Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Again more odd changes and joys of pregnancy. . .

Even though my morning sickness is finally died down as I enter the second trimester, I'm noticing other odd changes. In the last few days suddenly my taste buds have gone all wonky and haywire. Yesterday I had some lemonade from Penn Station, and I noticed it tasted very sour and bitter, I didn't think much of it, I just thought maybe I got a sour batch. But when I was telling my co-worker about it, who also got the same lemonade said, "Megan, you're crazy, that lemonade was so sweet!". Then today, I had some strawberry yougart, and could barely eat any because it tasted so bitter. I felt like it didn't have any flavor to it. Then later tonight, I really was craving some red licorice. I open the bag as soon as I buy it, and eat a piece, to be a horribly disappointed. It didn't taste like sweet red yummy licorice. It tasted more like sour straws. Which is kind of ironic because I use to eat those religiously when I worked at Blockbuster. I was so bummed out, that they tasted terrible, as Matt kept asking me to hand him piece after piece as we drive home. Which was funny because he was complaining that they weren't as good as Twizzlers, but yet he had like 7 pieces.

I really don't know what it going on with this whole sour taste thing, but I hope this is just an odd pregnancy phase that will go away. Matt says maybe this is my body's way of telling me I should lay off the sweets. Which could be true, I mean have a really bad sweet tooth, so why wouldn't it make sense if sweets taste like a sour warhead. (remember those fun candies?) Maybe my body has just have had a sweet overall and has reached its capacity of sweetness. Sigh. This really does break my heart, I hope this sour phase goes awhile soon. Not being able to eat sweet thing is almost worst then when I was having morning sickness.

Not only am I having some wonky taste buds, I guess now as my uterus is expanding, my bladder is getting more squished, and recently I've noticed I have to go to the bath room literally every half hour almost. It's getting ridiculous. I feel like my bladder is the size of a walnut, it's not holding as much any more. And now I've been getting up in the middle of the night at least three times to go to the bathroom. Oh the wondrous joys.

Also recently I've been have the utter worst stabbing pains in my right boob. I guess it's growing pains or something. But it literally feels like someone it take a knife and stabbing me repeatedly. The other night it hurt so bad, had to put ice on it. :( Matt thought I have lost my mind when I was sitting there icing my boob. Oh well.

Lastly, my Megan filter has been completely broken. I've never had much tact to begin with, and would just tell people how it is. But as the weeks go by I'm just so sassy, so unfiltered, and plain rude to people. And I don't even mean to be, it's like these things slip out of my mouth that I can't control. Like verbal diarrhea. I think my co-workers are about ready to kill me. Today, someone was showing pictures of my co-worker Sarah, pictures of her when she was younger. And you know what I said? "Oh you look about the same, now you just have wrinkles!" Seriously who says stuff like that? I feel like my pregnancy hormones have somehow permanently broken my sensitively filter. And I can't stop putting my nose in other people's business, I am such a busybody. Don't get me wrong I've always been a busybody, but today I was just ridiculous in the busybody department, I was completely telling my co-worker everything she was doing for this thing was wrong, which is not true, but in my pregnancy logic, my way is the right way, and everyone else's way is the the wrong way. It's not a good way to be. And I promise, I'm really not this bad of a person, this scary monster keeps leaching out of me.

Which reminds me of yesterday. Our whole neighborhood is a complete ruble mess. Bulldozers everywhere. They are putting water lines and septic lines in our neighborhood. They've been spending the entire summer on it. And it's getting worst, a few weeks ago, they would have their bulldozers or trucks parked in my DRIVEWAY, blocking my way to get out. So I would do the sassy lift my garage door up, go back in the house feed Marco, and luckily they would remove it. This morning the road was blocked with all of their bulldozers I couldn't even get through to go to work, I had to sit there for a few minutes as they slower remove their machines from the road. Yesterday, on my way home, the entire street for like a get half of a mile was closed! I couldn't get to my street. Apparently they didn't do this when Matt came home, so he didn't have this problem, but lucky me, I get this problem. So I go around it or "think" I went around it to find out I have to turn around because the street I get off of is closed as well. So the construction worker walks to my car, I ask him if the road is closed. He says yes. You know what my response was? Not a sweet "Ok, I'll turn around." No, it's angry pregnant Megan with this rude response, which I can't believe this came out of my mouth, I usually don't cuss at random strangers. So this was my response: "F**k! How am I suppose to get home?" Luckily he was very helpful and gave me directions, and I was able to figure out how to get home, but I was surprised my behavior. Sigh. I'm really not a mean person, and maybe I shouldn't blame pregnancy on it, but I don't know, I just have some new founded rage inside me our something. Or maybe pregnancy just makes me easily irritable.

Anyways, I'm excited I'm already in my 15th week of pregnancy! Five more weeks until I get to find out the gender. Yeah!

And lets end this joyous post with a pic of my belly bump at 15 weeks :)

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Comfort over fashion

Recently I've discovered being pregnant means you have to give up certain fashionable aspects like high heels for example.

Which brings me on to life lesson #6:
You can't be as fashion savvy when pregnant, you have to give up some certain stylish trends such as high heels, your regular clothes (maternity clothes are sadly just not the same)

Yesterday I went shopping with my mom, and I looked like I was going to church or work. I had a dressier blue top, with a pair a black maternity gauchos, and a pair of black flats. My mom was wondering why I looked so fancy just to go shopping. Sadly I was dressed to the nine because that is the only thing that fits me. The only maternity clothes I have are all work clothes. And my jeans, and shorts don't fit me, and since summer is almost over, there is not sense buying maternity shorts. It just saddens me how my wardrobe has become very limited.

