Sunday, October 30, 2011

The adventures of baby registery

This weekend was a fun one, on Saturday we got our baby registry set up.One thing I've learned about going to have a baby, is just like the wedding scene, it's a big industry and everyone wants your money and to buy THEIR products. I seem to get sample packs of random crap every time I do something that is baby related. Like on my first doctor's appointment the nurse gave me a bag full of baby formula, diapers, coupons, magazines, etc. And as I got to other places, the stockpile keeps piling up. Also I've somehow accumulated a lot of free magazine subscriptions. (Not that I'm complaining) A month ago I week to the Motherhood store, and purchased some items, and sure enough I got a loot full of stuff. And then when we went to set up our registry at Babies-r-us and Target, both places gave me a welcome bag of baby items. While I enjoy all these goody bags, it's sadly a ploy to get me to buy a certain company's product. But whatever I don't mind reeking the benefits of it. I just never realized until recently the similarities of wedding planning and baby planning. While both things are completely different, though both life changing, the treatment from places is the same, they treat you like gold because they want your money! And both industries are big money making industries. As we created our registry I started to realize how much money babies really do cost. Which made me glad and grateful that I'll be getting gifts for the baby, because boy do they need a lot of things!

So Saturday was a fun adventure, with Matt and my mom, as we went over aisle after aisle scanning all these things. It was exhausting. And very overwhelming. There are so many types of every baby item in different sizes, quality, colors, etc. I found myself many times just confused to decide which one was the right one to pick. I think at towards the end I became scan happy and started scanning all kinds of random stuff. Good thing they give you the compatibility to go home online and make changes. It was nice to go home and sit down a relax, and thoroughly look through all my choices, and eliminate the impulsive scan zaps that I made. And then of course the big decision was to make was should all the baby items match? And should they be all boy items? What if my second baby is a girl? Would she want to be in blue items? So there were a lot of fun decisions to make. And I'm glad I had my mom with us, she was like my coach guiding me to make sure I picked out the right stuff. Like I learned that I need more 5 oz bottles, because babies don't eat them much at first. And that you should stick with the same brand of nipples, so the baby doesn't get confused having all these different types of nipples. They apparently get accustomed to one type. And that Nuk bottles are very like the breast. I would have not of know any of these things. So it was good to have some kind of direction. Because the more baby products I that my mom told me I needed the more I realized that I don't know very much about babies. I feel like I know more about kids 3 and up. Give me a three year old and we can have fun and play games . But give me an infant, and I'm not sure what to do. Ok, maybe I'm undermining myself, I do know what to do with an infant, but I feel like there are still many things I don't know about infants and babies. So I know it will be a learning process. And seeing all the products I need to buy for the baby became terrifying. Knowing that all those things I will be using just for one little baby.

It was fun though seeing on my registry, baby arriving on 2/21/2012. (The Target registry was crazy and it said "Megan Sherman is expected to arrive on 2/21/2012," so apparently I'm being reborn. lol) It reminded me of when we did our wedding registry, and the date on it said 2/21/2009. So it was like a weird sense of deja-vu seeing the same date on there. While I enjoyed the registry experience as it took a total of 3 and a half hours for both place, I'm very glad I only have to do a baby registry once.

On an ending note when editing my registry, there was a countdown to my due date, which is 114 days. Wow I didn't realize I only have 114 days left. That is shy of three months! Baby will be here before I know it. :)


  1. Awesome! Did you guys register with Target for your wedding as well? Any troubles with return policy/customer service? We did with our wedding but I'm sooo tempted to register with them because their baby stuff is precious and usually cheaper than Babies R Us!

  2. Yeah we registered with Target for our wedding, and I liked registering with them, we had no problems with their return policy. I will say Babies R Us made me mad because some of their codes of the things we scanned didn't come out right, and a bunch of the stuff we scanned didn't go through, so I had to go back and try to remember what we scanned. I'm not happy with the Babies R Us experience. I will stay they are surprisingly cheaper on breast pumps then target is, but for the most part Target is cheaper.

  3. Which breast pump did you go with?

  4. The Medela pump in Style advanced. My Sister in law has that breast pump and really likes it. Doing some research on it, it seems like a really great breast pump.