Friday, January 20, 2012

Bed Rest Adventures

One of my good friends, is so wonderful and is emailing me fun things to do while being on bed rest. Each day she sends me something to do. Yesterday was the first day, which I still need to work on, is to write letters in the future for my little guy. Like different milestones in his life like first day of school, graduating from high school, getting married, etc. Which I think is really cool, though I have no idea what I'm going to say in these letters. So I have to think about this more... If I was having a girl, I think it would be easier to say things, but with a boy it's a bit harder. But anyways today's quest was to create a playlist of my favorite song in each year, from when I was born to the present year. I must say this was a fun quest, because I love music, and I already created the playlist for it, now I just need to burn the cd so I have some fun music to jam to. When I came up with this list, I must say 1995 must be my favorite year of music, because I had so many songs I wanted to put in this year. I love 90's music! My list stops at 2011, since only a few weeks have occurred in 2012, so not that many songs have been released yet.

So here are my top 27 songs starting with the year I was born 1984-
1984- Eyes without a Face- Billy Idol
1985- Everybody wants to rule the world-Tears for Fears
1986-Take me home Tonight- Eddie Money
1987- With or Without you- U2
1988- Father Figure- George Michael
1989- Wicked Game- Chris Issak
1990- Must have been love- The Roxettes
1991- Black- Pearl Jam
1992- No Rain- Blind Melon
1993- Linger- Cranberries
1994- No excuses- Alice in Chains
1995- You oughta Know- Alanis Morrisette
1996-"1979"-Smashing Pumpkins
1997- How's it going to be- Third eye blind
1998- One Week- Bare naked ladies
1999-Take my picture- Filter
2000- Change House of Flies- Deftones
2001-Amber- 311
2002- Dilemma- Nelly and Kelly Rowland
2003- Such Great Heights- Postal Service
2004- Mr. Brightside- The Kllers
2005- Lying is the most fun without taking a girl's clothes off- Panic at the Disco
2006- 9 Crimes- Damiem Rice
2007- Ride- Cary Brothers
2008- That's not my name- Ting Tings
2009- Home- Edward Sharp and the Magnetic Zeroes
2010- Futile Devices- Sufjan Stevens
2011- Repetition- TV on the Radio

And there is my fun list! I must say I'm enjoying my bed rest time. I've been catching up with episodes of 30 rock and Big Bang theory.Tomorrow my sister in law is coming to help me make some more frozen meals! I can't wait.

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