For those who know me, I like to look nice, dress nice, and having everything matching. I like to look trendy, so this adjusting to pregnancy is really hindering my stylish side. And it's sadly taken me awhile to realize that I'm going to have to give up the idea of looking fashionable and cute. Don't get me wrong I know I can still look good in maternity clothes, and look stylish, but it's not the same. My selection for maternity clothes is very limited. Most places have a small selection of maternity clothes, and most of it are very plain. Nothing too exciting. So I feel in order to really put my Megan look into these boring clothes, I need to add more accessories like earrings, scarves, shoes, etc.

Though recently I've realized I have to give up the idea of pretty shoes. I have several pairs of high 3-4 inch heels. They are very pretty and add that extra snap to my outfits. The last few weeks I've been wearing heels, and many people have been yelling at me. Tell me I should not be wearing heels now that I'm pregnant. Now probably most women at least early on in their pregnancy would be just fine wearing a pair of heels. But for those who know me, I'm extremely accident prone. I trip over my own feet half the time. I run into walls. I'm pretty much a walking disaster. So this is why I have many people telling me to lay of the heels. I have another co-worker who is pregnant and is two months ahead of me. She's still wearing 3-4 inch heels. But no was is saying anything to her. Sigh.. Thanks to my extreme klutziness, I've been advised from my love ones to lay off the heels. I've given up trying to wear them, because anytime I do now, I get yelled at.

So yesterday, I realized if I have to get rid of all my heels, I need some comfortable shoes. So I bought a pair of those Sketcher slip on shoes:

I was at first hesitant to get them, because they looked like they wouldn't really go with my nice dress work outfits. And then my mom tells me, "Megan you need to not worry about being fashionable, you're pregnant, you need something comfortable." And as soon as I put them on I instantly forgot how stylish they look, and realized they are very comfortable, and I need something comfortable when being on my feet.

So today was a sad day, I realized it was time to put away all my heels. I mean there is not sense for them just to sit in my closet taunting me. So I put away my heels and put them on one last time, saying goodbye to them until next summer.

I also decided to put away all my shorts, and shirts that no longer fit me. I filled up two containers, this just tells you how much clothing I own. It was really sad putting everything away. Some of the shorts I just bought and barely had a chance to wear them. And not only that it's amazing how button up shirts that fit me perfect a few weeks ago, are super tight, and no longer fit. I didn't realize how quickly I've been getting bigger. And I sadly think my boob are getting even bigger. :( I was hoping the growth of them would slow down. So I've said goodbye to my clothes, as I sadly put away two containers worth of clothing. I can only hope that I'll be able to fit into everything next summer.

Bye Shorts:

Even though I've had to put away the heels, skinny jeans, and cute tops, I must say comfortable shoes and maternity clothes are super comfortable. And even though I don't look as fashionable I at least feel comfortable. And that is what maters the most.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Bottomless Pit

It is really sad to know that according to pregnancy books, during the first trimester, you are suppose to eat the same amount of calories recommended for your BMI. Which I was able to do for the most part, considering I wasn't hungry half the time and puking my guts out. I must say I'm secretly jealous of the ones who lose weight during the first trimester. Not that losing weight during pregnancy is a good thing,but it does mean they probably will gain less in the total duration of their pregnancy.Or maybe not, I could be totally wrong on that theory, for me, even though I've eaten about the same pre-pregnancy, I'm still packing on the pounds. I'm surprised I didn't get a lecture from the doctor this past Monday, because it looks like I've gained 12 pounds so far in my pregnancy, and I've just started my second trimester. I don't think I really gained 12 pounds maybe 7 pounds, but like I stated in my earlier blog entry I made the mistake of telling the nurse a really low pre-pregnancy weight number. So I just look like a fat cow that has gain a lot of weight early on in my pregnancy. Though I was happy that I've only gained about a pound and a half since my last visit to the doctor which was a month ago.

So anyways, the very sad part of what I've been reading in the pregnancy books, is that during the second and third trimester, you are only suppose to eat 300 additional calories. Sometimes I wish it was more like 3000 additional calories, because now that I'm entering the second trimester and having less morning sickness, I feel like a bottomless pit, just wanting to eat, and eat, and eat. So the expression "Eating for two." is totally a myth. And supposedly you should not literally eat for two. But man in the past week, I've felt like wanting to eat for two, because I'm so hungry!

Last week was my sad moment of pregnancy shame. And I'm sure it won't be my first. About 10:00 o'clock at night, I was really really hungry. So I ate like a half bag of potato chips. But then I still felt really hungry. So I at 3 bread sticks. Then like a half hour later, I still felt extremely hungry, so I ate two homemade chocolate chip cookies. After-wards I felt really guilty, like I had a fat girl moment purging myself with large amounts of food. I definitely exceeded my extra 300 calories that day. hehehe.. Today is another great example of shame, but I just couldn't say no. I went out to Wilmington to meet a volunteer, and my boss went with me. We got some Wendy's on the way. I got some chicken nuggets, a small order of fries, and a big giant thing of lemonade oh and wait a small frosty too. I know, all that food for one person. Well then afterwards like two hours later, we are on our way back to work, and my boss says, "How about I treat you to some ice cream at Mcdonalds?" I couldn't say no, that would be rude! So a second helping of ice cream for the day. Oh well I got my surplus of calcium. So I ate a snack size McFlurry. And then I just felt ashamed, like I snuck into Mom's cookie jar just one too many times. Eating all of that food must have seriously bloated me up, because when I came back to the office, people at work suddenly noticed how much I was showing. It was like wham!

