Monday, January 16, 2012

Top 10 things pregnant women get asked a million times

I mentioned some of this in a previous blog entry, but one thing I've discovered being pregnant, is I get asked the same questions over an over again by random strangers, friends, family, etc. Yesterday, my friend said I should just wear a tee-shirt with all the answers to the same questions I keep getting asked. Which I'm starting to think maybe I should. I could just have the top ten questions asked all on one tee shirt. That would save me from answering the same thing twenty times a day. hehehe.. Not that I mind answering the same questions over and over again, but it does start becoming annoying.

So here are the top ten questions asked during the duration of my pregnancy, in the order that I have progressed in my pregnancy, with my snide remarks of how I wish I could answer the question:

1) Have you been having bad morning sickness? (As I look like crap and about to vomit again)

2) Are you excited? (No, I'm terribly upset by this, I've only been wanting this for the last five plus years. lol)

3) Do you want a girl or a boy? (Neither, I want an alien)

4) When do you find out the gender of the baby? (I'm psychic I don't need to find out the gender, I already know)

5) Do you have the baby's room done yet? (I have no snide remarks for this one because I'm slacking and still do not have the room done yet)

6) Do you have a name picked out yet? What is it? (Again no snide remarks here it's a surprise, but constantly asking me is not going to get me to tell you what name I have in mind?)

7) How are you feeling? (Extremely pregnant)

8) Are you ready for the baby? (As ready as I can be)

9) How long of a maternity leave are you taking? Are you going back to work? (I wish it was a forever long maternity leave)

10) When are you due? How many weeks do you have left? (I'm actually not pregnant. Wouldn't that be funny to see the looks on people's faces if I said that.)

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