Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Keep Calm and Carry On

I the last few months I've heard this quote "Keep Calm and Carry On". My co-worker would say it quite often.(Especially when I had a few of my pregnancy spaze out moments at work.) I never realize that it was an actual quote. I just thought it was something profound that she liked to say. And then it became the catch phrase at work to motivate us at work. My co-worker gave us a copy of this, in green:

I seriously thought that she took the time to type up and create this beautiful logo with that catch phrase. Little did I know that this is a very well known logo. Now I see it all the time. I don't know where I was, because I feel like I've never seen it before. So after she gave it me, I had to look it up on Wikipedia, because I was curious to know who even said this quote. I found out in awe and wonder that it was Winston Churchill who said it. I said "Oh I didn't realize Winston Churchill said that did you?" And then I got made fun of by my other co-worker because didn't realize that it was Winston Churchill who said that. She said "Duh Megan where have you been?" I guess I just don't pay attention to popular quotes and sayings.

But anyways I really as I'm approaching the end of my pregnancy, I'm starting to feel like this saying is the motto of my life that or my pregnancy. Me being a very high strung spastic person, I've realized I need to come to the point where I need to just stay clam and let things happen. And just go with flow, for the sake of my high blood pressure and my baby. And I must say this has helped me not lose my sanity, and go all crazy that things aren't 100 percent ready. At this point I'm just going to keep calm and carry on. It will all work itself out.

Most people at this point of my pregnancy have everything ready. Such as the baby's room is all painted, with the crib, changing table and the room all ready. If the baby were to come tomorrow, everything would be ready. Well this is not the case with me. If the baby were to come tomorrow, I wouldn't be completely ready. The baby's room is pretty much in disarray. We haven't completely painted the room yet. The baby's bed is not done yet nor is the diaper changing table. This is what the room looks like right now:

Yep, pretty much baby stuff everywhere. Though I've spent a little time at least organizing it. And even though all the baby's clothes are in baskets, at least they are all folded up nicely. So I'm at the point it's just keep calm, carry on. Really there is no reason to freak out even though I'm due in like 3 to 4 weeks. I have all the baby stuff I need. We have a pack and play he can sleep in the first month, and it has a changing diaper area attached to it. And we have all the diapers and clothes for him. It's just not in an organized fashion. Even though on the surface the baby's room looks like pure chaos, I am in fact ready for this baby. Matt will have everything ready, after the baby comes, so it will all work out at the end. He's been actually really hard getting the diaper changing table done. He is making the baby bed and diaper changing table/drawer from scratch (following a plan) And since he gets a 6 week paternity leave from work, (which is really nice) he's going to spend the time making the baby bed and painting the baby's room. So I know it will all work out at the end. It's very important at this point not to cringe when people ask me "Are you ready for the baby? Do you have his room done yet?" Because in theory I do. Which is why it's important not to have one of my Megan freak out moments (which I had a few of those on my wedding day) because in theory things aren't ready. But at this point I just need to keep calm and carry on.


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