Oh well at this point I'm going to embrace my pregnancy, and embrace the fact that people like giving me a lots of food. And that I don't get judge eating as much as a family of four would eat, because after-all I'm pregnant. I love hearing that phrase, "It's ok Megan, you're pregnant." Because I'm pregnant I'm sure I would hear this statement, "It's ok Megan you just ate a whole fried Chicken, your pregnant." Even though people may be secretly judging and thinking "Whoa she went over her extra 300 calories, and just ate for four, not two."

My goal is not to exceed over 180 pounds, which right now would be an extra 17 pounds. I still have 26 weeks left of my pregnancy, I really hope I can only gain no more than 17 pounds, but at this rate of my eating habits, I'm not going to bank on it. Sigh, oh well I guess I shouldn't be that concerned about what pregnancy is doing to my body, because after-all, the end result will make it worth it all, but at the same time I don't want to be still wearing maternity clothes 6 months later after having a baby. . .

Friday, August 19, 2011

Living up the the blog title...

Today I had my true first hormonal meltdown. I should have been walking around with this warning sign:

So far in my pregnancy, I've been generally clam. (For the most part) I admit when it's that time of the month I have my moments. My family would like to joke and say "Oh no Megan's on her broomstick again." I'm really surprise my moods haven't been too bad since I've been pregnant. But today was just an overwhelming array of emotions that I just couldn't handle. It all started when I went to leave this morning to go to my eye appointment, I was already running late, and when I went to close the garage door, I shut only half-way, looking all crooked like it fell off it's track. I tried playing around with it but it didn't do any good. I was mad and said screw it, and went to my appointment, freaking out thinking great, someone is going to break into our house. Of course I called Matt, in a frantic panic, he didn't answer, so I left a freaked out message. "You need to come home the garage door is broke, people are going to steal things in are house!" After my appointment I came back home and realized I needed to at least look our door to the house (for some reason the thought didn't occur to before I went to the eye doctor.

So when I went to work I was already in a bitter mood. Though luckily crisis was averted when Matt called to tell me he was taking the rest of the day off to go back home. And he did fix the garage door. I guess the spring broke and a wire was hanging funny. At work I then started to freak out because the loaner computer I had (my other computer is at the Cincinnati office getting reformatted because apparently it thinks I have a version of Windows that doesn't even exist.) was so slow, it took over ten minutes just to load up a program and then I couldn't get on to the network. A normal person would try to figure out the problem or investigate a little figure. My solution was to walk around the office screaming and freaking out. I was just so angry that things couldn't go my way. I had to take a walk office to get a breathe of fresh air, just to calm myself down. Here it turns out the reason I could not get on to the network is because I wasn't plugged in to the Ethernet cord. Duh!

So the entire day, I was just angry, angry things weren't going my way, angry that I couldn't get any work done. Just plain angry. It was ridiculous. I really did live up to the crazy hormonal pregnant lady name today. I do like that I could blame my fits of rage on my pregnancy, but I really don't know what went over me. It was like I was a monster who couldn't contain itself.

Because I was in such a bad mood, I refused to make dinner tonight. Matt didn't want to go out, and only would take carry out, so I compromised with Chinese, (even though I've been avoiding Chinese like a plague since I've been pregnant because it makes me sick!) because that is the only thing that Matt wanted to eat. I was hoping if I order something less processed and filled with MSG, I wouldn't get sick. Well that failed, I got sick from eating it. My favorite part of the day was when Matt was on the phone with his parents and they asked how I was doing and he said, "Megan is a crazy hormonal pregnant lady today, she is mean." Geez, thanks Matt. His defense was that I said I was being a crazy hormonal pregnant lady, he was only repeating my own words. Which is true but do I need to sound like a monster to his parents? Oh well. Maybe it's ok because I'm pregnant.

I really hope I can contain these raging hormones I'm having. I really don't like what kind of person it is making me into. Though I've seen the nicest people I've known get pretty nasty when they were pregnant, so maybe I should just take this as a free ticket to be a bitch. Maybe I should start using this line with people "Sorry, I'm being a bitch, I'm pregnant." It's a good enough excuse, they can't yell at you, after all you're super sensitive and with child. Though I wonder what excuse I'll use when I'm no longer pregnant. Sigh. . .

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The lastest gadgets for your baby to waste your money on!

Just like when I got engaged and got into my wedding planning, I realized how big of an industry weddings were. As soon as I got engaged it was like the entire wedding industry knew. I suddenly became a "winner" for everything for a small fee of course. I was blinded by the fact that I seriously thought I could do my entire wedding under 5,000 dollars. Hell, was I was wrong. The more I did my research the more I realized a 5k budget was delusional. I pretty much just spent 5k on the big items, DJ, Photographer, Venue, Food. And I was on a budget and did most of the stuff myself and still spent over 5k. It was depressing. As I explore the world of pregnancy gadgets, post pregnancy gadgets and baby items, I sadly have realized babies are not cheap. And their is a thriving industry for items for your newborn. They pretty much have every item imaginable. Every item to waste money on that is. And of course most moms think they need to have it, because it be the "best" thing for their child, and having these crazy gadgets will somehow make them a better mother. Maybe I'm a rude person, but some of these things just make me laugh. Like this item for example:

These are Belly Buds. Here's the discription of this item:
"Bellybuds® are an innovative means to bond with your developing baby. They gently adhere to your belly and play music, soothing sounds or even messages from loved ones (using the free VoiceShare™ recording service) directly to the womb. Easy, discreet and portable – use them anywhere, anytime."

