Wednesday, February 13, 2013

One Hot Momma

So today was a glorious day. Since having Grant, I still have some dresses that don't fit me. Even though it's been a year now since I've had Grant, it's been literally impossible to squeeze my big boobs, and belly into my dresses. I have a small pile of dresses that have been tucked away in my closet collecting dust. These are the dresses that I can't even get over my head. These are the dresses that I occasionally try on and cry because they don't fit me anymore. These are the dresses that I REFUSE to give away, because I have hope that one day I get to wear them again.

The other day my co-worker asked me if I lost weight, and that my legs looked so skinny. It made me feel great, and as I started looking at myself, I realized my bright green pants do look baggy than they did a month ago. Considering they were tight fitting when I bought them, but now I slide them off without even taking the button off. (Yes, that is my lazy pant removal habit and it gives me a higher self-esteem that I have pants that fit loose enough that I can just pull them down without unzipping them) So today when getting ready for work, I decided to be adventurous, and pulled one of my cute dresses that has been collecting dust. I thought hell, why not, if my pants are looser, maybe I can wear my one of my dresses again. I put my dress on, and instead on instantly throwing it back on the hanger, I actually decided to wear it to work today. A year and half later I can finally wear one of my form fitting dresses again! And it was wonderful. I felt like I had curves, I felt great, I felt like one hot confident momma.

Maybe yoga if finally paying off. I've been doing yoga, for two months now. And I even though I'm not losing weight, I will definitely say my stomach is shrink and my flabby love handles are shrinking as well. And I can start doing things I've never imagine that I could do. I can lift myself off the ground and climb on the walls like spiderman. And do these weird bendy things. I'm hoping eventually I'll be able to do the splits!

It's days like these where I feel better about myself. I know it just was a dress, but boy did it make me feel like a million dollars!

Look at me professional hot stuff!

The dress and I, 4 years ago. While my weight has shifted some and my face is fuller, I can still rock it out.

On a different note, you'll be seeing more of my blogging. I gave up Facebook for lent, so now I have WAY more time to blog. I still need to post Grant's birthday fun which I'll do tomorrow!


  1. Congrats on fitting into your dress again! I've been kinda sorta doing yoga for a while now. I'm trying to be better at doing it regularly. I haven't noticed any changes in my body shape but my balance as improved a lot!

  2. woohoo!! You look great Megan!! congrats on fitting back into your dresses!

  3. You look awesome! Keep up the great work! :)