Sunday, August 28, 2011

Comfort over fashion

Recently I've discovered being pregnant means you have to give up certain fashionable aspects like high heels for example.

Which brings me on to life lesson #6:
You can't be as fashion savvy when pregnant, you have to give up some certain stylish trends such as high heels, your regular clothes (maternity clothes are sadly just not the same)

Yesterday I went shopping with my mom, and I looked like I was going to church or work. I had a dressier blue top, with a pair a black maternity gauchos, and a pair of black flats. My mom was wondering why I looked so fancy just to go shopping. Sadly I was dressed to the nine because that is the only thing that fits me. The only maternity clothes I have are all work clothes. And my jeans, and shorts don't fit me, and since summer is almost over, there is not sense buying maternity shorts. It just saddens me how my wardrobe has become very limited.

For those who know me, I like to look nice, dress nice, and having everything matching. I like to look trendy, so this adjusting to pregnancy is really hindering my stylish side. And it's sadly taken me awhile to realize that I'm going to have to give up the idea of looking fashionable and cute. Don't get me wrong I know I can still look good in maternity clothes, and look stylish, but it's not the same. My selection for maternity clothes is very limited. Most places have a small selection of maternity clothes, and most of it are very plain. Nothing too exciting. So I feel in order to really put my Megan look into these boring clothes, I need to add more accessories like earrings, scarves, shoes, etc.

Though recently I've realized I have to give up the idea of pretty shoes. I have several pairs of high 3-4 inch heels. They are very pretty and add that extra snap to my outfits. The last few weeks I've been wearing heels, and many people have been yelling at me. Tell me I should not be wearing heels now that I'm pregnant. Now probably most women at least early on in their pregnancy would be just fine wearing a pair of heels. But for those who know me, I'm extremely accident prone. I trip over my own feet half the time. I run into walls. I'm pretty much a walking disaster. So this is why I have many people telling me to lay of the heels. I have another co-worker who is pregnant and is two months ahead of me. She's still wearing 3-4 inch heels. But no was is saying anything to her. Sigh.. Thanks to my extreme klutziness, I've been advised from my love ones to lay off the heels. I've given up trying to wear them, because anytime I do now, I get yelled at.

So yesterday, I realized if I have to get rid of all my heels, I need some comfortable shoes. So I bought a pair of those Sketcher slip on shoes:

I was at first hesitant to get them, because they looked like they wouldn't really go with my nice dress work outfits. And then my mom tells me, "Megan you need to not worry about being fashionable, you're pregnant, you need something comfortable." And as soon as I put them on I instantly forgot how stylish they look, and realized they are very comfortable, and I need something comfortable when being on my feet.

So today was a sad day, I realized it was time to put away all my heels. I mean there is not sense for them just to sit in my closet taunting me. So I put away my heels and put them on one last time, saying goodbye to them until next summer.

I also decided to put away all my shorts, and shirts that no longer fit me. I filled up two containers, this just tells you how much clothing I own. It was really sad putting everything away. Some of the shorts I just bought and barely had a chance to wear them. And not only that it's amazing how button up shirts that fit me perfect a few weeks ago, are super tight, and no longer fit. I didn't realize how quickly I've been getting bigger. And I sadly think my boob are getting even bigger. :( I was hoping the growth of them would slow down. So I've said goodbye to my clothes, as I sadly put away two containers worth of clothing. I can only hope that I'll be able to fit into everything next summer.

Bye Shorts:

Even though I've had to put away the heels, skinny jeans, and cute tops, I must say comfortable shoes and maternity clothes are super comfortable. And even though I don't look as fashionable I at least feel comfortable. And that is what maters the most.


  1. Do you ever go to local thrift stores to look for maternity stuff? Our Goodwill usually doesn't have anything I like but now that I'm pregnant and looking in the maternity section for the first time ever, I am finding ALL kinds of really nice, barely used maternity stuff! I've gotten lucky with several pairs of pants from Motherhood and a maternity shirt from Target! Also, got some good deals at an Old Navy on 3 pairs of maternity pants! Good luck!!!

  2. Thanks!
    Yeah, I been hitting some great deals at JcPenneys and Kohls on the clearance racks. And I've found some stuff at the thrift store. But they were really picked over, I think I need to check out more thrift stores around me, because the one I checked out is really busy one and is always picked over. I'm slowly but surely getting a collection of maternity clothes. :)

  3. Old Navy has some really nice maternity jeans for a decent price (well decent for maternity clothes anyways)....I keep putting off shopping for clothes for the same reason as you and I finally gave in and bought some jeans this weekend!