Sunday, August 25, 2013

Can't believe my little buddy is 18 months!

This is a little belated, (as we are creeping closer to Grant being 19 months old) but I can't believe he is already a year and a half old! It seems in the last couple of weeks he has really been doing so many more things, and acting more independent. I love the little personality coming out him. Its scary and exciting that when Grant is 21 months old (which is about in two months! ekk!) he will have a little little sister!

Look at me such a little man!

Here are things that Grant is doing at 18 months:

  • He know all his body parts if you ask him, and can say "eyes" while he points to them.
  •  He knows how to throw things away. (The right things) When he eats his fruit snacks, he throws away the wrapper, I don't even have to ask him.
  •  He knows how to put his dirty cups and spoons in the sink. (This one I didn't teach him, he must have figured it out on his own, and I must say I'm impressed!) I love how he likes to clean up behind himself!
  •  If you ask him or if he sees a picture of a monkey, dinosaur, bear, or dog, he'll make the sound that goes with it. I love hearing his little "ROAR!"
  • He says "eww" when he gets dirt in his diaper, (which happens a lot, he is such a boy) or when I am changing his diaper. 
  •  He loves tractors, dump trucks, and other big machinery. He likes to take a ride with Matt in the skidloader. Matt will put earmuffs on him, and the seat belt over him, while he sits on his lap. Grant loves it and he feels like such a big boy! Yesterday, the neighbor was working on tapping onto the sewer and water, and Grant just stood by the door watching all the heavy machinery move dirt. 

  •  He loves playing with his megablocks, and making big towers with them. He is really particular about making sure they line up perfectly. 
  • His favorite food right now seems to be mainly fruit. He has been going through a picky stage but loves eating blueberries, grapes, and watermelon.  
  • His new favorite dvd is Curious Buddies. Because he knows how to take it out of the DVD player and put it back in, it's all scratched up and stops about 8 minutes into in.  He will hand me the dvd case, and get all excited when we watch it.
  •  Grant has a new obsession with climbing on things. His favorite thing to do is climb on the bar-stool  (and now knock the bar-stool over) and get things off the counter. Like the markers and pens that I have in the pen-holder. He also likes to get candy from the candy dish. Yesterday, I had to hide the candy dish in the cabinet, because he kept getting skittles. That kid has a sweet tooth. He is so much my child!
  •  I ended up buying him a toy broom and dust pan, because he loves trying to sweep with a broom that is three times the size of him. He really impressed me when I had some dirt in a dustpan, and I walked about to get something, and I found him dumping the dirt from the dustpan into the trashcan! He is such a smart little buddy.

Grant is such a funny little guy. He has so much fun everyday in his little life. He impresses me at least once a day with the things that he picks up. I love my little buddy and I can't believe he is already a year and a half old! Before I know it,he'll be two!

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