Thursday, February 28, 2013

Future Letters to my son: Separation Anixiety

Dear Grant,

This letter I write to you today, is more of a letter I am writing for myself. Right now you have been going through this ridiculous stage of separation anxiety. I mean you've always been very fond of me and always want your mommy. But it's getting to the point that if I walked away, you start crying. If I'm doing working on my computer. You start crying. If I get ready for work and put my makeup, you start crying. You want to be attached to my hip 24-7. It has elevated in the last month. And it is driving me INSANE. I just keep reminding myself it is just a phase. Which it is. You will go through many phases in your life. You'll read this one day, and say "Eww, why was I attached to my mom so much?" But you're a baby right now. So it is understandable as to why you are extremely attached to me. If you are 30 years old, and still living with me, and attached to me, then I would be very worried.

This is just a really hard phase for me, and you too. It's dramatic not to be with your mother, especially when you were growing in her womb for 9 months.I know this too shall pass. And this won't be the only phase I'll go through with you. Eventually you'll become fiercely independent, and I'll be extremely sad that you are no longer attach to me. I'm sure when you're a teenager, you'll get in the stage where you won't even want to associate with me. And it will probably break my heart. But it will just be a phase just like this phase of you crying everytime I put you down. It's part of growing up. And for me it's part of being a mother. Watching and dealing with you growing up. Regardless of when you're too clingy, or too distant, remember I'll always love you.



  1. I think these letters to future Grant are such a perfect form of communication and something he can cherish for a long time. I want to start writing some handwritten letters to Presley but it's so much more convenient (to store) online... may have to fall in line with this idea!

  2. Funny that you mentioned this because I got this update memo from one of the baby sites about baby development for Forrest, and when he turned 6 months old; I got a memo from one of those baby sites saying that between 6-9 months old, it is when a baby starts to experience separation anxiety, and would want to be near his/her caregiver all of the time. Thankfully, it is a phase, and it shall pass.......