It's discreet! So if I feel like talking to my baby at work, but I don't want people randomly thinking I'm crazy, (Which they already do) I'll just record my voice on these belly buds and put it on my belly! Seriously? I'm sure I don't need to spend over a 100 dollars on something that probably won't make more of a difference with bonding with my baby. After all my baby is going to be "bonding" to my uterus for 9 months. How much more bonding does the baby need?

Here's another product I just find odd. And hope I don't offend you if you have someting like this:

The Moby Wrap. This thing just looks painful. I'm all about a baby carrier thing you strap on your back, and have the baby in a little thingy. But these wrap things scare me. And I know there were some recalls with something similar, where babies were suffocating in them. And this lady looks like she has a straight jacket on. It's not very fashionable.

Here's another good one. The "Booby Trapper" is what this lovely thing is called.
Why not look trendy while breastfeeding. Because this doesn't atract more attention.

Apparently these Nursing Canopies, are the rage. What ever happened to using a blanket to cover up the baby while nursing? Do I really need a Booby Trapper, to trap my poor child in?

This poor baby! This contraption looks like the swim suit Bograt wore on the beach. It looks as if I took the baby's outfit and hung up it on some hooks. I'm sure the baby can have some bouncy fun in something that doesn't look so painful.

I totally want this! Not! Why not make feeding a baby ten times easier by squeezing their food out of a spoon! This spoon just looks so weird to me..

I'm laughing so hard on this one:

I can suck out the boogers right out of my child, using my mouth! But don't worry according this product you will not eat any of your child's boogers, there is a filter. But it sure looks interesting sucking out boogers with your mouth!

Bottom line, there are tons of products out there to waste money on. This makes me wonder if I should get in the baby product business, and come up with stupid inventions like an ear wax sucker, I could suck the ear wax right out of my child's ears, using a tube I suck out with using my mouth!

If nothing else these pictures gave me a good laugh. And who knows maybe I'll end up being a sucker for one of these items, and end up buying one of these odd things because I realize it is in fact helpful. (Probably not)

Babies are expensive, but totally worth the expensive, unlike a wedding where you spend thousands of dollars for just one day, a baby is for a lifetime. Which is totally worth the thousands upon thousands of dollars they will cost.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Perks of being pregnant

This past weekend, I've started to realize I'm starting to feel normal and not as pregnant. Well with the exception of my growing belly. I've heard of women feeling this way as they enter the 2nd trimester. I'm sure this will be a short lived feeling. But for now I've realized I'm getting less morning sickness, less nausea, less tired which is nice. I was great to spend the day cleaning my house without wanting to take a three hour nap in the middle of the day. Though I take that back because now I feel really tired, and can use a nap, but at least its almost 7:00 and I got my cleaning all done. So at least my energy lasted me this long.

So as my morning sickness is slowly starting to fade away, (thank God) I've started to think of the perks of being pregnant. I know on this blog I complain a lot about the downfalls of pregnancy. But I'm really not as bitter as I sound I really am very happy to be pregnant, and know the end result will bring a great bundle of joy. So it is totally worth it.

I've came up with 10 perks of why it is great to be pregnant:
1) No periods for nine months. It is wonderful not to have to use pads and tampons. I feel like I've been saving money already not having to use them! I secretly snicker when people I know complain that they are on their periods. (I know that's not very nice but, it's great monthly gift that I'm so glad I'm not receiving right now) It's just fabulous not to have to deal with terrible acne, terrible cramps, and a bloody mess for awhile.

2) I don't have to change the litter box. Though the box has been getting changed less often because it's like pulling teeth to get Matt to change it, its great that I don't have to worry about it. (Don't worry, Marco now has two litter boxes, so we can leave them dirtier a little longer)

3)I have a clear zit free face, and my complexion looks wonderful! Pre-Pregnancy, my face looked like a thirteen year old still. I thought getting older would make my terrible acne fade away, but no such luck. With a terrible zitty face and just a splotchy red complexion, I rarely would leave the house without makeup. But now my face is looking gorgeous. Very little acne, very little redness, and my face is glowing. This weekend I didn't even wear makeup when I went out. My face is looking so good, I'm actually not afraid to leave the house without makeup. Pregnancy has done wonders to my face!

4) People won't let me lift heavy things. Apparently being pregnant makes me helpless and unable to lift even a small cardboard box. But I won't complain. I know pregnant women shouldn't lift up heavy things. Though pregnant mothers who have to lug around a 20 pound child seem to be fine carrying something heavy. But whatever. It's nice when people come out of no where to make sure I don't have to carry something heavy.

5)Maternity Clothes are 20 times more comfortable then regular clothes. I've think I've said that before, but gosh are they so comfortable! It's nice to wear something stretchy around the waistband area. I must say I don't know what I'm going to do when I'm not pregnant. I'll be sad when I can't wear pregnancy pants anymore. Unless I just do anyways and not tell people. hehe..

6) I like having an excuse to eat ice cream without feeling bad about it. Now I know that being pregnant doesn't give me a free ticket to engorge myself like a glutton. But I've been having terrible ice cream cravings, and I figured at least ice cream has calcium in it. It's wonderful not being judged by others when I eat ice cream. I get a lot of "Oh it's ok, you're pregnant." Don't worry I'm not eating like 10 servings of ice cream in a day. Though
Usually its one serving, but I've been almost eating ice cream everyday. Umm ice cream.

