Friday, November 25, 2011

Pregnant acts of kindness

Now that I am in my third trimester, I am definitely starting to feel the the aches and pains of pregnancy. Now I know why pregnant women walk the way that they do. As I walk around to different places I feel like a waddling penguin. Going places like to the grocery store, now feels like an epic journey. I pretty much walk around anymore at snail's past. My feet absolutely kill me anymore. I feel like strings are tighten around my toes. And I feel like I'm carrying an extra 50 pounds. Even though at this point my baby is only like 2 and a half pounds. My back absolutely hurts all the time, whether that be when I'm sitting or walking around. Yes, I sound like a crappy old pregnant lady. But I can say I sympathize for all the mothers out there and they pain they have to endure for nine months.

Earlier this week we had a baking day at work, to make yummy things for our volunteers. I spent five hours working on baking. And by the end of it, I felt like my body was going to collapse. Normally baking that long wouldn't bother me as much, but I was so physically exhausted, that as soon as I got home, I went to bed and laid around like a blob. My nice husband made dinner. I pretty much feel the same way right now, after spending the entire day putting Christmas decorations up. It was extremely painful just to get myself up the stairs. I will definitely say I'm glad I have a desk job now, and not a job where I'm on my feet all the time. I think my feet would just melt off if I had to stand on my feet all the time.

Now that I'm starting to look more pregnant, I feel like I get royal treatment from strangers. That or pity the pregnant woman treatment. Unfortunately I avoided Black Friday today. I felt like maybe I shouldn't venture out since I'm seven months pregnant, and shopping is becoming a painful quest for me. But I went to Meijers yesterday morning in attempts to get 99 cent pizza, and I went to Krogers today. And I couldn't help but notice people walk past me as if there is a ten feet force field around me, and if they get anywhere close to me they feel the need to apologize as if I'm in their way. I'm not sure if they think being too close to a pregnant woman is going to make the pregnant woman spontaneously combust. But it's very interesting how I've been observing the way the general public encounters pregnant women. Maybe they are afraid to get too close to me because they will catch being pregnant. Hahah..

Tonight was an example of how nice general strangers are, and how pathetic pregnant Megans are. Matt had to go to Menards to get something, so I went along to also get some Christmas stuff. He got his stuff, while I was in the Christmas section getting my stuff. As I found more and more things I wanted to get, I found myself with a giant handful of crap. So once I was done getting everything I needed I started aimlessly walking around trying to find Matt. Well this nice lady with an empty basket, sees pregnant old me, struggling to keep everything in my hands. And she says "Want my basket? I don't need it" And she so nicely gave up her basket, to help overzealous me. I tell her I didn't realize how much I was planning on getting, and thanked her for giving up her basket. It was really nice that she did that. But I'm willing to bet if I wasn't pregnant, she wouldn't have gave me basket in the first place.

Also today I got my 3 hour glucose test. Yes, I sadly did fail my one hour test. I was right. Hopefully I didn't fail my 3 hour, but I will not know until Monday probably. Well anyways there is this creepy lab guy there, both times. That I think was seriously trying to hit on a married pregnant woman but whatever. Last week when I got my one hour glucose test, he asked me where I worked and then said, "Where does your husband work? I remember looking at your chart and it saying something, but now I forget. And then he proceeds to tell me about his four year old daughter, and how he would like her to join Girl Scouts, because she doesn't have any friends. Everyone in the neighborhood are boys. And he says he takes her to the park, hoping their will be other girls there. Creepy, and Creepy for spying on my chart and making that part of the conversation. Well today, he was working there again. And helped me get the wi-fi working. And then he left to go to the gas station to get those prepackaged honey buns. Well he comes back with an extra ones, which he gives to me. Maybe he was trying to be nice. But seriously give a hungry pregnant woman something she can't even eat for another 2 hours, (because couldn't eat until the test was completely done) And giving her something sweet, when she could in fact have gestational diabetes. And third, why would you go buy things for your patients? Weird. While I appreciate the nice gesture, I gave the honey bun to Matt, because I really don't like those Hostess prepackaged ones. Oh well. It's just so weird how being pregnant brings out some nice helpful characteristics in people. Maybe that is not weird. But it's just interesting to see how differently pregnant women are treated verses non-pregnant women.

I really do appreciate people's niceness. Though it's going to be sad when I'm not pregnant anymore, and just a regular person. I'm starting to get use to this special treatment. :)


  1. I love it! Sounds like you need to read the blog I just posted about the maternity support band/harness I just got (and already love) from Babies R Us!!! Do you have anything like that for support?

  2. No I don't but now seeing your blog entry, I totally need to get one! They seem like they would really help.