Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The lastest gadgets for your baby to waste your money on!

Just like when I got engaged and got into my wedding planning, I realized how big of an industry weddings were. As soon as I got engaged it was like the entire wedding industry knew. I suddenly became a "winner" for everything for a small fee of course. I was blinded by the fact that I seriously thought I could do my entire wedding under 5,000 dollars. Hell, was I was wrong. The more I did my research the more I realized a 5k budget was delusional. I pretty much just spent 5k on the big items, DJ, Photographer, Venue, Food. And I was on a budget and did most of the stuff myself and still spent over 5k. It was depressing. As I explore the world of pregnancy gadgets, post pregnancy gadgets and baby items, I sadly have realized babies are not cheap. And their is a thriving industry for items for your newborn. They pretty much have every item imaginable. Every item to waste money on that is. And of course most moms think they need to have it, because it be the "best" thing for their child, and having these crazy gadgets will somehow make them a better mother. Maybe I'm a rude person, but some of these things just make me laugh. Like this item for example:

These are Belly Buds. Here's the discription of this item:
"Bellybuds® are an innovative means to bond with your developing baby. They gently adhere to your belly and play music, soothing sounds or even messages from loved ones (using the free VoiceShare™ recording service) directly to the womb. Easy, discreet and portable – use them anywhere, anytime."

It's discreet! So if I feel like talking to my baby at work, but I don't want people randomly thinking I'm crazy, (Which they already do) I'll just record my voice on these belly buds and put it on my belly! Seriously? I'm sure I don't need to spend over a 100 dollars on something that probably won't make more of a difference with bonding with my baby. After all my baby is going to be "bonding" to my uterus for 9 months. How much more bonding does the baby need?

Here's another product I just find odd. And hope I don't offend you if you have someting like this:

The Moby Wrap. This thing just looks painful. I'm all about a baby carrier thing you strap on your back, and have the baby in a little thingy. But these wrap things scare me. And I know there were some recalls with something similar, where babies were suffocating in them. And this lady looks like she has a straight jacket on. It's not very fashionable.

Here's another good one. The "Booby Trapper" is what this lovely thing is called.
Why not look trendy while breastfeeding. Because this doesn't atract more attention.

Apparently these Nursing Canopies, are the rage. What ever happened to using a blanket to cover up the baby while nursing? Do I really need a Booby Trapper, to trap my poor child in?

This poor baby! This contraption looks like the swim suit Bograt wore on the beach. It looks as if I took the baby's outfit and hung up it on some hooks. I'm sure the baby can have some bouncy fun in something that doesn't look so painful.

I totally want this! Not! Why not make feeding a baby ten times easier by squeezing their food out of a spoon! This spoon just looks so weird to me..

I'm laughing so hard on this one:

I can suck out the boogers right out of my child, using my mouth! But don't worry according this product you will not eat any of your child's boogers, there is a filter. But it sure looks interesting sucking out boogers with your mouth!

Bottom line, there are tons of products out there to waste money on. This makes me wonder if I should get in the baby product business, and come up with stupid inventions like an ear wax sucker, I could suck the ear wax right out of my child's ears, using a tube I suck out with using my mouth!

If nothing else these pictures gave me a good laugh. And who knows maybe I'll end up being a sucker for one of these items, and end up buying one of these odd things because I realize it is in fact helpful. (Probably not)

Babies are expensive, but totally worth the expensive, unlike a wedding where you spend thousands of dollars for just one day, a baby is for a lifetime. Which is totally worth the thousands upon thousands of dollars they will cost.


  1. Ok, the nose sucker, yuck! You couldn't pay me to use that item.

  2. I have the booby trapper and it is amazing. If you BF I would totally recommend it. A regular blanket is easily pulled by baby especially as they get older and it is difficult for you to see what the hell is going on in there. Unless you enjoy flashing everyone at the mall or when you go out to eat or wherever I would suggest some sort of cover. I have seen the spoon thingy used. I don't have it but it was neat for when this lady was on the go. No need to worry about jars or spoons. You don't need a lot of items but some of them do make your life easy. The belly bud sound thing made me laugh.