Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Working from Home

So yesterday, as expected I got put on bed rest. Though my doctor and my job was nice enough to agree to let me work from home for four hours a day. It's nice working from home instead of just being put on bedrest and not making anything at all. Because FMLA starts immediately since I'm on bedrest. But because I can work limited hours, I'm using less FLMA time. I want to use the most FLMA time when the baby comes not on bedrest. So today was my second day working from home and I must say I enjoy the set up. I have my laptop, answer emails, make some calls. And I felt more productive working from home for four hours verse working at the office for 8 hours.

So here is my nice set-up. I can watch tv while working, and have a nice view of a cute sleeping Marco:

So working from home is making me wish I could work from home forever. Not that I don't like working at the office. But working from home definitely has its perks. So here are my top 10 reasons why I enjoy working from home:

1) I can sleep in and set my own hours.

2) I can spend the day hanging out with cute sleeping Marco, he stands by my side the entire day.

3) I don't have to dress nice, which is good considering most of my maternity clothes aren't starting to fit me anymore. I could just work naked if I wanted to and no one would ever know. But don't worry I don't walk around the house naked. I don't even want to see that right now.

4) I don't have to worry about putting on make-up, doing my hair, and looking presentable. I can look like I just rolled out of bed because no one is going to see me at all.

5) I don't have to waste gas driving to work. It's a total of 28 miles driving to and from work. So I can save money on gas!

6) I can jam to music, crank it up without disturbing anyone else, because I'm in the privacy of my own home.

7) I don't have distractions like I do in the office, like talking to my co-workers, wasting time, etc. I just want to work and get it done. Which is funny that some places don't allow people working from home because they don't think they would be as productive, but I definitely think I'm way more productive at home than work.

8)I can eat snacks and have an unlimited supply of yummy things to eat when I get hungry.

9) Sitting in my bed and working is way more comfortable than sitting at my desk chair.

10) Matt can visit me when he stops by home for lunch, which he does a lot. Today he brought me some Wendy's for lunch.

So as you can see, working from home definitely has some perks! Not that I don't like working at the office. I already miss my co-workers. Which two of them stopped by today! But it would be nice to take care of a baby while working from home. One can dream and hope. But in the time being, I'll just enjoy my four hours working from home for the next few weeks.

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