7)I get special treatment Not that being pregnant makes me completely helpless though I must say I enjoy the special treatment I get because I'm pregnant. Maybe that makes me sound like a narcissist but oh well. Now that I'm pregnant, people are more concerned about my well being, they are more nicer, and just generally make me feel special. It's nice :)

8)I enjoy the nice healthy shiny hair and long nails. Even though currently my nails are short because they like to break at once. It's nice having longer nails, and shiny pretty hair. Even though I hate taking prenatal vitamins because they never seem to stay down, they definitely make my hair look long and pretty. :)

9)I'm saving money on not drinking alcoholic beverages. Not that I'm an alcoholic, but I like buying Malted beverages on occasions, and getting drinks when I go out with friends. And since I can't drink, I have to at least look at the flip side of it. That at least its saving me money. It cost like 8 bucks for a six pack of Mike's Hard lemonade and six bucks for a mix drink. This adds up over time. So it's nice to save money at least somewhere.

10) I love all the planning that goes along with having a baby. For those of you who know me, I'm a planner. I neurotic when it comes to plans. And so far I'm loving the planning process of having a baby. I love making lists and figuring out everything I need to do. I love that I get to pick out a baby name, figure out what the baby's room will look like, go shopping and pick out things for the baby like a baby bed, stroller, etc. Like planning for my birth plan, and after birth. Planning is one of my favorite things to do. And I love planning the arrival of baby Herman.

So being pregnant isn't that bad. I'm happy I was able to come up with 10 things! I'm not going to lie, I had a hard time thinking up the last three things, but there are some definite upsides of pregnancy. And the best part of it, is having a baby of course!

So to end this blog is a picture of my baby bump taken yesterday, I'm 12 weeks, 5 days in this picture. I was trying to be funny when Matt took the picture and had a really stupid look on my face. lol.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Naming my child, the biggest life decision for my child.

This topic will probably be a reoccurring theme in the remaining six months of my pregnancy, but as I've been recently looking at thousands upon thousands of baby names, I begin to wonder what is the right name to name my child?

I've been compiling a list, a list that I will not even show Matt until we find out the sex of the baby, because apparently thinking up both girl names and boy names is just too much. He would like to make the naming process easier by one thinking up only one name from one gender. So far I've discovered I like way more girl names then boy names. My boy name list is pretty pathetic looking, and I'll be lucky if Matt likes any of them, he seems to like different names. Or maybe he's likes normal names and I'm the one who liked different names. But he really wants to name our child Liberty if it is a girl. Which will only happen if hell freezes over. I'm sorry but I feel like some names carry a certain stigmata to them, and if you daughter is named Liberty please not be offended when I say that when I hear the name Liberty, I think of a girl in a trailer park smoking a cigarette, wearing a pair of short cut off jeans with a tight tube top. Sorry but that is the visionary I see with that name. This is why naming my child really scares me. Some parents fail at the first part of becoming a parent when they name their child a horrible name. A name that they will have to endure many years of torment and have even a hard time being taken seriously as they submit a job resume with the name "Daily Payne" or "Unique Love" And sadly I'm not joking when I say both of these names. I've came across both of them where I work at. Daily, She is the nicest girl, and definitely not a daily pain, but yet she has this terrible name that she will carry on for the rest of her life. Didn't her mom realize that if her last name is Payne that you may want to be careful what the first name is just to make sure everything sounds good together? Poor Unique Love, if my last name was "Love" I don't think I would name my child Harry, Dick, Precious, Cherish, Daily, and the list could go on. Seriously what is going on through people's heads when they name their children such terrible names? Do they think there are being unique, cute or cleaver if they name their child this name that will go down in history as the worst name ever?

I've discovered the worst name so far that I could name my child is he is a boy. And that would be Herman.(If you have a worst name let me know, you'll win a special prize!) Yes Herman Sherman. So as a funny joke, I'm calling my little baby bean Herman. But don't worry I'm seriously not going to put my child through that torture. Though I've discovered there was this famous jazz player and his name was Herman Sherman. I found him on good ole' wiki:

Herman Sherman

And then of course there are celebrities that think that because they are famous they can name their child Sunday, or Coco, or Apple or my favorite Pilot Inspektor.

Yes say hi to Jason Lee's Kid, Pilot Inspektor, isn't he cute? If his dad wasn't famous he probably would get hell for having such a terrible name. But being the son of a famous dad helps, it's accepted because celebrities live in another reality they are already judged and are put on the spotlight as it is, so why not be a trend-starter and name their child the most out there name ever? If I was famous I would seriously name I kid Cupcake. And I'm not joking. I think it would be a fun name, and I wouldn't care because my kid probably would be going to school with all the other celebrity children like Sugar, Cinnamon, and Baking Soda. So I know they wouldn't get made fun of with their weird name, and I know they would be able to get a job, because I'm famous, so they could make it big just like that.

So far in the name process I've think of these factors:
-I imagine calling my child by that name when I'm trying to get their attention or when I'm referring him or her to other people, and I imagine does their name sound normal coming out of my mouth?
-Is it a name in the top 100 current popular names? Because if it is I probably won't name our child that name. I want to try, and I no I have no control of this, but try at least to make sure my child doesn't have the same name as ten other people in his or her class. I love my name, but there are so many freaken Megans out there! Just like I love the name Emma and Sophia, but I'm nixing them because they are so popular right now!
-If I can't pronounce it, then I shouldn't be naming my child that name.
-I'm avoiding creative spellings of names. I don't want to confuse my child when learning how to read, and write. Why make my poor child write a elven letter name, when I could spell the same name in four letters? I know people are trying to be unique with spelling their child's name differently, but really it just makes it harder for people to figure out how to say and spell it. Which is just going to frustrate your child for their entire life!
-Does the name sound good with my last name? Thankfully I have a good last name that lots of different names go with. Though I've discovered some longer names don't really sound that great with "Sherman"

Those are pretty much my main guidelines, and I'm going to be one of those people that does not reveal the name until the baby is born. Not to offend others, to each their own, but me personally, I don't believe in pre-naming my child. Having their name hanging up in their room, calling my unborn child by their name already. It's not for me. Sorry. Because what if I call my unborn Jack, and have everything personalized with the name Jack, but then when "Jack" comes into the world, he doesn't look like a Jack but more like a "Garrett". I really feel like a name fits a person, and I just want to make sure my child fits their name. Which reminds me of my little brother Derrick. My mom and dad already was calling him "Jeffery" when he was born, and the more we called him that in the hospital the more we realized it didn't fit, and Jeffery became Derrick. I feel like Derrick really fits my brother. I couldn't imagine him as a Jeffery. So when Matt and I do finally agree on names, which I'm not sure if we'll ever come to an agree because our name taste are polar opposites, but when we do come up with the name it will be a surprise until the baby is born. So for now, my baby's name is Herman. lol.

