Sunday, November 13, 2011

The protruding belly

As my belly is getting bigger I'm beginning to realize how hard it is to do everyday tasks. Now I'm at the point where I can't even see my feet anymore. All I see if the lovely view of my belly. I know it's just going to get worse, and even bigger as I progress in my pregnancy. It's harder to bend over, and I'm forced to bend over with my knees and not my back. I know that is the way you should bend over when picking up things, because it's terrible on your back, but it's always been a force of habit to not use my knees. But as my belly gets bigger, it's no longer an option. If I bend over with my back and not my knees, I feel like my baby is squeezing the crap out of my gut. Not only that it's getting harder to reach other parts of my body, as shaving my legs is becoming a new adventure. It's so weird to realize that having a big belly really puts a limit on my abilities to do everyday tasks.

Not only is my growing belly hindering my ability to do everyday task, but my belly is becoming a dirt catcher. I'm glad I have a limited wardrobe, and not wearing all of my clothes, because I'm ruining all of my maternity clothes. Sadly I'll wear a maternity shirt for the first time and somehow ruin it. Two of my shirts, I somehow got a bleach stain on my belly area, literally in the same exact spot, because I was being bad and cleaning with a multipurpose spray that has bleach in it, and because my belly is so huge, it somehow came in contact with the cleaner leaving a nice pinkish discoloration on my shirts. Maybe this would teach me to wear an old shirt when cleaning but the problem is I don't have an old shirt that fits me. The only shirts that fit me right now are new shirts I had to buy. And my belly is starting to catch all kinds of random pieces of dirt. Several of my shirts I noticed have grease stains on them or random food stains. I guess when cooking my belly interferes. Every time I cook I find flour, grease, and everything else all over my belly. And when I'm eating I can hit my big mouth, so I just make a big mess all over myself. And my belly has become a collector of cat fur, lint, and crumbs. It's really sad that I can't keep my nice new shirts actually NEW. They already look like a disaster.

Not only that my belly likes to run into things. Yesterday I was cleaning the microwave that is over our stove, and as I was cleaning it, I noticed the stove top was on. My big belly pressed up against the knob and turned on the stove. I didn't do this once but twice while trying to clean the microwave. Good thing I was paying attention to what I was doing. I'm also running into people more as well. I guess I don't realize how much space I take up when walking past people.

As my belly is getting bigger very quickly, lovely stretch marks have decided to pop up in the last few days. And it's so weird how three more have appeared since yesterday. Not that stretch marks are the end of the world, I just was really hoping I wouldn't get them, that maybe my skin was thick enough that it just wouldn't happen. One could wish I guess. And the saddest part, is I can't even see the stretch marks on my stomach because my stomach is so big, I have to look in the mirror to see them. The only reason I even knew they were there in the first place was because Matt pointed them out.

It's really fun to have a big belly I guess, I can't wait when I get to the point where I can put pop cans on it, or a glass of water on my belly. It will be funny making my belly a table where I can set various items on it. It will just be weird when my baby is born and that huge belly will be gone, I won't know what to do with myself! On a happy note I'm quickly approaching the third trimester already! I'm still confused as to when exactly the third trimester is, because some books say 26 weeks and some say 28, so I'm 26 weeks this Tuesday, so I guess we can say I'm in the third trimester. Yah! I really don't know where the time has gone. Only 14 weeks left until baby Herman is born!

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