Sunday, January 15, 2012

Shower Love Part Two

Today was a wonderful day. Despite the agonizing pressure pain I'm currently experiencing. It's suddenly become more painful to walk, and I feel like there is a giant bowling ball in between my crotch. Well I've been feeling like that, but it feels like a bowling ball times ten right now. Sorry, too much information. And I just made a new recent discovery that made me shriek in horror. I've discovered stretch marks in the most unimaginable place. Ok, maybe not unimaginable. But it's a place where I would have never though stretch marks would pop up. Yes, my ass. Sorry again too much information. But seriously? Why did stretch marks have to pop up there? I don't even think my butt has gotten that big since being pregnant, but apparently my skin thinks so. But anyways, the point I was trying to make, despite those two not nice thing, today has been a wonderful day!

I had my shower for my husband's side of the family. So the shower was at my mother-in-law's house. Just like at my other shower, which I had a little helper name Anika, who helped me open my presents, this time I had four little helpers, my niece Sheridan, Serenity, and cousins Faith and Hope. And what good little helpers they were, Faith or Hope, I get them mixed up because they are identical twins, but one of them, had a garage bag and picked up all the wrapping paper as soon as I opened a present. Which I absolutely love, considering I have an absurd OCD thing with wrapping paper being on the floor. For some reason seeing an extravagant amount of wrapping paper on the floor makes me cringe. This is why I can't enjoy opening presents on Christmas morning, like normal people who leave the paper all over the floor until after they. But the wrapping paper being picked up was shortly lived, because about half-way during the present opening, Hope and Faith decided to throw all the wrapping paper out of the bag and try to make "designs" as they call it with the wrapping paper. Luckily I decided to let go my ridiculous OCD compulsive with wrapping paper, and let kids be kids and enjoy themselves.

On a different note, I'm starting to think pregnancy is contagious, there were a total of four pregnant women, including myself at the shower.

The shower was great. I got some adorable outfits, diapers, diaper bag, some books, high chair, pack-in-play and more. And Matt's wonder aunts made some frozen meals for me for after the baby, so I don't have to make dinner! And Matt's wonder Aunt has offered to watch our baby for a year so we don't have to put him in daycare! I love Matt's family. They are amazing! Ok, my family, don't get jealous or take this comment personally, this doesn't mean I like Matt's family more than you guys. I just have to put that disclaimer in there. I love my own family and Matt's family just the same. :)

I really think the nesting thing is starting to come into gear, because I couldn't wait to get home just to organize all my presents, and clean more baby clothes. I know I'm a freak, that I was excited about that. And I couldn't wait to comply my list of all the stuff I still need to get. Which is actually not too much. My mom and I are going on a shopping adventure tomorrow, to get the remaining must have items for the baby. I made Matt mad because when we got home, he was just going to leave all the presents in the car until tomorrow, but me being a persistent person, that just had to organize all the stuff I just got, took matters into my own hands and started to take all the presents out of the car. Which of course is apparently bad for a pregnant lady to lift all the stuff out of the car, so he felt the need to have to take the stuff out of the car, because I was being stubborn and just couldn't wait.

Now that my 2nd shower is done, and I'll be doing the remaining shopping tomorrow, I'm feeling more at ease that I'm prepared for the baby. Well, maybe not quite mentally prepared for the baby, but at least I have every I need to take care of baby.

On a different note, yay for it being a 3 day weekend and not having to go to work tomorrow!

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