Bottom line, naming my child is something I am not going to take lightly. It's a really big decision, because this is something they will carry on for life, unless they decide to randomly change their name. If I name my child a unique name don't worry, I'm not going to go for Miracle, or Destiny, or Unique. It's going to be a name that is classy, and won't be thrown in the trash if someone sees the name on a resume. . .

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

12 weeks today!

I can't believe that I'm already 12 weeks, and I love the baby gaga counter that pops up on my Facebook. It says I have 28 weeks to go! 28 weeks doesn't sound that long when I just pretend that weeks really aren't 7 days. hehe... I'm excited to be almost out of the first trimester! Looking in books I get when I'm at the 13 week mark I'm officially in the second trimester. I feel like it's going by so fast!

It's just kind of funny that I so happen to be pregnant and due on our wedding anniversary when I remember vividly three years ago planning our wedding. (And we got engaged around the same time in June that I found out I was pregnant) In 2008 around this time I was frantically planning my wedding with a broken leg. Yes another fun story for another day or blog entry. It was entertaining trying on wedding dresses with crutches, and carefully trying to get in them as I was hoping around on one foot. It's kind of funny that now three years later I'm living again the new life changing excitement(minus the broken leg thank God!) around the same time of year. But this excitement is a little different. It's new life! Not that baby trumps getting married. Really marriage and parenthood are very similar. They both are for life, or should be at least. I love that I'm reliving this excitement. But this time I'm not planning a wedding. I'm planning for motherhood! I'm excited!

Anywho.. I could go on and on about this, and bore you to tears about my excitement. But what I really wanted to share are my pregnancy discoveries so far in my 12 weeks of being pregnant. Most of them are random:

1) I like to randomly hiccup only one hiccup, a few times a day.
2) I enjoy the frequent visits to the bathroom in the middle of the night, EVERY night. Sometimes I go three times in one night. It's wonderful! Not.
3) I have weird crazy vivid dreams, they seem so real, like I'm almost there. I mean I always had crazy dreams but nothing to the point where I felt extremely real. Most of my dreams have been working at Blockbuster (I use to work at) or going to Blockbuster when the store is completely empty. (It went out of business earlier this year, the particular store I use to work at) And I've had random dreams about working at Krogers (first job I had) and living in the old home I live when I was a kid, in good old Amelia, Ohio. So lots of nostalgic dreams.
4)I hate Chinese food, the smell and taste of it makes me vomit. (I use to love it, now I hate it! Yeah pregnancy hormones!)
5)I hate hot-dogs, brats, metts. Again yeah pregnancy hormones!
6)I hate that I never can keep prenatal vitamins down. My body seriously hates them
7)I do love my pregnancy glow I have going on. It goes nicely with my newly dyed hair (Don't worry I made sure it was ok to dye my hair again)
8)I love taking three hour naps, and going to bed by 10 o'clock
9)I hate my incredible sense of smell, there of some things I just wish I could smell as good as I can smell them right now.
10) I must say I'm starting to enjoy the special pregnant lady treatment I've been getting. It makes me feel special. :)

And I felt beautiful, and great today! And not very fat! Here's a picture of me today at work. Ignore the terrible blurry quality of it. It was taken on a camera phone. And Ignore what I'm doing in the picture. It's more of an inside joke. I'm a Megan Catcher!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Spend a day with a 2 month old baby and a 2 year old- get a sneak preview into motherhood

We spent part of the this weekend with my brother Nick and his wife Emily and their two daughters Anika who is almost 2 years old (and definitely the terrible twos are reeking out of her) and Leah who is 2 months old. They spent the night in a tent at Matt's Mom and Dad's house. We also went and spent the night but opted out of the tent idea. We slept in the house. Matt's mom and dad have a really nice property, with a pond, four wheeler, woods, etc. So we love spending time there. Nick has been wanting to go camping so thought it would be a perfect weekend to finally go. And thank God the rain held out on us!

So last night Nick set up the tent, while Emily tend to her two small children. Anika had a petrifying fear of Matt's family dog Sophie. Any time Sophie would lurk by she would scream "Note Note Mommy!" And yes, she has this new thing where she doesn't say the word "No" anymore. Which she use to clearly be able to say. But now somehow no has transformed to "Note" but it still means "No".

So we enjoyed the night by the campfire. I was all excited and decided I wanted to sleep in the tent as well because I love camping. But Matt wanted to count himself of the camping fun because he hates camping. He wanted to sleep in the house. I got my sleeping bag and pillow, and was boldly going to sleep in a tent with my brother, sister in law and their two children. But as the night progressed, being pregnant and irritable, I realized I really wasn't feeling the fun camping factor I usually feel, and that I would rather sleep in a nice soft bed in air conditioning. It's sad how pregnancy is just making me anti-fun.

