Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Birthday Grant!

Grant turned one this past Saturday! I can't believe my little guy is one years old! I was very excited to plan my first birthday party. Me being a party planner (ok not a really party planner, but I love decorating for events, parties, etc) I absolutely had so much fun planning his party. His party went very well. The only thing that didn't turn out very well was his cake. I ventured out with fondant, and I will say that stuff really frustrated me. I finally got it the way that I wanted and then went I woke up the next morning, the fondant bled, and started sliding off the cake. I will say next time I'll stick to regular butter-cream. Other than that, the party went well. Grant started not feeling very good towards the end of the party, and ended up have a high fever the next day. Despite that, Grant had so much fun. He was such a good sport! Here are some of the pictures of Grant's big day.

The invite I made from Shutterfly, Matt took the picture of Grant.

One of my Pinterest inspired ideas.

It's a Party!

The One in the middle is a napkin holder with tissue paper and the other two ones are candles covered with scrapbook paper. Not pinterest inspired just on of my good ideas.

My sad cake, yes it should be on cake disasters.

The wall of Growing Grant month by month. Grant has grown so much in a year!


The banner I made. I found printouts on and made a cute banner with ribbon and scrapbook paper.

Happy Birthday Grant! Another Pinterest inspired chalkboard that I made.

Not sure about the cake.

Grant started getting tired of eating the cake.

One of Grant's birthday present's he got from Mommy and daddy.

Grant's cousin helping him open his present.

Grant's really cool Grant chair that Grandpa S. made for him.

I can't believe I've been a mommy for a year! How times flies. Grant is such a great baby! And I'm excited to see him grow as a little toddler. :) Happy Birthday Grant!

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  1. Everything looks amazing Megan!! Can't believe it's been a year already...I remember when you announced Grant's arrival...I started getting nervous for Cole's!