Sunday, February 17, 2013

Picture of the Week

So this week, I've had a pretty clingy little guy, attached to my hip. It's been pretty bad to the point that he is starting to make me lose my sanity. I think some of it is attributed to him not feeling good this week. But Grant has been going through some SERIOUS separation anxiety this week. If I am not holding Grant he cries. If I give him to Matt he cries. On Thursday I had to work from home since I had Grant. Grant was driving me nuts that day. The only way to actually get work done, was to let him destroy him room. He loves pulling all the stuff out of the shelves on his changing table. So in the name of trying to get work done, I let him make a huge mess, since he was really content. And the funny part was when he started blowing his nose on his good diapers. I've been wiping his nose off so much this week, since it has been non-stop running. Since I've been doing it so much, Grant has fingered out what it means to blow his nose and wipe it off. All I could do at that point was laugh at Grant blowing his nose on his diapers. He's such a silly little boy. That can have so much fun, with the simple things in life. :)

I never cause any trouble. Never...

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