So Emily puts Anika to bed in the tent, and she sings herself to sleep. And she keeps saying Matt's name. Which is funny the last time we say Anika which was at Leah's baptism, Anika could clearly identify who Matt was. This weekend I discovered how much she loves saying his name. Emily said when she woke up, she said "Matt, Matt, Matt, Matt.." But here's the funny part, she is absolutely petrified of Matt. Any time he would get near her she would start crying and running away to her mommy. It was pretty funny. We joked that Anika only would say his name in fear. Though by the end of the day she did started to open up to Matt and was less scared of him.

I'm amazed at Emily and her super multi-mom skills to deal with a constantly crying infant and an constantly clingy two year old. The entire time she effortlessly managed the both of them. Of course all the fun began when Emily had to leave for work. She had to leave early, so they drove separately. So after she left, Leah was in disarray. Frantically crying, we had to give her a bottle, but she didn't like her bottle. She wanted her mommy's boobie. A bottle is just not the same. Matt's mom worked her magic and finally got her to take the bottle. Then we were off on our way back to our house.

Anika cracked me up on the car ride. Lucky me got to be squished between two car seats. I was tried and decided to take a nap, so I put Leah's blanket over me, to block the sun. When we got home I woke up and say Anika doing the same thing, she too put her own blanket over her eyes, and ended up falling asleep. She learns from the best. hehehe..

As soon as we get home this is when the fun begins. I somehow ended up having to take care of both of Nick's children as we lays on the couch sleeping. He asks me to get Leah's diaper bag out of the car, so I do that and when I come back in the house I find that Anika had a piece of Marco's food and was chasing him around trying to hand feed him. She kept saying "Eat. Eat Cat". Then I discovered that she took Marco's water bowl and dumped the entire thing in his food bowl. So he had watery food. Wasn't that nice of Anika? So I get that all cleaned up, I put new food in Marco's bowl. I get Anika away from Marco's food. Then got to deal with one clamity after another.

She was petting Marco, and Marco doesn't really understand what Anika was trying to do, because Anika's form of petting is like smacking him. So Marco retaliated and slapped Anika with his paw. Note Marco is declawed so he can't really hurt Anika unless he bits her. He did this a few times, and then finally Anika had enough and starts bawling her eyes out. I told her Marco is being mean, and she tell me "Mean cat". And of course this doesn't stop her from pestering Marco again. Now note Marco really isn't bad with children, he's perfectly fine as long as they don't mess with him. He just hates being pestered by Anika. And Anika doesn't know any better.

Then I went upstairs to the bathroom, and then another calamity happens. Anika goes up the steps to see where I am, and falls up the last step and hurts herself on the corner of the wall. She was fine but the wailing she was doing you would have thought she broke something. (She seems to get overdramatic when she gets really tired.)

Then I go change Leah's diaper because Nick doesn't want to do it. When I finish that, I find out Anika dumped Marco's water in his food AGAIN for the second time! So yet again I had to clean it up. Sigh.

My favorite part was when Nick was packing everything up in the car, so I had Leah on our bed sleeping, but she didn't stay sleeping very long, she started to cry. I tried to let her cry herself to sleep. So I play Guitar Hero and sang, Anika danced while I sung and got Matt's head set and starting to sing in it, as if she was singing along with me. It was really cute, expect she pretty much put her entire mouth on the mouthpiece to the headset. It was soaking wet with goober. But oh well what Matt doesn't know won't hurt him. I'm sure the head set is fine. hehehe. So the baby wouldn't stop crying, so Matt's screaming upstairs that I need to grab the baby because she's still crying. So I scoop her up, and rock her, and start singing on Guitar Hero, and Leah just stares are the tv, and listens to the music, and seems perfectly happy. It was like my singing and Guitar Hero put her in a peace trance. (Note to self, I'll have to use this tactic to see if this works when my baby comes) And Anika was dancing in the background. It was a great moment. I felt like both babies were happy, while at the same time entertaining myself.

It was a great day, and I love Anika and leah so much. Anika cracks me up. Even though she gets into so much trouble she really has a big heart. When I was holding Leah at one point, and couldn't get her to stop crying, Anika grabs Leah's bottle and gave it to me. It was really sweet. She also helped me set the table when we had pizza for dinner.

It's small moments like these that I can't wait to be a mom. I know one days wears me out spending it with Anika. But I still look forward to being a mommy. I know it' all worth it in the end. Motherhood is tough. And I admire Emily so much with dealing with two children, and working as well. I'm just excited to begin my new chapter as a new mom next year. I know many times it won't be easy, but boy is it rewarding.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

And the lower of the self esteem continues..

Today was yet another sad lowering self esteem kind of day. Tonight I folded up the wash and needed more hangers, so I got the brilliant idea to go through my closet and put away all the clothes that no longer fit me. Every morning when I get ready for work I've been fighting with the contents of my closet, and I sadly stand over there for awhile thinking of what to wear. Putting on clothes that fit is a new battle I get to fight every morning now. So I thought if I put away the pants and dresses that no longer fit me I would have an easier time finding something to wear each day.

Well as I go through the contents of my closet I quickly discover how pants that fit me two weeks ago, no longer fit. My pile of don't fit clothes quickly add up, as my closet sadly gets even emptier. It was so depressing to take the clothes out of my closet. I cringed every time I put a dress over my head and couldn't even pull it down or zipped it up. And the larger gap when I put my pants on was just pathetic. I really hope I get to see them fitting nicely sometime next year.

After my fun adventure of emptying pretty much half my wardrobe. I realized that I do in fact have WAY to many clothes. I put away 14 pairs of pants/capris, and 14 dresses/skirts. For now I kept all my shirts, they still seem to fit ok, though some are really tight looking.

