Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Again more odd changes and joys of pregnancy. . .

Even though my morning sickness is finally died down as I enter the second trimester, I'm noticing other odd changes. In the last few days suddenly my taste buds have gone all wonky and haywire. Yesterday I had some lemonade from Penn Station, and I noticed it tasted very sour and bitter, I didn't think much of it, I just thought maybe I got a sour batch. But when I was telling my co-worker about it, who also got the same lemonade said, "Megan, you're crazy, that lemonade was so sweet!". Then today, I had some strawberry yougart, and could barely eat any because it tasted so bitter. I felt like it didn't have any flavor to it. Then later tonight, I really was craving some red licorice. I open the bag as soon as I buy it, and eat a piece, to be a horribly disappointed. It didn't taste like sweet red yummy licorice. It tasted more like sour straws. Which is kind of ironic because I use to eat those religiously when I worked at Blockbuster. I was so bummed out, that they tasted terrible, as Matt kept asking me to hand him piece after piece as we drive home. Which was funny because he was complaining that they weren't as good as Twizzlers, but yet he had like 7 pieces.

I really don't know what it going on with this whole sour taste thing, but I hope this is just an odd pregnancy phase that will go away. Matt says maybe this is my body's way of telling me I should lay off the sweets. Which could be true, I mean have a really bad sweet tooth, so why wouldn't it make sense if sweets taste like a sour warhead. (remember those fun candies?) Maybe my body has just have had a sweet overall and has reached its capacity of sweetness. Sigh. This really does break my heart, I hope this sour phase goes awhile soon. Not being able to eat sweet thing is almost worst then when I was having morning sickness.

Not only am I having some wonky taste buds, I guess now as my uterus is expanding, my bladder is getting more squished, and recently I've noticed I have to go to the bath room literally every half hour almost. It's getting ridiculous. I feel like my bladder is the size of a walnut, it's not holding as much any more. And now I've been getting up in the middle of the night at least three times to go to the bathroom. Oh the wondrous joys.

Also recently I've been have the utter worst stabbing pains in my right boob. I guess it's growing pains or something. But it literally feels like someone it take a knife and stabbing me repeatedly. The other night it hurt so bad, had to put ice on it. :( Matt thought I have lost my mind when I was sitting there icing my boob. Oh well.

Lastly, my Megan filter has been completely broken. I've never had much tact to begin with, and would just tell people how it is. But as the weeks go by I'm just so sassy, so unfiltered, and plain rude to people. And I don't even mean to be, it's like these things slip out of my mouth that I can't control. Like verbal diarrhea. I think my co-workers are about ready to kill me. Today, someone was showing pictures of my co-worker Sarah, pictures of her when she was younger. And you know what I said? "Oh you look about the same, now you just have wrinkles!" Seriously who says stuff like that? I feel like my pregnancy hormones have somehow permanently broken my sensitively filter. And I can't stop putting my nose in other people's business, I am such a busybody. Don't get me wrong I've always been a busybody, but today I was just ridiculous in the busybody department, I was completely telling my co-worker everything she was doing for this thing was wrong, which is not true, but in my pregnancy logic, my way is the right way, and everyone else's way is the the wrong way. It's not a good way to be. And I promise, I'm really not this bad of a person, this scary monster keeps leaching out of me.

Which reminds me of yesterday. Our whole neighborhood is a complete ruble mess. Bulldozers everywhere. They are putting water lines and septic lines in our neighborhood. They've been spending the entire summer on it. And it's getting worst, a few weeks ago, they would have their bulldozers or trucks parked in my DRIVEWAY, blocking my way to get out. So I would do the sassy lift my garage door up, go back in the house feed Marco, and luckily they would remove it. This morning the road was blocked with all of their bulldozers I couldn't even get through to go to work, I had to sit there for a few minutes as they slower remove their machines from the road. Yesterday, on my way home, the entire street for like a get half of a mile was closed! I couldn't get to my street. Apparently they didn't do this when Matt came home, so he didn't have this problem, but lucky me, I get this problem. So I go around it or "think" I went around it to find out I have to turn around because the street I get off of is closed as well. So the construction worker walks to my car, I ask him if the road is closed. He says yes. You know what my response was? Not a sweet "Ok, I'll turn around." No, it's angry pregnant Megan with this rude response, which I can't believe this came out of my mouth, I usually don't cuss at random strangers. So this was my response: "F**k! How am I suppose to get home?" Luckily he was very helpful and gave me directions, and I was able to figure out how to get home, but I was surprised my behavior. Sigh. I'm really not a mean person, and maybe I shouldn't blame pregnancy on it, but I don't know, I just have some new founded rage inside me our something. Or maybe pregnancy just makes me easily irritable.

Anyways, I'm excited I'm already in my 15th week of pregnancy! Five more weeks until I get to find out the gender. Yeah!

And lets end this joyous post with a pic of my belly bump at 15 weeks :)

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