Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Pregnancy Woes

Pregnancy has not been nice to my body yet again. I thought everything was going pretty good despite the lactose intolerance, the random nut allergy, horrible pelvic pain, and terrible aversion to chocolate. But then the bad word came up that I was hoping would not come up this time around. HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE. I really thought I was avoiding it this time around. My blood pressure has been pretty good the entire pregnancy. With Grant I had some random bad ones even early on in my pregnancy. But this time my blood pressure readings have been splendid. Until about three weeks ago, when it was not so good. Of course one bad reading the doctor told me the drill has begun, the 24 hour urine, twice a week non-stress tests. And the terrible fear that I will be put on bed rest again.

I was really hoping that preeclampsia would not be on my radar this time around. Maybe it won't happen.One can wish! With Grant, I was officially diagnosed with pre-e at 38 weeks. The high blood pressure started around the same time at 30 weeks. Unfortunately bad genes are on my side, high blood pressure and pre-e runs on the dad's side of my family.

The doctor has already mentioned bed rest, but I told her I have too much to do at work to be put on bed rest. She said if my blood pressure gets worse, I may have to be put on bedrest. With Grant I got put on limited work and bedrest at about 34 weeks. I'm approaching 34 weeks this Friday, so far my blood pressure has been in the 130s-140s/70-80. Sometimes it creeps up to 150/90 every now and then. I ended up buying a blood pressure monitor to check my BP twice a day. It's definitely been worth the money.

If nothing else at least I know to expect a c-section this time around. Which I'm not happy about, but it is what it is at this point. Basically due to my uterus being very thin from scarring, the doctor won't even consider me as a candidate to have a VBAC  for fear of rupture. I'm dreading the c-section, that will be another fun post to talk about. But if nothing else, I know I do not have to go through a dramatic induction because of pre-e. I'm just hoping baby girl can bake longer and that my high BP doesn't turn into pre-e soon. I'm almost 34 weeks, so hopefully she can bake at least another 4. We'll see. At this point I'm glad that we are only having two kids, because I'm beginning to think my body wasn't designed for pregnancy. I wish I could have easy peasy non-stressful pregnancies. But oh well, its worth it in the end. When I see how cute and adorable Grant is the bad memories of my pregnancy experience with him instantly wash away. I know after I have baby girl, all this will be a faded memory too. The end result makes it all worth it. :)

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  1. I am so sorry that you are going through it again :( I hope it doesn't come to bedrest for you!
    Big hugs!