite lessons I've learned in the duration of my pregnancy. It's very interesting as to what I thought being pregnant would be like and what it actually is to be pregnant. Completely different. So to refresh your memory, here are my 6 life lessons of pregnancy, (Which have correlated to previous blog entries:)

1) Pregnant women should not go to rock concerts, at least in a stuffy hot indoor venue. Really concerts like this are no fun when you can't drink, and you're just raging with angry pregnant lady hormones.

2) Just because they are getting bigger doesn't mean they look pretty.

3)While I'm excited to be expecting, pregnancy is seriously is not good for my self esteem. I feel like it's slowly depleting as each day goes by.

4) Having a pet is good practice for motherhood.

5) Spend a day with a two month old and a two year old and get a sneak peak into motherhood.

6)You can't be as fashion savvy when pregnant, you have to give up some certain stylish trends such as high heels, your regular clothes (maternity clothes are sadly just not the same)

So since then I've obviously learned quite a bit of life lessons being pregnant, so here are my other life lessons, with added Megan commentary:

7) Everyone watches and judges everything you do as a pregnant woman. They judge everything you eat, every move you make. And have their "opinions" of what terrible things you are doing to your unborn child. (When most of the things aren't so terrible, but everyone has their own idea of what terrible is)

One thing I've learned and this is not a knock on anyone I know in particularly. But I've noticed people in generally are very critical of everything I do as a pregnant woman. Like one day at work I came into a meeting with a chi tea latte, (it didn't have that much caffeine in it, and I haven't even had much caffeine that day) I got reamed by my co-workers for drinking it! They were like "Oh my gosh Megan why are you drinking that, your blood pressure is high!" Also reminds me of how much flack I got for going on a haunted trail with a friend when I was five months pregnant. It was perfectly fine, I didn't get hurt, the trail was just fine, and not remotely scary. But yet a handful of people scolded me for my choices. Bottom line I haven't drink any alcohol, smoke, take any drugs, eat sushi, or do anything destructive that is going to dis-form my child, but yet I feel like being pregnant puts me under a fine magnifying glass of judgements. Sigh. Ok ending soapbox with this.

8)Things never go as planned in a pregnancy, you can have this perfect envision of how your pregnancy and birth will go, but it probably will go completely the opposite of what you are hoping.
Like I've said in a previous blog entry, expect the unexpected. With this pregnancy, I've definitely have had the unexpected such as hypertension, going on bedrest, and having to be possibly induce.

9)The Third Trimester is definitely the worse trimester. I would revisit the first trimester 100 times more than the third trimester.
First Trimester of puking my guts out and extreme nausea, isn't remotely as bad as constant pain in every part of my body, having the sensation of a 10 pound bowling ball between my legs. It's just wonderful the third trimester! Not. Now I know why women are so eager to want to have their baby towards the end of their pregnancy.

10)People are very nice to pregnant women. The generosity that comes from all my loved ones and friends, and stranger is wonderful! I enjoy the special treatment.

People have been so generous to me since I've been pregnant, and I appreciate all the love and support I've been given! Family members have made us frozen meals. People are work have been wonderful and supportive as I've been on bedrest. My friends have been so helpful as well. It makes me so happy to have such wonderful people that care about pregnant me :)

11) Bed rest is terribly boring, and just makes pregnancy go by even slower. Though I know later I'm going to look back and miss this bed rest time, and regret not using it in a more constructive manner.

Me being a very high strung, energetic and active person, being confined to a bed is terrible. This brings me back to the good old days when I was confined to a couch when I broke my leg twice. Though I know when the baby comes I'm going to probably value the time I had on bedrest, considering motherhood= no free time.

12) Pregnancy barely many battle wounds and scars, just as weight gain, stretch marks, swollen face, hands, and feet.

I was really depressed looking at per-pregnancy pictures of myself yesterday. I didn't realize how much pregnancy has changed my body until I started looking at pictures of myself. I know all these changes are worth it in the end, but I didn't realize how much pregnancy would warp a body.

13)Babies cost a crapload of money. I can't believe how much money I've spent on this baby already and I haven't even had him yet.

Pretty much self-explanatory. We've spent quite a bit on the baby already, and I know it will even be ten times more through out the duration of baby's life. Well probably even way more than ten times more.

14) Having high blood pressure during pregnancy, is given me even higher blood pressure. And it makes me hate things that are heredity.

Like I've said in previous blog entries, having high blood pressure, has just caused me more stress. Between the constant worrying, being on bed-rest, unable to work, and going to the doctor twice a week for non-stress tests, having this whole high blood pressure thing is just giving me a headache. I'll be happy when my blood-pressure goes back to normal.

15) People touching my belly isn't as annoying as I thought it would be.

I thought I would be weirded out with people touching my belly, but it's not as weird as I thought it would be. It makes me feel like I'm the genie of the lamp, and people are rubbing my belly to make a wish. Ok that came out weird..

16) My cat is so spoiled, he is in for a rude awakening when the baby comes.

Poor Marco, he is so spoiled, he cater to our cat way too much, I hope he doesn't get jealous when the baby comes. Because we pretty much treat Marco like a baby.

17) I've never eaten so many blocks of cheese in my entire life. I go through a block of cheese in a weeks time. Who knew being pregnant would make me like cheese so much.

Since I've been pregnant, I've had an absurd craving for eating cheese and crackers. Before I was pregnant I loved eating cheese, but now it has became an obsession. I've been buying a block of cheese every week. I don't know why I can't stop eating so much cheese. Cravings are so weird!