So yes I put away 28 pieces of clothing that no longer fit me:

This now really limits my wardrobe choices. Which means more maternity pants to buy!

So this is what I have left to wear pants/skirt wise! Which looks like I'm going to have to wear the same pants twice in one week. Which upsets me a little because I'm one of those fashion frenzy freaks that doesn't like wearing the same outfit twice in one month. (I know I'm ridiculous)

So here is now my sad closet with the only clothes that fit me:

It just makes me sad that I'm only 11 weeks, and my pants no longer fit. So yea! another great boost to the self esteem.

And to end this blog on a cute note here's a funny picture of Marco cramming in the closet while he watches me take all my clothes away because I no longer fit into them.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Having a pet- Good practice for motherhood

Meet my fat cat Marco! He is two years old and weighs 17 pounds! Here is one of my favorite pictures of him, because he absolutely looks adorable, but don't be fooled by his cuteness, he is such a handful!

I know some people may scream at me and say "Megan, owning a cat is nothing compared to motherhood". Maybe it isn't, though I feel owning a cat is very similar to taking care of a baby, minus changing diapers and frequent feedings. I sadly noticed this a few days ago, how spoiled we have Marco, and how much of a whiny baby he is. And how Marco will be in for a rude awakening when the baby comes.

Ever since I've gotten pregnant, I think Marco officially HATES me. I've heard of animals liking women more when they are pregnant or sensing they are pregnant before the woman even knows she is pregnant. For Marco it has been the complete opposite. I will say though he's never really liked me very much, he has always liked Matt more then me, but now that I'm pregnant Marco doesn't want to have anything to do with me. He keeps his distance and pretty much hates when I try to pet him. He likes Matt even 10 times more. I'm not sure if it's maybe my new pregnancy hormones are giving me a new scent that Marco doesn't like or if maybe he senses that a new baby will be taking over his life.

I feel like when the baby comes Marco is going to be like the jealous first child constantly begging for our attention. He'll being doing that or he'll be running away and hiding underneath the bed all the time because the sound of a crying baby will just scare him away. Regardless, I think the arrival of the new baby will kill Marco's spirits. Because right now he is babied and spoiled so much!

I sadly didn't even realize how spoiled he was until a few days, and thought wow, he's not going to get all this special treatment when the baby comes. Every night we put Marco away down in the basement. The basement has quite a bit space for him to roam around in, but Marco is a sociable cat, he loves to be wherever we are. So he doesn't like being in the basement, but if we just left him out he would sit on our heads or bodies when we are sleeping. If we just shut our bedroom door and let him roam around he would probably stand outside the door and cry, rubbing his paws on the door. So the basement is where he goes every night. The other night I put Marco down stairs, and as soon as we go to bed, we hear Marco crying and rubbing his paws on the basement door. Matt then asks me, "Did you put Marco in his bed?" I ask him why do I need to but him in his little cat bed, he's a cat do I seriously need to tuck him in to bed? Matt told me he usually puts Marco in his bed, and pets him a little, that ways he knows its time to go to bed. This just seemed so silly to me, he's a cat. Why does this matter? But sure enough Matt goes down stairs, coaxes Marco, puts him in his bed, pets him, and leaves, and Marco shut up for the rest of the night. There was no more crying. Wow, Matt is seriously the cat whisperer, he'll be such a good daddy :)

Not only does Marco need to be put to bed every night, every morning as soon as he hears our alarm clock go off, he starts meowing, because he knows its time for him to get out of the basement, and be with us. Usually we stay is bed and hit the snooze like 20 times, but its hard to even go back to sleep when hearing an echoing meowing coming from the basement, so usually I'll let him out, and go back to bed, as he comes up to out bed jumping on our bodies, and being annoying.

Also every morning Marco will stand over the windows, meowing because he wants up on the window sill, but the blinds are down. So we have to walk up to the window to open the blinds, so he can sit on the window sill to look out the window.And of course Marco knows he gets fed every morning. If I forget to feed him he makes sure he reminds me by following me around and crying.

The other day Marco was playing with a piece of plastic. It's sad that all it takes is a milk ring or a piece of plastic to entertain him. Forget about all the cat toys I have for him. Marco likes to hide his toys in the closet. Well the other day he kept putting his piece of plastic in the closet, and then started banging on the door crying, because he couldn't get to his toy. I proceeded to go upstairs open the closet door, and get his toy. Marco was so happy, and of course he did the same thing another three more times. I should of just gave him tough love and let him just keep his toy in the closet, but I'm a sucker for his pathetic meows. Which makes me worry, if I give in this easily to a CAT, will I give in that easily to my child? I probably will, because I'm a softy.

Not only is Marco needy, he constantly gets in trouble. We have a "bad can" that we shake when Marco does something bad. It's a pop can filled with pennies in it. He hates the sound, and will run away every time I use the can. The other day Marco decided to randomly go on our kitchen table, he knew better. As soon as I said "Marco" he ran off. I constantly feel like a mean mom yelling at my child. Marco just loves to get into things he's not suppose to.

So that is my cat Marco, I feel like he has prepared me a little for being a mommy. Though I hope how we spoil Marco is not a foreshadowing of us spoiling our children. Though the spoiling will be pretty much depleted when the baby comes. Poor Marco, he has no idea what's happening. The sad part is Marco is such a fat cat that he will be bigger then the baby. But that won't be for long when the baby starts walking and chasing poor Marco around.

So I end this blog entry with this cute picture of Marco trying to act like an human:

Oh Marco how I love you, even though you like Matt so much more. Which is sad, because I'm the one that feeds him, changes his little box, clean him, etc. But yet he likes Matt. Sigh..