Friday, November 4, 2011

2nd trimester joys

As I'm approaching the end of the 2nd trimester,(only three more weeks left!) I must say I definitely like the 2nd trimester better. And as time progress, I feel like I more more of a connection with my little baby boy growing in my belly. For example I've discovered Herman (yes still calling him Herman, but that is just his before birth name. lol. Don't worry it will not be his real name, though I've grown accustomed to calling him Herman) is not a morning person like his mom. Maybe this will change, but I rarely feel movement from him until 10:00 or 11:00 in the morning, which is usually the time I'm fully awake. He's really sleepy like me. He seems to be a night person like me, he's the most active from nine o'clock to midnight. He's usually dancing in my uterus, at midnight. Another thing that makes me feel more bonded with my baby, is when I'm driving and I'm listening to one of my favorite songs on my mixed CDs I've made, and without fail Herman will start kicking. Either he hates my music or he has grown accustom to liking my favorite songs, giving me "I like this song" kicks. I'm hoping once he's born maybe if I play some of my favorite songs he'll be soothed by the sound of them when fussy and upset. We'll see. And another bonding moment I've had with Herman is sometimes when I noticed he hasn't moved for awhile, of course I become neurotic and get worried as to why he hasn't moved for awhile. But it never seems to fail when I tap my belly, and say "How's it going little buddy?" he'll move around within a few minutes, as a nice reminder that he is in fact still ok. So it's nice that he'll likes to help clam my worries. I must say I'm growing quite fond of my baby, which makes me even more ecstatic when he is actually born and enters this world.

Other loves of the second trimester, is morning sickness I think has finally quit making it's appearance. At least I hope it has. It decided to come back around week 16, but now it went away again, and I haven't gotten sick in the last month, which is good. Knock on wood. And maybe I shouldn't speak too soon, but oddly I have not had any heartburn since being pregnant. Which is weird because I would get heartburn all the time pre-pregnancy. So I will not complain about that. And my allergies have been pretty good as well. Which is also weird because I have terrible allergies pre-pregnancy, and without fail my eyes, nose and everything else would be tearing up, red, itchy, etc. Usually it would be bad to the point where I would have to take Zyrtec. But it's been pretty good since I've been pregnant which is odd. I guess I will say my sinuses started acting up a little last week, but its mainly just a runny nose and luckily it didn't get as bad as it usually does. I did speak to soon with that, because literally the day before, I was bragging about how my sinuses have not been bothering me. But it's normal for this time of the year for my sinuses to be bad, so I'm just glad they are not as bad as they usually are. Though one thing that is very weird, considering I don't think in my entire life, unless this happened when I was a kid, that my nose has bled. Tonight it started bleeding, which I didn't even know what to do considering I've never had a nose bleed, ever. I'm not sure if this was caused as a result of being pregnant. But I must say it was weird.
I also like my zit free face. Usually my face looks like the face of an awkward zitty 13 year old, but now my face is fairly clear. It's really nice having a clear completion, finally!

So far the not so nice joys of the second trimester would be swollen feet. At this point I can pretty much only wear two pairs of shoes. I've became best friends with a new pair of boots I bought a few weeks ago because they are comfy, and a size bigger than what I usually wear so they fit very well. My left foot looks two times bigger than my right foot, because that's the stupid foot I broke twice already now, so I guess it decided that pregnancy isn't a nice thing to happen to it. So my left foot looks like a freak of nature, and I swear that I'm getting spider veins on my left foot. I don't know if that is even possible but my foot is looking pretty sad looking. Another not so nice joy of pregnancy is my wedding ring not fitting. It decided to quit fitting at 16 weeks. And I decided last week to try it on again to see if maybe the swelling has gone down. But no such luck, I couldn't even move the ring a past my first finger joint, or whatever you want to call it. So now I've been sporting a fake ring, which is sad because I'm really starting to miss my real ring. :( Other than that the only annoying thing is I'm realizing how annoying it is to bend over anymore, and I feel like I'm getting bigger that it's becoming harder to reach things. But I guess I won't complain for these things are a small price to pay for a bundle of joy.

I just can't believe that I'm already 24 weeks, well almost 25 weeks! How time has flown. And I'll be in the third trimester soon. Wosh!

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  1. I love your blog, Megan! I ESPECIALLY love how I feel I can relate to you and what you're going through so so much. Just yesterday I did the whole, "Oh shit, has the baby kicked today?" thing in the car and pushed on my belly where she usually is and sure enough, she kicked me back! :) I, too, thought that moment was pretty special. :) So glad you shared.