Thursday, August 11, 2011

Naming my child, the biggest life decision for my child.

This topic will probably be a reoccurring theme in the remaining six months of my pregnancy, but as I've been recently looking at thousands upon thousands of baby names, I begin to wonder what is the right name to name my child?

I've been compiling a list, a list that I will not even show Matt until we find out the sex of the baby, because apparently thinking up both girl names and boy names is just too much. He would like to make the naming process easier by one thinking up only one name from one gender. So far I've discovered I like way more girl names then boy names. My boy name list is pretty pathetic looking, and I'll be lucky if Matt likes any of them, he seems to like different names. Or maybe he's likes normal names and I'm the one who liked different names. But he really wants to name our child Liberty if it is a girl. Which will only happen if hell freezes over. I'm sorry but I feel like some names carry a certain stigmata to them, and if you daughter is named Liberty please not be offended when I say that when I hear the name Liberty, I think of a girl in a trailer park smoking a cigarette, wearing a pair of short cut off jeans with a tight tube top. Sorry but that is the visionary I see with that name. This is why naming my child really scares me. Some parents fail at the first part of becoming a parent when they name their child a horrible name. A name that they will have to endure many years of torment and have even a hard time being taken seriously as they submit a job resume with the name "Daily Payne" or "Unique Love" And sadly I'm not joking when I say both of these names. I've came across both of them where I work at. Daily, She is the nicest girl, and definitely not a daily pain, but yet she has this terrible name that she will carry on for the rest of her life. Didn't her mom realize that if her last name is Payne that you may want to be careful what the first name is just to make sure everything sounds good together? Poor Unique Love, if my last name was "Love" I don't think I would name my child Harry, Dick, Precious, Cherish, Daily, and the list could go on. Seriously what is going on through people's heads when they name their children such terrible names? Do they think there are being unique, cute or cleaver if they name their child this name that will go down in history as the worst name ever?

I've discovered the worst name so far that I could name my child is he is a boy. And that would be Herman.(If you have a worst name let me know, you'll win a special prize!) Yes Herman Sherman. So as a funny joke, I'm calling my little baby bean Herman. But don't worry I'm seriously not going to put my child through that torture. Though I've discovered there was this famous jazz player and his name was Herman Sherman. I found him on good ole' wiki:

Herman Sherman

And then of course there are celebrities that think that because they are famous they can name their child Sunday, or Coco, or Apple or my favorite Pilot Inspektor.

Yes say hi to Jason Lee's Kid, Pilot Inspektor, isn't he cute? If his dad wasn't famous he probably would get hell for having such a terrible name. But being the son of a famous dad helps, it's accepted because celebrities live in another reality they are already judged and are put on the spotlight as it is, so why not be a trend-starter and name their child the most out there name ever? If I was famous I would seriously name I kid Cupcake. And I'm not joking. I think it would be a fun name, and I wouldn't care because my kid probably would be going to school with all the other celebrity children like Sugar, Cinnamon, and Baking Soda. So I know they wouldn't get made fun of with their weird name, and I know they would be able to get a job, because I'm famous, so they could make it big just like that.

So far in the name process I've think of these factors:
-I imagine calling my child by that name when I'm trying to get their attention or when I'm referring him or her to other people, and I imagine does their name sound normal coming out of my mouth?
-Is it a name in the top 100 current popular names? Because if it is I probably won't name our child that name. I want to try, and I no I have no control of this, but try at least to make sure my child doesn't have the same name as ten other people in his or her class. I love my name, but there are so many freaken Megans out there! Just like I love the name Emma and Sophia, but I'm nixing them because they are so popular right now!
-If I can't pronounce it, then I shouldn't be naming my child that name.
-I'm avoiding creative spellings of names. I don't want to confuse my child when learning how to read, and write. Why make my poor child write a elven letter name, when I could spell the same name in four letters? I know people are trying to be unique with spelling their child's name differently, but really it just makes it harder for people to figure out how to say and spell it. Which is just going to frustrate your child for their entire life!
-Does the name sound good with my last name? Thankfully I have a good last name that lots of different names go with. Though I've discovered some longer names don't really sound that great with "Sherman"

Those are pretty much my main guidelines, and I'm going to be one of those people that does not reveal the name until the baby is born. Not to offend others, to each their own, but me personally, I don't believe in pre-naming my child. Having their name hanging up in their room, calling my unborn child by their name already. It's not for me. Sorry. Because what if I call my unborn Jack, and have everything personalized with the name Jack, but then when "Jack" comes into the world, he doesn't look like a Jack but more like a "Garrett". I really feel like a name fits a person, and I just want to make sure my child fits their name. Which reminds me of my little brother Derrick. My mom and dad already was calling him "Jeffery" when he was born, and the more we called him that in the hospital the more we realized it didn't fit, and Jeffery became Derrick. I feel like Derrick really fits my brother. I couldn't imagine him as a Jeffery. So when Matt and I do finally agree on names, which I'm not sure if we'll ever come to an agree because our name taste are polar opposites, but when we do come up with the name it will be a surprise until the baby is born. So for now, my baby's name is Herman. lol.

Bottom line, naming my child is something I am not going to take lightly. It's a really big decision, because this is something they will carry on for life, unless they decide to randomly change their name. If I name my child a unique name don't worry, I'm not going to go for Miracle, or Destiny, or Unique. It's going to be a name that is classy, and won't be thrown in the trash if someone sees the name on a resume. . .


  1. Don't forget to consider what their initials spell. That was a deciding factor when I was picking out names. Like my husband liked Hailey Alexis, but her initials would spell HAM, and since being on the heavier side runs on both sides of the family we figured that could be used to tease her.

  2. I love this post. It's everything that my husband and I have been talking about when naming our child. His problem is word association. IE: I love the name Dianna (full name would be Dianna Leigh Janzen), but he nixed that one because he associated Dianna with diarrhea. Which has now effectively ruined that name for me.

    I also despise the abundance of vowels (including the sometimes-vowel of "y") in names that do not require them. Makes it awkward for future people to remember if she's the girl with the 5 y's in her name or the 13 vowels.

  3. That's funny Paige! I agree with the abundance of vowels,some people get a little vowel happy with naming their children.

    And Susan I agree I'll definitely be watching out on the initials. I was reading in one of my names books, that they did a study, and found out that people with the initials that spelled things like A.S.S. were more likely to die sooner then people who had normal initials. Which I don't even understand how they even come up with weird studies like that. But that's another story. lol.