Tuesday, August 9, 2011

12 weeks today!

I can't believe that I'm already 12 weeks, and I love the baby gaga counter that pops up on my Facebook. It says I have 28 weeks to go! 28 weeks doesn't sound that long when I just pretend that weeks really aren't 7 days. hehe... I'm excited to be almost out of the first trimester! Looking in books I get when I'm at the 13 week mark I'm officially in the second trimester. I feel like it's going by so fast!

It's just kind of funny that I so happen to be pregnant and due on our wedding anniversary when I remember vividly three years ago planning our wedding. (And we got engaged around the same time in June that I found out I was pregnant) In 2008 around this time I was frantically planning my wedding with a broken leg. Yes another fun story for another day or blog entry. It was entertaining trying on wedding dresses with crutches, and carefully trying to get in them as I was hoping around on one foot. It's kind of funny that now three years later I'm living again the new life changing excitement(minus the broken leg thank God!) around the same time of year. But this excitement is a little different. It's new life! Not that baby trumps getting married. Really marriage and parenthood are very similar. They both are for life, or should be at least. I love that I'm reliving this excitement. But this time I'm not planning a wedding. I'm planning for motherhood! I'm excited!

Anywho.. I could go on and on about this, and bore you to tears about my excitement. But what I really wanted to share are my pregnancy discoveries so far in my 12 weeks of being pregnant. Most of them are random:

1) I like to randomly hiccup only one hiccup, a few times a day.
2) I enjoy the frequent visits to the bathroom in the middle of the night, EVERY night. Sometimes I go three times in one night. It's wonderful! Not.
3) I have weird crazy vivid dreams, they seem so real, like I'm almost there. I mean I always had crazy dreams but nothing to the point where I felt extremely real. Most of my dreams have been working at Blockbuster (I use to work at) or going to Blockbuster when the store is completely empty. (It went out of business earlier this year, the particular store I use to work at) And I've had random dreams about working at Krogers (first job I had) and living in the old home I live when I was a kid, in good old Amelia, Ohio. So lots of nostalgic dreams.
4)I hate Chinese food, the smell and taste of it makes me vomit. (I use to love it, now I hate it! Yeah pregnancy hormones!)
5)I hate hot-dogs, brats, metts. Again yeah pregnancy hormones!
6)I hate that I never can keep prenatal vitamins down. My body seriously hates them
7)I do love my pregnancy glow I have going on. It goes nicely with my newly dyed hair (Don't worry I made sure it was ok to dye my hair again)
8)I love taking three hour naps, and going to bed by 10 o'clock
9)I hate my incredible sense of smell, there of some things I just wish I could smell as good as I can smell them right now.
10) I must say I'm starting to enjoy the special pregnant lady treatment I've been getting. It makes me feel special. :)

And I felt beautiful, and great today! And not very fat! Here's a picture of me today at work. Ignore the terrible blurry quality of it. It was taken on a camera phone. And Ignore what I'm doing in the picture. It's more of an inside joke. I'm a Megan Catcher!

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