18) They don't make maternity shirts big enough to cover a ninth month belly. Half of all my shirts don't fit anymore, and they are maternity shirts! Nothing like looking like a hick with my belly hanging out. (Thank God for the belly band!)

I thought the point of maternity shirts was to cover the belly completely! But the lower and bigger my belly has gotten, my maternity shirts are just getting shorter and shorter. They really need to design maternity shirts to fit the entire 9 months, and not be a one size fits all. It seems like maternity shirts are designed to fit one type of woman for the entire 9 months. Not women of different sizes and shapes.

19)Being pregnant is a constant battle of non-stop worrying. And unfortunately I know this is only the beginning. I'll pretty much be worrying about my child for the rest of my life.

I'm a worry wart to begin with and being pregnant makes me worry everyday. I know it's natural to worry. I just want a healthy baby, and I'm constantly worry and all I hope for is a healthy baby.

20)Being pregnant is a good excuse to take tons of naps! :)

I love all the naps I get to take when being pregnant, and I'm enjoying my beauty sleep while I get to take it.

21) When being pregnant, be prepared for people to ask you the same 5 questions over and over again.

Like I've said in a previous blog entry, is I feel like I need a tee-shirt with all the answers to the same five questions people ask me. Now it makes me realize not to be so annoying and ask other pregnant women these questions all the time.

So there are my pregnancy life lessons! If I think of anymore, (which I'm sure I will) there will be more to come.

I can't believe I'll be having a baby in about a week and a half or so! Eek!!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Waiting Game

Before I got pregnant and even since I've been pregnant, I never understood why women who were are around 36,37,38 weeks complain about wanting to have the baby now, and wanting to find natural ways to induce. I mean don't they want their baby to cook as long as possible? But now that I am in the same point of my pregnancy now I finally understand why most women feel that way. I'm 37 weeks and 3 days, I'm starting to feel like I'm just ready for this baby to come out. It doesn't help that I'm on bed rest and bored out of my skull. I've feel disconnected from the real world just immersing my brain into Facebook and stupid tv series on Netflix every day this week. And hanging out with Marco, as he sits right next to me throughout the entire day. But I have nothing else exciting to do. This bed rest is driving me nuts already. It wasn't terrible when I was working from home for 4 hours, but now it's terrible because I have nothing to do. And not only that I just feel like crap. It hurts to move, walk or do anything. My blood pressure has been higher (even with laying like a blob on the couch) the last days, and just making me feel half sick.I know I'll be having this baby in about 2 weeks or so. But it is driving me crazy, because it could be sooner or later. The doctor today pretty much told me that if my preeclampia symptoms get worse, to go to labor and delivery, and he'll most likely have to induce me. I'm just becoming very eager, and inpatient, and looking for the light at the end of the tunnel.

Don't get me wrong, I want my baby to bake as long as possible, but my impatience is getting the best of me. I know things come within good time. So as I'm eagerly waiting to the "when" this baby will arrive, I've decided to come up with a list of all the things I can't wait to do after I am no longer pregnant.

I love being pregnant, but doing certain things, even things I didn't even do that often when I wasn't pregnant made me miss them tremendously! I just can't wait to do certain things again!

So here is my list of things I can't wait to do when I'm no longer pregnant:
1) Have a hard cider- (I know I'll be breastfeeding, but I just want one cold one to indulge in. I'm not going to go crazy with drinking, I just miss having hard ciders, and it doesn't help when seeing Matt drink them all the time. And there is a wonderful thing called pumping and dumping)

2) I can go in a hot tub! (This is one of those things I never even do that often but when we were on vacation in July, it sucked not being able to go in a hot tub, because I'm pregnant, so it will be wonderful just to sit in one. Not sure when I will have an opportunity to even go in a hot tub again, but I'm sure I'll fine one.)

3) Ride on roller coasters! I was sad this summer not to go to Kings Island and go on water sliders, or ride roller coasters, which is one of my favorite things to do!

4)Changing Marco's litterbox! Actually I'm not looking forward to doing that again, it's nice that Matt has been doing it. Though it will be cleaner when I'm doing it again.

5) Participating in Blindfold musical chairs. Ok this is something that never happens, but it happened at work in October, and people at work wouldn't let me participate because they were afraid I would have gotten hurt, which is probably true. But me being very competitive was really sad that I couldn't do this.

6) Wearing my skinny jeans and pretty dresses and other non-maternity clothing. And wearing heels again!

7) Eat cookie dough again! Umm cookie dough... Not that I ate much cookie dough, but I love it!

8) Go ice skating or skiing! Ok I've never been skiing ever in my entire life, but I would like to try, though I'm afraid. I may break a leg, that seems to happen when I do things for the first time. But I've skated a few times at my in-laws pond, and even though I'm terrible at it, I like to improve.

9) Wearing my wedding ring again, at least I hope it still fits my finger after I lose this water weight, and pregnancy weigh. My finger is sad without it, I've haven't gotten to wear my shiny wedding rings for over five months now.

10)Not getting morning sickness and feeling nauseous not having any energy, and lugging around 45 extra pounds. Well I know the not having energy thing may not come to an end, considering I'll have a baby to take care of, but I'm definitely ready to not feel so huge anymore and feeling like I'm lugging around so much weight. Hopefully I lose the pregnancy weight quickly.

Those are my 10 things I'm looking forward when I no longer pregnant. But the thing I'm looking forward to the most is having the baby in my arms to take care and love. I can't wait!