Thursday, August 4, 2011

And the lower of the self esteem continues..

Today was yet another sad lowering self esteem kind of day. Tonight I folded up the wash and needed more hangers, so I got the brilliant idea to go through my closet and put away all the clothes that no longer fit me. Every morning when I get ready for work I've been fighting with the contents of my closet, and I sadly stand over there for awhile thinking of what to wear. Putting on clothes that fit is a new battle I get to fight every morning now. So I thought if I put away the pants and dresses that no longer fit me I would have an easier time finding something to wear each day.

Well as I go through the contents of my closet I quickly discover how pants that fit me two weeks ago, no longer fit. My pile of don't fit clothes quickly add up, as my closet sadly gets even emptier. It was so depressing to take the clothes out of my closet. I cringed every time I put a dress over my head and couldn't even pull it down or zipped it up. And the larger gap when I put my pants on was just pathetic. I really hope I get to see them fitting nicely sometime next year.

After my fun adventure of emptying pretty much half my wardrobe. I realized that I do in fact have WAY to many clothes. I put away 14 pairs of pants/capris, and 14 dresses/skirts. For now I kept all my shirts, they still seem to fit ok, though some are really tight looking.

So yes I put away 28 pieces of clothing that no longer fit me:

This now really limits my wardrobe choices. Which means more maternity pants to buy!

So this is what I have left to wear pants/skirt wise! Which looks like I'm going to have to wear the same pants twice in one week. Which upsets me a little because I'm one of those fashion frenzy freaks that doesn't like wearing the same outfit twice in one month. (I know I'm ridiculous)

So here is now my sad closet with the only clothes that fit me:

It just makes me sad that I'm only 11 weeks, and my pants no longer fit. So yea! another great boost to the self esteem.

And to end this blog on a cute note here's a funny picture of Marco cramming in the closet while he watches me take all my clothes away because I no longer fit into them.

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