Monday, August 1, 2011

Having a pet- Good practice for motherhood

Meet my fat cat Marco! He is two years old and weighs 17 pounds! Here is one of my favorite pictures of him, because he absolutely looks adorable, but don't be fooled by his cuteness, he is such a handful!

I know some people may scream at me and say "Megan, owning a cat is nothing compared to motherhood". Maybe it isn't, though I feel owning a cat is very similar to taking care of a baby, minus changing diapers and frequent feedings. I sadly noticed this a few days ago, how spoiled we have Marco, and how much of a whiny baby he is. And how Marco will be in for a rude awakening when the baby comes.

Ever since I've gotten pregnant, I think Marco officially HATES me. I've heard of animals liking women more when they are pregnant or sensing they are pregnant before the woman even knows she is pregnant. For Marco it has been the complete opposite. I will say though he's never really liked me very much, he has always liked Matt more then me, but now that I'm pregnant Marco doesn't want to have anything to do with me. He keeps his distance and pretty much hates when I try to pet him. He likes Matt even 10 times more. I'm not sure if it's maybe my new pregnancy hormones are giving me a new scent that Marco doesn't like or if maybe he senses that a new baby will be taking over his life.

I feel like when the baby comes Marco is going to be like the jealous first child constantly begging for our attention. He'll being doing that or he'll be running away and hiding underneath the bed all the time because the sound of a crying baby will just scare him away. Regardless, I think the arrival of the new baby will kill Marco's spirits. Because right now he is babied and spoiled so much!

I sadly didn't even realize how spoiled he was until a few days, and thought wow, he's not going to get all this special treatment when the baby comes. Every night we put Marco away down in the basement. The basement has quite a bit space for him to roam around in, but Marco is a sociable cat, he loves to be wherever we are. So he doesn't like being in the basement, but if we just left him out he would sit on our heads or bodies when we are sleeping. If we just shut our bedroom door and let him roam around he would probably stand outside the door and cry, rubbing his paws on the door. So the basement is where he goes every night. The other night I put Marco down stairs, and as soon as we go to bed, we hear Marco crying and rubbing his paws on the basement door. Matt then asks me, "Did you put Marco in his bed?" I ask him why do I need to but him in his little cat bed, he's a cat do I seriously need to tuck him in to bed? Matt told me he usually puts Marco in his bed, and pets him a little, that ways he knows its time to go to bed. This just seemed so silly to me, he's a cat. Why does this matter? But sure enough Matt goes down stairs, coaxes Marco, puts him in his bed, pets him, and leaves, and Marco shut up for the rest of the night. There was no more crying. Wow, Matt is seriously the cat whisperer, he'll be such a good daddy :)

Not only does Marco need to be put to bed every night, every morning as soon as he hears our alarm clock go off, he starts meowing, because he knows its time for him to get out of the basement, and be with us. Usually we stay is bed and hit the snooze like 20 times, but its hard to even go back to sleep when hearing an echoing meowing coming from the basement, so usually I'll let him out, and go back to bed, as he comes up to out bed jumping on our bodies, and being annoying.

Also every morning Marco will stand over the windows, meowing because he wants up on the window sill, but the blinds are down. So we have to walk up to the window to open the blinds, so he can sit on the window sill to look out the window.And of course Marco knows he gets fed every morning. If I forget to feed him he makes sure he reminds me by following me around and crying.

The other day Marco was playing with a piece of plastic. It's sad that all it takes is a milk ring or a piece of plastic to entertain him. Forget about all the cat toys I have for him. Marco likes to hide his toys in the closet. Well the other day he kept putting his piece of plastic in the closet, and then started banging on the door crying, because he couldn't get to his toy. I proceeded to go upstairs open the closet door, and get his toy. Marco was so happy, and of course he did the same thing another three more times. I should of just gave him tough love and let him just keep his toy in the closet, but I'm a sucker for his pathetic meows. Which makes me worry, if I give in this easily to a CAT, will I give in that easily to my child? I probably will, because I'm a softy.

Not only is Marco needy, he constantly gets in trouble. We have a "bad can" that we shake when Marco does something bad. It's a pop can filled with pennies in it. He hates the sound, and will run away every time I use the can. The other day Marco decided to randomly go on our kitchen table, he knew better. As soon as I said "Marco" he ran off. I constantly feel like a mean mom yelling at my child. Marco just loves to get into things he's not suppose to.

So that is my cat Marco, I feel like he has prepared me a little for being a mommy. Though I hope how we spoil Marco is not a foreshadowing of us spoiling our children. Though the spoiling will be pretty much depleted when the baby comes. Poor Marco, he has no idea what's happening. The sad part is Marco is such a fat cat that he will be bigger then the baby. But that won't be for long when the baby starts walking and chasing poor Marco around.

So I end this blog entry with this cute picture of Marco trying to act like an human:

Oh Marco how I love you, even though you like Matt so much more. Which is sad, because I'm the one that feeds him, changes his little box, clean him, etc. But yet he likes Matt. Sigh..

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  1. This cracked me up! We have 2 cats that are completely spoiled as well. I always wonder how well they'll react when we get pregnant (especially Noelle, who sleeps with us at night). I also give in to our cats fairly easily, and I hope it doesn't foretell how easily I'll give in to our child's demands.